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Weather Forecaata 

Victoria «n<l Vlilnlly: Krmh lo itrong 
vlndi, mostly soinhBrly. .•li'.ffly liourty 
With occaalunal rain or alvel 

I/Ow»r Maliilatul: Winds tnnntly eaulpiiy 
and southerly, unaettleil with rHiii or «lvet. 

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Business Office ^ 

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Editorial Hootns •• 


VOL. evil,, NO. 281 




Btockman Meets Tarrlkl* Bnd Whaa En- 

rlna rionrlis Into Oattl* Trmia 

»t Brandos 

Premier and His Colleague, the 
Attorney-General, Arrived in 
National Capital Yesterday, 
on Provincial Business 


Minist^md bewfrn'^wmf^ 

views With IVlr. Borden an# 

Mr. Hazen on Importarit 



mm ' ." 

OTTAWA, Nov. 7.— s#^lto^t#:'-*ii>*' 

Bride, priniier of British CfeTirmWa, atc- 
c-ompanled by Attorney-General Bowser, 
Mr. L,. Macrae, l.i.s privat* secretary. 
Mr. Nell Mclntyre. assistant commis- 
sioner of fi.sheries for Britls'.i Columbia, 
and F. H. Cunningham, Dominion in- 
spector of ILsherles, arrived In Ottawa 
tlil-s morning to hold the annual con- 
ference with the federal authorities In 
regard to '.-Miveral matters which have 
been the subject of negotiations for 
»ome time past. 

I'rcmler McBride and Attorney-Gen- 
eral Bowser had a two-hour interview 
with Premier Borden, at which .Hoil. 
Martin Burrtll was present. In the af- 
ternoon Sir Richard McHrlde ^aw^ Mr. 
Bordea ogaiti, while Mr. Bowser saw 
Hon. J. D. Hazen, minister of marine 
and fisheries. Messrs. Mclntyre and 
Cunningham wer-c also busy with the of- 
ficials of the department of marine and 

Sir Richard anil Mr. Dow.ior wore tho 
guests of Premier Borden at U,ncheon 
at the Rldeau Club, and in the «::venlns 
attended a dinner given in their honor 
by Hon. Martin Burrell at the Clmtciiu 

It was stated tonlf,'ht that the nego- 
tiations had only readied the prellmln- 
ar.v sta..fes, but tliat tlie various mat- 
ters under discus.iion would be gon,e 
into more thorouglily on Friday. They 
Include the, f|Ucstlon of appointment of 
a royal commission to consider the 
(luestlon of better terms for British Co- 
lumbia, the old dispute over the reftisal 
of the pro\incittl Rovernment to recog- 
nize the title of tlio Indians to reserva- 
tion lands and several matters pertain- 
ing to the administration of llslicries 

Premier, MiBride expects to be 
through with his business in Ottawa by 
Continued on Pare 14, Col. 2. 

bllA.\'IH>N. Man.. Xov. 7. — As a result 
iif a roar-enU freight collision here 
last night, a stockman, whose nrtin;- 
Is at present unknown, and a number i -C 
animals in a cattle car. met a most 
horrible death. 

At about 8.:iii a frright train was 
standing In tho west yard while the 
engine was being attended for some 
slight repairs. Meanwhile, two other 
freight trains, one westbound and the 
other eaatbound, were approaching. A 
cloud of steam from the w<Miy^M)|il tfl^^^ 
have obscured the view of''^ppl|||w|te'M|': 
tho eastbound, with the reeutt mat ttrti 
driver ran into the caboose of the stav 
tljonmry'tx^n. ■ ■-■■:,o-"i:' ■'" -' 

AcQ<>r<ainc to the lU-tomteki tnjBd* i» 
Coroner Ifoot-e. th« «n|;^« WM onlx 
|tlP«!(^^'' ^ ;f r .Tbi» <»» 

m^:M: it'.'Qift' 0nfb»t ' ' ti^# |>iotttM 

''itht wreokiMr* onuirfat fir« ftod foon the 
#B«|M WW: omit «t honcfflr* Tht mangltd 


•114 cluu-)«d.1i0d7 Ot tlM stoofemMi wu 

Strike at ' OaigiaBf^ ,, 

■Y, AUa.. Nov. T.^Hk ■tttttf 
situation Is unchanged. The men v|a»«:^: 
press determination to stand Arm Wfetli^*^' 

the company Is advertising In the local 
papers and sraduall.v filling the vacant 
places, also sending experienced men to 
some outside points. The men presented 
a- copy of the schedule to the superin- 
tendent yesterday. The truckers have 
not come out and there Is no trouble 

CAPiflTy GiWS 

Tod Inlet Steam Plant Ready 
for Operation — Enlarging 
the Jordon River Reservoir 

Court of Appeals Hands Down 
an Important Decision on the 
Right to Maintain Actions at 


l|« Debtors #^ V#ie of 


Mayor rindlay Will Hot Seek me-Blec- 
tlon la Tanoonver — Several Aspir- 
ants for Otaair 

VA.XCOUVEH. B. C. Nov. 7. — For 
the reason tliat he is not prepared to 
bear the costs of another nmyoralty 
campaign, and has to devote more lline 
to his ov,n business, aiayor James 
l''indlay announced yesterday that he 
would not again seek re-election as 
chief magistri'-it:. 

Following this dcnnlto decision, Aid. 
T. S. Baxter, one of the repres:!nta- 
tlVes for AVard V, stated that he had 
decided to contest thv olllco. Aid. Ram- 
say is already In d, and it is 
understood "''' "v-AU,.** ©lylor will 
also 'be a t6ij^lw?^p|ii(t circum- 
stances thnif^.ia.ilMlf l»v^»t»ect of a 
trlangulur 4HMj ii p y ■,;.y 

TW mtm^Mf, ^6»^^n wa« com« to 

iMn, of tUf olt^r coumell jrMteiiiday 


VN<IS«^lp^lft^^^k«if^^ Sunday 


Commission Will Oper-ate That 
Section of Transcontinental 
Until Grand Trunk Pacific 
Applies for Lease 

OTT.WVA, .Vov. 7. — The transcontinen- 
tal commission has decided to operate 
the completed line of the -N'atlonal 
Transcontinental RailvvHy in Xew 
Brunswick temporarily until such time 
as th« Grand Trunk Pacific railroad has 
epp'licd for and been granted a lease of 
thi-i section of line undor the terms of 
the .National Transcontinental Railway 

Commenclns: AVcdnesdav, .Vovomixr 
20. a trl-w6ckly service will be in- 
augurated for both I'rcU-lit and passen- 
arer s^rvtre. This servics will be car- 
ried on between Moiiclon and Kdmuu- 
Bton, a distance of about 130 miles. Mr. 
B. B. Crank, who hs-s been superinten- 
dent of transportation, has been appoint- 
ed general superintendent of operations. 

American Thanksrlvlnr Day . 

WASHINGTOX, D. C, Nov. 7. — Presl- 
dent Taft issued a proclamation today 
setting November 28 as Thanksgiving 

XeaTjr XxpenOltures. 

TOR6nTO. Ont.. Nov. 7 — The by-laws 
which It is proposed to submit tn th" 
Toronto ratepayers in .lanuar)- will call 
for an expenditure uf about im.r.oo.oon. 


I — .sir Hlrhard l<.>Hch(>« (Mtawa. Com- 
|ianl<?« Act (.« Analn rpiu'ld. Spei-uin- 
tlon on Topular \'.>lf. Will I-MkIii to 
Bitter Knu. 

S-Telenraphlc Ncwk, 

3 — Ij. fl. WorKers ilavp An»ih.T Hnsiy Dav 

1— Bdttorlal. 

fi — Cliildren Outyruw at hool t'apaclty. 

«— Looal New*. 

7— Mr. Caatall Hopklna an Imperial Unity. 
y I— In Woman's Realm. 

» — Sporttna New*. 
!•— Additional Sport. 
II — ••treaatlon for Uackward ClilMren 
12 — Meal Betate Advt*. 
It— Steal B>t«te Advts. 
14->«0«lil>l« Shirts on H«rbor Opprationa 
15— Marine and Bhippitis N<>vi'a. 
U'^'llaaekani tn Loam About rield <3rowth. 
If— Addidenai Marine. 

l«-^Ka4aAi Oadskl la Dell»lu«d With city. 
II — Caioalti Advt. 

3t->(njiim«4 Advi*. 

XML. A4V1. 

For the first time since iho completion 
of the new Tod Inlet plant of the B. 
C. Electric Company at Brentwood bay, 
steam was yesterday turned on at the 
plant. Of a capacity of 6,000 horse- 
power the new plant will, for the bal- 
ance of the year, be used merely as an 
auxiliary to the Jordan River plant 
which is now supplying the city tram- 
way, lighting and power services but 
when the Saanich tramway extension is 
in operation the plant will be run con- 
tinually to augment the power from the 
company's .Tordan river system. 

The new Brentwood bay plant Is op- 
erated by steam. It has cost the com- 
pany in the neighborhood of ?400,000 to 
install and will prove a great addition 
10 the already magnificent system of 
power production jiossed by the com- 

Jordan River Improvements 

Tho second unit of 6,000 horse-power 
recently Installed at tho Jordan river 
plant Is now In operation making a to- 
tal of 12,000 horse-power 'avallalile from 
tliat source. 

But with the certainty that the great 
Increase in the demand for power ex- 
perienced during the last year will be 
continued as the city and adjacent dis- 
tricts are developed, the company has 
been making provision for tlie further 
IncreHsIng of ►•lie .fordan river system. 
A large band of men Is employed on the 
new dam locate<l at the end of the pres- 
ent flume line, which when completed, 
will have fost In the neighborhood of 
$.S50.000. This dam will be. It Is stated, 
the hlgliest of any worlt of its kind In 
Canada, rising 125 feet above the bod 
of the ravine wliile Its length will be 
about 800 feet. 

When completed tho stornge capacity 
or the system at that point will be 
increased by about (50,000,000 cubic feet, 
and with tho present Bear Creek reser- 
voir, a tot.ll reservoir capacity of about 
90,000.000 cubic feet will he available. 
This Increased supply of water will ful- 
ly provide for the continuous operation 
of the new unit just added and subse- 
quent additions which may be made In 
tlie next few yeaijB. 

Olty Additions 

While the comr>any has been steadily 
adding to its power supply at outlying 
points, extensive Improvements have 
l/een made to tho city system. The 
•Store street steam plant has been com- 
pletely remodelled and added to and 
many tliniisands spent on the new plant. 
The l>ulldln< at the prf><ent time is ab- 
Sf>lutp|y tire proof. Ah the central point 
of distribution of power from .Tordan 
river and Tod Inlet the sub-station has 
been no enlarjred as to make It capable 
of eoplufj with fut.ire d.-mands though 
early next yeiir work on the ecectlon of 
another sub-station In another part of 
the city will commence. 

The cost of bringing the Store street 
station up to requirements has been ap- 
proximately 1126,000, new steam ma- 
chinery and electrical installations call- 
ing for the expenditure of the greater 
portion of this amount. 

Haw S«1i-Sta^l9a 

The new sub-sfatjon. the site of which 
has not yet been decide 1 upon, will 
probably b« located somewhere In the 
eastern portion of the city. Tha •«. 
timated cost is liO.OOO. BySits instaMa- 
llon, tha «*ivl«« «tvsn by tljy company 
CaBltewMl M rata a. 4m: 







Bi^tteh Columbia CompaniSt 4^9** 
tMah deprives uniicenced d^tt^tffWH 
'" lal companies of tho right to 
tain an action at law in the pro- 
vincial courts, was the deciding ele- 
ment in an interesting case Just dis- 
missed by the court of appeal. The 
suit was that of the Koninlck Machin- 
ery Company, a United .States concern, 
against the British Columbia Pressed 
Brick Company. 

An unusual feature of the case is 
that the company took out a provin- 
cial llcerice before bringing suit, but, 
in the opinion of a majority of the 
judges in the appeal court,' this did 
not suffice to give the company retro- 
active rights at law, section IBS of the 
Companies Act not then being In ex- 
istence. Chief Justice Macdonald 
rendered a dissenting judgment on 
this point, but his judgment stood 
alone. Messrs. MacNelll, Bird and 
-Macdonald. who conducted the case 
for the Komnlck Machinery Company, 
are considering an appeal to the privy 
council. The case for the defendants 
was conducted tn b'ith courts by .Mr. 
E. P. Davis, K. C. 

At the trial a defence on tho nierlts 
was set ivp nn wall as th* technical 
defence on the Cmnpanies Act, it In - 
ing alleged that the machlner.v sup- 
[illed (lid not rend(?r the guaranteed 
output stiiiulaied for. At the trial the 
learned Judge gave judgment for the 
defendants on the merits. At the ap- 
peal the Judges held that the machin- 
ery had reasonably filled the condi- 
tions of the contract. Mr. Justice 
Galllher, In his judgment, after stat- 
ing that on the merits he would f.tvor 
allowing the appeal, said: 

'•The case of the Northwestern Con- 
struction Company vs. Young, decided 

ioniiDUMI on l'a«o i, <'oI. H, 


Provision for Education of Men 
for Church of England Min- 
istry in This Province Found 
in St, Mark's, Vancouver 



VANCOUVER. B. C, Nov. 7. — That the 
Church of Kngland needs highly edu- 
.■^ated men for its ministry was em- 
phasized In all the addresses at the 
opening of St. Mark's hall of the Angli- 
can Theologlcnl College lust night in St. 
Paul's church. 

In opening Mr. H. B. Hubcrtson, of 
Victoria, the chairman of tlie fvenlng. 
said that the Idea of St. Mark's \itf.ll was 
province- wide in its scope aiil|' that It 
might look for the very stroilgost sup- 
port from Vancouver Island. "The time 
lias gone when an uneducated man can 
preach to an educated ctmgregatlon. 
The province needs men badly, hut the.y 
must be educated very highly," he snid. 
Mr. Robertson stated In conclusion that 
he was sure that tliere was a great fu- 
ture before the college. 

Hev. Principal Seager of St. Mark's 
hall, gave a detailed report on whn t has 
been done, and Bishop T")u I'encier fol- 
Ir.weil along the .«amo lines. 

Very Hev. Dean fioull. Victoria, gave 
.several reiiHuns wtiy the province was 
glad to welcome .St. Mark's hall, which 
uould not only benefit Vancouver but 
the entire province. The reasons, he 
etntfd, why they rejoiced In the found- 
ing of Ht. Mark's was that they felt the 
gii'at ne<d for men for the ministry 
and that they must have an Institute 
for training these men In order for them 
to carry on fh? work, said lie. 

"The nee<l grows greater every 
for educated men In tho church, 
merly any one gave Information 
the Bible, according to his own 
sonal view, but now men must be able to 
prove that the words of tlie Gospel are 
the words tjf Ood. Men and women re- 
quire to be flUed with the Holy .Spirit 
and thtu can only be acconiplUhc.l by 
the right sort of trHining." 

Letters were re(»d from the Bishop of 
Columbia and the Hon. Price Ellison 
regrsttlnc tliat th«y would be unabls 
to atttui tbi epanint of th* iialL 





-trtth the utiBci 'v alwa t t in Mathoa iB ta of 

the dominion have planned a great 
pledge-signing campaign. It is pro- 
posed to distribute pledge cards to all 
Sunday schools, Epworth leagues and 
other organizations of the church. 

This pledge is five-fold in its scope, 
and the signer agrees to abstain from 
intoxicants, tobacco and bad language 
and to avoid impurity and th'- reading of 
immoral books. 

ARE mmm 

Minister of Labor Explains Why 
It Would Be a Mistake to 
Grant Conciliation Board to 
CP.R. Employees 

Governor Wilson May Not Have 
Secured This — Forty-Six 
Per Cent Is Assured on Pre- 
liminary Count 



Rumor Is Active as tp the Gom- 

p(i$i|lon of Jfe^risri^iiet— 

D«iiocratfe J8«vernor for 
• Washington 

OTTAWA, Nov. ".—-Whatever tho out- 
come of the strike of the B. R. 13. along 
the C. P. n. system, Hon. T. W. Crothers 
minister of labor, will not recede from 
the r>oslt!on which he now takes. The 
minister of labor emphasized the point 
that a board had been refused because 
the act did not apply to the conditions 
attached to the claims involved In the 

He maintains that to have appointed 
a conciliation board wliild be to defeat 
the very ends which the men and the 
department are seeking to attain. 

"I have had negotiations with the C. 
P. K." he said, "for months In an effort 
to secure better term's and conditions 
for the men. The company met me In 
a sympathetic way and has already 
given m.Tterial increases to some of tlie 
men. They are considering further In- 
crelises, and endeavoring to mTt my 
wishes as far as possible. 

In view of these facts 1 considered 
It would be a wrong jirlnciplc alone, if 
iiotlilng else, to have Ignored the ad- 
vances being made by the company and 
appointed a board to deal with the mat- 
ter. Tills could only have resulted In 
the company refusing .to grant the in- 
creases and terms that they wore al- 
ready considering favorably and the men 
woulil, as a conseriuence, be deprived of 
Iho.xe increases, at least until a board 
could report on tho whole cjuestlon." 

Toronto Osnsor of Srama. 

TORONTO, Out., N'jv. 7. — A special 
meeting of the board of control will 
nicely be held to deal with the appoint- 
ment of a play censor, nnd tn consider 
the resolutions passed at tho recent 
meeting. In which a reorganlza^ilon o( 
the police department was advised. 

XKW tome Kov; 9.-r^Kaieart»lntjr t» 
to the electoral titlo^Sc/California and 

iniTia|iri pj i Pf i i«t ii »«' t"''^ ^ ^^ ^ 
from igim^m^ was the chief point of 
interest today, although the counting of 
ballots In several doubtful states still 
was under way. 

That Illinois was safely In the Wil- 
son column was Indicated early in" the 
evening, but California, which had been 
claimed by tlie Democrats shortly .after 
tlie closing of the polls, wavered for a 
Khori time toward the Progressive 
ranks. The Wilson plurality, however, 
early in the evening again started up- 
ward as returns came in from remote 
precincts which are usually Democratic, 
and tho Wilson lead seemed safe. 

After apparently holding Illinois for 
nearly 40 hours from the time the polls 
closed, Mr. Roosevelt lost Its 2!> elec- 
toral votes late in the day, when the 
assemblage of state-wide returns showed 
a victory for Governor Wilson. 

Edward 1''. Dunne (Democrat) carried 
Illinois for governor by a phirality rif 
110,650, with 202 precincts not V:eard 

On the strength of Incomplete returns 
as to the popular vote for Wilson, 
Roosevelt and Taft, the estimate . was 
made 'onlght that Governor Wilson 
would not have a majority of all the 
votes cast. 

in many slates the popular vote has 
oeen only roughlj' estimated thus far, 
but the reports Indicate that the com- 
bined vote of Roosevelt and Tafi will 
be approximately one million more than 
the vote for Wilson. 

The figures will be in.i teilally 
changed by the final count, but It is 
I'ontlniird on Titgr 'i, Co\. I, 

Mutinous Sailors Sentsncsd. 

,, t^KBAKTOPOL, Nov. 7. — The naval 
<-ouri has sciitonced seventeen sailors to 
death and 106 to imprisonment for from 
four to eight years at hard labor for in-, 
stigatlng tlie mutiny in tho Russian 

Desi^ Is to Connect Paris. With 
the Republic'c Colonies and 
North and South America by 

P.XRIS, Nov. 7.— Thi^ French r^v- 
ernment has decided to establish a 
series of wireless stations connecting 
Paris with the various I'Yench colon- 
ies and with North and South 

The point of connection In North 
America has not yet been specified, 
but the South American Pacific girdle 
includes stations in Morocco, the 
Island of at Louis Martiniiiuo, the 
Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, Noumea, 
capital of New Calettonlo, and thence 
lo Silicon, Indo- China. 

Analysis o| tbe Movemsnt Across the 
Xilne — -Vwo-Thlrds VTmv Natural- 
Iced Americans 

• ITTAWA, Nov. 7. — An iiitin-stliig 
analysis of American immigration lor 
the past year lias been mado by the ile- 
partment of the interior. Sixty-nine per 
cent of the settlers from the slates Were 
naturalized Americans, while no less 
than 31 per cent hud never taken out' 
naturali/iation papers. 

The total emigration from the statvs 
was 133,710, and of those 19,384, or 11 
t, were returned Canadians. One 
! It of the other nationalities had 

not taken out pApers asj Americana. 
There were: English, 36S0; 'Scotch, 1388; 
Irish, 986; Ciermans, 32,928; Fins, 23,811; 
Swedes. 3707; Norwegians, 1072. 


Mx* AadftW Carnegie Has Assessment in 

■*W VOKlc Oanoelied — Debts Xixceed 

Tain* of Property 

Mf^W YORK. Nov. 7. 

CariiMrle will pay no pet„, , ^,^ 

pmty tax to the dty^of New York thta 

^•« bttt he appearaj'^toilSir' '&Slb^Miuf- 

m|«w»t Of the tal« <tep«;M^-:'^ 
^|Miril««n a^idavit that tbiaifl^Pj^ron- 
.. JAdttUb — Mr. Carnegie aw oW . ttu t t the 
value of his effects In the city did not 
exceed »3,500,000, while his debts ag- 
gregated $8,400,000. Accordingly, the 
assessment against him will be can- 
celled. . 

Will FIGHT 1 
nm END 

Nazim Pasha Reports That De- 
spite Reverses His Brave 
Army !s Confident of Ulti- 
mate Victory 



London Dispatch Says Defeat 
of Turkish Forces Is Irre- 
mediable — Britain's Interest 
in Settlement 


Brakeman Killed. 
MACLEOD, Alta., Nov. 7.— Wm Mur 
Phy. aged 27, brakeman in the C. P R 
was run over and killed by a freight en- 
gine in the yards this morning. 

Remarkable Escape of Passen- 
gers—Rock Slide Was En- 
countered as, Cars Rounded 
a Curve Near Moose Jaw 

Weather Prevents the Removal 
of Those on Canadian North- 
ern Liner Royal George, 
Aground Below Quebec 



MOOSE.IAW,, Xov. 7.— Passen- 
gers arrlvinig on the Soo P^lyer tonight 
tell of a miraculous escape from In- 
stant death of an entire train load of 
passengers at Snake river, when a rock 
slide was encountered while rounding 
a curve. 

The locomotive, baggage and express 
t^ar and one passenger coach were de- 
molished, while three coaches were 
derailed and hung on the brink of the 
mvine at tho bottom of which the river 

Both engineer and fireman arc" re- 
ported to have jumped and escaped 
Injury beyond a few bruises. The 
wreck made the train twelve hours late 
here, as a new engine, tender and bag- 
gage car had to be secured. 

QUEBEC, Nov. 7.— The Canadian 
Northern steamer Royal George still 
rests flrmly on the rocks one mile oast 
of Point St. Lawrence, on the north side 
of the south channel, with live hundred 
steerage passengers and the members of 
the crew on board. Company officials 
were firmly convinced that the pa-^scng- 
ers would have been all removed from 
the steerage today and taken to Quebec, 
but the elements in-lerfered with their 
plans, conBequentl.v the people have to re- 
main with the ship at least until to- 
morrow, when they will be brought to 

The condition of thetsteamer is prac- 
tically the same as when she got off 
hej course and was carried at full speed 
on the rocks, head on, and though her 
position is serious experts have every 
conrtdence that she can btr hauled off, 
but not before she is lightened, with the 
aid of the highest spring tide, which 
will occur next Saturday. 

Her number two hold Is full of water, 
but so far as .'■an be learned number 
one hold Is Intact; likewise numbers 
three and four, stokehold and engine- 

The steamer Is caught In the rocks 
between her two funnels *o firmly that 
unless llghtsned of her ca'rgo, at least 
in number one hold, it would not be pru- 
dent, in the Interest of saving the ship, 
to attempt to haul her off. 

■•▼•val Vatfa Aloagalda 

In the meantime the government 
steamer lAdy Orey, the wrecking steam- 
er Lord Strathcona and the C. P. R. tug 
Cruiser and another tujt are alongside 
to render assistance and to take part in 
releasing the steamer from her pre«tcnt 
position when It Is thought practical 
t«r do so. 

V*(one of these vessels co^ld make con- 
ne«lMn with the Royal Oaerve today on 


■Winnipeg city Council Against Any 

Form of Special Privilege to 

Prospective intaustrles 

WINNII'EG, Nov. 7. — Mayor Waugli 
will attend tlie meeting of mayors and 
public comimssioners representing cities 
and municipalities of western Canada on 
I'^riday next at Regina, armed with pos- 
itive instruclion.s from the Winnipeg 
city council to oppose all proposals f<ir 
the exemption from tax.Ttlon, bonusing 
by cash or land grants or any special 
privileges for the purpose of Inducing 
industries to locate. A meeting was 
held here some months ago, but no def- 
inite policy was adopted, and an ad- 
journment was then decided on to the 
coming meeting at Regin.i. instnu'tions were given Mayor 
Waugh at a special council meeting yes- 

CONSTANTINOPLE. Nov. 7.— Public' 
opinion in Constantinople is strongly : 
opposed to the idea of seeking medin- ! 
tlon or peace. 

Na;!ira Pasha, the Turkish command- ^ 
er-in-chlef, has reported to the govern-i 
mcnt that tho army is determined to; 
fight until victorious or absolutely d-z-\ 
feated. He regards the reverses sus-< 
lained as unfavorable, but says tho | 
brave Ottoman army is confiaent of 
ultimate victory and who'ie corps aml| 
officers are unanimous In favor oi con-l 
tlnulng the war. 

The principal officers In Consliinti-^ 
nople have handed the Grand Vt-ier,,, 
Kiamil Pasha, a signe.'. declaration In; 
the same spirit, and -Jie parly of Union' 
and progress pron'is-M i) supporc thu 
government in the policy of prosecut- 
ing the war with energy. 

Meanwhile there have been no de- 
velopments at the front. Recpnnais-^; 
ancea by the easltrn army today beyon-d , 
Tchorlu, failed to encounter any Bui- i 
garians, but NnKlm P.-isha reports that a 
Bulgarian party was repulsed about 
four miles from Hodosto. 

Self-imposed Armistice 
So far as-ean— bw ^ewmet^ here, there 
lias been very little (.hange in the mil- 
itary situation in ihe past twenty-four 
hours. A sort of self-imposed armis- 
tice obtains on the Thrace.-in plains. 
Both sides appear to require time to 
rest and re-organize after their recent 
exhaustive efforts. Further heavy 
rains have transformed the plains Into 
a morass. The officials say that prob- 
ably a week will elapse before hostil- 
ities are resumed along the Tchatalja 
lines which battle is ex(>ected to decide 
the campaign, unless peace comes to 
spare the belli.gercnts further carnage. 
Cnnttniird on VoKf 5, Col. 3. 

Hon, George E, Foster Up- 
holds Superiority of Cana- 
dian Wheat at a Banquet in 
London Against Australians 


BaUways at Ziast Agree 

TOnONTO, Nov. 7.— The bitterly con- 
tested battle of the Union station has 
been settled after eight years of con- 
stant warfare. The Canadian Pacific 
ralh\ay and tho Grand Trunk railway 
have agreed to drop their differences 
nnd to form a terminal station similar 
to the present vinlon .station, on the 
Front street site, between Youngo and 
B'ly streets, without further delay. The 
railways have likewise agreed to fight 
the construction of the Esplanade via- 
duct to the last ditch. 

LONDON,, Nov. S. — During yesterday's i 
sitting of the Dominion's royal commis-; 
.slon a member of the Manchester i 
Chamber of Commerce stated that Aus-«^ 
lialian wheat was by far the best in i 
the world. Hon. G. E. Foster, Immedl-j 
ntely pounced upon the speaker f or j 
proofs of his remarks. 

"How can you expect a Canadian to 
sit down and listen to such a state- 
ment unless you give us some proofs? j 
You know," ho added, "we have bolster- f 
ed ourselves up in Canada with the. idea' 
that our Number One Manitoba wheat' 
is the best wheat on earth. Perhaps 
you will modify your statement to th« 
effect that the Australian wheat is Just 
as good." 

Snowfall on Prairies. 

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask., Nov. 7.— 
This district is today covered with a 
lic'ivy blar":et of snow, measuring over 
six Inches, while In places drifts Will 
reach two feet or more. Tho snow start- 
ed about 7 o'clock last night and con- 
tinued until late In the day. 

Fiftg Years Ago Todag 

IKrom The Colonlut of November 8, 18«2. ) 





11^11111 iiifiiifiliiiiiiiiaifiiii 

cwiUMMd m nwre t. cei. t. 

For f'owlrhan— Tho schooner Trader sailed for Cowlchan yesterday meralng 
w;;l. a f'dl lottU of provlfiion*, etc., for the une Of the >ettf*rs there. ■■ 

From romox — H. M. Kunbo&t Grappler arrived from the Comox districi last 
evening. Bvcrythlnx la progretsing favorably at the settlement, Mo passengers 

wtMB brought down. 

Mon8t«r Vegetable* — Our obarrvatlon wag attracted yestarday by the larga 
Hlie of Bonin potatoes bfiing hawked about for sale by some rowlohaa tnatanB. 
Tpn nf them, which filled a buckat, tosethcr weignad II )( pounda flu dlumatar 
or the Urs'eat were 7 hk Inchns and 3H Inches, the wais'bt of tit* TadlVtdttalS 
bplnir about 1\ pounds. They were Kr(\wn In the potato pateHea of tke Indlaas 
at Cowlclian. , • 

Annual Mectlnr— At the annual meellnx of the r>nlon Hnofe aad T S'till 
Company last evening the followlna officers were elected (or the aaaabig lajfl 
I>. A. Bdssr, foreman; Mesara. Haltey and M. 'ThalD, Hrst and seeottd aSsM- 
ants; W. J. LIvoc, McreUry, and W. Culverwell, aeststaat aseraUuy; C. M* 
Walln<'«. treasurer; R. N. Cohen, ««.eward; tlessra MeCrea, OraaelKl, Jfsslisea 
and Wolf, standlna committee^ and McKay, Bayley and Hewriy, audlttaa 
committee. ii ' ' ^^ 

Williams Creek — It la reperted that Ur. Cwnnlngham, the welMiiHWtt ■dMH'. 
has obtained from Comqitssloner Biwyn a leas* of alt of the bed *t tlia MMh 
In the canyon beyond hia own elaim, and that he iriti put la a , l ua i ro ufc ' jMSMIrf'' 
aa early as pra':tlcabl« next season. It k thou«1it that tlie tailOkSI it tHa nm\ 
claim above win pay good, probably ffon tl«^ te |tM pet- *Mi -^* 

I I | l . I I « I I I I ' —mmmmm i l a iiiil iii 











Friday. November 8, 1912 

'The Gift Centre" 


Baby Ben 


— the counterpart of "Big Ben" 
and made by the same people. 

Of course you're all familiar with -BIG BKX." Well, -BABY 
BEN" is the Name thing in miniature. He's 
keeper and will see that you rise on time 

a good tuTJC- 


—in Marble, Oak g|^ 

lar Mission finish. ii|fes 

Kks arc GUARANTEE^,: which means aJpt to.xou. 
We couldn't begin to detail ^^p'all here— ra visit is -the fOlfiljf-: 
way you can learn of thwplM^tyi Be sure, too, and see tRe 

Wth <the fw«ct-SQ^iidm|f 

chimes. ^'»:-**: 


\'mE IS 

^iiGeaiMfs to CluaioMr * MitdteU 

Corner t»f Bread mn^ VUw 8ir*«l»-^ ;- ■-■ — ■• — - 



Yukon Steamer Bringing Dr. 
Alfred Thompson, M. P., 
Southwards Is Imprisoned 
for the Wintef 

DAWSON. Y. T., Nov. 7.— -ThP 
steamer Vldette. with i:;0 passenKTS, 
is frozen In the Ice jam on the Yukon 
river about' 27 miles iibove here. Amon« 
lipr pflsaeriKcrH tire Ur. Alfred Thomiv- 
."^ M!, M. P., on , his way to Ottawa to 
Miiend the ses, 
councillor, Ana)>^!S^nHIPI|||p'n' 
«iid children, fteffef' >«*"*! 
H party of the It, N. W, 
been' dl.spatch€ 
to i^a.<jii,aftfi 
the all 

ttf ** a»ll«d. on tM» 
•a ftttempt to reacli 
HM«w1li«tf» the river then wds 
hiimlOB t\iVi fi ibe. She got caught 
In: the,' fee Jili|>:an4 will. J» fjcown In 
i| fW tilt* vtiiltter. t1i« Hteamer PauUoe 
T« also lro««n tn with a «arg^ of ma^ 
%hlnery. There la every pi^ttabiltiy 
that the bqaf will be deatroyed hy the 
lee tn the tptikg. , 

It 'W ton below zero In Dawaon to- 
night. * 

pany'a gueBts at the Chateau Frontenac 
awaiting the arrival of their pereonal 

The formation of the river-bed 
where the Hoyal George Ib lying Is a 
Vinife-Bhaped rock end gradually rlnes 
to a ledge. The steamer made for this 
I rocky ledge at a speed of IS knots an 
liour, bow on, and tlie moment the 
boat struck It bounded upward with a 
crash, number one hold clearlns the 
obstruction until number two hold wa« 
reached, which had to bear the Impai't 
that followed. It crunched over the 
ledste until the vessel came, to n. full 
«lop and rested on the ledge between 
the two funnels and there she became 
nrnily Imbedded on the summit of the 
rock, which Is shape<l .slmllHr to a 
horse'.s hack. 

Bow In Six reet of Water. 
Tlio bow of the .steamer Up.-* in a 
depth of six feet of water at low lldi^ 
and the after portion from whori^ she 
Is held Ib In 12 feet of w.Ttt-r. She 
Is so close In to the Island of Orlean.s' 
shore that the reHldents of the vicin- 
ity at low tide <^n walk out to within 
twenty feet of the ship and cxchaniRc 
Word§i|rt||^;tlic people on board. The 
W^prlt'^ll^llllfeliarglni? the carj^o Is the 
^t illii^t^^^ to succensfully hauling ' 
'irpta lin^ ftranded posi tlon. 

' be .reads'' *»y ®*t'' 
u|da]^ %|Mm Ch» hliheai, tide wlU tt^ 
t>lace'aii|di «ittuke a rtao at watcir'of aev. 
enteen faiit six tnobeo, wtoloh wilt flvo 
twenty>three ffcat of waier at the bo!# 
aOd twenty '•Itilne'fttH.alg Ift^bea ttoto 
mldsh^ aft. 

An 'attempt wia nwk^e tonlt^t to pull 
the Roml Oeorge off .without aueceaa, 
Out tlig t g ggfl wwn inawwl III a iiiui B 


Set in splendid grounds, 50x280 
feet, having waterfrontage on the 
Gorge and street frontage at the 
back. The house is modern in all 
respects. Eight rooms, full base- 
ment and furnace, and garage. 

Price $9,000 

The terms can be arranged. ^^, 



■ m 


721 Yates Street Phone 47^ 


Nicaragua and Alaska Both Re- 
port the Movements Which 
Delicate Instruments in Ob- 
servatory Here Noted 

faVoniDle ' pbaltten. 




tiir. Ii.rl iin.-I P-.iisl.Ti. I'liotio 133. 

K«Kan Iteinef.le« are known everywhere for purity and cfricicncy and 
tills i -, Ihi: store wheif l',i"y'ro solrl. 

Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Cure, ?1.00, r.O' find 35c 

Bexall Shaving Lotion, r>nr ,ind ''?° 

Bexall Cold Cream "''* 


Dog's Head Bass 
's Head Guinness 


Bear the hall-mark of complete .superiority, 

"NIPS" arc specially suitable for home, 
packed in extremely lian<ly and portable card- 
board boxes. Rach bottle contains just 
enough to constitute a h-falthy, appcti/ing 
beverage for the midday or evening meal. 

Order a case from your dealer, and realize 
our guarantee of true satisfaction. 

Wholesale Agents 


Victoria, Vancouver, Nelson, B. C. 

Ciinlinurd from !"»»• 1. 

in that section of tne city and neighbor 
ing municipalities will be fully equal to 
that In the downtowii portion of the 

At the present time worts on the con- 
struction of the tran>imlsslon line from 
the Brentwood bay steam plant on the .'ilde of the Saunich .\rm, to the 
new plant of the Portland Om^nt Con- 
.struction Company, at Bambe.-tpn bay, 
on the west side of "Jic Ariii, jk vnder- 
way. The line must run -irounl the 
southern end of the l;nlet anj t!),j titti- 
rult nature of the country to ho irivcrs- 
cd makes the work a heavy 'me. 

The new cement plant at Bamoerton 
l)a>-, in which old country capi'al to the 
amount of nearly $2,000,000 will ultim- 
ately be Invested, will require a dally 
supply of between 2,000 and 3,000 horse- 
power, the output of cement to be about 
2,000 barrels a day. The plant will be 
placed In operation shortly ; f i t the 
New Year. 

With the, great development of the 

feaanlch PrniiLsula now unj m d 

projected these additions being ..uii. by 
the B. C. Electric Company to its eapsc- 
Ity -will, It is predicted, only surve for 
a few years and still furtli,.r extensions 
and expenditures of larjkce suiii^-t w'U fee 
required to keep pace with tjne enorm- 
ously Increasing dema'iil f^r, jo^.t. 

SAN .rr.V.N Hl'-l' ."^I'll. Nicaragua, 
Xov. 7, — Two oarthiiuake shock.s were 
felt here this Miornin«. Both were 
strong. Tl..;. \MTc .xcp.iralr.l by an 
Interval of an hour. No damage haw 
been reported. 

SEWARD, Alaska. Nov. 7.-^A sharp 
earthquake shock of two and a '"'"' 
minutes duration waa fell here at : '• 
o'clock last nlisht/ No damage was 
don*. but ina^;ae«l|Bto the Atreets. 

Ji^ ««rth«ttakc iihook ! .#aiB ?«cordoa 
laiat iiltht at the tialverifltjr ot Wwb. 
ington. The diaturbapea wa»,not i»0«^ 
tiuin 2,000 mtlea dMtant, til, fh4 nbrth- 
w«»t or south wait. Tlio i»lt4tion - of 
tiio ttcedie begiaB at <it.4« laat %l|n»t. 
ThO noaln ahocli. at,?x».8?, oonttm^ 
aeven Mintttea, and the treibbr^ ceaaed 

at 1 u ' ulwh llilB ' iii e iBlm t 

aaeordaa . ni .'fftlH'Uactoa. 
WAeHINGTON, D. C, Nov. 7.— So- 
miM aarthquake abocHii lM'llil»t alJrtWt 

■ ii i,','KO! ii yl" i«» f i 

"49 Years of Integrity 





(nntiniird from Pnit** 1. 
by the full court o', British Columbia 
(13 B. (.'.. 297), is on all foura with 
the present case, with these excep- 
tions: That the plaintiffs In the case 
at bar had taken out a licence (Sep- 
tember 13, 1909) before bringing ac- 
tion, and that section lfi6 of the i.'om- 
panies .\ot, 1910. upon which the de- 
fendant relied, was not In existence. 

•'Unles.s the act of 1910 as.slsts the 
r>!aintlffs, and If Northwestern vs. 
Young, supra,- was rightly decided, 
they must fail. 1 think the decision 
In that case is fully Justlfletl b.\- the 
authorities there cited, and we have 
then oxvb to deal with section 1(56 oT 
1910. At the tlmo the plalntlff.s took 
out their licence and commenced their 
action, the .statute law of 1S97 was in 
force. The trial took place after the 
c<imins into force of the act of 1910. 

••Section 23 of 1897 prohibits carry- 
ing on biislne,?is in i}rltl.'<h Columbia 
b>- an extra provincial company until 
certain fonnallties are compiled with, 
and a penalty foV infract ion 
thereof, but i.i silent as to the righl.6 
of partle.s to miilntaln an action. This 
was the law a.s it .stood at the time 
tho plaintiffs brought their uctlon. 

"Ha.H the act of 1910 made any dif- 
ference a.s between the parlies there- 
to? Unless It is retroactive, or i.s 
deemed to be an interpretation of the 
Intention of the legislature as to 
what the rights as between parties to 
such a contract a.s the present then 
were, it is not applicable. 1 do not 
Rce how the canon.s of construction 
can be applied hei-e to make It retro- 
active, and when we consider that the 
act of 1S97 is silent as to the rights as 
between parties, what is provided for 
by the act of 1910 can not, as 1 view 
it, be regarded as expressing any in- 
tention of the legl.'ilature in 1S97, but 
is dealing with the matter for the first 
time as a provision for the grantln.? 
of a remedy as between parties on 
complying with certain conditions, 
and speaks onl\- from the time of the 
coming into force of the act. 

"1 am, if T may say so with regret, 
forced to the cpnclnslon that the a|)- 
peal must be dismissed." 



C'nntlBDed friim ra«e I. 

account of the fury of the gale and high 
•ea that prevailed all day and late to- 
night. The wind today avfraged a 
velocity of fifty mile* iin hour, with the 
Indication of Its continuation with rain 
throughout the night, but flner weather 
Is predicted for tomorrow. 

Taka raaaaavara Off Today. 
Two steamerd have bean engaged to 
go to the dcen* of the accident early 
tomorrow morning to take off the r^ 
inatnliiK steerage pasiienfers. The 
nrHt-class paaaengers »'bo were taQejji 
off tha ship early this niomtng^ and 
landa^ at Quakae ar« ctill tha «oni' 

The preliminary count gK'es wJisoSt 
approximately .16 per cent of the vote; 
Fioosevelt 29 per cent, and Taft 1^ per 
cent. The total vote thus far reported 
is le«s than 1908, while official re- 
turns are expected to bring It abovo 
these figures. In 1908, out of a com- 
bined vote of H,03O.8r,8 cast for Tuft 
and Bryan, Taft received over 54 per 

Returrui from .Minnesota, today con- 
firm the claim of Rboscvolt for the 
12 electoral votes of that .^inte. 

The victory for Wilson in New Hamp- 
shire did not carry with It the control 
of the state legislature where the Re- 
publicans have a majority of joint bal- 
lot and will dictate the selection of a 
United States senator. 

Cablnet-Makara Bnaj 

WASHINGTO-V, Nov. 7.— Cabinet- 
makers .'ire already busy conjecturing 
what men \y\\\ share with Woodrow 
Wilson In shaping the policy of the 
next administration. Nccessarllj- all 
Is \et pure guess work, but the cabinet 
builders are none the less a<'tlve In 
pointing out the persons and the ele- 
ments ,-ivaIlabIe as cabinet material. 

One of the available elements em- 
braces those who were consplcuou.s 
party figure.s at the Baltimore con- 
vention. Including Speaker Clark, Os- 
car W. Underwood, \\'iUiani J. Bryan, 
("Jovernor Foss, of Massachusetts; 
(Jovernor Hartnon, of Ohio, and some 
others. It is generally assumed, how- 
ever, that Speaker Clark and ^.'halr- 
man Underwood would prefer to con- 
tinue their work in congress, especial- 
ly now that the legislative programme 
on the tariff and other' (luCstlons Is 
llkeJy to meet with fewer obstacles. 

As to Mr. Bryan, one of the Demo- 
crat senators was quoted during tlie 
campaign as definitely assigning .Mr. 
Bryan to a cabinet place in case of 
Mr. Wilson's election, although the 
latter stated about the same time that 
no consideration had been given to 
the p^jrsonnel of the cabinet. None 
the less, sjieculatlon Is active as to 
uheiher the .Ncbraskan wil! have a 

Those who ha.\e lieen prominently 
Identified with the Wilson campaign 
are also mentioned, notably Chairman 
McComlis, of the Democratic national 
committee; Representatives l.aiirelson 
and Henry, of Texas; Representative 
Palmer, of Penns)lvanhi ; Assistant 
Chairman .McAdoo and a number ot 
others who bore the brunt of the con- 
flict at Baltimore during the cam- 
paign. Still another available cle- 
ment is made up of prominent figures 
In the \-arlous states who were not 
consj)lcuousl\- identified with the re- 
cent national con\enti(m atid cam- 
paign, while another includes some of 
the veterans of the la.^Jt Democratic 

Outside of these usual elements 
from which cabinets are constructed, 
many foresee fho entry of a consider- 
able new element in public affairs, 
made up of men like Mr. 'WilBon. who 
have been Id^ntiflod with collegiate, 
educational and economic study of 
public questions. This opens a wide 
field of available material. 

Ke«iilt In \V«»l»tnit(on 
.><F;aTTI.K. Wash., Nir^-. 7. — Th« Hny 
Hlronithnlfld wire hPBtrl from lat<' llil.i 
ariprnotin Rnrt fnr a tlmn l.lntor'n pluiaMi\- 
nan aln-i'-mt wlpsrt out. Tnurte^n hundri-il 
and nrty-on preoln'ta out of nln«itern liun- 
<\XfA and three In tli» »tBl* glvr for rjov- 
rrnor I.lalifr t Uem. ) 7S.IST; Hny (n»pn.i, 

For pr('«((l'»nt, 1,2J1R prerlnria f\\r Rnogc- 
vpll 70. Ill': WMlaon, 57.119; Taft. 44,IS2. 

For conRrpnaman at lRr|r<>, 177 preclnrtsi 
(the Kalr-'infi- I Proflfri'anlve ( .Sn.lRft: Bryan 
I rro([rrs»1v»i.4«.!>7R: Dfwfy t ncpubllt-an i. 
«7.»10: froat ( Hemibllran ). 4B.fi4l! Conner 
ftjemorrntl, 42.i>.i4i White (Demorrall. 
. 4fl,X4<. 

The Soclallm vole In the ata'e waa prob- 
ably three time* that of 190J. In .Snohom- 
lah county IJeba polled nearly '.Al" votea, 
and Matey, the candidate for governor re- 
(>«lvei1 more vote* than either Hay or 

Not many countlea have reported the vote 
on the Initiative and referendum and the 
recall, but apparently iheae two ainend- 
menti to the atate ponatltutlon have lieen 
adopted by a large maloflty. 
Oregon for Wllaoii 
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 7. — NcilMng more 
tilSuaual haa orrurred In tAe Oregon elec- 
llim than the aee-aawli^t of ttie returna on 
tire tjnited Aiatea aenatorlal candidacy. 
Ulnoe tne polla oloaed Tueaday. Or. Harry 
lAne. Demm-rai. and R«n Helling. Bepub- 
^icafi, btve run netk and neck hoars at a 
•iratck,. ,.., 

o'clock, the most severe being noted 
at 3.08 a. m. According to the univer- 
sity authorities the disturbances took 
place about 3..500 miles from AVashlnK- 
ton, but the direction could not toe de- 

Mr. V. Napier Denlaon, of the local 
niot.'oroloKical office, stated to The 
Colonist last night that the earthquakc 
had been recorded on his »ew selsmo- 
grapli. which is located In the base- 
ment of the postofRce building, lie ex- 
plained that the shock was recorded 
on Wednesday night, the flrst wavi- 
beinp timed at 11. 4S p. ni. The maxi- 
mum wave foHowed si* minutes later 
and caused the pendulum to -xwini; 
nearly one Inch. Thereafter small'r 
waves continued to record tbemselve.s 
on the Instrument until 2 a. m. yester- 


■Workmen on Belmont Block in Danirer 

•When Excessive -Weight Break* 


Carelessness on the part of the work- 
mcti employed In erectlnp a flyioK ncaf- 
fold around the new Belmont bullditiK al 
Government and lliimlioldt Btrtits 
nearly resulted in disaster yesterday to 
some of the men working on the scaf- 
fold at a height of about twenty-five 
feet from the sround. 

In putting Into position the braces 
which project over the edjyc of the roof 
and from which are suspended tlie ■wire 
cables tow'hich the Bcaffold; Is at- 
tachod and by which I; is elevated as 
the work of bricklns "P ' ' '> exterior 
walls proceeds, two of the iron braces 
were su placed as to project out over 
the edge of the rounded reinforced con- 
crete projection at tlic corner. 

In bracing these beams to stand the 
welRht of the scaffold beneath, blocks 
were placed beneath each beam. But, In- 
stead of beins so located as to rest upon 
the main pillars at the rear of the pro- 
jection, they were placed at the cxtrcniif 
edKC of the latter, thus throwing the full 
weight upon a portion of the structuri' 
which was not intended to bear uii\- 
heavy weigh L The result was the bend- 
Inp down of the stpel bars reinforcing: 
the concrete, aHowIng the scaffold 1m- 
low to saK down. 

Mr. Ifoult llorlon. tho architect, was 
summoned, and after examlninir tb.' 
break notified the police in order that 
any possible danper to peilostrians in 
the streets beneath miffht bo averted. 
The roadway in llumlioldt .street Was 
ropcil off and traffic on the oast' side 
of Ooverntnent street diverted to the 
opposite side. 

A conslderaliU cr'iwd collected, rum- 
ors spreading that the building was col- 
la pslnsr. An examination made by Mr. 
llorton and Buildlnsr Inspector North- 
cott Indicated that the concrete projec- 
tion must bo removed, the set concrete 
having been cracked clear tlirouKli. 
New rods will have to be put In place 
and a new projection made. 

Prepare now for the wet 
season — 'Tis luinian nature 
to neglect thin|;s until the 
very moment they're needed. 
Don't, let it happen in this 
case — the weather propl|i|'jji 
cannc^'^^fedict economy to .' 

■•We are EXCLUSIVE ^fto||j^gfcat^^ ^, 
wea^icft^oof Burbery-^^-^'^^^lilibloiil^- outer 

garroeiit lor 0ttMi«|«^'' 

• p 4. ^ 

■t'^ i *r 

l^tenmahlp .Movements 

Sr;ATTI.E, .Nov. 7. — Arrived; Steamer.'" 
AfRylt. Maverick, Watson, Han Francturo; 
Senator. Taroma; Victoria. Nome; I'Hy o^ 
."^eattle, Skns^ay. Sailed; .■^teanicrf! .Jeffer- 
aon, fikagway; Yukon, ArRyll, yMla.J, Sun 
Fianclsni; Htrrarii, Caictitln; Norihumbria, 
Vancouver; (loliimbinn, Sallna Cruz; W«l- 
»on, Tacoma; U. S. S,, Southeast- 
ern AI«iska. 

.MON'Tr.EAI., Nov. 7. —Arrived; I'ornlah- 
mnn. Klverpool. Sailed; VIrtorluii, l.hcr- 
pool; IjBkc rliamplnln, Liverpool. 

Qt'EIIRi". .Nov. 7. — Arrived: .'Sicilian, t^on- 
don; C^nrolliie, Havre. 

YOKOHAMA, Nov. 7. — Arrived previous- 
ly: c~'hicB,Ko Mnru. Taooma. 

SHANGHAI. Nov. 7. — Arrived prevloualy ; 
MexI'o Maru. Reatlle. 

SHIMONOSKKI, Nov. 7. — .\rrlved: !-'pniln- 
ole, San Franclaco. 


SlTSTB momoTlnv Dabrla riad rorward 
Tnrrat and Onna Xntaot 

HAVAN.V, Nov. 7. — Divers engaged In 
the work of removing the shatterad 
remnants of the foreward seetloi> of 
the battleship Maine for the mirpose of 
restoring the harbor to Its normal 
depth, discovered today the forward tur- 
ret, tnlnct. containing n pair of 10-incb 
guns and mounts welghlna upwards of 
;00 tons. The turret bad been burled 
furty feet from Us original position. 

It ttad t>««n bolteved that tho tiirr«t 

Mao $fQU vm ^i^'b^^fptiOi^ tibovHag^pSt UsxS^ 



T291 Government Street and Trounce Avenue . 

Laird, Schober & Co/s 

Fine Shoes for Women 

\\ omen'.s - Select Stock Gun 
-Metal Cylf Button fjoot, with grey 
floth io[). has liand-welled .sole, 
medium heel and the new short 
vamp last. 

Women'.s Tan Rus.^ia Calf, Cloth 
Toy. Button Boot, with hand-wclt?r 
cd .sole, low Cuban heel, and made 
ell a yhort vamp swing last. You 
will t'iild in. these boots the very 
best select stock and the highest 
grade of workmanship possible. 

.Mail orders pruniptly filled. 

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was lylna under the barbette which 
was discover* d months afftr In an In- 
verted position near the able of the 
»Mp. The Aurret Ues In an Invarted 
PMSitlon nfl^ the side of the ship In 32 
feet of vyitar knd no atttmpt arlU b* 

sary. however, to explode many chargts 
of dynamite JTor the sinking of It In tha 
harbor bdttom. 

The jsdiadovary waa moat surprtalnc 
to the )fe|Mfie««» who tHmiiflit that tbair 
work ««* »f««i:o*U]r flaltML It ^U 
lUK^Mj^ta .tw«;.i|««tM|ir^.iMM;'«t>*<' . i 

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luol. Remember this has our 
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na 70ss«03r ««. wmoitm ssm ' 

"Personal Work in Winning 
Souls" Is Theme of Inter- 
esting Address by Provincial 
Secretary of Association 

The B. C. Sunday school convention 
opened Its second day's session yestereliiy 
mcirnlng with an address on "l-'oraoual 
Work in Soul Winning," which svas given 
by the provincial secriitary. Rev. 1. W. 
Williamson. Mr. Williamson possesses the 
happy knack of going straight to the point 
and has also a vigorous and convlnolnR 
style of address. He pointed out to his 
hearers how large a part the personal elo- 
ment played In the task of winning bunduy 
school members to Ood. 

The next speaker," Rev. W. A. Brown, 
Chicago, apoke on "The Strategic Teinper- 
aaoe Opportunity." a round table conference 
on the name subject being conducted by 
Ba». C. w. WhUt^||(w,;'-i^^fc«Jij^ Mr. ■ 

'flM'Wn. aft8rwa'r^:.^|Mi|^||P;ifp^ 
«na' Co-operaUon,*r,' iitlir!;:HrMeb'''':if;>.i,ji^^^ 
atndy honr tn departments waa Mtpl|'^'4Wl>> 
•paMmw 'teft>u4Ui« ain^'v'i, .yH^i'j^Mtt^M^^'^t- 

importatlM. Ittte#«ata |% e| 

and Itov. Ur. Brown, wlia apoka m ^*TI>a 

»a«te|-|dea/'' ■" ■ ■",;' / 'r; v'.; ' ' - -. 

' A| Oluar al^atMm.' li li g l lM i 4i»Vv'l«r> Brown 
gaVii'to'T«tairMai«'''««(» •^Mlona la 
the ftiaflay fltiiwa.^' whlA waa tWlowad hy 

In the report which Mr. Paffe makes 
to the board of underwrltera. i ne 
reyult uf tht) tt.-2>lii muUu aru not sat- 
isfactory to Chief Ua.vls, Buiiie hy- 
ilranls, OBpi-xjlaUy In tho downtown 
congealed district, inuklnjf a yoor 
hhuwiiiE. Muny lodiants were found 
to bo ijracLlcally "tit of commission 
becauae of leaks, it was u notable 
fact that the bi^st vireBsurc waa found 
in Victoria WoHt. in the Oak Bay dls- 
tricl the preiisures recorded were 
much betlt-r than In tlie downtown .lec- 
tion. .At the hydrant at FlBjjuard and 
Uoug-laa atreeta. almoat In the very 
centre of the important business sec- 
tion the static pressui'c was but eigh- 
teen pounds and the running pressure 
but fifteen. On the other hand at the 
corner of Oak Bay avenue and Terrace 
street tho static pressure waa cighty- 
rlve pounds and the running pressure 
Seventy pounds. 

In Victoria West tl_ie pressure.s 
ranged from .seventy tt) ninety-two 
pounils static, and from forty to eighty 
running. As cympared with the lec- 
ords taken last year, yesterday's tests 
were not considered satisfactory. 

Tlie records as talcen yesterday wlli 
be forwarded by Flro Chief Davis to 
Water Commissioner Rust. There Is 
now In preparation a report of the sec- 
retary of the Fire Underwriters' Asso- 
ciation dealing with the water supply 
as it affects the lire i^rotuction of the 
jjiJty. Thla report wlU^^ .:|^^^ In 

,«iDut'a week's time. R«ep||iP|;io the 
xMMMVlty on the part i^ iI»'idH|r; *> 
tl^llllMlF linn>edtat« ft«|>» to. vmim Mr 
,;a '$|o|Wr «upply 4*«|i^,$fc»:#^':*ipf*n 
nM year will be wJkia*, tm^mmtmM' 
the past year being cited as iLtWDtdn 
for proinpt »ti*itm''<ilft^%^:90i'.0^^^< 
city. - ' -- " 

Seattle,^ followed wttb An lateraatluc Bd-> 
dr«s«:.=on -"Teaohar ^ratiitJB(." . Xhigp nuial 


tor the 

,i':Wi« day td be doMe 
F for.tliB church and 

Teaching did not merely consist of stand- 
ing before a class and entertaining them. 
It meant the taking of d living Idea out of 
the mind of the teacher and planting It In 
the mind of the pupil. Referring to the 
lack of Biblical knowledge possessed by 
some Sunday school teachers, the speaker 
sala he had once heard a wpmah .teacher! 
tell her class that the ttma that had 
elapsed between tho ascent of our Lord and 
the descent at the Holy Spirit had been 
ten years and she hid proceeded to fill In 
these years with the first fifteen chapters 
of the Acts of thp Apostles. 

Hound Tablp Conference 
Rev. P. J. W^ish, of Kelowna, conducted 
the round table conference on this subject^ 
when an Interesting discussion took place 
as to whether or not the Bible classes were 
helping the Sunday schools as they ought 
to do. 

Itov. Dr. Scott pointed out that while In 
the country the Sunday schools were ham- 
pered by lack of teachers. In the city they 
were hampered by lack of time and Interest, 
Kveryone who had anything to do with 
Sunday schools knew that it was often the 
most unstiltable people who offered their 
services as teachers, while the best people 
hung back through their own natural re- 

It was bard also in some of the city 
churches to find time for the teacher train- 
ing claaes, and, he was of the opinion that 
such classes could be miich better orsranlzed 
than they were at present. 

Mr. Qreen spoke of the selfishness of 
adult Bible classes In not providing teach- 
ers for the Stinday schools. 

Winning of 8ouIh 

The next speaker, who sprang to the de- 
fence of the former organizations, pointed 
out how his own promising class had been 
absolutely depleted to find officers for the 
Sunday school, and said ho thought there 
was a tendency to think more of winning 
the banner than of winning souls for Jesus 

A special study hour In departments fol- 
lowed, among the speakers being Mrs. 
Matthews, who conducted a large meeting, 
speaking on "Tho Junior Age, Its Difficul- 
ties, Needs and Opportunltlcf." 

Rev. W. A. Brown, who took charge of 
the Teen Age, spoke on "The Inlelle.iual 
T>lfe." Rev. C. R. Fisher took charge of 
tl)i> Adult Department. 

i-'acing the Situation 

Rev. G. T. Pratt opened the evening 
session with prayer, after which Rev. W. L,. 
Clay read a portion of Scripture. Rev. Mr. 
I'ratt, who was the first speaker, gave an 
address on the advancement of Sunthiy 
.■school work along three lines. The first, 
ho said, consisted of facing the situation 
nquarely, and finding out wherein lay Its 
faults; the second wns by learning all the 
Ijoat mothodu possible for Its advanuemeiu. 
This could be done by being observnnl of 
other schools, by rending the best litera- 
ture, and by keeping track of all ln.Hplnt- 
tlniial convention.-!. The third lay In seeing 
clearly tho Ihlnj; they desired to accom- 

Rov. Wlllinm A. UroVn. the next speaker, 
spoke on "The Fine Art of Finding Folk-x." 

Rev. Dr. Scott dismissed the gatUerln;,' 
wlfi the benediction. 

At this mornings session Unv. H. F. 
Waring, of Vancouver, will apoak on "Per- 
sonal Work In Soul Winning," and at ten 
o'clock the folUiwIng reports will be glveii: 
Executive commUiec, Mr. A. Callcndor; 
general secretary, Rov. I. W, Wlllinmxon; 
treasurer, Mr, C. B. Mahon; elementary 
superintendent, Mrs. MacKay; ndult super- 
Intenrtont, Mr. A. Stabler; missionary super- 
intendent, Rev. J. R. Robertson; teai;her 
training suptrlntondcnt. Rev. D. ,T. Welsh; 
teinperanco superintendent, Rev. C. W. 
Whlttaker. The election of officers vlll 
also take place. A speelal study hntu Iti 
departnients will be hold at 11 30 o'clork. 
Bnn(|ue.t <'omf» Tonight 

This arternoon at ".,10 o'clp<:U ISev. .r. H. 
Mattliows. or Peattie, will speak on ".Seven 
Sure Signs of Sunday Sclioo; Success," and 
at 3 o'clock Mrs. MucICny on "The Claims 
of tho EIeracntar.v Department." 

A banquet and social ho\ir will be hold 
at 6 o'clock, after which there will be a 
street parade held of ail the .Sunday soIiooIh, 
headed by the Salvation Army band, which 
will tra>erse the principal streets of tho 
city, winding up at the Metropolitan church 
in time for the evening session at S o'clock. 
Mr. J. N. Harvey, of Vancouver, will speak 
at 8.15 o'clock, and ai 8. 46 o'clock Rev. C. 
R. Fisher will give hia stcrcoptlcan lerture 
on adult Bible class work. Thl; will close 
the convention. 

',l'.l'l"." ! f l ' | ll,^ " '' ,. ' . ■ ■' ' ., ' 


Teats Show Vasstlsfaotory Oonflitloas ta 
Osatral Vortton of the Otty 

Fire Chief Davis and Mr. Page. sec. 
retary of the Vancouver Island Under- 
writers' Association, yesterday made 
an Inspection of the pressure avail- 
able at the hydrants throughout the 
city, including those on the mains of 
the Esqnimalt Water Works Company 
in Victoria West. 

Thla Information will be incotporatfd 


lll^pilted Elocutionist Oivea a Charminr 

■ ; jieadlngr of Spanish Drama and 
/.' f '' ^'i ' f gleaaea Oood Sized Audience 

. Till ir I P„j|l!li||?,.iiiil.. I'litlirr the 

Victoria thea;i^:WW^ilW fUed last 
evening to hear Mfldarne Labadle's ren- 
dering of El Gran Galeoto, an adapta- 
tion of the Spanish drama by Joso 

Madame Labadle Is a beautiful wo- 
man and as she personated the actors 
In tiie drama she Urst intcrosied and 
then thrlUt'd her audience. The title 
of the drama really means the "Great 
Go.ssit)," and as tho plot developed the 
terrible harm that suspicion and rumor 
can do was shown in a way that will 
not soon be forgotten by any who were 
present, and the plot was a simple one. 
A Spaniard, high in court favor, took 
tlto son of his dearest friend to live 
with hlni. The young man. Ernest, was 
poor, for his father was ruined in the 
Spanish war, but ho shared in tho 
wetUth and pleasures Of his host. The 
-wife of Pon .Tullen was a beautiful wo- 
man and It waa tho gossip of evil- 
minded men and women, chief of whom 
were the brother of Don Julian, and 
his wife, that led to the ruin of the 
reputation of an innocent man and wo- 
man and the death of a loving husband 
who.«;e faith in his wile and friend had 
been destroyed, 

Madame Labadle's portrayal of the 
scene between the wife and h-cr slster- 
In-law wTien the latter told her of the 
su.splcions of the people of the city waa 
an e.xcollent piece of work. Mo-st effec- 
tive, also, was the last scene, where the 
broken hearted wife and loyal friend 
strove to force their way to the dying 
husband, whos« mind had been poisoned 
against them. 

It Is not often that so flne an ■elocu- 
tionist as Madame Labadle visits Vic- 
toria. The recital was under the aus- 
pices of the Woman's Aiixillnry of the 
Koyal Jubilee HospltRl, In aid of the 
building fund. 


Iiocal Arohitacts Xilsten to Fapar Baiad 

on Engineer's Standpoint Bead by 

Mr. F. H. Sprag'u* 

The Victoria chapter of the Society 
of British Architects met last night to 
listen to a paper on the heating of 
building.'), from tho eufjineer's stand- 
point, read by Mr. F. H. Sprague, of 

The ffpeaker emphai»lzed the econ- 
omy and advisfibility of the engineer 
being called in when the architect pre- 
pared his workln.g plans rather than 
after a striicturo l.s In process of con- 
striK'tion, when alterations wer^^i apt 
to be costly. He also drew the atteri- 
tlon of those present to the soundness 
of the principle that the quicker the 
steam is conducted to tho point where 
it i.s to do its work tho greater Is its 

.Speaking of a purely college educa- 
tion, Mr. Sprague related a. story of 
an engineer fresh from such an In- 
stitution, who, finding himself 
cramped for room when putting in a 
liniler. calmly rublved out a column 
nvirked on tho plan, and so supplied 
himself with the nece.sKary space. 


Iiist of Snceessfal Candidates Pasnlnr 

Medical Examinations and Mads 

Full Fladffed Fraotltioaars 

A.s a result of the medical examina- 
tions which have been In progrtss here 
during tha last fortnight, the follow- 
ing have been declared successful and 
entitled to engage In medical and sur- 
gical practice In British Columbia: 
Dr». H. P. Cox, E. L. Sand Hand, W. A. 
Clarke, A. Robertson, W. Crelghton, 
K. E. Pettman, C. A. HarVle, H. C. 
Davis. H. B Chrlstensen, W. E. Wllks, 

B. Blackwood, T. Lyon, P. Bwcrt, W. R 
Stone, A. V. Webster, J. H. Moore. 
A. M. Warner, R. A. Simpson, D. A. 
Tompsett, (Mrs.) E. C. Synge, F. W. 
Barker, J. L. Bigger, R. V. McCarley, 
F. V, Agnew. D. Q. Morse, T. H. Jamie- 
son, (Miss) M. lien, A. Lowrie, C. R 
Marlfttt, D. D. Freeae, D. A. Clark, 

C. D. Holmes, H. H. Murphy. L. J. C. 
Bailey, H. B. Lo,T.le, J. A. Mllburn, 
W. E. Bcott-Moncrieff, C F. Mavee and 
C. T. McCallum. 

Oood progress is being made with 
the grading of the new Cooper wagon 
brldga at Orand Forks, the work being 
in charge of Bdward Buclcle. The 
bridge itself will be built by 4ay labor 
under th^ euperiTlatoa ef Wlhlam 

AnguB Ca mpbe ll & Co. Ltd., 1006 10 Gov't St. 

51 Ostrich and Marabou 

Muffs and Sfoles 

To Be Cleared Today, ^^fi 
Friday, at Each . . • . tj^JLv 

This i.s the hest opportunity you will have 
this sca.son of obtaining, such winter neces- 
sities for the remarkably low sum of $io. 

The regular prices are $17.50, $21.00, $22.50, 
$27-50, $35 and $37.50. 

Shot Messaline Silk, trimmefl brown an'i 
black marabou, in various ^'fl i\ 

shade.'i of shot silk. Today . vJi-U 

Crepe de Chene. trimmed with ostrich feather, 
in sky pink, helio and champagne. 
Tot^ay ;............■.... 

Chiffin. trimmed with marabou and edged 
with fancy silk tassels, in black, ^'f A 
resieda and dahlia. Today tP'JLv 

ShjISWiiRflllow Ostrich Feather Stoles, in grey 

1, -black and royal, grey and white, 

fe-With wide velvet ribbon ^•tf |\ 

jnds. Today . .\ , ^iV 

yp|r^'|?;€ather Stoles in Satin :.,d,e Chcnc, 

!^3lir^'of,-:J(?rbit^/llii„,sfe^ and pink, 

;j^ifa...,iBiii;A'lfl*flMHtffflMllkgk an d roval. 


bite and pink, white 


Ostrich Feather ^Iui^f:::Sat|»ljfe8^ 
||i||c|iampagne, all puf^ 

Whft'e Marabou Muff' and SloTefTa^n ttne^^^^^ ermine tails. Very 

large muff and very wide stole. Today 



NOTE — The above is a line we are determined to clear out TODAY so as to have an 
exceptionally busy Friday. Reme^nber, the regular values go up to as high as $37.50. 

We Open Daily 

at 8.30 a.m. 

and Close 

at 5.30 p.m. 

"The Fashion 

Our Telephone 




Only 1 Sale 

We need room to take care of incoming Christmas stock, so have decided to sacrifice a 
number of articles of which we have only one. These will be placed on sale on Saturday 
evening at 7 o'clock and sold to the first buyer. See our south window for sample bargains. 
Those who took advantage of our last "Only i Sale" will appreciate this opportunity to get 
another real snap in good furniture. 

Sample Bargain 

Solid quarter-cut golden oak 
Dressing Table, oval Bri- 
tish plate bevelled mirror 
and drawer beneath. For- 
mer price $15.50. 


Sample Bargain 

I,arge Upholstered Rocker 
in brown denim. Spring 
seat, with loose cushion 
wing arms, platform rocker. 
Former price $14.00 


Sample Bargain 

Corner Parlor Chair, ma- 
hogany finish. Spring seat, 
silk covering. A very neat 
little chair. Former price 
$15.00 . 

SALE PRICE ..-..$9.50 

REMEMBER — Sale starts Saturday, 7 p.m., and there is only one article of each kind. Sale 

includes one of almost all lines in our stock 


1420 Douglas St. "The Better Value Store" Ncat City Hall 


A cosy five-roomed bungalow, with open fireplace, built-in buffet, book-cases 
and writing desk. Beam ceilings, inside stairway to the basement, piped for fur- 
nace. Every modern convenience and very comfortably arranged. Situated on 
Irving road, one block from the c^r line and a half block from the famous Foul Bay 


EASY TERMS, $735 cash, balance only $30 monthly, including prin- 
cipal and interest. Owner must sacrifice to meet other liabilities. We have 
exclusive selling rights at this price. 


,; Phone 3760 

StS Trounce Avenue, 








tABtifiiiiiVr- n f'"'"-''im«-umUMmMm'M 






,»' "w .11" 



Friday, November 8, 1912 

Estatilliihed 1S68, 

The Colonlet PrlntlnR a^ia rublUhlns 
Company, Llmiled IjlablUty. 


I»n-121B nrood Street. Victoria. B. C. 

Sut>i)';rl|>tlan Rate* BV Carrier 

Yearly |6 00 

Half- Yearly a. 00 

Quarterly 1.50 

Monthly »u 

SubscrlpMiin Hattm By ;t|all 

To Canada. Great luiluln. the United Slates 
and Mexico 

Yearly JB.OO 

IIulf-Yearly 2.60 

All subscription ratea payable In artvanoe. 

Mall Bubscrlber» are requeatod ID makv 

nil remlltunces direct to The Dally Colonlit. 

Eubscrlbern In uiderlntt chunire of addri-sa 
ahould be particular to give both new and 
old address. 

Friday, November 8, 1912 


— - M^- 

Str Richard Mc-Brlde and Mr!'- fiaw- 
Bcr have r-etirheU Otttiwa and It I» ftp« 
i)arent from the ill.ipiitcli vtrhich ' ^,b 
print tod^.^^^lt j,ttM!j;|^j, tlRVe . lost no 
^Jt^^Cj^ ««*ot|' ttrtdJilcjUfib with the 
*^ ■ Jhifltcr and him ep}l«a«ti«». We 
that It (It onl^ thftlr Inten- 
.^i»-'W«nd three 'pr four d)iy» rln tiit 
&nd iQto t^t tfme they have 
t<« very gfeat deal of busloeni 

to of the hlsheet importaace to 
ia Q g t i h a pnov t na ei Tn a a 

\ill'jbiX Brtttsh qolambia on the 

!^^9|f*«f<:ptM|ttw» and haa v«tV opportuiiely 
crUlciaed -ttte-a tUt i ada ' a t — B ir ■ WlKt r id 

l.aur!«r in temp6irlzine> on the (itaestlon 
of an emergency contribution. In this 
respect the premier of British Columbia 
shares the view of the vast majority of 
Canudlaa.s in bolngr disappointed that 
the leader nf tin liiu'ial party do«s not 
st-e his way clear to outline his views 
on wliat Canada's relationslilp should 
b'j towards the Motherland In the ma t- 
tm- of Imperial defence. Sir Wilfrid 
today appears in the role of wn oppor- 
tunist and It i.s one which will greatly 
ili'crease any semblance of power he 
BtlU retains during the coming months. 

Sir Richard was very happy in his re- 
inarlts about the ct'fffeat of reciprocity 
luivingr "standartiized" tlie Canadian peo- 
ple. There is not a shadow of a doubt 
that he Is right. Our neighbors over 
tlie border entertain a much more whok- 
some respect for us than they did in 
the pre-reclFpocily 'i;.\s. Mr. Borden's 
\ Ictory has made us an entity In more 
sp-nses tlian one. Our nationality with- 
in tlie empire has been recognized for a 
lotiR time past by the peoples under the Hag. and now it is an acknowl- 
I -'I fact by the government and the 
inhabitants of the United States. Thua 
wo have Rained, not only in self r«spect, 
1)11 1 in tlie respect Of . 6ur rielghbor.s. 

It is a good thing that the premier 
of this province has been able to go 
baclc to Ottawa. Th-e people of eastern 
Canada linow all too little about Brit- 
ish f^'olumbia, and It Is well to realize 
that such a sturdy champion of Our 
i(lf;il.';, resources anil opportunities 
slioiild let the east know of the way 
upon which "we look on the problems 
which confront ili l^minlon. W ■■ do 
not claim that we uah teach them a 
great deal but We can ondoubtedi.v 
teach them something, and tht< closer 
the relationship of the ' east and west 
heK-oiTies the better for the future of 
ilil.s great country. 


When llie scttlerfii'nt Is brou.t;ht about 
In till' Jialkan.s we .snail be very much 
:i)i.stuken if it is not found that 
lirltaln has had the principal .say in 
what tlie rclatlon.s bttwoen the Allien 
and 'J'tirkey sliall be In the future. Of 
the Kuropean jiowers Kussla and Aus- 
tria art' the two most closely lnterestc<l 
end a.H their deriires ar« certain to con- 
llict It will he necessary for a third 
lower to intervene: We ' belKsve that 
Irltain v ill be able tn do tlilu lett'r 
thai Ocrmany or FYance. By 
thi' tliii'' peace negotiations aro in jiro- 
gress slie ^^■ill have tluj most powerful 
llf-et of any of the nutloiifi in the Levant. 
This factor Is one tliat cannot be Ig- 
lior^^fl. If tlif Hiluiitiiiii iiivolvc-j a 
Vairopoan crisis th.jie \» probably noth- 
iiiJi: "l.ich would have a more salutory 
effect than a ill.splay ot force. Britain, 
too, although It might not •seem so at 
llrst blii.sli, l.s one of thf most ^;r,TVRly 
Intcrcslorl of all I'lf luiwpr.s. Slu- luis 
h.<T Meill tfi ranoan pos.scsHlonK which 
any change In the status of the l)ar- 
ibinelloR might effect, and lier intiTP'^ts 
in Egypt rend-er It imperative that she 
Kliould be among the first conHulted in 
any rearranKcment of territorial limit.-' 
HC close by. 

Tt'; pre.s<?nt war has been maturing 
f >r the ciuarter of a century. A 
■writer In Tl.c London IJally New.s li.i.s 
rf:HU«r!tate(l copies of tho trfatloa of 
San Stefano anil Berlin marktd with 
the ni«me of W. K. Gladistoiio and scored 
with the Ink from his pen. There is onv. 
paiisAgR which l.s urulerllned mo.ot heav- 
ily, whloh contains what Lord Salis- 
bury said in d^-fence of the Treaty of 
Uerlin and incidentally sumn up the 
famous policy of "Peace With Honor." 
It la aa followa: 

"It (the B«rll'n Treaty) has radically 
chanr«d the dlapoRltion of the vn«it re- 
gion to Which, m the Treaty of San 
Kteflhno, the name of Bulgaria is given. 
I<patly two-thif<1a of It hav* been r»-_ 
|»fac*d Ubilar th« dlro«;t poUUoal and 

military rule of the Sultan, and In tills 
retransfer are included Thrace and 

It wan many years later, when an- 
other Balkan crista arose, that Lor. I 
.Salisbury made confession that Britain's 
attitude in securing such coiiceBslons 
for Turkey In the treaty of Berlin had 
been a wrong one. The passage, which 
We have riuoted from Mr. GladHlone's 
wrltlnKs, lias an omlnoUB ring toiluy In 
the light of terrible happenings to 
whicl. aa yet no end can bo foreseen. 
Even at the time tliere seems no doiihc 
that Lord Salisbury liad some compunc- 
tion in hl.s work, for, as the writer In 
Ihe London .\'cws points out, lierc are 
the words \\ lib which the famoii.s dls- 
pal'.'h of 1S7S came to a conclusion: 

"Whether use will be made of this — 
probably the last — opportunity which 
has thus been obtained for Turkey by 
the interference of the powers of Kurope, 
an<l of Kntfland !n particular, or whether 
it is to be thrown away, will depend 
t!puf^<^fHg^j9lnc«rUy with which Turkish 
BtatdfH^'-vaow .addraas themaelveB to 
th« duties oje-'foeNl «9*en)met>t an'l tb« 
task of rcforin." „ ; 

- 'IPb b'ave'aeen that Turkajr dM wvt 
uveJI horoelf of the opportunity, and 
today ahe la reaping the reward in a 
harveat of blood. The dtaiiateh alao 
proves that Great Britain tooh a par- 
ticular" part In the policy which haa led 
uit to tha preaent war. That in the f a- 
tnre aettlemeint atie will alao be promi- 
nent Is very c«,rtatn, for ahe haa to re* 
Ir tha ar, nt thw piat ITmni the 


present outlook, this duty will taak to 
the uttermost the areniua of sir, Sktward 
Orey. ^«^tteli>a^ CMt If* will be 
j Ce und e< i> W> l iii^ 'the a a oaa l O ft e ap eoiatly- 

Ui the light of ht» -titfeerenees In the 
house of ^(dmmona the other "day. - Ap- 
parently he recognizee, as well, if not 
better than any of the chancelleries of 
Eiirope. the great difficulty of interfer- 
ing , with the progress of a victorious 
army in its full career of triumph. It 
Is more than likely that he is taking the 
lead in the policy of waiting, which is 
apparently nowf that of all the powers, 
until the great decisive blow of the 
campaign has been struck. 

rcss that Is about to begin. Depend 
upon It, great as has been the progress 
oi the past, it will appear meagre when 
compared with the progress of the near 
future; much as the province has hith- 
erto been a land of opportunity, It Is 
tcday greater In this respect than ever. 


The condition of the registration of 
la id titles In this province 1* the cause 
or a great deal of complaint and cnllrf 
for early and thorough action "on the 
part of the government. Business has 
80 outgrown the facilities for attending 
to It that the work l.s getting furtlier 
and further behind from month to 
month. Our information Is that in the 
Victoria ofllce between Ave and ten thou- 
sand applications have yet to be exam- 
ined and passeil upon, and there is not 
only no relief In sight, but things are 
getting worse. The Attorney-General, 
with a view of facilitating^ip^H|(|k and 
Iteducing it, to a u«^«jp^Btem,'''fla8 ap- 
pointed an officer, pMtswauperlntendent 
pt all legal offices. Whatever' effect 
^* iMrii ;Oif this officer otaK httv* iiti»fi^ 
^!oliar|ji^«r;4MI'.the aerrtefl parfomefl 
by the aiNNsal 4<til|istry 't^oi*' tt haa 
not bean tnatrpmaQtiiill In brlnglaf t|i« 
work up. to date, andi we 4o not see how 
It fsoiiid t>«. Speaking more partlcuiarlir 
of tba yiotMi* office, J we may my thai 
every one appreciates the palnataldnii 

An Atlantic litver is ashore In the 
St. Lawivnce. No liner haa ever gone 
ashore on her way to Victoria, or been 
subject to any serious delay. 


Industry and itnfalling courtesy of Kiv 
8. J. Wootten, the Registrar-QeneraL 
Complaints laave r«aohad oa ta the «|r 
t«k tlatt tha eaaliritag doea oat m*W -_ ^ 





Every person, who la familiar with 
what has been going on in Britisjh Co- 
lumbia during the past ten years, can 
cite instance upon instance where men 
have gone out "with a shoestring and 
made good." In some cases, they have 
made great fortunes; in others they 
have gjt tpgather a competency; in 
others they have established themselvjs 
In flourishing business, it is writ large 
across British Columbia: "This Is the 
Land of Opportunity." 

Industry, foresight and courage will 
command siiccei^s here; Industry In ac- 
quiring a knowledge of the country and 
its needs; foresight in appreciating the 
course of events: courage that will face 
the future and take wliat It haa In store. 
The pessimist Is still with us. lie has 
been with us during all these years of 
progress. He did not know this; he had 
his doubts about that; lie was appire- 
heiislve that the other thing mlglit hap- 
pen. Wlien his neighbor built a busi- 
ness block, ho pointed out that he had 
lived here ten, twenty or forty years 
ago, and no one had thought It wise to 
build there before. When you told him 
that a certain section of the city Is rap- 
idly building up, he told you that he 
knew It when it was all woods, and lie 
.said It so as to convey the impression 
that it soon will again all b-> forest. 
He knew five ye'ar.s ago that Viiiicouv r 
real estate was hold at prices far be- 
yond Its value. He knew five years ago 
ago that land values in Victoria were 
ridiculously high. Some of us remem- 
ber ho%v he and Ms associates used to 
look on the rislnj; walls of the Pem- 
berton Block and shake their heads over 
the recklessness of the younger gjne- 
raii'uj. The pessimist is yet with us, os 
we have said. He admits that "things 
have turned out somewhat differently 
from what lie expected; but he knows 
the end has come now. He llkewlBe 
knew It had come last year and the 
year before last. -It will likewise be 
coming next year and the year after 
next, and so on. 

But the oriporiiinltlcK are here Just 
the .same; opportunities for the man of 
larKe capital, for the man of small 
capital, and for the man of no capital at 
all; opportunities In our cities. In our 
aiiluirhan dl.strlcts, in our great vacant 
areas. And always people arc selling 
these opportunities and turning them to 
good advantage. The best part of ihis 
\^ thut those, who do so, succeed not 
for tbem.selve.s alone, but create a tide 
01 success that carries us all forward 
In the right direction. 

Ill British Columbia wo arc only at 
the beglnnlnir of things. We have 
only touched, as it were, the hem of the 
warniu'iit of our wealth and advantages. 
Wf may tliliik wc have seen great things 
In the past, and so wc have. Wc have 
seen cities grow where the forest was a 
few years aga We have seen the track- 
less wlldi>rneM opened by roads of stewl. 
We have seen highways bulli to grid- 
Iron the land. We have seen a fleet of 
■ ci'an llnera where not long ago there 
were only a few. We have seen palatial 
steamers built to ply upon our Inland 
waters and replace the craft that did 
duty In the days of stagnation. It haa 
nil been vary wonderful and very in- 
spiring, but it only the prelude of the 
great drama of the future; It la only 
tho overture to the grand opera of prog* 

•j^iraefiiiM tlii^fVlMtoh in wtttoh laia 
ataWs to.the public, but this Is a 
minor matter, that will be remedied now 
that attention has been drawn to it. 
The failure of the office to keep abreast 
of its work seems to be due to the very 
simple fact that the staff Is not equal 
to the demands upon it. How things 
are in other registry offices we do not 
know, but .our information is that the 
Victoria office is far from being In an 
exceptional condition. 

The situation is one that does not 
admit of delay. It is hardly necessary \ 
to Say that in these days of frequent 
transfers of the same property, it Is 
very necessary that the work of regis- 
tration should be brouglit up to date and 
we submit for the consideration of the 
government the advisability of taking 
whatever steps may be necessary to dis- 
pose of all arrears In the shortest pos- 
sible time. Obviously under existing 
conditions the prcibabilities of the of- 
fices catching up with tlieir work are 

Since the Democrats have carried 
Illinois almost anything In tlie way of 
politics may be expected in the United 
States. Judging from the way the re- 
turns are coming in, it would be a 
graceful act on the part of the Elec- 
toral College to call It unanimous. 

The gross earnings of the United 
States Steel Corporation for the third 
(luarter of the year were J.10,063,512; 
tlie net earnln.ij^f, were $::0,774,-Ifi5. To 
a man who owns" none of the stock 
the profits would seem inordinately 

•Many actions against the city have 
been instituted by residents of Ottawa 
who caught the typhoid fever last -uni 
mer. This is a now and very eff<ctiial 
way oif bringing municipal authorities 
to; a. .:reaU«rtj|jiBp1||fy'^eir/dtity^^ aam- 
tan^/niatteriK'*''':' '''■• 

The Balkan war' haa - pushed the 
trouble «f ;{U(«zlt!b away f rota the cen- 
tre of the ataiw/t but It ilkM>eaiii .that 
I*resident Madera la very eonfldant 
that di»neatlo p«a«e will soon be <«•» 
stored and that the prdapeHty, ,of ^a 
country will tiJta a naw laaiMk af Ufa, 
So mote it *% I 

The news that a speedy settlement of 
■ tha atrjke on the Canadian Pacific wUl 
h« riMMdMd t» va^r MitUifinetory. Aa » nOa 

**"*******"*■ ^f**"-"** t *'*' "" TrrwiflrfiTI^I f'^*^«»«p*««^"' < the way by tSs. 

Ita etn|rtoy<i|«i have been' vera.^^. 
tory; and" it would have ■•^-^='*=<^^ 
ingly unfortunate if 
d«rod unharmonipus at ''^ 

e ren- 


Mr. Castell Hopkins, who spoke before 
the Canadian Club yesterday, is en- 
dowed with a breadth of view which 
rendered his talk on the modern ten- 
ds ncy of imperialism especially Inter- 
esting. In advocating that whatever is 
done In the matter of defence the pol- 
icy must be a constructive one we be- 
lieve tliat he voiced what Is the opinion 
of all Canadians. There will bo few 
among us who will not be ready to nc- 
knoWledge the debt we owe to Oreat 
Britain and the relations of the two 
countries which ho so capably explained. 

Mr. Hopkins has made a special study 
(f the siiliject on which he spoke yes- 
teiday. As well aS being an author of 
various books dealing with public af- 
falrfi, he Is a member of the executive 
committee of the British Empire League 
and \\:\>i one of the, founders of the 
%1'Jniplre Club of Canada In 1903. He Is 
a good speaker and the manner In Which 
he'iN'M his subject bears Die Im- 
print of careful reasoning. it is a 
Ileasurc to listen to men of his t.\)M 
and wc hope that the Canadian Club 
will have man.v more such anions Us 

Judging from the space devoted by 
the press to sporting news, one might 
think this a sporting generation; but 
it is not so. A ineQ who looks on at a 
game. Is no more a sportsman than a 
man, who listens to a band. Is a musi- 
cian. There, perhaps, has not been a 
time in many years when the public 
participated individually in manly 
sports In as slight a degree as they 
do today. 

Mr. J. Ellis Barker, of whom we know 
something in Vic.toria, i.« to the front 
with a suggestion that Great Britain 
should undertake to guarantee the posi- 
tion of the United States in Panama In 
consideration of equal treatment to ail 
nations in the uso of the canal. When 
Mr. Barker was here a year ago he en- 
deavored to convince The Colonlat that 
Great Britain could not 'guarantee her 
own position anywhere. 

The girls in Baltimore have a now 
fad. They tarn in false alarms. The 
remedy in such case made and provided 
ought to be in the empowering of the 
chief of the fire department to apply 
a slipper as many times as he thought 
desirable where, according to establiiihed 
tradition, it will do the most good, 
whenever he is lucky enough to catch 
one of tlie scamps. 

Great Britain, says a dispatch, will 
have to import 25.»00,000 bushels of 
wheat more than she did last year ow- 
ing to the bad harvests. While this 
will make a market for a good deal of 
Canadian grain. It is hardly a matter 
for congratulation. To a very rich 
coiintry like Ureat Britain tlie i>rlce 
of 25,000, UOO bushels of wheat may 
not seem much, but It will be Just so 
much less nioney to be distributed 
among the farmers, who have had .suf- 
ficient hard luck already. 

rolka Xavited — The Victoria 
Manx Soi lety will meet Tuesday, Nov. 
12, at 8. .SO p.m. at Carlton t.'afe, 1218 
Broad street. All Manx people Invited. 

Pioneer SKotor Party — Word la received 
at the public works department that the 
first motor car to go over the Hew 
Bridge Klvcr road went through last 
week wltliout mishap to the Shu.stur 
rancli on Gun Creek, 68 mlleji from Lil- 
looet. The pioneer motoring party con- 
sisted of Mes-siH. J. W. Walker, E. i^. 
Boultble, H. Jacks, N. C. Cruickshank 
and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Lutner. 

Off to Chicago Show — Mr. W. E. Scott, 
accompanied by Mr. II. M. Middleton, 
assistant provincial horticulturist for 
the Kootonay, and Mr. A. P. Shotbolt of 
the agricultural department, left last 
night en their way to the United States 
Lands Show at Chicago, where they hopC; 
to arrive on the fifteenth. This will 
allow of a week being spent In com- 
idetlng the final arraaiigeiiient.s for tlie 
U. C. exhibit to be displayed there. 

Hovel Show Coupon — The management 
of the United States Lands Show will 
inl^M|$|tlls year a novel system of cou- 
poipTpjpistrlbutlon among Its ^lHltols. 
These coupons, wlilch will be given free, 
win one day entitle the holder to take 
away, or eat on the spot, a B. C. apple. 
another day an Idaho potato, on a tiiird 
a CalttOiVla «ifpBflr VAd a« op. tbtia cti-^ 
abllng tha »irtdGW fi» SiUm %ln* «*irlta «t 
the fruit an» nuntaMlpi by taate ha 
wall aa by appaitifciutuM^ ~ 

*mt for 3a»iii^a^i4BfiMpiM'e«TJ^ 
of carefully aiOwilad: AMI* vlM«ti la ha* 
tng sent by va* idefittf^iMtoi dl iocttoui- 
tura to tha ttoii. ihtowaaa Tutnar, tha 

agent-general tor thf pMtyliioa te l^iv 
don. for use In eKiiSMflott varlt iX Rof 
Hah fatef throughout tha wiat«v^. ttfaa 
dlfVateOMl on Mwdar laat. It iNM ta 


Hearing out in part what wo said yes- 
terday In reference to the Government 
of Ireland lilll the following paragraph 
from The Londc^h .Standard Is of in- 

"A few members o{ the Libera 1 party 
who feel difficulty In supporting the 
propf'fals of (daiises 15 and 16 In the 
home rule bill, rIvIiik the Irish I'arlla- 
iiient power to vary within certain limits 
customs and excise dtitles as Imposed 
by the Imperial I'arllnment. held a meet- 
ing r''cently to consider the matter, and 
will meet again in the course of a few 
days. The members In iiue.stion oepr.-- 
cale any suggestion that a 'cave' Is 
l.-eing formed, but point out the 
proposal to allow a differentiation be- 
tween British and Irish budgets Is a 
complicated as well as a very Important 
one, and requires thorough examination. 
It Is probable that as a repiilt nmend- 
nients will he placed on the paper. Tho 
objeetlo:is to tlie proposal frcm the Libe- 
ral side come partly frum I'ree Traders, 
vho fear that It will give the Irish, ex- 
eeiitlve an opportunity of making ex- 
periments In Protection; and partly 
from ,=(oottlah Home Kulcrs who consider 
it Incompatible with the prlnclp!e uf 
Federal government." 

On the Island of Nlnafoon in the Ton- 
Ban group, there are thirty volcanoes In 
active eruption, Evidently Mother Earth 
i« undergoing a rather severe spasm in 
that part of her anatomy. 

From preAent indications the pat- 
riotic Greek residents of Victoria, who 
went home to ffght for their countr.v, 
will not have the opportunity of doivpr 
so. We assume they will not gnatify 
regrat awh a deoaatasiiaai, 

John L. Wilson, proprietor of the 
I»ost-lntelllgencer Is dead. Mr. Wilson 
has j/layed a very proniliient part in 
tlie public life of the Slate of 
tngton. He was at one time a United 
States senator from that state. He 
was a man of broad views and very 
energetic and aggressive. He had 
many staunch friends and many very 
vigorous political opponents. Person- 
ally ho was highly esteemed and he 
will be greatly mourned by his fellow- 

A correspondent writes very feelingly 
about the death of a youn^' messentcer 
hoy. and expresftes the opinion that 
something onuht to bo done to make the 
work of youns: fellows lesa dan- 
gerous. The question which be raises 
Is a very serious one and we commend 
it to the con.'-lderation of all concerned. 
Jlodern business and society d<'pend 
more ur'on these little fellows than 
m.Tny of us may at first thought be dis- 
posed to concede. By all means let 
something be done in their behalf, If It 
Is posslb'.R to do it. 

A strong effort Is being made in the 
I-^nst to bring sufficient pressure upon 
the Dominion government to ensure the 
immediate beginning of work on the 
Georgian Bay Cntial. This work will 
erst upwards of $100,000,000 and will be 
frozen up for about half the year. We 
are not objecting to it but may be ex- 
cu.sed for pointing out that when we 
ask for one-tenth of the amount to pri • 
vide the grain fields of the West with 
the shortest and best all-rail route to 
the porta of Vancouver Islan4l that are 
open all the year round, our Kastrrn 
friends say it is "too much." As Gen- 
eral Hancock said of the tariff on n 
memorable oeuaaioBt "tae mueb" l» a 

Ttufflpgatl^ W Suinmerland, who la MUW 
taking several carloads of his own fruit 
to tlic United KInkgdom. 

Ohoma of 46 Voicea — Gaul's cantata, 
"The Holy City," will be rendered by 
the clioir of 45 voices Wednesday even- 
ing at St. Andrew's Presbyterian church. 
It win be under the distinguished 
patronage of His Honor, Lleut.'-Gover- 
nor Paterson, and will commence at 8. IB 
o'clocic, the soloists being: Mrs. Codd, 
Mrs. Jesse Longlield, Miss Beek, Miss 
Blake way, and Messrs. Dunford, Mog- 
ridnfC, Codd and Melville. The organ 
will be presided over by Mr, Jesse 
Longffeld. , 

Uuat Semain Neatral — Notice appejirs 
in the official gazette of British Colum- 
bia this week commanding- all subjects 
of His Majesty within the Dominion of 
Canada to observe strict neutrality in 
and during the war now In progress in 
the Balkans between Turkey and the 
allied powers of Greece, Bulgaria, Mon- 
tenegro and Servla. All British nub- 
jeciH are cautioned to abstain from vio- 
lating or contraventinj? the laws iind 
statutes Of the realm In that behalf, or 
the law of nations in relation thereto. 

Xitverpool Paper Interested — The sec- 
retary of the Vancouver Island Devel- 
opment League, In response to a request 
for material for an article on Victoria 
and tho Panama Canal, which Is to ap- 
pear in a Liverpool paper devoted to 
the milling Industry, has furni.shed the 
applicant with maps and iilans of )iio- 
poscd railway con.stniction on Vancou- 
ver Island, accompanied by full infor- 
mation as to the ccmmerce of tills port. 
He win also be supplied with a series 
of photographs of Victoria and the 
towns of this island. 

Tinsmith Seeks Site — Enquiries re- 
ceived yesterday by the Vancouver Isl- 
and Development League Included let- 
ters from a resident at Burnaby Lake 
anxlou.s to buy government land on the 
island, another from Yolo county in 
California in regard to the frtilt farm- 
ing industry on Vancouver Island, and 
a third from Washington, making gen- 
eral enquiries about the climate and 
the CQuntry. A tinsmith and plumber 
from Edmonton, with J400 capital, 
would like to set up shop In some sinall 
town on the Island. 

New Colletvllle Bridge — Thanks to the 
energetic representatk)u.s inade by the 
citizens of Merritt, and the report U.& to 
the cost of the work submitted by the 
Jocal road sui)erlntendeiU, Mr. D. Suth- 
erland, the provincial minister of %vorks 
has authorized the immediate erection 
of a new Colletvllle bridge over the 
river at Merritt, the structure being de- 
.slgned to carry gencal vehicular traf- 
fic instead as at first intended being 
merely a footpath bridge. Tlie cost of 
the new bridge is estimated at $1500, of 
which the city of Merritt has agreed to 
contribute $500, at the same time pro- 
viding rluht-of-way at both approaches. 

His Offer Pleased — Tfiirlnf; his recent 
visit to the Okanagan In connection with 
his remarks In opening the horse show, 
which was a conspicuous feature of the 
Armstrong autumnal exhibition, Hon. 
I'rice ElllKon, minister of finance iind 
n.urlculture, gave residents of that dis- 
trict a most delightful surprise When 
h: announced that in the event of $2500 
being raised locally to provide for suit- 
able stabling accommodation at the 
show ground, the government would 
drnate an <'qual amount. The offer was 
received with much applause. I>urlng 
his tour also. Hon. Mr. Elll.«ion purchased 
in the government's behalf six hundred 
ca^es of especially fine Okanagan 
apples, for division Int i three lot.s, 
which will be sent to represent British 
Columbia's apple orchards at the Chi- 
cago Lands Show, at London and In 
Be Iglum. 

New Corporations — Certificates of in- 
corporation under the B. C. Companion 
Act have been Issued during the week 
just past to the British Building Co., 
Ltd., Burrard Inlet Waterfront Syndi- 
cate, Ltd.. Ceramics, Ltd., C. Grey A 
Co., Ltd., Cummlngs, Galbralth Van & 
Ht rage Co.. l^td., Eureka Jam A Pickle 
Works, Ltd., Master Builders Co., l.,td.. 
Middle West Lumber Co., Ltd., 8. Mur- 
chlson &• Co.. Ltd.. Vancouver Real Es- 
tate Agents' A.ssociation, Ltd.. Victoria 
Hiibriivlslon Co., Ltd.. Wathachin Hotel 
Co.. Ltd. West Vancouver Lumber Co., 
Ltd. I.,ioenaeB have been Isaued to the 
following extrn-provlncial companies: 
Kilmer, Pollen ft Bumhnm, Ltd., Bolls, 
\A'\ , Siemens Co. of Canada, Ltd.. 
Southeast Kootenay (B. C.) Ltd. Reg- 
istration as extrn-provlncial companies 
l«as hteu granted the Miller Corset Co. 
and the geattia O^atrueUan 41 C^- 

Maple Zieaf A. O. P. Sanoa — Maple 
Leaf A. O. F. will hold one of their 
social dances In the Foreste^ hall. Broad 
street. All I'-oresters will be welcome. 

Obancellor Bera — Hon. F. Carter- 
Cotton, M.i'.P., chancellor of the pro- 
\inclal university, spent yesterday in 
the city in consultation with the arclii- 
tects who are examlnlnif the plans for 
the university tulldlnga and grounds. 

■t. Marjr'a godallty Bala — From pre- 
sent Indications, the St. Mary's Sodality 
sale of work in the Y. M. i. hall. View 
street, Saturday afternoon and evening, 
in aid of the orphanage at Quamtchan, 
will be a successful affair. A good pro- 
gramme lias been arranged. 

T. -W. O. A. Oym Class— The T. W. C. 
A. piiysical culture class opened in the 
gymnasium last night with twenty mem- 
bers and many spectators. Miss Jar- 
vis gave the girls InHlructlon In drill, 
club swInniiiK and tlie use of the appa- 
ratus, ciosiiiK with a folk dance. 

Oerman Councillor — 'L'ount CouncUIor 
il. Weber, of Leipzig, Germany, arrived 
at the Empress hotel last night. "When 
asked to express his opinions "pou 


Poverty a Crime 

Sir, — Poverty in a horrible and 
dreadful crime. Tliero Is some differ- 
ence of opinion as to who is the crim- 
inal. One 8cb»ol of p61Ulcians seem 
to think it is the poor person, and. 
they harry and harra-js llie miserable 
victim with ail the rigor of the law. 
It is a crime to be poor. Move on. DO' 
not come between the wind and my 
nobility. Back to your kennel and 
cease to upoll my pUasure by being 
a blot on the landscape. The very at- 
mosphere of our law courts is one oC 
hostility to and prejudice against the 
poor man. Another school of politici- 
ans with greater Justice look upon 
society itself as tlie real criminal. Who 
created the slums in which childj-en. 
grow up diseased in body and mind., 
human wreckage doomed froni the be- 
ginning to find its goal in the prison 
and tjie lunatic asylum? Who per- 

\nglo-German relations or to give his '^l^ the drink traffic to plant its temp- 

tations at every street corn — ' -'"" — 

Impressions of Canada, he stated he was 

merely on a pleaaura yJalt . ana Jtftd , ^ . 

nothing to say itmiM^'imMati^:.^ 
\^^LJ "^ '"^^TTT ZTU^^ i»Ver is to blame It is not the victime 

.*S£Er ^"«° y '• » >»• j^O^yigf*: ^^:.tta poverty. This povartf % 
m 44iiip«tment of ladbr/»M ha^^ AU>4 aa^aia uaaa Ahem lik« a bolt Anm m 
^jMt ItfUiWitlwi pf^^' course of action 
to be adeptad^btp ^fi^iHMMmver In the mat- 
tar of tha ao«aJMr2MPi|<ittt of the old' court 

Qonse aite in that city, bat it ^a' a«^ , ^, ^|,|n^ l|»*t. .aadM^I^-' «i«»i^ Ml 
T^ that a byviaw will be w^^m\'^^-4mJ^ vT^m^ST^liM 

at tha nnt otvlie (daeUott providing for 
'^tHw panai»aa,"r 

»aw **layltwiy flUtHh^Ttlff fflWrtn 

lawd fawtUMSi 

Oasatta .oonUina notloa Uutt tha VritlMt 
Coliupbta. Talephooa Company wip, 
withtaia, sMQth xroAiroyatiilMr t, apply 
i* tim''tfii9*f^::<^fiw^ vm-«(t»rihcll I'or 

li i WpW'W i l' af^ i yl a n r r l i lj p f lN> ' >4ayIns of a 
mWWe thxdifiAxii Oiay to Jianalmo with 
such aerial lines as may be necessary 
for the purpose of the undertaking. 

Special Meeting — A special session of 
the Esquimau municipal council will be 
held tonight In the Lamp.son street 
school for the purpose of considering 
and approving a number of additional 
by-laws necessary to the effective ad- 
ministration of the recently incorporated 
district. It is not anticipated that any 
other bu.slness will be brought up at this 

Byerson College — Bov. S. D. Chown, 
D.D., joint superintendent of the Meth- 
odist church In Canada, who is also 
head of Ryerson college, Vancouver, 
yesterday had an Interview with Hon. 
n. E. Young In reference to tho new 
institution which the Methodists are 
erecting in affiliation with the pro- 
vincial university. He expressed the 
hope that the new college would open 
its doors In October, and that it would 
be able to reach an agreement with tho 
other religious denominations so that 
there should be no overlapping of work. 

•Ward Two Smolcer-_ln^ Jhp local Con- 
servative rooms on Government street 
the smoking concert arTanaged by the 
ward two Conaeryativea will take place 
tonight, commencing at 8 o'clock. Con- 
siderable interest has? already been 
evinced in the occasion and It Is nntl- 
clpaled that it will prove a great suc- 
cess. Mr. G. H. Barnard, M.P., haa 
premised to attend, and it Is probable 
tliat Mr. It. F. Green, M.P. for Koote- 
nay, will also be present. Acceptances 
have also been received from the three 
local members of the provincial, 
Messrs. H. B. Thomson, Fred Davey and 
l'\ H. Behnsen. 

"wm Not Be Candidate — Whatever 
action his confreres in the city council 
may take in their own cases. Alderman 
Stewart will nol again be a candidate 
for municipal honors, at least not at 
the forthcoming elections. Alderman 
Stewart'.s name lias been mentioned 
not only as a candidate for re-election 
as alderman, but also as a possible 
candidate for the mayoralty. Last 
night he emphatically declared that he 
would not be In the field at all, either 
as aldermanic or mayoralty candidate, 
stating that his other Interests would 
not permit of his offering himself for 

Blankets 'n'anted — A largely attended 
special, meeting of the W. C. T. U. wa-i 
held in the Store street men's mission 
yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Wllllscroft 
presided and the matron's report showed 
that the work was growing much too 
large for the present premises. A dis- 
cussion on the po.s8lbiUty of building 
on the new site obtained between Pan- 
dora and Cormorant streets, nearly op- 
po.slto the Market hall, ensued. It was 
decided that no further steps could bo 
taken until the present property was 
solil. The matron reported that bedding 
was needed and it was resolved to Is- 
sue an appeal for blankets or coverlets 
of any kind. 

Xianda for Irrigation — The fedcal 
minister of the Interior has approved of 
the sale to the Ashcroft Water. ICIectric 
and Improvement Company of 3010 acres 
at $1 an acre, on condition that the com- 
pany obtains from the British Columbia 
government tlie necessary water rights, 
and that all the operations shall be gov- 
erned by the provincial statute. The 
company proposes a comprehensive irri- 
gation and storage project. Involving the 
storage of water In three lakes In pro- 
vincial territory, north of the railway 
belt, the said water to be released in 
to the Bonaparte river and diverted 
at a point about twelve miles from the 
confluence of the Bonaparte and 
Thompson rivers, and carried tn a high 
line canal to the Dominion lands ap- 
plied for. 

Thanks for nonattona — "The manager 
of the Home for Aged and Inflnm 
acknowledges with thanks the following 
donations to date: Mrs. B. W. Pearse, Il- 
lustrated London News; Mrs. A. K. 
Prior, Seattle papers; Mrs. Marshall 
(Gorge Hotel), T. ft B. tolwicco; Mrs. 
D. R. ICerr, llluetated papers; Mrs. K. 
A MacLaurln, reading matter; Mrs. 
Fritz, clothing and cigars; Miss Short, 
reading matter; Mies Hannington, 
books: Mr. Crlddle, clothing and boots; 
Col. C. T. Dupont. turkey; Mr. .«?. Qreen- 
ialgh, Britis'u newspapers; Mr. Crogan, 
War Cries; Futlbrook-Bayers Stationery 
Co., magaxlncs; Illbben &. CO., newspa- 
pers and periodicals ; *Ir. N. Shake- 
sphere, readi|ig matter; Colbnist. dally 
paper, 2 ccu^eav The Week, The News, 
.,Th« WaakrWiid. OtorlMto* •aimoa Mott- 

tolerates the sweating; systei 

freedom of contiact" Who- 
to blame It is not the victir 

ao^inte uam .#)em uvj* a bolt ttptK 
blue -aip^jltfilatinir ^eto Utea. t% 
evil of 'i>«i»rjl|r hM imkfff W 
and ia soUisi^ •ttr.iib^1||te to 

yhaiaitUk, B.C. 

Ji. T. BBASyib 

, wotaottoA fai(^ JMifV^ 



> lit memory' of one nd^l^^i^ imim aa^j 
vice, and whoaa 4«afeh should make us 
one t^o^i all I(4mM»> to make thlnga 

be ti wf ri H r' iii H l Mvtag. .^''".iiij"'\" i- ' 

"FWadtilW Bins the chlWreh die. 
With Justice sitting idly by; 
The guilty thrive, nor yet repent. 
While sorrow strikes the innocent — 

Wiiom shall we blame?" 
Have we, as citizens, fulfilled our 
duty by expressions of sympathy, a ver- 
dict of accidental death with a rider to 
the effect that the attention of the tele- 
phone company be called to the ;ieces- 
sity of keeping posted in a conspicuous 
jilaco, at the head of the stairs, a notice 
warning the public against danger? I 
did not know tho unfortunate lad, nor 
am 1, to my knowledge, acquainted with 
any of tlie messenger boys, but in the 
interest of the brave little felloe's no 
necessary, it seems, in the social service 
of the business world, who are always 
on the jump, and for the paltry pittance 
of 2 ',■4 cent.s per message, I cannot let 
this pass without a humble effort on 
my part in the liope thai .something 
more bo done. 

it may be well that notices be posted 
near : dangerous stairways, where men 
and women in the ordinary run of busi- 
ness will have time to look and read; 
but Wliat would one of little fel- 
lows liaVe- per day at 2^/6 cents per, after furnhshing, his own bi- 
cycle and keeping same in repairs, 'f 
he took time to read notices in hallways 
and other places? They haven't, time 
to read — get there. Wo talk of 
prosperity — the air ia full of It — not in 
cents, but in hundred.^, tliousands, and 
millions of dollars. Surely the tele- 
giaph companies can of ford to pay more, 
even if they have to ch.arge our pros- 
perous business men for the servic:-. If 
material interests are such that thhs 
cannot be done without additional pres- 
sure, will not the organized workers or 
the mothers of our city take the matter 
up? It seems to me one way of reduc- 
ing the evil of such a strenuous evil 
would be a regular monthly salary, 
where the boys would do a reasonable 
amount of work, and not ba forced, in 
order to make a decent wage, to go at 
breakneck speed, thus shattering their 
nerves, 'at a time when they should 
have the best growing conditions, pav- 
ing the way for stimulating bad habits, 
which we afterwards make efforts to 
suppress. We nee<l many men of 
steady nerve and poise: one means to- 
wards that end is to give the best con- 
ditions to our energetic and amblti9us 

1464 Pandora Avenue. 
Nov. 7, 1912. 

Ohnroh TaXei. 

Sir — If tho city council did what 
they had no authority to do 'by taxing 
property exempt under the "Municipal 
Clauses Act" and as there was no ajf- 
peal against such unjust taxation. 
therefore It must stand. The decision 
of the Court of Revision cannot over>- 
ride tho Act. Had the church party 
appealed it- would toe countenancing a 
right the city did not possess. 




The question of the Inconalabenoy 
of the naturalization laws of (panada 
will not down, it has been the sub- 
ject of debate at two ImpefMll confer- 
ences and was again tha^ subject of 
conference between the Dominion min- 
isters and the British ^v«mment laat 
summer, but so Tur.nffri'riieiSy has been 
found. A remarkabW instance of the 
need for a change in this regard la 
given In the case of a Frenchman who 
had for some time been a resident Of 
the interior of British Columbia. He 
had taken out naturallKatlon- t^apera 
and went back to France on a visit with 
his wife, believing that, as a British 
subject in Canada, he woKild also be A 
British subject In France. But he found 
out his mistake, and is now a prisoner 
in France for, having evaded his mili- 
tary duty in his youth. If he bad taken 
out his papers as a cttlsen of the 
United States he would have been an 
American nitlzen in France as well a« 
in the United States; but becnuea ha 
took out his papers in Canada aa a. 
British subject his natiirsIir.atIon Is not 
recognised in France, though It would 
have been hud he been naturaliited In 
Great Britain. This is a state of af* 
faira which tannot long continue. fOf 
the taking out of naturalisation pikparv 
by aliAn< arrivals in Canada will; be d^a* 
couraged, for of what baa l« natani|<* 





te»tu»_w it la •< M «viii m^ m, 

rrlday, Nov«mlMr 8, 1W1W 


Leather Is Still Going Up 


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keep the prices down. We 
have the most complete 
line of 


In the city. Skating Boots 
in great variety. 

Tube and 
Auto Skates 

just received.^ C 



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HAVLi FAL-Ltl\l 

Esquimalt Education Board 
Faced With Problem of 
Finding Extra Accommoda- 
tion for Increased Attendance 

'TAxt.i "■1-tf-*..-^. 


a ^gf j ^cl j^itchcn ware 

For Hot^ iin^ RditailViifliti w 

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Montelius Piano House, Limited 

1 104 Government Street 
Factory Distributors for B. C. and the Yukon 


MONTRKAU Que., Nov. 7,— Twelve 
tmm»tnt1iB» were severely injured to- 
dfty #1t«li a einirle truok handbrake 
triM o{ street car ellpped down the 
itfp traM of St. Lawreitce ^boulevard 
AM MmmNI tvte AftalHer dar iUii4la« 
Mtti^ HM fMt M UM bUl. in* pttiK 

lie utiUtlea board receotljr ordered the 
itreet railway to replace all these cars 
at the rate ot fifty a rear, l^ut It will 
require eight years before all of them 
Bow In use disappear. 

Messrs. J. MeOill and pko. Hlei, of 
Toronto, aro cuwto at the jBmpress. ^ 

As suRg-sted some Uttle tliiu: hco, 
thf tjnn' haa arilvM for an extonaiim 
<if tilt public scliL>oI lacilltl'-.s in tho K.s- 
quliiiall niutilcipality. Tliis I'uct wun 
roroynlzfd by the board ut a recent 
nuftlnt; und a sum of money was uo- 
LordinKly set aside in the estimates I'or 
building purposes. 

.lust what plan will be adopted for th.- 
inc-roaHhiK of tlio school accoi^iniudatlon 
has not imnsplred. but vvhotht-r U take;/ 
the form of an entlrtfly, new school :n 
atotlui part of thf munkipallty oi an 
cxten&lon of the presont si hool on 
Lnmpson street, lt>-ifi,^i">-^<^''l thai jio 
time can be spare4^i^||i|MinK into fic- 
tion on the matter/ ^^^^ 

When the board mot It 

fffpilUf^ tliir the matter of pro- 

iBHr ^^ti.i .u i-ommodation was 

liCe the attendance 

;<ly out^ngiWQ ittK 

LONDON, Nov. 8. — Tho- corrc- 
spondi-nt of The l>ally .M lU s.uda 
the followinn from IsuchareBt. 

•'1 have jU3t arrived t'som Bolla 

.•J Ki-ouuiiii 'or i'-'llcv- 

in^ that Adrlanople lias fallen, but 

Dul^arla Is (,;onceallnK the fact 

i'.w ;io\ !;hould interviu.' 

!• : .■ tho eapiure of Contitanf.- 

•'Kxtraordlnary endeavors have 
been made since Monday to pre- 
vent news leakinu out, the cen- 
mir.shlp beinK extend(^d Id letters. 

"f undf^rstand that the whole 
garrison surrendered on Tuesday 
■.:iu oun'.lii'r.aily. Mi-anwiilir', with 
the utmost energy that they have, 
the Bulgarians are concentrating 
an oviTwhelmtng force with a 
view ti) the occupation of Con- 
stantinople, So that intervention 
by the [lowers will follow tlie ac- 
complishment of this fact." 


W the 

li^'^>ho vx- 

fottn part of the currlculnm of tho 
AMVed a resoIu« 

fl^^und that tin' 
'i)U\ with Ills 
subject, his resolution 
ptf*s!rtgr Witfaotit the silltihtCHt dli-sent. 

It was reported that tho t.hcltcr shed 
ant; concrete .sidewalks at the Lampson 
street school ire now nearinK completion. 


Conllnuei;! from X 'gge J. 

The rumor that Halonlca had been oc- 
cupied is not confirmed, but it is kiuiwn 
tlie town is hard pressed. 

Mu.ssulmen continue to arrive at the 
outskirts of the capital from practically 
the whole \country south of the Bul- 
garian advance. The scene outside the 
city walla of Adrianoplo is one of dire- 
ful dl.strcs.s. Men, women and children, 
carts and cattle Jiro huddled together. 
The authorities are trying to supply the 
Immediate wants of the refugee.?, and 
have decided to send them to .Asia 
Minor. Thous.inds have tramped the 
'Oiintry durln- the Inst ten days, and 
have suffered Intensely, They say that 
they feared the Invaders would burn the 
villa g-i'.x. 

Ambnasadorlal Oonferance 

The ambas.sador."! of t)'.c five powers 
had a meeting, thia morning at the 
Porte, and there met the Grand Vizier 
and the foreism minister. It Is under- 
stood that they discussed measures of 
public safety and the question of me- 
diation, but nothing is known of the 
decision reached. The Powers as yet 
have made no move with reference to 
mediation. ., 

The commander of the western Turk- 
ish army telegraphs that Zerovltch, 
which is on the southernmost loop of 
the Salonica, Monaatir rnilway, has 
been captured from the Greeks. He also 
report.s that a .Servian cavalry detach- 
ment with machine guns h;is been 
routed at Perlepo. 

Before Tchatalja 

LONDON, Nov. 7.— 'J'lie past ^1 hours 
has brought little nev.'s of Importance 
from the seat of war. The report that 
.Salonica ha.s been evacuated is prema- 
ture, and a similar report concerning 
-Monastir Is silU unconfirmed. 

There has been no authentic news of 
the nllsged defeat of the Turks before 

On the contrary, a Constantinople 
di.ipalch clalm.s there are no Bulgariii,U3 
before Tchatalja, and that both 
armies are rewting. The Turkish re- 
ports regarding the progress of the war, 
however, have been .so consi.stently mis- 
leading as to have little value. 

The present lull in the" news may 
mean that some important action Is 
progressing. In the meantime diplo- 
matic effortH to end the war are mak- 
ing no progres.s, and the European press 
Ih busy dlRcus.'^ing all the aspects of 
the settlement of the difficulties. 
Kv(i\ thing tends to show that the most 
irreconcilable antagonism will arise 
over the allocation .n' the Turkish ter- 
rltor\-. Sfervla clalm.'i a.s her share a 
large part of Albania, including the 
A<lriatln port.<< of Duia/zo. .Mle.ssio and 
San Giovanni di Medul. 

According to Servians a statement of 
the Paris Temps, says the allies desire 
the partition of European Turkey, leav- 
ing the fate of Constantinople to the de- 
cision of the powers. Another import- 
ant meeting occurred at Bucharest to- 
day between the Roumanian premier and 
the Russian and Austrian ministers. 

It is rumored that the powers will 
communicate to tho Balkan states Turk- 
ey's reqiiest for mediation. 

Abdullah Pasha, lately commanding 
the Eastern army, has arrived at Con- 
stantinople. The Vali of .Vdrlanople has 
sent a dispatch briefly outlining recent 
operations. Tho last sortie occurred 
yesterday with severe losse.x to Bul- 

Xrr«m«dt«bl« BaTaraaa 

The crushing, Irremediable Turkish 
reverses have had the statutory effect 
of easing the diplomatic situation be- 
tween the members of the conc-ii't of 

If the triumphs of the Balkans had 
been less decisive and if they had be- 
come In any sense depend- nt upon -rhe 
good will of the powers, the allies un- 
doubtedly would have been deprived of 
the fruU of their gallantry and sacrl- 

But aa It 14 the powers are setTeptiiiK 
the accomplished fact and Bulgaria's oc- 
cupation of Constantinople, the nare 
thought of which at the, outsat of the 
war was dstermUted Intolerable .*s now 
r«farda4 Mi botb lasvltablo and Just 

Knglainl's Intrust In pi>,vjntln,j (he 
Tujk fiom being driven in Josperx.Ion 

^m •&«rg|N»flr, b*fl«U« that might 
lead to 4 - |>ilWiW l li i | %M|Kay war and 
a MoliamtiMi4*n>^*«^mik ImdBBly Involv- 
ing iQdta. 

tbotr consumate mlU|Ji^ 'ii^aUtles as 

woU as the tremen(Xott¥ l^lantry with 

wHWI tMlr plana have been carried out, 

Jiave o9Qau«red not alone tbo Turl^s, 

ti rnatlonal omplk itlons, as C^ar Ferd- 
mand has declared that he wants a 
peace that will be lasting — which, In- 
deed, is essential to Balkan develop- 

The Daily News has received from 
ConstaTitinople a mess.-ige establitiliiUK 
the safety of Francis McCullaub, war 
correspondent, who was reported killed. 
The message gives no detajls concern- 
ing his whereabouts, but It'is prohabl > 
that he Was captured by Bulgarians as 
was reported in a message received in 
London some days ago. 

Sear O-uard Annlhilatad 

According to a special cable despatch 
received here last night another great 
victory has been well won by the Bul- 
garians, who have overtaken and unni- 
hllat-ed the rear guard of the 
army, wliich was fleeing to .safely be- 
hind the lines of the Tchatalja forta. 
Sofla reports that the Turkish losses in 
killed and wounded were double those 
in the foifr days" battle iK-ar Lule 
Burgas, which The Daily CV.ronicle'a 
correspondent estimated at 40,000. 

Later despatches from Constantinople 
.say the niosriues, schools and churches 
are unable to contain the s;r'.'Ht arni^,- 
of hungry fugitives, many of whom are 
starving and wandering about the 

The Turkish ambassador at Berlin 
telegraphs tliat Germany is willing to 
support Turkey's legitimate request for 
mediation. Kncouraged by this intima- 
tion Turkey today sent to the powers n 
precisely worded basis for peace, ask- 
ing the powers to safeguard iJtloman 
dignity. m 

The hope also is expressed that King 
Ferdinand wilT abstain from further 

-Mis.s M. LOdith Durham, in a si)<?clal 
despatch to Tho Daily Chronicle from 
I'odgorlt/a, dated Wednesday, indicates 
that the Montenegrins before Scutari 
are making little progress aganist the 
Turks. I>escrlblng the retreat of the 
-Montenegrins sJic say.s Turkish shells 
were bursting before and behind lier. 
She continues: 

■■The Montenegrins burned all tho 
houses of tho Turks as they retired, 
although they reached Grulnur, where 
the -Montenegrin forces were rallied, and 
sent as reinforcements to Scutari where 
all next day tho fighting was so violent 
th-ere was no time even to think of 

"Down below on our right, towards 
Vraja, a terrific fire was being maintain- 
ed and away on the left whence wo had 
come, shells could be .seen bursting in 
the Karl valley, the smoke from burned 
houses still being seen In the sky. 
Bombardment Continues . 

"While whiff.s of smoke rising away 
from the same spot told that the Mon- 
tenegrin shells were falling well within 
the fortifications of Tab«iro8lh, the at- 
tack on. Scutari was beinfc made from 
all sides. As there seemed no immed'- 
ate prospect of Scutari being re-captured 
I decided to return to Podgorltza, being 
influenced by tlie fact that I had not 
had my ck)the>s off for fifteen days, so 
on .Saturday I left the army and, riding 
•ill day .Sunday, reached Podgorltza to- 

Miss Durham then t^ells of many 
treacherous murders and outrages by 
Bashi Ba/.ouks who posed as .\lbanians 
and conclude.'! her stotement: 

"Intensely cold weather lia-s set in, 
and unless Scutari has fallen tl'.c war 
win end soon In this reslon. The Mon- 
tenegrins have suffered terribly. An 
Austro-Hungarlan peace mission to Scu- 
tari has failed. The Moslem nuartcrs 
at Scutari will he bombarded tomorrow. 
Montenegrins from the United States 
are beginning to arrive." 

The London newspapers this morning, 
discussing the question of intervention, 
hold that disposal of Alhanlnr forms the 
crux of the position. While It is jis- 
serted that Vienna insists that any at- 
tompt on i^ervla's pai"t to encroach on 
Albania will be regarded as a casus 
belli, the concensus of editorial opinion 
Is that the prospects arc neither 
worse nor better than they were and 
that after the Bulgarians have taken 
Constantinople a way will surely be 
foimd to adjust the allies' territorial de- 
mands in a manner satisfactory to the 
victors and avert hostilities between the 
great powers. ^ 

Bsonaons Wortalltr* 

Frank Oersrd Clemo, M.D., physician 
to the British embassr at Cons tan ttnopio 
and noted authority on diseases and api- 
dc^cs, In an article in The Iianoet. 
slated that the mortality of the war tn 
the Balkans will be ntade enoranoua, •• 
muob iff dtoeun a« toy flibttef . Th* »r^ 

rangemcnts for the sick aftd wounded 
on both Hides, he says, are exceedingly 
l!:!u!eqti;ite and all the help of the Red 
Cioss and Red Crescent organizatlans 
will be more Ihun needed. The auffer- 
i ings of non-combatants will be almost 
as great as those of the soldiers. 

The penniless refugees in Con.slantl- 
nople are only too certain to be ra\lshed 
h> .starvation and disease. Typhus and 
smallpox are to be the most feared and 
If cholera, of which there Is .seiious ilan- 
g<u-. Is added, the horrora will be enor- 
mously increased. 

XCarcli of Events 

ATHICNS, Nov. 7. -- Politically, 
events are marching a.s raiildly as 
the Wiled armies. Less than three 
weeks ago tho territorial iiUegrlly of 
the OttoiJian oniiiire was accepted as 
an axiom by all. IncUulln.S' the Balkan 
states. Now that doclrino ha.s been 
thrown overboard, and tho \ cry exist- 
ence of Turkey Is threatened. The 
Tujks may condnue ti> live in the 
Balkan peninsula, but the allied Bal- 
kan people are determined to i)revent 
them from again ruling there. 

.\. .significant feature of this evolu- 
tion Is a leading article in The Patrls, 
Iho offi( lal oigan of ihc Greclv go\ - 
iMiinicnt, w liii li (ommcntlsg on Mr. 
\i lands, hpeecli in London says. 

"If Kngland wishes permanent 
peace in tho Balkans, j»h(i must recon- 
(lle herself to the disappearance of tho 
Ottoman state. Peace Is poaalWe 
on the condition that the throne Z\ 
the Sultan be transferred to Asia Mln- 
^ffectlve guarantees given of 
liberty ot the Christiana 
will be concluded only 
.. _ , la wiped off the map 

' UNu'^ 'Kair.ol. another InfT^iyif 


Ladies' Outfitters 

End-of -the • Week 
Store News at 



III'* end of the w-eck is alvvay.'^ a busy time with us, and, 

in order that this week shall he no exception, we 

have selected an unusual arra}- of bargains from 

ever}- department in the house. I''verything- w^ offer is new 

stock, and of, good qualit\ . and np-lo-the-minute in style. 

h la.i 
.M intJlr' 

Z H 

The Trail of 


The prospect of tho Greek occupn- 
tion of .Sulonlkl has disintegrated the army defending the city. The 
fleeing soldiens are streaming in with- 
out arms, ragged and exhausted by 
fatigue, hunger and cold, .\mong the 
fugitives ai'e a number of officers. 
Some of these escaped, disguised as 
women, wearing tho Moliammedan 
veil. The soldiers are utterly cowed, 
nnd refused to rejoin their companies. 

Ten officers on Monday sought to 
Icavo! aboard a steamship for Coii- 
.Htantinoplc, but the ve.'^se! was stopi)ed 
by a gun fired from Fort Kerabournou, 
and tlie officer.? wcro taken prisoners 
by the authorities. Four were put to 
death with twenty soldiers for aban- 
doning their posts. The city is short 
of provisjons. The residents of the 
stibiirb.s are flocking panic-stricken, 
making the chaotic conditions worse. 

Tho mosques, schools and churche.s 
and all public buildings are packed 
with refugee."*. 

Numbers of wounded are also arriv- 
ing. The Turkish soldiers speak of 
the Greek artillery as the "sclan top," 
or the, devil's cannons. 

Newspapers alluding to Greek vic- 
tories have been suppressed. All the 
garrison retaining a somljlance of di.s- 
cipline is being consentrated at Top- 
sin to oppose the advance of the en- 
emy. In the meantime the Christian 
population is living in agony, In 
dread of possible massacres, and 
praying for the entry of the Greek 

Tho Patrls' correspondent add.*: that 

there has been a vast sale of blue and 

white woven stuffs, with whicli Greek 

flags are being hastih- iinpovorlslicd. 

Sarvlan Succaat 

BELGU.Vnv:;. Nov. 7. — Offlcifil reporta de- 
scribe tli« two days' heavy fighting vvlilrh 
preceded the surrender of PrlJlp. nvenly 
mllcn to the nortlieajt of MonasUr. The 
Servians outnumberod the Turku, l)ut owintf 
to the nature of the stround were unable to 
u»« their artillery. Thoy could brln{r only 
one moimteil battery Into action affalnal 
Itip \lgoroijB fire of the Turkish artlUcTy. 

Tlie Servians were not able to form up a 
flRhtlnp llnp HiKl were ordered to make big: 
saorifkes, taking one position nftei- anothi-r 
at th<! point of the bayonet. The Tiirlta 
held such a strong: position thai they should 
have been able lo annihilate the atormUiK 
parties. Only at the end 'if the second day 
did tho Servian infantry succeed In driving 
the enemy from tln-lr forllflcallons and 
liuttInK them to flight In Ihe direction of 
Monastir. The Servian wounded numbered 
inn II y more than the Turk.". 


Decision In Itawsult — In the legal ac- 
tion of Llneham vs. Roberts, decided by 
Mr. .lusttce Gregory a couple of days 
ago, hl3 lordship, while finding for the 
plaintiff, especially stated that there 
had been nothing fraudulent In Mr. Itob- 
orts' action. i 

Extending Premises — Through the 
agency of Mr. Arthur Coles, the Hlck- 
man-Tye Hardware Company yesterday 
completed the purchaHe of the property 
adjoining their present premises on 
Yates street. The purchase price was 
$35,000. The new property will give the 
company an extra thirty feet frontage 
and a depth of 120 feet. It is owing lo 
a rapidly increasing bu-'tlness, as is the 
case with Victoria's mercantile com- 
munity, that the illckman-Tye Company 
finds it necessary to provide more space. 

Bishop Maodonsld Keturas — Rlgiit 
Rerv. Bishop Macdonald returned to 
Victoria on Wednesday after spending 
the last month in the east. Ills lord- 
ship, who thoroughly enjoyed his holi- 
day, and who appears In exccllemv 
health, attended the meeting of arch- 
bishops held in Ottawa early in Oc- 
tober, which lasted two dayp. Thone 
present were the Archtiahops of Que- 
bec, Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, St. 
Boniface, Halifax, and Vnncouver, the 
other remaining archbishop, the Arch- 
bishop of Montreal, being represented 
by one of his suffragans. Bishop Km- 
ard, of Valleyfleld, as His Grace had 
left on his visit to tho west. Arch- 
bishop Begin of Quebec presided and 
various^ questions connected with rell- 
tfious and moral welfere of Canada Hi 
ceneral and the Romsn Catholic church 
In particular oceuplvd the attention of 
the dlstlnrulshed prelatea Afterwards 
hi* lordship went to visit his old 
heme at Cape Breton. N. S., where he 
stayed with his father whom he found 
enjoying cood health in spite ot Ms 
itlnety- three years. From there he 
wedfi* 4« Montreal, proeeetfihf h«nw 

Waists at Half Price 
And Less 

1 line ot Fancy PJlouses, in ninon.s, silks, cliiffons and 
fancy delaines, trimmed cream lace yol<e.< with fancy 
braids, finished with fancy crochet buttons. Some are long 
sleeves, others three-quarter and short, with high and low 
neck. Prices H»|^nplitHn $7.50 to $15. 
j6©^|i^P^. and ' 


able Underwear 

ifleld's TnshrinUablt' Underwear 
iiVerely tested in our laundry be- 
lore leaving the factory, and is tiosi 
lively guaranteed not to shrink. Also. 
having been subjected to our special 
purifying processes, terminating with 
;i washing in distilled water, Stan- 
field's Unshrinkable Underwear Is 
warranted .to be absolutely pure, clean 
and sanitary. Your dealer will return 
the purchase price on any Stanficld 
Un.-shrinkable I.Tndcrwear garment tliat 
Is returned lo him failing to riilfil this 
high standard. 

Stanfleld'.'i Limited, Truro. .V. . S. 

Thin stralghtforwurd, money-back gnar- 
anlee direct from the manufacturers to yon 
is your protection against disappolnimonl. 
ft removes all the uncertainty and chance 
of mere Irresponsible claims. As a means 
of securlnif the aatlBfacllon of true under- 
wear tiuiitly, you «lll find It will pay you 
wi'.l ••• always Insist on the genuine Slan- 
flekl's IJnshrlnkable Underwear. 

Wc have them in all sizes, 32 to 42, 
in fine silk and linen mixtures 
and ."Ilk and wool, of r\ very fine, 
close- woven texture. $1.85. $2.00 
and $2.25 values. I-Yiday and 
Saturday, per garment ^1.3."> 

Stanfield's Combinations, silk and 
wool. Friday and Saturday, $4.2.') 
values for 1^38.75 

Watson's Underwear 

.silk and.\\'ool Conil)lnations at, l-'ri- 
day and Saturday J^.S.T."* 

.■Ml Wool, finely wo^•en. Friday and 
Saturday, $2.50 and S?3.50 

Vests and Drawers, all wool, guar- 
anteed and unshrinkable. Frl- 
dav and Saturday, per garm'cnt, 
$1.75 to $4.00 

Fine, lightweight, all-wool, un- 
shrinkable, with short and no 
sleeves, at, Friday and Saturday. 
65c and •_ 85f 

Turnbul.l's celebrated quality, known 
aa "Cee Tee," unshrinkable. Per- 
fect satisfaction insured. In all- 
wool, finely woven, at, Friday and '^ 
Saturday ^2.35 

In silk and wool mixtures at, l'>i- 
day and Saturday, $3.50 to ...f-t.OO 

Turnbull's Combinations, In all- 
wool mixtures, long sleeves and 
ankle length. Friday and Satur- 
day, $4.50 and sp."».00 

Silk and Wool, lon% sleeves and 
ankle length at, Frida.\' and Satur- 
day, $4.75 to SpS.r.O 

Chililrpn'-s — Watson's lines in fine all- 
wool and cotton mixtures, in vests, 
drawers .and combinations. All up 
to the Finch standard. Prices 
moderate. ^ 


Perrln'.s Gloves, fine glace kid, guar- 
anteed, two-dome fasteners Tans, 
champagne, navy, green, grey, 
black and white. Prlday and 
Saturday 91.54I 

In the Children's Dept. 

Special in Cliildren's Dresses in Pan- 
ama ololh, serge and cashmere, in 
.sizes 6 to 14 years. These drcs.scE 
come in various styles, some in 
one ijiecc, trimmed with self and 
.■(intra.:5ting materials, others In 
middy and sailor styles, with 
Hquare collar and tie, and only a 
few in shepherd's plaid, with 
patent leather belt attached. Very 
special price, Friday and Satur- 
day 9«>«Td 

.\lso Girls' School Dresses, made of 
plain, also striped, material, in 
navy, grey and tan. .Some trimmed 
with velvet and buttons, others 
with self material and scarlet. 
Special price, Friday and Satur- 
day f4.7r. 

Infants' White Bear Coats, ih sizes 
from 1) months to 3 years. Some 
quite plain and a few trimmed 
with braid and silk frogs. All 
are lined, and are splendid, warm 
garments for the cold weather, 
l-'rlday and Saturday price ..?2.1i5 

Ladies' Kimonas 

.\ new shipment of Ladies' Eider- 
ibiwn Kimonas just arrived, in a 
l.'irgo variety of stj'ies. All are 
splendid fitting garment??, well 
made and finely finished, in col- 
ors green, blue, red, old rose, tan, 
mauve and pink, also various col- 
ored .grounds with contrasting 
figures and trimmed .satin and 
cording. All are specially low priced 
iit. Friday and Saturday, $4.50, 
$6.00, $7.50 and |(1<>.0<> 


.V,¥fery fine model In L.a Diva Cor- 
■ .«Pts, m!),de of heavy double coutil, 
i-iist proof steeling and reinforced' 
front, six heavy hose supporters 
and made in medium and high 
bu,«t. A sjilendid corset for the 
average figure. It Is allgrhtly 
gored, though at the same time 
giving those perfect straight lines 
so mui'h desired now. Price, Fri- 
day and Saturday f3.00 

.-Vlso a special leader in Thompson s 
Glove-Fitting Corsets, made of 
fine foutil, high and low bust, 
with cxtremoly long hip, rust- 
proof s-tecling, trimmed lace and 
ribbon, and has 4 heavy hose sup- 
porters. Price. Friday and Satur- ^ 
day f 2.25 

Night Gowns 

Ladies' Flannelette Night Gowns, 
made high nec'i and long sleeves. 
Some tucked and trimmed with 
self material, and a few with em- 
broidery yokes and trimming. 
Si)pcial price, Friday and Satur- 
day W6^ 

.Also a few only. In blue flannelette, 
trimmed with blue and white em- 
broidery, well made and full slse. 
Regu.lar $2.00. Spe..-tal price, Fri- 
day and Saturday 91.35 

Cloak and Suit Department 

.Xow that the time has arrived "or 
dances, receptions and all social func- 
tl<ma, we are fully prepared to meet 
every demand for gowns for these oc- 
casions. We have Just received a 
shipment from Paris and leading 
houses of other European centres. 

While these gowns are the very lat- 
est in regard to style, the prices arc 
most moderate for such high-claas 

We will be |)leaspd to show them, 
and give most careful attention to lit- 

.V new shipment of coats ."ihow a 
tendency to the three-quarter leng'th, 
und some beautiful exainples are 
shown. A new shade of tan Is in a 
novell> cloth of wide svelt, has a cut- 
away front and is exceedingly smart 
In style. 

A black and white coat has the new 
button-over collar c-f black velvet, and 
is belted In the back, 

A coat suitable for motor u8e Is of 
blue blanket <iloth, with a reverse side 
of Gordon plaid. 
These coats range In price, Friday 

and Saturday, from $25 to 


Finch & Finch 

Ladies' Outfitting 
Yates Street Yat^s Street 

through the States, stopping at Bos- 
ton, New York, IMtLsburg, and other 

]C««quar»4« BoolRl — The membem 
of the Companions of the Forest. A. 
O. F., gave an enjoyable masquerade 
social last evening In the A. O. F. hall, 
about * huindred couples he^g preosnt. 
An excellent iupper was served during 
the evening. The committee in charge 
consisted of Mm, Whatman. Mrs. Wal- 
ton, Mrs. Weaving, Mrs. Chislett. Miss 
Chi«lett and MiM Bakar. Th« JudgM 
were Dr. A. B. MoMickinc, Mrs. Imt- 
ens and Mr. Mimte. an4 th« prlxea 
Were awarded to the following: Best 
drestied woman, Mrs. Ivan Oeorvc, 
"Folly"; best dressed man, Geo. Vast- 
las, "Winter"; national woman. Miss 
U MMtch. "ijutch WomoQ": tuttional 

man, C, Whatman, "l>utch Man"; com* 
leal woman. Miss M. Morton, ''^utch 
Cleanser"; comical man, Alex Home, 
"Big Mouth." Mrs. Delia Brown and 
Miss A. Windsor were muoti admlr«d 
in 18th century costumes. 

XMTOBtkti OaU incht— At a lar«el;f 
attended meeting of ihe concert com* 
mittee of the Devonian So^istj^ at th* 
board of trade rooms, W. J. Dart In tiM 
obair, nnal arrangements wv* m*4* 
for the gala night which Is t« 1>« hatd 
tn the Victoria theatre on Baturday 

Road Foreman Boflsley is busjr 4r«ln« 

lug out th* sloughs In Uw »ii#lb«r«- 
hond Ot Crat««tlaehf«>» %a fa«|ltttM» )h# 
oarryUig forward of on ptUimi 
MllldlnK prvimtmnw •*»! 








Friday, November 9, 1912 

220 Ft. on Esquimau Rd. 

Here's a Good Buy— 2^^ Acres on Esquimalt Road, with a 
frontage of 220 feet. Price $35,000. Good terms. 
Cash $9000 

An Acreage Snap 

14 Acres on Saanich Rd., all subdivided, plans accepted, and 
ui orchard. \'ery good terms on this, spread o\c!- twi'i 
years. Cash payment only 14. Price, per acre $2000 

33 Acres 

Here's a Buy that will sure bring great returns to the per 
son who buys NOW — 33 Acres within the 4-mile circ'e. 
Terms easy. Price, per acre $1400 


Corner GoY^jijjl^eweiM BiiTt»^|^t9ii..®treet» ; ^ ' -.'l^one t^pi. 


I I ii . iiii dj uii 







The ma'n who uses a good grease gets 
from hi.s engine or machinery 
More Work No Clogging 

More Efficiency No Trouble 

It pays to use good grease.s, and 
three of the best are: 


WE SELL THEM ^J'hi ^ ^i 



:3rj2 Wharf Street 

Phon; 15 



Carey Road, at junction with Glanford 
Ave. Good lot, 60 x 120, with comfort- 
able two-room cottage (furnished).' Good 
well, poultry house, etc. All clear. 


$250 cash, balance as rent 


lon^ 401. 

1206 Govrr:iiiient St. 


One Man's, Youth's 
or Boy's Suit / .-. 
A Trunk or Valise 

Arthur Holmes 

1314 Broad Street, Duck Block 

Business Men and Business Women 

Will appreciate the l?reakfast We Serve. Well Cooked 
and nicely served at 


619 Fort Street 


5-roomed modern and lot. 50x130, to a lane, on Graham 
Street, one minute from llilLside .Avenue. 

pricp: only $5000 

Which Can Be Handled with One-Third Cash 



Corner Johnson and Broad Streets Phone 727 









^/?e liUTCHARM 

VICTORIA, ^.c. • 





An ofOcUHr reco»n)M»<! adirertlattiK avcney offarlni «dTar- 
tlalng Mrvlae and mcrchandiilnr oounicl in all branches Lo- 
eal adverUalng fcrlttan. Placing done tTarywhere. Sooraa of 
roiuntMT taatlmonlAla as to reaulta. Chargei moderato. Wa 
ean hatp rou. 


Ifarehaaur Bank — C*n*dlMi Praaa Aaaoct»tlon, Torontot 
Mm «•■»■< MU, n« «r* tiHU mU. 




Frlaoa Bap«rt Aaalsca — Wednesday, 
November 20, has 'been fixed a8 the ilat(? 
for the opening of the court of assize 
111 the city of Prince Rupert. 

Sohoolhonaa Tandara — Tenders for the 
election of a 4-room brick scl.oolhou.-ie 
at Black Mouiituin. In the Okanasan 
district, are invited by the public work.s 
department, receivable up to noon of 
^^■f■(iMesday. tlie 27t)i Inat. 

zataiary Soclaty Offlcara — At the first 
meeting of the Victoria Literary Socl'^ty 
for the season of 1912-1913, the follovv- 
Injf ofllcers were elected for the year: 
President, Ven. Arctideacon Scrlven; llrat 
vice-president. Rev. J. H. S. Sweet; sec- 
ond vice-president, Mrs. R. B. McMIck- 
Ins; secretary-treiLsurer, Mlsa Fox. 

Private Ellis — Among the private bills 
whlcli will be submitted to the provin- 
cial legislature at Its next session It. 
to hi one confirming- and c-xtendlnK the 
powers of the Colonial Trust Co., Ltd., 
another for the incorporation of the city 
of Armstrong; one to ratify th& agree- 
ment entered into between the city of 
Vijti:",x and th« Sooke Hj^Jjor- Water 
Ci., ^nd on* to Xurther anU||||.^|jil' Van- 
couver Incorporation net. '"'^'^ 

Wew Brld8;e Comi>leted — The HOW con- 
crete ^^itfi^gtt0iif^ by the etty ov*r 
^9 rtiwHk--' mk'-V^ii Qavge road east of 
WMliftii(;ati street l« pmqitlcaUy oom- 
ptoted and In a short Ume irttl ba ftinr 
'6pen for traMc. f he structure, «HlM<^^^ 
126.000. will be a ere^% imj^iavmtmi, rs- 
flecUng great credit upoii'l6i I»Wn«. 
of the oky endiiecrr** department, witp 
prepared the plana atid siqiervls^ tiie 
execution of the -work. 

Mo 0«td Vavattjr M»M—H . bavinif 

l»«en reported that as a resuU of tbs 

L ICKOduB of Oreekj* and Buigartans to tbe 

^" "'fRMTK. ami' 'ttietr' 'fastoteajiHi.: vptm 

of their ar4d supply, i ColW^P ;^,,MP»(y5r.f 
made a/ totir^; lof ^lijSv^vi^rloaif Isjo^^ 
tcrday. Ue.tay^^j^^'^it there was anj^- 
run -upon soldraeP^dBle purpose men-*^ 
tioncd in other cities, there has been 
none In Victoria, all the banks having 
their usual supply of Canadian sold 

BiUldlnjr JPennlta—Bulldlng permits 
were issued yesterday by the building 
Inspector to Dellpa Snrdara Singh for a 
■awcUlng en Cojk .street to cost $1,800; to 
the Silver Spring Brewery Company. 
bottUnR- worka, Esquimau road; J500; to 
Mr. J, G. Davles. dwelling on Oxford 
street, $2,800; to Mr. James noneRan. 
dwelling on Heroward street, $1,600; to 
Mr. P. SlmmonB, dwelling on Proctor 
street, $1,700; to Mr H. E. Thompson, 
dwelling on Sixth street, $1,500; to the 
Western I^and Company, alterations to 
premises on Cormorant street. $1,800. 

Bouadaxy Chaagres— A very curious 
circumstance has presented itself in 
ctinnectlon with the proposal of a 
chanR* of boundaries for the projected 
new municipality of Pitt Meadows, 
rtsldcnts of which distrU-t some months 
ago decided to apply for incorporation 
b,v Ictteis rinfprit v.imG-rous protests 
egainst ti). hangea In' bo'in- 

xlary Ijiu-. ii.tvi.- iju.jny^ the past fort- 
night reached the hands of the provin- 
cial aecretary—but strange to say, the 
original petition for Incorporation has 
fot yot made It.s .-\ppcarance. 

Parents Are Caroleaa— An outbreak of 
scarlet fever in tfie district m the north- 
ea.s{ sectlort of the city and more par- 
ticularly In the adjoining Section just 
outside the city limits has been worry- 
ing the school authorities lately, at least 
twenty cases having been reported to 
the medical health officer, Dr. O. A. B. 
HaU. Investigation allowed that in sev- 
eral cases chlldrfn were being permitted 
to attend the Spring- nidfje school by 
parents when the disease was In Its 
most contagious form. In the case of 
five families no doctor had been called. 
Dr. Hall stated, that generally speaking. 
the health of the city Is remarkably 

Royal Milk Beport — The royal com- 
mission on milk supply and dairy sani- 
tation and conditions generally, which 
has during some months past been con- 
ducting Its Investigations In all partr, 
of thy province, is expected to complet-i 
Its labors at Vancouver during the 
present week, and to report to Hon. Dr 
Young In the nefl.r future. ThU com- 
n:i(.aj'-ii l» constituted of Dr. A P. Proc- 
tor, f;f Vancouver (rf>placlng Dr. C. J. 
l-'dt.a.T 'n consequence of the enforoed 
abi-incc from the province, through 111- 
nisj. cf that gentleman). Dr. Knlijht, 
the cMef veterinary officer of tl.« d.;- 
partni.Mc of agriculture, .ind .Mr. ! . J. 
Coulthard of New Westminster. 

Completing Paving Work— Within t^ie 
nnxi w.ek or two the last of the pavin,?- 
^rirk of the yesLr will be finished and, 
if weather conditions become worse the 
operatlon.s will cease before that time. 
Today or tomorrow will qee the comple- 
tion of the asphalt paving work being 
don..' by the Canadian Minora! Hnbber 
Company in the Cralgdarroch aubdlvl- 
Hlon. The grading operations are being 
proceeded with on the Gorge road but 
wet weather conditions arc had It l.s 
doubtful if the concrete base can be 
laid, rsvcry effort will be made to push 
this work to a completion as conditlonn 
on that thorou/fhfare when the wel. 
weather sets in in earnest will become 
extremely bad unless some improvement 
can he made. 

Bjrg'-X.aytnj Oonteat — Figures for an 
egg-laying contest at Roseworthy poul- 
try station. South Australia, conducted 
in 1911-12, are given in the latest bulle- 
tin of the Dominion department of agri- 
culture. There were IZC. pens of pIx 
birds marked and they produced 133,093 
eggs, or an average of 176.04 per hen. 
The best pen averaged 264.83 per hen, 
and its total of ir.89 eggs constitutes a 
record. The birds wpre White Leghorns. 
In another competition at Kybybollte the 
winning pen laid 1464 eggs, or .xn aver- 
age per hen of 244 eggs. It will thus 
be seen that breeding for good egg-lay- 
ing strains has made great strides In 
Australia, as It is not long since thHr 
best average per bird was In the neigh- 
borhood of 130. Conditions there are 
almost ideal for poultry owing to the 
absence of low temperatures. The Can- 
adian record at present la held by th» 
performance of a pen of Barred Ply- 
mouth Rocks at the Ontario Agricultural 
CoUe»e with an average of 26> per bird, 
which, taking the climatic condltlonsr 
Into consideration, Mr, Terry esUmatea 
as mors than a^uaOUnc tb« jjuistrtftan 
bsst. ^'^ 

Used Bad Iiasmare — Donald McDon- 
ald, was charged in the city police 
court with the use of bad language, 
when in Blanchard street. He was 
fined $10. 

■■ a. BeoepUcn Postponed — The recep- 
tion to Uev. D/. Cameron in the Taber- 
nacle Baptist church is postponed until 
further notice, on account of the Sun- 
day school convention. 

Ohargss Withdrawn — Cross cliargcs 
of breach of the motor by-law by speed- 
ing on Vancouver street preferred 
ugalnat each other by James LkUlell and 
James Camiibell were withdrawn In the 
city police court yesterday. The charges 
were the outcome of a, collision on the 
niOrnlng of Thanksgiving Day. 

Assault Case Beinanded — George C.ra- 
lium, ul' u.s.suiil tintr H. (Joldbcrg 
at the Prince George bur, was again re- 
manded In the city police court yestur- 
day. The case was put over to await un- 
til the complainant can appear In court, 
having been in the hospital since thu 

Confer With afember — The council of 
the board of trade will meet this fore- 
nQOfl..*t,^ 10,30 o'clock to confer with iOr. 
**aP^.'JP«irnar<J, M. P., upon the several 
tO}ne«' affecting the city's interest 
which it is desired lis shall bring before 
t)M notice of the Dominion »utttQrltles 
on his return to Ottawa. 

O'olat lEssttatw.Tn« lealslatlvs com- 
nittees of tit* iMar^ 9t trtu^s and tb« 
real esUts f^nitauic^ will Doid « e^n^ 
Uttmv An j»0^m(^ at tf^a 6m Mn»»4 
bo^y on Tn^fdaur B«xt t^ 4l««m^p tita$-f 
t*r* ot eo^ta«atta^l imj^ftnixo* to idM 
»«oii^s 0f Van««ltv«r tii*^ ganswaiy. 
and tUti residents «f VlcitorU partlcu- 
l»rty, _ — 

trio CompMjr #^1 soon add to it««aul^ 
m^t a Uirs^jiii^ |noj>c^ pt-op^Ui^ j.^* 

J Kra^.M^ttl i efff ' tliiyfliMf ; I 'tni^ 4to»-uiis- in 

■■***» yirt^|»<^^J(»(»tt«irtiM^ or "trolley 

line? re<ii«||||||i^ ni addition the 

lany ;*)^ti:ptace ,in- op«M»^^»vo 


^ ^^.Jlcally 
ton trucks 


propelled one nnH 
for general repair 

X^aboc Candidates — At the last meeting 
of the local Trades ami Labor Council 
the question of selecting candidates to 
run m the forthcoming municipal cam- 
paign was brought up and it was agre^jd 
to call a special meeting on Wedneeday 
to discuss the advisability of the step 
and In the event of deciding in favdr of 
so doing, to make arrangements for the 
.selection of suitable men. 

KefasoB Point Grey Grant — The pro- 
vincial government has decided that It 
cannot accede to the rlquest advanced 
in behalf of the municipality of Point 
Grey by Councillor A. M. Stewart, for 
a special grant of $25,000 (In addition 
to the arranged provincial contribution 
for such purposes) In consequence of 
the rapidly growing demand for school 
accommodation in the interested munl- 
clpalJty. Formal Intimations as to this 
decision was yesterday transmitted to 
the petitioners. 

Exchange IiuncUcon — Arrangements 
liavo been made by the Heal Estate Ex- 
change to hold a luncheon in the Bal- 
moral hotel on Wfdnesday when Mr. 
Ernest McGaffey, secretary of the Van- 
couver Island Development League, will 
deliver an address on tlie subject of Vic- 
toria real estate from a layman's 
point of view. Tickets for this luncheon 
can lie obtained from the secretary of 
the Exchange, or from members of the 
luncheon committee, Messrs. Monk, 
Rocjdfort, White, Wllmot and Power! 
Tlie charge is $1. 

Nanalmo Davaloping— An interesting 
,coinincntary upon the Industrial de- 
velopment of N'analmo Is to be found In 
the fact just announced, that it Is the 
Intention of the E. & N. railway to 
have surveys made and plans drawn 
for tlie extension of the yards there. It 
tfl pointed out that the growth of com- 
mercial enterprise In the city and dis- 
trict has discovered the Inadequacy of 
tlie present facilities for handling the 
eamc, and the action of the company Is 
now being taken to relieve the situation, 
not temporarily, but permanently. 

Cenaorljig the Movays — During the 
next of tlie provincial legisla- 
ture, opening early in January. It Is un- 
derstood that amendments will be 
.sought In the license law creating cer- 
tain efflcers vested with authority a.s 
Issuers of licenses wltli censorship juris- 
diction In the matter of moving picture 
films. A.<3lde from providing the ma- 
chinery of law In the license or munici- 
pal clauses act, the provincial authori- 
ties will have little to do in the matter, 
a-i moving picture shows are not con- 
Hilcuous In the unorganized districts 
and everywhere else throughout the 
province the various municipal authori- 
ties would exercise jurisdiction. 

Victoria Carnival Week— The execu- 
tive of the citli!en.s' I'ommlttee met y-os- 
terday afternotm In the board of trad.* 
rooms to discuss details concerning the 
carnival to be held in the city next 
August. One of the flrst things the 
committee did was to decide upon a 
.suitable name for tlio function. After 
considerable discussion It was agreed 
tliat "Vietorid Carnival Week" would 
best meet the requirements of the case. 
In the absenc* of Aid. Cuthbert the 
chair was taken by Mr. C. K Do Sails, 
vice president. Mayor Beckwlth was 
among those who attended the meeting. 
The only public business transacted, 
ai'art from the naming of the carnival,' 
was the appointment of Mr. C. A. Solly 
to represent the eommittee at the Pasa- 
dena rose tournament to be held 
January 1, 1913. 



victoria, ij. 



Moteorologlral offlfc. 
S p.m., Nov. 7th, liliz! 


A dtorm arfi. whieh ha* hc«n hovprlnr off 
\ tricouv«r l.lanrt Is ,HU«ln(r nouthcrly gale. 
» ong the eoa.t and high wind, in the 
HtrMti, and Sound. A d.!cld»d cold wave la 
aprondlny acuthoaatward from the Yukon 
Conildcrable unow him fallen In Cariboo and 
ilKht local fail* are repirt^d In the prairie 


VMttorla 43 

Vancouver 42 

Kamioopti jg 

Barkervllla .i 20 

Prince Rupert an 

Attin 11 

DaWaoB, T t ♦ balow 2 

Calgary, AJta n Ad 

Wlnnlp««, Man i« 4] 

.Portland, Ore 44 (4 

San FranelMo, cal t( ag 

_ _ ¥kuR8DAT, KOr. 7 

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Distinguished Author and Writ- 
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on Leading Topic at Cana- 
dian Club Luncheon 

A brilliant expo.sltlon of the piPs- 
(•ntl\' evolving lonceplion of Imperial- 
ism was glvt-n the members of tUe 
Victoria Canaillan Club yesterday In 
the Weslholme Grill, by Mr. U. Caatell 
Hopkins, dlstlntffulshed author and pa- 
triotic writer, on the occasion of a 
luncheon tendered lilm by the club. 
Mr. Hopkins proved himself not 
jr^y an accomplished speaker but a 
'"'"^accomplished thoughts. He fl*» 
subect Into- three phases, each 
„j_^..^^«r upon .the achievement of 

•ftSllili'-W-iWi hi8 mti ,.„ ^^ 

an «mplr« >xAi»tii''>^i^*'Wii^^^- .„, — , 
ment ^ut 4b tlwp /itel blliNiMte ot'<oiil- 
meroe »ftd Che {MraottMitijt^ of- 1% Vf^t' 

to M' :the <:il«bt.:|i|,«i||p^ 
the ''debt, ' which :;;'<%i|||p^.^^ 
BrltAln. In th«'t . «^||j|mG|loi|k ■ .he' said : .' 


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orwiir BHmp. y t an^tia jtpaak |i^$ii«- 

daep '«(i^victfQk 'W«.«(ii««,iM!M[ir»ie<l»|Bl\0 
h«r which 'i 'am mfi^' "W^ '-«iJb:>.mli-'''ii' 
;< l!yy <" ' moat! ■«/ pvm ' '"goft«flgM. i i |r ' '"g»g 

tradition and history built upon srreat 
deeds, great Ideals, and the achieve- 
ment of magnificent n|ien. We owe her 
also a great literature, and In 
fact every thlnir that igoes to the ntak- 
ingr of a great people. And since we 
have received all that we do not have 
to work It out for ourselves, it all 
effme to us a.<< a natural Inheritance or 
as a birthright, so mu<;h so that we 
seldom stop to think about It. But 
nevertheless it came,l^q us jfrom the old 
motherland. ''-'"'' 1 

"Xot only h.>s"Blie ffTPI^Tr'us her tra- 
ditions and history; she has given us 
Institutions. and such Institutions. 
I'lrsi nmong them is the monarchy. 
All T7nder One Tlag-. 

"Other nations have lo clioosc be- 
tween extreme despotism or semi-des- 
potism of a monarchical system .such 
as they have in Germany, and extreme 
democracy, which so often ends In the 
extremest demagogy, such as we have 
in countries that need not be men- 
tioned. We have been given this sys- 
tem of things which is altogether Aloof 
nnd apart from any political policy or 
coiiteiitious question. 

"It stands as the visible and ob- 
\ iouB embodiment of the spirit of 
Great Britain, not only )n Canada hut 
througliout the empire, for all the peo- 
ple who live under the flag. It is 
-something which governments and peo- 
I'les of other countries in their heart 
of hearts envy. 

"I sometimes think It must make 
them wish to He«.ven that Providence 
had endowed them with the same Insti- 
tutions. That, gentlemen, is one of 
the prime points of imperialism. You 
could not have the British empire for 
one week without a Klngr who stood 
for the whole of It, for 'no party or 
political faction, but for the whole em- 
jilrp tlmt eiii'ircles the world. 

What Britain Has Spent Hera. 

"I want to tell you .something which 
in my knowledge we owe to Groat 
Britain, and which the masses do not 
realize at all. 

"I had occasion some years ago to 
try and work out what the acquisition 
of Canada had cost the Bflliah tax- 
PHycr. T found that the wars, in- so 
far a.s they reUited to the conriucst of 
Cnn;)da cost the British taxpayer five 
liundred million dollars; I found thai, 
eliminating these wars. and tHkiiig 
simply the maintenance of peacfr In 
C'anad.i during the nineteentli (!entury. 
which meens the building of fortifica- 
tions at different points, the creation 
of canals In eastern Canada, and the 
upkeep of the fleet in the Atlantic and 
Pacific — which, of course, would have 
heen maintained but for the fact of 
Canada being so connected with Great 
Britain — cost the Britlsli taxpayer an- 
other^.|l.Ve hundred million dollars; 1 
found that the placing of reliiglous life 
In this country, through the establl.«ih- 
ment of Christianity, missionary ef- 
fort and contributions. cost another 
hundred million; and T found that the 
giving of presents to the Indians dur- 
ing tlie first fifty years in order to pre- 
serve peace for tlie early setller.s of 
the country, cost at least twenty mil- 
lions more; nofi so on. 

"I found that the total expenditure 
by Great Britain, borne almost entirely 
hy the BrltflTh taxp.ayer. In the acqui- 
sition and development of Canada, cost 
her thirteen million dollars. 

Aapacta of Impariaiiam. 

"These are fact.s which few Cana- 
dians realize. And what does It all 
mean? It means that If the vast ex- 
penditure of money was made for n 
country and a people which was to re- 
m«in British then it was a magnifi- 
cent Investment, if not made originally 
as an Investment. Tf, on the other 
liand, this tMJuntry should In time de- 
sire or decide to repudiate Its allegi- 
ance to the British crown — which I am 
sure will never be the case— then It 
would be BO much money thrown Into 
the sea. That covers two points of 
the aspect of Imperialism which I de- 
sire to pre sent you this afternoon, 
the flrat. that which wt- owe to Great 
Britain for our traditions and our In- 
stitutions'; and the second, that which 
We nwe her for the tremendous ex- 
penditure of money made on hehalf of 
our development. 

"There la another element In the 
modern tmperlaliam which must not be 
9Vi|leok««; tbiil U Uia eoMtra«Ur« 

element. Imr«rlalism, I take It, is 
nothing If it do«» not in the first place 
issue from true ^splratlona and senti- 
ment developed out of Inherited condl- 
tlons. in the second place It is the 
reprcBenlatlon in the hearts and minds 
of people In all parts of the empire 
that can be and will be an Imperial 
unity, forming the British empire and 
living under thu British flag, 
Za OonatructlTa Slamant. 

"But in order that this condition of 
things may be brought about imperial- 
ism must be more than a aentlmenlal 
element. It must be a constructive 
element. And gentlemen, the basis is 
here. We have the greatest fabric in 
the world's history, whether military, 
naval, nation«l or political. That fa- 
bric has been built up through history. 
It Is the result of evolution and de- 
velopment. All we have to do i.s tu 
build upon that fabric and create out 
of It something better even tlum our 
unceators ever dreamed of, something 
greater than has ever been tliouglit 
ivosslble by any nation of the world. 
That constructive policy must follow 
certain lines. We are In one' phase of 
It today. 1 refer to the question of 
Imperial defence. The German .situa- 
tion is merely a repetition of the situa- ,, 
tlon, which axisted dMrln^ the begin- 
i^iiir of the ntneteMili|;,-4iM|ktury, but In 
ik&«ther totxaif WhMfk^'Niilwleon aaid he 
would conauet* B<urope by ,the f6rce «C 
mighty ami be proceeded to do 00. 
What the Oen^nan emtitre does Iji this. 
It does not cdniqiuer Kurope; it dOM 
not need to do so. All it has to do tt 
to maintatb . tho '^jirtreAtest artny lit iht' 
woirid. the ttmtmtt xntlttturjr maaime 
ever er*at«id. 'and say, t^ <U|>lomat|o 
lanyuaEe. 'if yen do not do w^t y e 

antee of peace that tho world hat ever 

Vot« of Thanks 

Hon. D. M. Ebeitii. apeaker of llie [iro- 
vlnclal house, inovvd the vole nr ihanlm I" 
Mr, Hopklna, In ilolng 10 ho lonKratulalfil 
the Uanadlun <'lub upon havliiK obiuliiPd 
him to apeak. and compilmi-nied tlie 
BpeakPi- upon his magnlfluent addrrax ami 
the unusual eloqunnce wltli which It hud 
been dnilvered. Ho explained that Mi-. 
Hopkins was an extremely old friend of his 
and wao. deBplle hia youth, one ot ihe first 
Canadians lo ennunolato' Iho policy ot Im- 
perial federation. Of all the lectures lie 
htad heard al the club lunctieons he thoujrht 
the one Ihey had Just Usieiied tu waa the 
beat, not merely In point ot Importance but 
also In point of Interest. 


Btaps Ukely to Bastock the Wapiti of 

Island Hngg*mt»A by Provincial 

Curator and &ama Warden 

want srou VlM tben yott ntast tike tb« 
con«^u«no<M/ And outside of OreA,t 
Britetn, OMR|ii«Ay todmy Controls «»•: 
ropo. Vtmt 44 tb« irttQ»«t^' igmtte «t> 

b t i* d yrtoi * - it ^ yat t oi ^ rf t A w^ftuf*** 

dbtntnlitei Bu'iroife. .^ ' 

Does Not Blame Oermaoa 

"Now It la well known that we poaaeas 
everytbtQg that Germany naturally and In- 
evitably want*. I do not blame Germany 
for wanting what We have; It la right from 
her point of view, but what I want to 
impress upon you Ic that It It euua'Iv right 
of Great Britain and ItB i Us 

outpoats and protect u: ' it" 


"It Is not a question of military or naval 
strength conquering the earth. Tou never 
heard of Great Britain making a war with- 
out a good and Just motive. 

•'The nrltlsh navy has long been the 
greatest factor In the world for peace; and 
the only dangor of the war In the Balkans 
developing more, serious proportions Is that 
the naVy Is not what It was. There Is 
another way In which I. may put it to you. 
The permanent prosperity of Canada, Au«- 
Vralta and South Africa depends ui)on tho 
itnmunlly of the heart of the empire's 
commerce, which represents the financial 
gupremacy of the world; touch that tender, 
susceptible thing and what happens. The 
development of this western part of Canada 
would be shattered. The progress of the 
empire depends upon that tender thing 
called credit, and that In turn depends 
upon the supremacy of the navy and Its 
ability to protect the empire. It Is mi- 
necessary to say rnore.. . 

IniperlallNm's Mrst I*ha*« 
. "As I said, we are In the midst of the 
first phase of imperialism. , We are going 
to do our duty, wo are going to say with 
Australia and South Africa that tho main- 
tenance of the British Empire In a con- 
dition of absolute supremacy. Is the most 
vital interest which th<j nations comprising 
that empire and owing allegiance to tho 
throne have. 

"Whether big or little, any contribution 
given to that purpose Is given wisely and 
well. In the future constructive policy 
which must Inevitably follow upon that 
contribution we must look put for thlsi, that 
whatever we do In the biilldlng of fleets 
and the construction pC ships. In the devel- 
opment of. local navfti or military powers, 
shall be given and shall be done with u 
idue appreciation of out' responsibility to the 
centre of the empire and the vast Interests 
Involved in the maintenance ot that empire. 

"The second point , which I would niak<> 
I In reference to this constructive policy takes 
me back to the political attitude of tho 
' British public at the present time. A 
change In government must come before 
long, and I take It that that change of gov- 
ernment will Inevitably bring us face to 
face with another principle of Imperialism 
as I understand It. That Is tho creation of 
a tariff system developed out of and built 
upon what wc first had In Canada, the 
luererentlal tariff Idea. 

Fiscal (.'o-opera'lon 

"Out of that prefjTcntlnl tariff Idea has 
already grown the British preference In 
.south Africa. .\u«trall«, New Zeuland, and 
I think, Jamaica. Out of the negotiations 
connected with the establishment of that 
Idea Is going to como some kind 01 fiscal 
unity or fiscal co-operation which will Im- 
mensely develop the Imperial trade of our 
peoples and establish upon a permanoiu 
basis the prosperity of the nations under 
the crown. I do not know what form li 
may take. I do not oven know how tar the 
manufjicturors of eastern Canada, would go 
In this respect. 

"Hui I ha\e not the slightest ddubt that 
Hililsh statesmen s'ttlng down with (."an- 
adtan slateamen with an honest rielermlna- 
llim to find some fair basis on whbh our 
mutual tariffs can be arranged so that 
what Is for the good of one will be for 
the gorid of all, that will not Interfere with 
llip manufHClurlng Interests of Canada and 
vet will ensure agricultural prosperity — I 
have not the slightest doubt that some 
solution of that question^ will be found. 
What else am statesmen for but to find 
8o:utlonB of these problems? 

"Thai brhiss me 10 the final construrllve 
point of my Idea of Imperialism, ami that 
Is the question of rei)rescntai|(in and con- 
trol. It mny be that we will merely de- 
velop our Imperial conference Into a peru)- 
anent council; It may be that we will de- 
velop the desired thing out of thu privy 
council, which is alrraily divided Inlii a 
nunitier of commltlee,^. 

Are .Many nnya 

"Tliere are many w.iyn In which the de- 
\Hlopment I'un take pinrp nnd all of them 
nro essy If wn onl.v desire It, nml oil of 
them Impossible If we do not deslm It. 1 
submit therefore, as In the best Interests of 
Ihe future of the empire, that When yon 
have a system of combination for defence, 
after you have got a system of combination 
for trade, you must have a system for the 
combination of the constitutional Interest* 
and represent St Ion of all Ihe countries In- 
volved. Those three things must Inevitably 
follow each other and 11 would be dlscradlt- 
Bble to us to sny that we were unable to 
dr\lse\the method or to find the solution of 
the problem. 

"The question ;■ the greatest 
h«fnre u* today. In It Is Involved the 
national lite of Canada, In It Is Involved 
what a peopl« like thoae of the Unltad 
States who have never had that outlook, 
would give a great deal to hava. In It ii 
Invnivsd the best Institutions of th« sattan 
and all that It beat lo tha Interiett of the 
aatioa, and ia It, l« tavolvad. th« treat vaar- 

That liic season of special prolcrlloii 
for the wapiti or elk of Vancouver 
Island should be continued for a 
further period of years, and that steps 
should be taken toward partially rc- 
stocklnt; the herds with young bulls, 
win probably be rebommended tn the 
aMr«M«^»|^ #11' ••result of a ^i^^||i^ 
p*'pfflifi|l'i*it«^«o™P>"^^«d by, **^' ™*'-"' ' 
e)i|'jij^V|lRode, eurator of 
MdMoin: >£'*• John Graha^. pbtitf ,jf|»aMt 
warden t^t the Island, and 'IIiMrNi^ 
Walker «sd. i>«g#rtt^d.^ 

These .»f* .tmy'* * iH M»| mmm-'tim* ■^nu^' 
Warn tbji wnsw. fht^-^^mdB land v^i' 
toim of AortlMva. jwA nariimfstwn Van-' 
eotrrer ^laBd» wiO^ twraua^y v«r« tbe 
habitat of l#rye Wpttt liardft, 'Miesa 
l^e atittdUsr dfmbUsbed tn niunbars, 
and .special maaawreii are now oecee- 

■tlAted If this splendid game asset la 
ifiJ be Wavad Itr^ia extermination. 
BlaQcbtlHlnft the eik for the J/^Oi, 
i(ras a cbitimon practte«>,4!lt bottt, 
ja-and^^^Endtans -up-- to-i 

a|ro»' and the killing of e^ery good butt 
that showed tfaiiii;. baa left the elk of 
the Island in^^^^siflf position. Tliero 
being few bulls to protect their fam- 
ilies, the calves have fallen victims in 
large numbers, to the wOlves and cou- 
gars, and Instead of Increasingr, the el It 
have during a decade past, been de- 
creaalng m numbera rapidly. 


Mr. H. X. MacMillan Is Kamed Among 

Other Provincial Appolutments 

Just Annoancad 

The following .provincial .appoint- 
ments are announced in the current 
Issue of The B. C .Gazette (official): 
.James B. Mathers, of West Vancouver, 
to be a Justice of the peace; W. A. 
Jowett. S.M., of Tete .latins Cache, to 
be a coroner for the province; G. A. 
HavUand and Kdwln B. Ross, of Van- 
couver, to be notaries public; II. G. 
Chlsholm, M.D.. to lie resident physi- 
cian at Fort Fraser; H. R. MacMillan. 
of Victoria, to be chief forester; Hon. 
William R. Ross. ft.C. to be acting at- 
torney-general during the absence from 
the province of Hon. W. J, Bowser, K.C. 


Rev. I. W. Wininm.son. prorinclal 
se'Cretary of the Sunday tjcliool Asso- 
ciation, has Just finished conducting a 
tour party, which held institutes in 
sixteen of the largest cities in the 
jirovince. starting October 18 and wind- 
ing Up at the .Sunday school conven- 
tion here. Many of the best spcaker.s 
at the convention were Included in, the 
party. A feature of the tour was the 
stereoptlcon lecture.s given by Rev. C. 
R. Fisher, of California .illustrating 
progress in Bible cliiss work. Mr. 
Williamson states that in the last five 
years as many ,xs I."), 000 men liave joined 
the Sunday schools in North America, 
making a total of three million men 
connected With the movement. 


Waltes — The funeral of the late Mr. 
.lame.s Waltes took place from the fam- 
ily residence, 1016 Fairfield road yes- 
terday at 2.IB o'clock, to the First Bap- 
tist ctiurch where service was held by 
Rev. .1. B. Wnrnlcker. There were many 
friends present and numerous hoautl- 
ful floral tributes. The burial was ut 
Ross Bay. 

Ferrabee — The death occurred yester- 
day afternoon at tho family residence, 
Admiral's road, K.squimall, of Mr. .lohn 
I-'. Farrahee, agcfi fi2 years. He was 
cliief draughtsman In tho city hall and 
had been In the civic employ for five 
years both under Mr. .lames B. Raymur 
and more recently under Mr. Rust. He 
was a noted rifle shot in the Old Cotin- 
try and had recently joined the Civilian 
Rifle Association of this city. He is 
survived by a wife and six children. The 
body has been removed to the B. 
C. Funeral parlors. The funeral ar- 
rangements will be announced later. 

Goodall — The funeral of the late Mary 
Ooodall took place ye.^itcrday afternoon 
from the family residence at t^olwood 
to the Anglican cliurch where Rev. H. 
B. Hadlow conducted service. There 
was a large attendance of friends, and 
mnny beatitlful floral tributes covered 
the coffin. The burial was in the 
church yard, the pallbearers being W. 
Brown. .\. Morter, G. Cash and G. 

I'almer — Deputy Chief of Police 
I'almer tecelvcd word Tuej^day of tlio 
death of Ills mother al Boston, F.nglanil. 
on October H. .'^he was 71 years oM. 
nnd is survived by another son In Vic- 
toria, Warrant Officer .lames PaJnier. 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


WAITRS -On Monday Kvening, Nov. 4, 1PI2. 
at his home. 1016 Pnlrfleld road. James 
Waltet. aged 4fl. 
Funeral notica later. 

CABS or nuurss 

We desire to thank our many friends 
for their kindneas and sympathy shown 
U« in OUT recent sad 'bereavement; also 
for the beautiful floral tributes. 

M. A. F1NLAY80N. 

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opioslta Victoria fheatre. Excel- 
lent Iniisiaei best aervlca; moderate 
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street, opposite postoffice. 



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Friday, Nov^mtMr S, 191» 


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Xnrrytar Cblldraa 

"Even chll ren are educated against 
time so aa to fit tlicni for examtna- 
ttoiis at a fixed age.'" 

ThlH sentence l« contained In an 
article In The Tpronto .News. If It 1« 
a true description nf the nystcm of 
education in Ontario, that province 
will not lonK liold the first place In 
t'anada. Unless children arc allowed 
to develop naturally, mentally, as well 
as physically, they will not grow up 
to he strong men ynd women. 'Plil!? 
matter is far more im.iiortnnl than 
many people are Inclined to belie\ e. 
<'onada is Ktralninp every nerve to de- 
\elop her rcijouices and Is dolnp somc- 
thlns . to conserve her natural wealth'. 
Kilt neither in mine nor forent, in 8rn 
or land. Is there such potential fom- 
a.s Is to be found in the srhooln which 
dot the country from the Pacific to tlie 
Ailatitic. If that is allowed to run to 
wd.ste In childhood, the result will he 

\\oaV manhi)(..i nil 'a.-himmi -i Tin- 

nadian.s v, ii(t;Uk*4t-:i^i^' 
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:'w^--jjfm^if^'':ta.m,. ,«t ; ma 
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1M TatM MrMt 
Ph«M MS 


4okaMa Mrwat 
rbM« MI 

one nf the audience, and seated near 
.Mr. Hardy, saw he was 111, and gave 
what asslatance he could. The sirlck- 
cn man was carried to the lobby, ami 
the i»ollee molur ijutrol waB aum- 

>'ew8 i/f his death was rommunl- 
cated by friends lu his wife, who wuh 
bcRlnnlng to worry at his failure to 
ret'.:rn home at his accuBtonieil hcnir 
The funeral ariangementa are in th'' 
hands of the Tailons' L^nlon, of whkh 
.Mr. Hard> was a member. 

B. P. C.-A. OB^«» or c-uMty. Phonj 
Inspector RuMScll. 1131 «ccretiry'« 

DhODe L,-lTSi. 

"Minns! 'Mums! Half price; Satur- 
day only. — Urown Bros.. 61 S View 
.•street. * 


The U'orlri'n lir.>,t Brmpdy 
( I ftns ~ 

|h.4;utn«ilstn, Eczfinn, Stomach and Kidney 
IblM, and all Rkin dlBeaaei". 

U«^ Solphtir tJMinMt avNMi tatt«r bMltJi. 

If you couWii 
eelebr»t«a tuKtWl 

'•'i •■ . 

vim, w^ •■•?:, 

r «D <I»rUiMd MUl tiMta ttkm 
Pur- 9H6 « d«y 

your sulpkur >»th •* hwK^ir 

««lt iKformeA a« the confederation 4« 
bate* ehowed. Ar» our scImAIs turning 
out men aupertor le tttowt ifUo carried 
0« me muitn«li«'«t CinUla tn the early 
^MtfW* — H ii w w»y — y'»jl>g e — gfa « ini» e» ■ 
today lutiitf th« vS«ot-ouH lnt«|l9d$« «r 
Sir J«Kft' Maedonald or li^AwaM MW^ff 
llnre we leaders that compare with 
'leorge Brown or Sir George Cartler? 
AVIll the children of our graded city 
.■-ciiooid develop the Intlepondenee of 
thought, the ability to Rrnsp and grapple 
with jrreat public queBtlonu, or arc- 
their minds being forced In early child- 
hood at the expense of strenRtb Vh 
inaturer years? 

If In Ontario, nr any other pan of 
Canada, the statement made by The 
.\>w.s Is true, no wealth of natural re- 
KourcoR can keep that province from 
fallint; behind, unless indeed, strangers 
cnme in nnci take the direction of Its 
affairs from the native born. 

ifrjiwrttn twtK- 

Wm Have m many (nqulriM in regard to 
•tmiMt ttw ttatQtub, t^At w« take thi* 
otttMHtttaty-lo'lafonM' ttte .^uWfle ao^ tn 

» SS?S C*fea'S?;r^^#^%S;i 

bulphur. It will not ■tMinithi\rtm' ^JLjOUt. 

l«»jit, iind oiiK rpquiraiT'te <b« tfcttft «a«tt«|- 

*te» Ih^a uhllc. , 

, 'TflPor Internal ua« lifqtlfd Sulphur can be 
taken on nusar, U , preferred, or use Uquld 
t^ulphur Kneniaa. as per dtrecttona for 
Blomach tr.nibleii. 

For sale at your rtruKBl«l 
Price 80c per bottle. . 
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Chace & JacKson 

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•614 Yat^ Stj .Viqtoxjaj alsp 127 blastings St. W., Vancouver 

Home Made? 
> One nccd.s only to look at the shop 
windows and watch the customers, to 
-see -that mothers are giving up the work 
that ten years ago was done at home. 
It Is not long since fabrics and trim- 
ming.'-, occupied the greater space. Now 
from the baby In arms to the belle of 
the ball or the mature lady, garments 
are sold ready-made. The baker, the 
confectioner, the grocer. all supply 
dishes for the table. It is not only the 
overworked woman who Is tempted to 
give up one by one the tasks which made 
up the routine of her mother's life. 
In niHn\- n homf \\Iif>r(.> It Is necdsssary 
to exercise the greatest economy, the 
.sewing machine lies idle, while the 
mother of little girls buys pretty frocks 
and natty coats from the shops with 
the Idea that she Is getting them 
cheaper than she can make them. Tiicre 
.Tre thousands of people In every city 
who think that It pays to buy bread 
re.Tdy-made. when the family is srtinll. 
Most women believe thnt ii i.-^ cheaper 
to send clothes to the laundry than to 
engage a washerwoman, and that much 
trouble Is spared. In the same wny, 
nKiny a family buys vegctnblcs which 
could have been ral.sed at home if it had 
been considered worth while. 

Ther^ la another aspect to this fiues- 
tion. Are the women who are gr.-idu- 
(illy nilowing tlie old home occupollonK 
to drop out of their hand.s, profiting by 
the exchange of work or the leisure 
they have gained? Th's lis a Very Im- 
portant conslderHtlon. The industry of 
I>ap| generations of women was but too 
apt to degencJate into drudgery. But 
it tende<l to the development of a typo 
of unselfish, resourceful women who 
were notable hou.'iekeepers. It is not 
tlm" yet for Canada to i^p.Tre from hei- 
homes the womcTi wiio knew how to 
plnn, contrive nnd execute.' 'Home-made' 
should not bo a term I'f r^-proach in n 
new country. '.Vot that efficiency in 
other respects should be s.icrlficed to 
skin in tlie various crafts that go to the 
making of a model housekeeper. A 
woman mu."! alwfly-» remember that she 
is a wife, a mother nnd ii friend, a« 
well »•> the maurtger of a home. M('np.\- 
Ib not the only tiling to he saved, even 
by n poor woinnn. But It is folly to 
.«'iut o\ir eyes to the tendency of Idle- 
rie.'ts and extravagance on the part of 
the women of today. The rnnld in- 
crease In wealth ha«i made it possible 
for many women on this continent tn 
ll\e without work. Tliat this has not 
alwn\-.'« tended in the neighboring re- 
public, in the direction of culture or 
refinement is but ton npparent. It 
would be well If Canaflian women woulil 
be warned In lime to avoid a course as 
foolisli as it is iu.|urlo'iK. To encourage, 
in every way lujssihle, the Industr.v 
which, anjong women as well as men. l.« 
not ohl.v the foundation of national 
wealth, but of man.v virtues fur more 
Irf-.nnrtaut than wealth. Is the part of 
wise women. 

Find Health 
m The 

BMn« In the natural mineral 
waters of Sol Duo Hot Sprlnes-a 
•poclflc for the cure of rheumallsni, 
liver, stomach, kidney, tilood and 
lu'.AnuK <:Usiir(ler.-<. Rofre:ilc at 
Sol Dm- Hot Spring' H'^lel 
'■Tile Cnrlshad <>f .^mrrira" 
A niaunlflt.. ruly Hppolnti'il liostelry 
wilh a modern ainalorUiiii In con- 

Steamer "Sol Due" leaves Evans. 
Colcmnn & Evans Df ck at 13 noon, 
Tuesdays and Saturdays for Port 
Angeles. Round trip tickets, Victoria 
to Sol Due. ?9.60. 

For ilcsi-rlpttvo llternture. address 
Dr. \\n%. Karle*, .Medlial Supt., Sol 
l>ue. WaBh. 

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Importers of Clilncsa and Japunes* 
Fdks of every descrlpilon. Call an. I 
»<■(! our stock biifore purcliasinc •Is-'- 

Quong Man Fung & Co. 

niB <;oTernment Street 


Mr. Ttaomaa Mardy, While XnloyiBf 

XoTlnff notnre Sliow, Baddenly 

■elMd With ratal XUneaa 


stricken with hemorrhajje of the 
brain while seated In the Majestic 
theatre, lotver Yates street, yesterday 
afternoon, Mr. Thornas Hardy, tailor, 
resldlnjr in Tllllcum road, died at the 
Royal Jubilee hospital shortly after 
bclna; taken there In the police motor 
patrol. Death resulted at 5 o'clock, 
within an hour of the time ot the 

Mr. H*rdy "wa# apparently In thn 
host of health when he entered the 
theatre, and was enjoyint the per- 
fonnaiic*, wfM>n, without warning, he 


More than One Hundred 
Leading Business and 
Professional Men Have 
Applied for Member- 

Tlie Benevolent r'rntp.tivc Hr- 
dei- of Klk.<» of the Jjoniinion of 
(.'onaiia have now over one hun- 
dred members enrolled, which !;r 
L''c result of untirins effort.^ on 
the Pi''t of Mr. J. S. Wood 
(.lake) and Ms staff of a.s- 
Ristant5. The date for in- 
.st.illlng the Victoria I,odge will 
bp announced later to lake plaic 
some time during this month. 
The Grand Lodge will be prc.=iciit 
in a body accompanied by a large 
number of members of the Vaii- 
couvcr Lodge, who are nnxiou.s 
to be prrsent nt the iniliatiou ul 
their Victoria Brothers." 

MCOB S. WOOD (4ake) 

The loeai tMfit«|iMrter» at* In (he 
■a«'«r»rd ■HiMlbf . ream Mft. Offlre 
he«»|iu **•••• ■> "f** *^ "■ (*'■■• *'^ " 

pjm, iMIj '*"** "''*"* tUVi. 


Phones 28 
88, 1761 


Taste "Royal' 




of satisfied "West End" cu.stomers. It's growin.g every 
(, and there arc three reason.s tor it— f(uality— value— 
<-ervice. It these appeal to you. come to the old-established 
"West End" Grocery. We want your orders and will treat 
vi>u .■!> it' wc did. 

(Jrifii I'ea^. J Una for -Se 

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SiiBur torn. •_• tins for -Se 

Toniatoes. lln 'Sc 

AnimragiiN Tipn. tin 2Re 

.\i>.paragn>, tall tins, tin 38e 

Fresh Lamb. Young Chickens. Eastern Oysters. 

White < lorer Butter, 3 lbs forfl.O" >••« Zealand Hutler, lb tOc 

Eaistern Kgg?), d«z'"n •'•''' 

= WEST-END' = 


Corner Government and Broughton 

The Lady's Car 

For Bhoppinff or the Theatre 

Xo cir in the world can 
compare in atyle, beauty of 
f!rii.>;b. (-asy^riding and silence, 
with tlie Slleni Waverly 

Koreign markets liave been 
.searched for rich upholster>, 
while a famous decorative ar- 
tist, a member of the Waverly 
.staff, ha.s evoked especial ele- 
gance of flnhsh and fitting. 

Hinton Electric Co., Ltd. 

gi I Government St. 

Phone 3343 


Increase your profits by adopting a monthly system of 
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Owing to the fact that we have two machines, one rtin by 
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The Newton Advertising Agency 

Suite 403, Times Building 

Phone 1915 

^e-T- .Mnnnimvviiijy. tJ^UM I JBWW I J[I^|S 



Uttiversktr School for Boys 

w.rtea. n. V. ttorvey., lif.A. HUHmoMr, t, -CL, B i W — |ifc ^ 
tern iMCtM .|«jp*lNmlMr it fair » « >wtt liM i ••gbr !• Vlb* 


iSUmJI^aiuSL ''a»»«t:uiJt.«j^|4Kgi|^vMit^ 


Friday, Nev«mb«r 8, 1912 



West-^ Soccer Teams Hope 
to Put Themselves Safe 
Tomorrow Afternoon — City 
League Games Set 


Thistles vs. 
Athletic park. 

J.B.A.A., Royal 
Referee, D. Dou- 


Esquimau -X 
Transfi.r !"!■ 

avy vs. S. O. £., 
M. Referee. \V. 



< oiufiat: vs. V.W.A.A., Mac- 
iuiley Point Referee, O. Hartley. 

J.B.A.A. vs. 
lA.i'on iilU, 

Beacon I^ti^^ 

Referee, E. R. ~ 

§P||B H. »R<h 



*' U the W* 

t&Mns win tlie^^wWfc*' tomorrbw they 

will Just al^ttt iNl^irtk^^^^t^ «hamplon- 
.s^ips In a!ftih(;':gii|ii^j^ the sen* 

lors, - at least. Intend to go after a 
speedy settlement of the struggle for 
first place is evidenced by the fact that 
they have signed CjTil Sedger, wlio 
a couple seasons ago was one ot the 
best forwards in the city. Sedger has 
just lately returned from the Yukon 
river, whero he has liocn mining. 
■ Senior Teama. 

J.B.A.A. — Goal, Lefevre; hacks, l^or- 
imer and Lawson; halves. Proctor. 
Morris and Matthews; forwards^ 
Breadner, .Stokes, McDonald, Pilklng- 
ton and AttivcJl. 

S.O.B. — Kerley, Hymers, Brown, Vin- 
cent, Wyliie, Maxwell, Douglas, H. 
Groonhalgh, S. Greenhalgh (capt.), 
Langton, Kerley. Reserves, Allerton, 
Gale, ■Breniiui and Martin. 
Second Slvialon. 

Wests — Goal, McArthur; backs, Ross 
and Stewart; halves. Stewart, Sedger 
and Davis; [forwards. Speak, Mulr, 
Youson. Ferris and Brown. Reserve, 

Y.M.C.A. — Goal, Hewitt; backs, Lynn 
and J. Main; halves, N. Harris, White- 
oak .and Bulmer; forwards, Jones, 
Stott, Hughes, W. Main and Erickson. 

The A.O.F. team will be selected 
from the following: Loveridge, Martin, 
Fisher, Creed, Dennis, Williams, Pynn, 
Howden, White, Davis, Stafford, Berry, 
Bishop, Jarvis and Itrum. 

Victoria Will Play li«der Pro- 
test — Sensational Develop- 
ments Expected at B. C. 
Union "Meeting 

That Dal Thoma.s, one of Victoria's 

.«iar ciuarter-backH. whom Vancouver 

l.'olares Is not *llslble to play In the 

MiKechnle serlae, will he withdrawn 

roni Saturday's «ume under protent Is 

ihe decision arrived at by officials of 

Lha Victoria Uugby union yesterday. 

Hut the actions of the Vanoouvor club,, 

which made Thomas' %vUhdrawal nccps- 

^ary, will not b« overlooked. A meet; n-; 

■ f the B. C. union will be held Saturday 

ilffht, at which some sensational i 

<r>pm(>nts are f ljifn tfm Htf^^Jt ia con- 

.Urrd probabt#Vi|^'#^ 

Gillette Safety Razors 

W^ have a 
c o ni p I e te 
line of the 
above, also a 
heavi] stock 
of Blades. 

E, G. Prior &Co., Ltd. Lty. 

Corner Government and Johnston Streets 


AT"* ^» 

ALGERINE RUGBY^QLUB ,, . , ,. .,,.,. 

Bbltii[r%ifteitain«i| by the Welsh pugby^rP'"''^''''^"^'^^'^'''*''"^'^'^'"^'"'" 

i'liutu by Ului iSUiuirtn 


Bowlngr Cltib Tnrag Down Offer to Have 

Begflna to do to VTlnnlpeg 


WINNIPEG, Man.. Nov. 7.— After re- 
ceiving a wire from the Regina club 
this morning as to the guarantee of 
?500 for Regina to come to Winnipeg 
for Saturday's game with ti>c Rowing 
Club, according to the president's rul- 
ing, a meeting of the Rowing Club 
executive was held and the o/fer was 
turned down. The club thinits that 
the rule drafted out by the league last 
August should be abided by. This 
will mean that the game will be 
•poned and likely that the oarsmen 
vill lose the championship of Western 
Canada by default.' 



That !• Only Amatenr Xoe Hockey Club 
Bo Ttix Heard From 

It looks as If the Y. M. C. A. clrib In 
going to l>M the leading ii[>lrlt In the forina- 
tlon or a city Ice hoclcey Icaguo this wli.ler 
ir the league la to b-j formed. The Y. M. 
C. A. hockey club ig now an established 
fact and a representative from It ycslerday 
Intcrvlpw.jd Jjenler Patrick with regard to 
elates for practice and the poslb!!lty of a 
league being orRanlzed. 

Patrick to'd the Y. M. C. A. man that 
he 'hpd heard nothlnR- about nn amateur 
league as yet, but aald there was nothhiK 
to pr«Vent Ihe Y. M. C. A. jreltlnp busy on 
the establishment ot one. He would col- 
laborate with them In an much as possible, 
as he thought that an amateur league on a 
sound working basis would be a very good 
thing for the sport, 

The Y. M. r .A. club will be managed by 
"Walter Smalll, one of the professional play- 
ers. Walter h'ls at his disposal twenty- 
;eoven players at the present time, so If any 
of them can play at all the club ought to 
be a fairly strong one, I'ractlcea will bo 
commenced very shortly. 

L»!ster Patrick, Hobby Row*. Walter 
Smalll and McAullffo. of the profosglonnl 
team, h'eia another good practice at th« 
rink last evenlnK. 



B07»l Tlotorl* T«oht«in«n WtU Be at 

VMMina-Vactflo Expositilon 

In roro« 

At a mpetlng of the Royal Victoria 
Yacht Club litst evening It was madR 
known thai Victoria will be represent'^d 
by a f1«tilla of wirhts and power boati nt 
the PanamA-FwofOc Internattonnl Kx- 
posltJon n» ^M^STrftnclBCd In 1915. It 
wilt ^fiot b« 4b1<> to itpd M delegate to 
the <k>|i»'«>ntion of ykelieHnMn t6 b« held 
In San TranclBco In a wmK or no. 

AttlMt nicirt** n>««tlng .tho yacl^fa- 
men ^<l(^!he contract jfor the crrectlr'tt Ot 
the nigik: ' <[l»«rlftra at Cadboro Ba**^ to 
Fulto|i^lKrM. and . Muule arrangrem^ntu 
to bcrMw a sum of money, necessary to 
romplete the building tm planned, i f, 

William Louffheed; one of the pio- 
BMra <of Vancouver oity, 1« daad. at ttaa 
kf Of HifM mor* «ad tw. 

Terminal City Rugby Club 
Straighten Out Their Troubles 
— Heb Gillespie Selected to 
Replace Dai Thomas 

A dispatch from Vancouver says that 
locally everything is patched up In Rugby 
circles there and that the strongest possible 
team will leave there this evening. That 
moans that there is no doubt ot the Mc- 
Kechnle cup game being played tomorrow 
and, as Victoria Is fielding a formidable 
aggregation despite the withdrawal ot 
Thomas, a great game Is looked for. The 
notoriety given the sport In the last day or 
BO has served a useful purpose In arousing 
an extraordinary amount of Interest In the 
match and In making the local side more 
keen for victory, if that Is possible. 

At a meeting of the selection committee 
of the Victoria Rugby Union yesterday, 
J. H. (Heb. 1 aillesple w.i» selected to re- 
place Dai Thomas. aillesple will play In- 
side left, next to Martin. The two Grants, 
P. M. and C. C, will be on the right wing. 

The welcome announcement was made 
yesterday that F. 11. B. Champain will be 
able to play. He strained a musclo in his 
leg and for a time It was feared that he 
would have to be left oft the team. Should 
ho not bo able to turn out after all. It Is 
likely that Angus Mclnnes will take his 
place, although nothing official has been 
given out In this connection. 

Another slight injury occurred to one of 
the local players Wednesday evening In 
.icrum practice at the J. B. A. A. Carstalrs 
was accidentally hit on the face and a 
nasty looking swelling raised on his cheek. 
It Is thought, however, that It will not 
affect h!s playing tomorrow. 

Two changes are announced In the line- 
up of the Vancouver team, Manley replacing 
Smith on the forward line, and Bell-Irving 
taking TDean's place In the back division. 

The game will Start promptly at three 
o'clock. The referee ha* not yet been de- 
cided upon as Vancoi:ver's selection, Heb 
Gillespie. Is playing for Victoria, 

The teams are: 

Victoria — Fullback. Ed Steele; three-quar- 
ters, D. M. Grant. C. C. Grant. Heb Gillespie 
and C. Martin; halves, J. Shires and F. H. 
n. Champain; forwards, R. Gillespie 
(Capt.), G. Heinekey, O. Carstalrs, II. Ed- 
wards, ,1. Ackland, R. Dcnnlston, J. Hous- 
ton and J. M. Simpson. Reserve forwards. 
A. W. Mllllgan, T. C. Reed and E. Mc- 

V,ancouvcr — Fullback, Bullen; three-quar- 
ters. Bell, Baker, McLorg, Uoll-Irvlng; half- 
backs. Cadrtcll, McRoherts; forwards. Gray, 
Leggntt, Manley, Thomas. McDlarmld. 
Spiers. Matthews, Hamilton. Reserve 

backs. Hogarth, Watklns, Orme. Reserve 
forwards, Sachs. Turner. 



noted Taohtamen Donor of Costly Oup 
to Ba Oompatad for In 'Wlnnipar 

WINNIPEG. Man., Nov. 7. — The 
world's greatest rowins trophy will be 
competed for In Wlnnlpcff next year. It 
will be an International trophy open to 
the world. The donor Is Sir Thomas 

The cup will cost $5,000 and will be 
the most costly trophy ever presented 
for aquatic sports. The only condition 
Imposed by Sir Thomnf is that if thn 
Winnipeg club loses it they will try to 
to win It back, so that. If an Australian 
crew comes here after it and wins it, 
^VInnipeg will in turn send a rrew to 
Australia after the cup. If they do not 
win they must keep after It until the 
cup Is broug:ht back here again. The 
cup will be presented for either a four 
or eight oared crew race. 

The Winnipeg cluh, with Sir Thrmas 
Lipton's representatives, will draw up 
conditions for the trophy and crews 
from all ovpr the world will certainly 
compete here for possession of the 
trophy, which promises to become one 
of the most famous sporting trophies In 
the world. Sir Thomas made It very 
plain that the ctip must bear the coat 
of arms of the City of Winnipeg. 



J*»W YORK, Nov. 7.— Frank Sharman. 
.of "Waahlhgton, led at the end of the 
flrat oUrtiJjB play In his «00 point match 
with Alfred Da, Ore. hollar of the 
W^f^ia'S potlrtt bllUard Utia, the acore 
standing: 200 to 129. Sherman jumped 
Into tba lead at the atart of the fame 
and wa« never headed. Sherman made 
a' high run of 29\ and l)e Ore 84. The 
mfctoh waa playad undar tha new "apan 
br««k" tvU «ad »1«r w«i varjr fMt I 

restored to good W 
, TlM oototoft U V>««ty wloea tiAipcaJL 
^mtawi^ ti>«* tba VancouT«^^%l^#^ 
dlltjti iJillniT Tttoznaa and its fnvliuiao 
4j|rMf;uIar methods on the part 
fkf llMr.lrMkWift eI«H> in Mourititf- players 
fLim^m aft «M«»t»etiie^ »MPect of the 

WiMii 1311 JwriJT 

>w«v«r Unit may 1H», tliar* «an 


It iw any f 

Pian'tb Grade Salaries Accord- 
ing to Rating — Northwest- 
ern League iVlagnates Want 
Lid Taken Off 


A star Vlct.orla Thrce-Quarter Back. 
Who, Owing- to a Protest by the Van- 
couver Club, Has Been "Withdrawn from 
the Victoria Rugby Fifteen Pending an 

Anxarloana Beat Cubans 

HAVANA. Cuba, Nov. 7. — The Phila- 
d«Slphla American team defeated the Ale- 
mendares, 8 to 5, here today. 

.41 HATi 


Coast and Canadian Champion 
Will Be Seen in Local Ring 
— Array of Talent for Next 

victoria wrestling enthusiasts will 
see the best amateur grrappler on the 
Pacific coast, or in Canada, at the 
next boxing and wrestling tournament 
here in the person of Al Hatch, a wel- 
terweight of the A'ancouver Athletic 
Club, who has been .secured to meet 
Middleton, of the J.B.A.A. It is hardly 
expecteti by who have seen 
Hatch [jcrform that Middleton will be 
returned a winner, but it expected that 
the local man will make the V. A. C. 
star hustle. 

-Middleton has .shown that he has 
ability, but he has never been given 
anything like a stiff try-out In a local 
ring, and It will be Interesting to sec 
just how good he is. 

The next boxing and wrestling tour- 
nament, being staged liy the J.B.A.A. 
promotf-rs is set for the Hth of this 
month and in addition to the above 
event Gil Martin, the (.'anudlau cham- 
pion middleweight boxer, of Vancou- 
ver; Art Fox, a V.A.C. featherweight; 
Huster O'Neill, a Seattle featherweight, 
and Duval, a Seattle lightweight, will 
likely be the opposltltm. The Vancou- 
ver contingent has been arranged with 
definitely, hut there may be a change 
In the Seattle squad. 

There Is no gainsaying the fact that 
with the above mentioned array of 
talent competing the tournament on 
the Hth will be about the best put on 
In the oity. The prices for the com. 
Ing tournament will range from J2 to 
50 cents. A substantlnl decrease from 
those charged at the last alTaii-. 



. with regard to the Vancouver RuKby 
Club's protest a«:alnsi the playing Dal 
Thomas, the Vlciorla club yesterday dis- 
patched the following query to the secre- 
tary of the Baglish Rugby fnlon; "Former 
Northern fnlon player reinstated as nn 
amateur In t?anad«. Is hp ellitlhle to piny 
in Canada?" 

An answer Is e;tpecled any time now. hut 
no matter what It I* the Victoria chih does 
not Intend to abandon the effort to get 
Thomas placed In good alandlcg by the 
B. C. union. It the answor Is In the 
afrirmatlve all well and good, but If in the 
necatlve. then the belief of local Ruirby 
man that tha B. C. union cannot Ue (aided 
l?y tlie atrict ruling of tha Bnglleh anion 
a* far aa professlonallara la concerned will 
be atrengthened. 

One of the questions that will be dis- 
cussed by the baseball magnates when 
tliey gather at the meeting of the Minor 
League Asoclatlon at Milwaukee nejct 
Tuesday is that of a salary limit. 

While It may not be possible for the 
baseball magnates to go farther than 
discussion in this connection at the 
meeting in Milwaukee it Is not impos- 
sible that before very long a plan, which 
Is on foot, to restrict all baseball leaguea 
to a salary limit, graded according to 
the rating of the league, may be 
adopted. The skeletonized proposition, 
which has as one of Its most earnest 
advocates Mrs. Helen Britton of the 8t. 
I.,ouls Cardinals, is that the major league 
.salary limit be set at $10.n00, class A A 
leagues a few thousand lower, and bo 
on down the line. 

As far as the Northwestirn League Is 
concerned, there Is no desire for a salary 
limit on tjie part of most of the owners. 
Bob Brown of the Vancouver Beavers, 
and Dugdale of the Seattle Giants, 
stated before they left for tlr6 Minor 
League meeting that they were Kreatly 
opposed to a move of this kind; in fact, 
they favored the lifting of the lid al- 

T. P. McConnell. one of the owners of 
the Victoria club, said yesterday that 
he concurred with Brown and Dugdale 
in this. He did not think there was any 
use laying down ^the law as to how far 
the clubs could go in the matter of sal- 
ary, as they were bound to get around 
it anj'way. 

For Instance, the salary limit In the 
Northwestern League la^3t season was 
?30no, and yet It Is well known that one 
or two of the clubs, at least, rinding 
that they couldn't keep under that and 
get the players they wanted, gave cer- 
tain players a bonus at the close of 
the se^ison in addition to their monthly 

Mr. McConnell believes that conditions 
In this league are such that It Is fast 
becomhiK Impos.slble to gather a p.-n- 
nant possibility and not pay more than 
$3000 a month "For Instance," he said, 
"a good man demands between $200 and 
$300. Some may play for as low as 
$180, but very few. Figure out what 
the amount would be for fifteen players 
at those prices." 

It reported that Tacoma wants the 
salary limit lowered to $2500, but the 
Tjgers are sure to encounter a Iii.sty op- 
position Tf they attempt any such dras- 
tic change. 

(Additional Paca le.) 

Bulbat Bulbat ISe per im, f7 par 
1.000.— Brawn Bro»., 611 Vl«w atraat • 



SIDE BET OF $2,000 

Hothlrar In -Way of Anothar Xaatlnff 

Between Hyland and Baylay 

Wow — Off to mnpart 

rALO..\RV. AJta.. Nov. 7.— Dick Hy- 
land today announced that ho Is ready 
to post $2,000 as a side hot, demmded 
by Hayley. and will jiost the same with 
The Calgary News- Telegram or 
Tommy Burns upon hearing from the 

Hay ley will meet llyland under the 
same clean break ",u the en 11 of the 
re.feree" rules, mnder which Bayley 
won the title from Allen at Bassano. 
As for the referee Burns will suit Hy- 
land, and ho is ready to stage the light 
during Christmas week or earlier. If 
Hayley ob.ferts to Hums. Hyland and 
Burns suggest Fred Lowes, of Calgary. 

Hylund today was matched to meet 
Maurlso Thomp.^on, of Butte, here the 
evening of November 29. Hylsnd also 
was offered a bouf with T^eo Kosslck, 
of Saskatoon, and will aocrpf if a 
stiltable da*,e can be set. 

The conditions atnted above are en- 
tirely accepts ble to Hayley. provided 
that it Is also understood that Hyland 
weigh in at 133 lbs. ring,'?lde. so that 
there does not seem to be anything in 
the way of the second meet1njr*of the 
two boya. 

Bayley Is leaving for PrInca Rupert 
tomorrow or the next day for hl.«i fight 
with Sammy Qooil. the Vancouv^ bov. 
on the 16th of the n\onth. 

Mr, Lome A. Campbell, M. V. P., U 
urging the rapair, at the earllect poa. 
albla oppprtunltr. Q( the Bad UountaJn 

Wu tiMC tKit ni4it«tiiic kiiAt tiw 9. e 

-iMigby union muat ba 8«n|i«n«4< by the 
»«les which gu«r(J aj^Maft titfefiltonal- 
|«n m the T^nm0t^1f^!iit^ ,.,, 

j A* which if p«ij^|p\'||iv|!l^'^re«ult'ln 
TWeIr being holsteft"^" «rtW 1**tard 
what is more serious, may cause sudden 
death of Rugby In British Columbia. 

"Different circumstances and condi- 
tions make It utterly Impracticable for 
us to stick to the strict letter of tlio 
rules regarding- profe«slonalIsm In the 
English union," said a prominent Kugby 
man yesterday. "We have committed 
Infractions of th« English code In this 
respect on innumerable occasions and 
yet no complaint was ever made be- 
cause it was realized that it was Impos- 
sible to do otherwise. If the game was 
to survive In this country. 

"This being the case, the situation In 
a nutshell," continued the speaker. "Is as? 
follows: If the B. C. union abides by the 
rulings of the English union In their 
strictest sense then all of us — both Vic- 
toria and Vancouver club members — are 
technically profe.<y.Mionals, but If. on the 
otner hand, a reasonable latitude is al- 
lowed In our rulings th« Vancouver 
union can make no protest against any 
Victoria players which will hold water." 
Draft Own Kulee 

At the meeting of the B. C. Rugby 
union Saturday night Victoria represen- 
tatives win demand that the union 
draft rules of Its own hearing directly 
on the all-important ouestlon which has 
arisen. "What constitutes a professional 
in this country?" Of cours? if this is 
done the B. C. union will still continue 
to recogni7.e the En.^rllsh tmion as the 
authority on the playing code, and tlie 
highest court of appeal against decis- 
ions rendered by the referee. 

Should the Vancouver union refuse to 
admit that Rugby in the province cannut 
flourish on the same Simon Pure sys- 
tem aa Is exacted in the English union 
certain official.^ of the local orgntilza- 
tion Intend to lay the facts of the mat- 
ter 'n detail before the Engll.Mh union. 
This would undoubtedly result In the 
latter body declaring that In their eyes 
all British Columbia and. In fact, all 
Pacific Coast players, ure professionals. 

While It Is g«'nerally felt that the 
Vancouver club ha.s shown an unsports- 
manlike spirit In taking the stand it 
has it nevertheless Is admitted by some 
that there may be an excuse for the pro- 
test against Thomas, owing to the gross 
infraction of the amat.eur ruling com- 
mitted by the latter. 

Thomaa Za Candid 

Thomas does not deny having played 
In the Xorthcrn Rugby union, which Is 
a professional organization. He played 
for Halifax, Salford. the Old Kingston 
Rovers and Ebb Vale, the dlshandon- 
ment of the l.ast mentlon.ed club. It In 
said, having something to do with his 
coming to this country. 

But since coming to Canada Thomas 
has been iuriven his card by the Amateur 
Athletic union. On the strength of this 
he was permitted to play on the Winni- 
peg Rugby cluh and, according to Vic- 
torians, no valid reason can be assigned 
for Its Insufficiency to give him a clean 
sheet with the British Columbia Rugby 
union. But, as has beeh said, there are 
those who believe that nn Investl^^atlon 
will do no harm. 

Oaaaa of Hard faallng 

The real cause of the hard feeling 
agaliist Vancouver can be laid to that 
club's aspersions of irregularity In the 
manner in wlilch Edwards and Watklns, 
of the Calgary club, came to Join the 
Victoria forces. ThP.'!<? are said to be 
absolutely unfounded and an- made to 
appear all the more unfair by a state- 
ment made yesterday by Rewards who 
said that he was prepared to swear that 
he. together with Watklns, was offered 
funds to send for his family from Cal- 
gary should be desire to locate In Van- 
couver. He add'ed th.iit he was prepared 
to name the man — a prominent Vancou- 
ver Rugby enthusiast — who made him 
the offer If necessary. 

Another charge against the Vancou- 
ver Rugby men \h that they carried 
along several mcmber.i of the Vancou- 
ver Welsh club last year wh«n the men 
were out of work. 

Tn view of these fact* it doea not seem 
possible for Vancouver to go any far- 
ther In their chargea, and the probabil- 
ity la that at the meeting tomorrow 
nUght the matter will be threah«<l out 
from start to flnl^sh and a satisfactory 
undcratanding arrived at 




Are you amongat those who are enjoy, 
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Dotal Strathcona. DougUa and Court- 
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ap«cl|l winter mtaa7 Amarloaa or 


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AU npMtt proaiptly »«MMta* 
to at mMmuam Jtamm. 


— ' 'his* 

^^'^ "^-^- 

...yf.'iy^...^. fi^'-^ 




Friday, November 8, 1918 

New Shipment of English Wilton 


Axminster Body Carpet and Rugs 

High Grade Wilton Fringed Rugs 

These Rugs are the production of the best mills in Europe, and they come to us 
you are furnishing your new home, it will interest you to see these Rugs. Some are 
of genuine Oriental Rugs that sell for a few iuiadcod ^oUars each. In a fine Wilton. 

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Size 6^ft. 9 in. X J it^^^^i^m . . 

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These v/iU 

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Size 6 it, git^K 9 it.-, ..... . . . .f 28.00 

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tQlorings. ' > 

W»rd'B Flan aood Ont 

Undoubti'tllj/ the beat thliisr fur sport 
In Victoria tliul could ImiijKii lu Ihci 
farniatluii of un atlilfttc ttasoclallcii 
aluriK the lines pronost-ii by tlu- Nurlli 
WurilH. Tlie J. u. A. A. Is the only 
clU'b In the city which iirovldes projMr 
facilities for the dtvelopnnMit of th.r 
aspiring: athlete. The V. W. A. A. 
dooK good work, but Is too fur out of 
'own to b«: of any use to uny but res?! 
dents of Victoria West. Another 

cluh. In a central locatlnn, would sup- 
ply thp tr.'.tlon unci tmlnliiK nccesaary 
to develop promlsfnK material In b1! 
tlie lines of athletics and would un- 
doubtedly bring Kond and lastlnfi re- 
Kulla. The project that the Wards will 
attempt to enKlneer deserves the 
tK^arty endor.satlon of «vt>ry man who 
1« at all interested In Victoria's atli- 
h tic prowess. 

and he fs 
rAte g(t>o4 

Talk of Cobb Betlring'|^^^tf;i, 

"^ " 3?>^*"^°'t ci«*' 'Will 

nils demands. Cobb 
If contract for 145,000 
^f«t to g«t »t At the 
_ ^, , ^_--pl«iyerB are belrt* paU 
«iniie Amw. cmy iM tnUtM ;io 411 th»t 
b« Mky, tor tti« reason that b« to npt 
only the «reateat 6t them alt but be 
la the beat attraction In the Rame to- 
day, and ia «»ne of the few players who 
hejp the jcate receipts regardless of ,, 
what hts team** position in the ttife^ 
may te. At yet tlMre tf bo contrtt* 
▼ersy over tbe eontraet bet«reen CoM* 
■nrt i th a P s ts a U rtttb ami. Iwfem. th a n 

tak'-n by that club 1h not against pro- I 
fesslo. nlisin uh allfgt-d. but asalnsl 
T'OBpll.le del\at on Saturday. 

VN'rltlng to The News-Advertiser a 
person who .sty Ion himself "An A ma- 
tt ur'" says: 

"Not content with playlnK a profes- 
sional llunby player In the per.'ion of 
Hal Thumas, ex-Welshman' and ex- ; 
Northern union player from the Ouchy ; 
of Lanciifhlie the name of ono Ed Steele I 
app:ira In Victoria's llnoup in the oner- ' 
OUK Tjopltlon of fullback. Hurely this 
Is not the Steele who ha.s bien on tlie 
payroll of \Vatt<l(M'H bunch of IjaMcball 
players masqui nuUiij,- under the name : 
of the Victoria Ba^i^ljuU Club, and who 1 
CHUfrht occasionally lor the said com- j 
mcrclal aKBresratlon last sumr.uT?" j 

The fact that tlio writer of the fore- i 
KOlnR takes an absolutely uncalled-for i 
slop at the local ba.-ieball club, an or- i 
gnnlzation whlcli Is n.i way Intereuted ' 
In tlu» HuKby tangle brands him ar, an 
Individual, who knock.s for the i)ure 
love of knocklns. 

Now to como down to a real dlannaeils 
of Steele's standlngr. the writer hn.s seen ■ 
every game played bj- tl)e Vktorlix ball 
club «* ,^^e and be never "^ 

Stecl^^H^ In one. Hob $1 

brother, signed to pitch for the BeeS ,^, 
latter part of last season, but Bd kMi' 
never been laaythlnt bat * attain jjmo 
amateur. ' 

Too Late to 

Ka-room lixIrlnK h'niiie — Full all the 
time; c'lu'.'vp r^ Ml : contrilDy locafd; 
furntiurc nil new. Thin la a money 
niaktr. UrltlBll ('anadla.n Home 
liulldora, L.t<l., 313 Sayward llulld- 
I DC- J'lii.-ne II' 30. 


The tblstlita aoooer team for tpmor. 
row Is as foUows: Ooal, OlUespla; 
backs. Sheriff and Mc»wan; halves, 
St^paift, Dickie and SmHh: forwarOa, 
I^WfP, Falconer, UctAughltn. Niven 
«aa Slnelatr. ReaervM. MoKInnoa. 
V*lif1»iH&' and Fst'teraon. " ,P'lay«w8 arto 

as tw ss l s d ta meet al thp gpyai AtHItmi 
PfUk at 8.80 o'clock instead of at Beaetun 
fl!m a> was p revtougly announi^d- 

For a few rta.i-» only — New. 6-room, 
1 Vi-«t')r«-y l<ung:u)ii\v, glooplnu porcli, 
strictly modern, InKlurHnif rurnin-r. 
tlroplaoo,' Imindry tul r, full con- 
crete liRscment, all biilll.-in effects, 
on Urffo^lot, t)0x)20, 214 Mocks 
fiT.m ObIc IJay on,- line; no mort- 
snireT Vrlcc »6,000; »1,S00 cosh, 
t)«' arrnnfted. nrltl.ih Can- 
adian Ilcnio Builder,'?, J<til., 313 
Sayward Building- I'lione lOBO. 

.'itolMMW, Aftentlonl-^Pnuble corner. 
'Otoe block tt^m.JHtUiiira. jT'orth, ono 
'Meek from -l^tsids cur line; fixe 

unsaM. inri^a »jMiii»: ?u« eash., 

tialaiiee tr U, II. U aiontiui. Brit---' 
Ish Canadian Home Builders, litd.. 
Sit Sayward Bntidt-js. Phone 10<0- 

Tales ttrcet. Improved boalnMK proR* 
erty rentlqa for itSOO per monOi; 
Property is close in and eSa be* 
I>6iiaht at a prioB that !• ri«;hi. 
Term* given. British Oanadlan 

Sayward Butldlns. Pbona IIM. 

James Bay 



The southwest corner of 
.Superior and I\fenzies St., 
opposite Parliament Square. 
Tliis pri)j)erly i.s 90x55, and 
is specially well situated for 
business and apartment 
] It is also the 
only corner at the junction 
of these streets on the mar- 
ket. It can be purchased 
at a very reasonabl&|(^d||^^ 
jj,|^.on very easy terms'^ ^*' 

rhave also a list of choice 
James Bay properties, in- 
^cltifUDg a numbi^r of resi- ^ 
dtnctB, eimI at absolutely -^ 
the lowest price# 4J^te4' 

Have ,..»^- ,p^': \ W§^^ 
that can be sub^tyi^iiMl zpd'*f 

r- l-Z-r.. 

over dbiiibfe the pfipe ,&h* 

^i zfr( 9^'jf t!'x g' W -. :ivi^ .Hi ^ :,. ■ . " .,. . 

Size 9V ft, X 10 ft. 6 ujk, ...;..... .,. . 



S iee 9 ft. X 12 ft . . ; ;.:;;;> ; .{;;) 

Size 10 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. . ; . : . . . .".< 


Heavy Pile English Axminster Car- 
pel, Border to Match, Sewn 
and Laid, $2.25 Per Yard 

A choice selection of new soft shades are 
to be found in this grade of carpet. Suitable 
for drawing room, living rooms, etc. A splen- 
did wearing quality. You will be delighted 
with new goods if you will only come 
and see them. Three-quarters wide, with 
borders to match. Price, sewn and laid, yard 

Fine English Wilton Body Carpet, 

Border to Match. Sewn and 

Laid, $2.25 Per Yard 

A splendid selection of these hew and popu- 
lar carpets are here fervour selection. AH 
the wanted combinations in green, brown, etc., 
in conventional and two-tone styles. Also 
Stair Carpet, three-quarters wide, to match. 
Price, sewn and laid, yard 



739 Yates Street 



ipajr not b^e, but the story is going 
the rofiada that Cobb has confided tn 
a friend that nnieaa b« sret* bis prtec 
he win quit the gam« aB(i g9 ^to 

That, of eourne, la ^11 b(Mib> to* C<*b 
will n«ver quit tb« game aa tpng «« 
he can star in it, and furthermore It 
is not likely that the Detroit club 
would start the season without hav- 
ln.g him In the itne-up. ' 


Vancouver Rug-by TTnlon Appear* la 

Sldiculoua lilg-ht In riiug- at 

Iiocal Ball Club 


i ii iA i i.. i tf i. 

tained. The terate^ ipi?* vf ly 

Depntfttlon Trom Ladysmltb and W&^ 
nalmo Come to Inquire About Scope - 
of Broyal Ziabor Oouuulaeion 

Not satlsned with having made itself 
ridiculous by charglnj,' that the Victoria 
Kugby union adopted methods not in ac- 
cordance with the ISnpUsh union rule 1 
to KCt Edwards and Watkhus formerly 
of CalKary— this chnrRe being mad-^ 
after an official of the Vancouver union 
failed In an effort to "buy" these men 
— the Vancouver club has continued its 
effort to disable the Victoria team by 
prote.-^tlng Ed Steele, who is playing 
fullback for Victoria. 

The protest Is apparently based on the 
word of nn oul.slder, who told the Van- 
couver RuKby ofilclals that Steele was a 
professional ball player. That the Van- 
couver club made no attempt to verify 
this statement, but simply -vt-ent ahead 
and disclaimed n^.-xlnst the playlnp of 
Kd i^teeie shows plainly that the stand 

A deputation of L,acly.«;mlth and 
Nanalmo residents, including r.\'ea.sra. 
Place and Williams. Geo. Pettlgrew, 
David Irvin and Joseph Ttty.U)r, yes- 
terday waited upon the acting pre- 
mier, Hon. Dr. Young, with the object 
of brintrlng to hl.s attention certain 
m.-'.tter.'s. In their opinion. Incident to 
the Inquiries of the forthcoming royal 
commission on the conditions of labor. 

It was made plain to the visitors, 
who seemingly had suffored from a 
mls-ripprehenslon In this regard, that 
the scope of the commission will be In 
no way limited to the Investigation of 
the causes operating to produce the 
present cessation of activities at the 
Extension and Cumberland collieries, 
but win be so broad as to embrace 
all grievances of labor, howsoever em- 
ployed, throughout liritlsh Columbia. 

ika' .liila -!Saaateb ;'r<>ad, ttadM"' «»' 
!i^^?';M»h Jtmte tJf cuUIvatlon. doap 
leanv: an ideal vegetable garden; 
$TSO per acre. Terms % cash, bal- 
ance ,1, 2 and 3 years. British 
Canadian Home HuUdcrs, Limited, 
i-uom 313, iiayward Buildings 
I'hoiie 1030. 

Kound InTcatnient — rurchase shares 
In British Canadian Homo Builders 
whilu you can at i'. 25 per share. 
In addition to profits from our 
liulldinft Oejmrtment, the R'sal Ea- 
tatu and Insurance I.)epartn;ient con- 
tribute to the dividends on Honie 
Builders' shares. Send for pros- 
pectus: It will Interest you. 


\o. Room 6, Moody 
'^ Block 
Corner Yates and Broad 


Six-room house In half-mile clrole, all 
modern conveniences, Including furnace. 
FKICB 55,500. 
i Apply Owner 

The "new provincial govemmjnt 
building at Grand Forks is now in oc- 
cupancy by Agent S. R. Almond and 
his staff. The old building has been 
turned over to Road Superintendent 
SpraKpet for the exclusive use of his 
staff hereafter. 

647 Jobnson Street 

Phone 745 




Real Bstate Department " ^ 
Members Victoria Heal Kstate 'ili- 


Agents, RPynl InBurance Company 

Third Floor. Suywnrd Bldg. 

Phono lOSO ' 

Ernest Kennedy. ManaKing IJIrector 

D. H. Bale 

Cor. Port and 
Stadacona Ave. .y 

TEz.z:FHOin: 1140 ' 

You Can Boat, Yon Can Bathe. You Can 

You Can Shoot— All Near Town 



Free House and Lot and First-Class Motor Car for Two of the Purchasers— Perhaps for You. Read This 

Suppose you had a nice, cosy, incxpcn.sivc hunoalow or cottage, situated in 
a district where you could enjoy to the fullest extent, the summer pleasures of 
boating, bathing, where you could llsh and .shoot in season with the knowledge 
that you would not likely return witliout a "bag," wouldn't you be interested? 
Supjiose you had such a bungalow or cottage in a perfectly delightful spot, fac- 
ing placid and beautiful waters, nestling among lovely fruit and shade trees, 
sheltered from the sharp winds and getting the most" out of the sunshine, 
wouldn't you think that an ideal summer residence for you and your family? 
And, suj)p()se, finally you could have such a spot at an absurdly easy price, and 
so close to the city that you could live there in sunnner and still attend to business 
in town, wouldn't you be inclined to look it u[) at once? 

"Summerland" fulfills all the above conditions and more. Fronting on the 
w^aters of the r:s(iuimalt Lagoon and sloping gently towards them, this magnifi- 
cent piece of proi)erty has long been admired as the Heatherbell Orchards. It is 
close to the city now, and when the government road is completed it will be still 
closer. Wc liave cut this fine j^roperty up into vari-sized lots, all ample for home 
purposes, and we arc selling them at a smart clip to business and professional 
men and others who want to have inexpensive, yet delightful summer places. 

Lots Range in Size From 60 x 200 
To Nearly a Whole Acre 

We are not saying much about the investment possibilities of this property. 
They speak for themselves. Suffice it to say that we are selling the property 
cheaper, IN LOTS than the neighboring property is bringing IN ACREAGE. 
1 here is no other waterfront in Victoria at our prices. 

A great many of the lots contain splendid fruit trees, and the rich, wejl- 
worked soil is j)rime for gardening or lawns. There are also some delightfulim- 
mense shade trees. Otherwise the lots are clean as a whistle. We are grading 
the main streets, and there will be a general landing at the foot of one of these, 
givmg every lot access to the Lagoon, with equal rights in the landing. 



Terms Are; 10% Deposit; 15% In 30 
Days; Balance 9, 18 and 27 Montte 




Mot ors Read y Whenever You Are. Make It Today 

Phon^ 1610 






Friday, November 8, 19l« 





Gorge Waterfront 

A Goro^c road waterfront, 150x56.3, 
for $1,450. Terms, $650 cash, balance 
in 6, iJ and J 8 months. It is an Inlet 
avenue corner. Water is piped through 
the street. This is exceptional. The 
owner has been entiled 1^ 
without notice, and mu<t naVe cash.^^He 
has placed i|.^09J^|lpw adjacent v«).lues. 
The prdperl^liiiJii^S(endid yifiw^l^iiia 
rapidly, grofiji^illtet!^^ .tslSM^' 


enbu"^^ * 



..■j(*"..V---?'* ■■.■''■*.*j' 

i|Jpr the Pactlte Coast I^re Initurance Company 

Blt^rlf' , „«_ ; I FHtmnf 

(Mfi,^: 2^3/0 dkitin^ Cross Road, l^ohdoii, Sng. 



Always in stock. We specialize in artistic front doors, 
steamed slush, grain fir, and Howard's flush. 

Lemon Gonnason Co. Ltd. 

Phone 77 . P. O. Box 363 



Aromatic Sehie^mm 


It is not only the most wliolesomc spirit obtainable 
as a stimulant for general use ; it has a beneficial 
effect upon the liver, kidneys and other 
organs as a pick-me-up, tonic or diges- 
tive. Wolfe's Schnapps is always op- 
portune.- It is superior in 
every way to ordinary gin. 

Obtainable at all hotels and 
licenced grocers. 




\\ M' 

Provincial Legislation Creating 
Industrial Training for In- 
corrigibles Is Being Favored 
—Making Good Citizens 

Tile suggestion has been advanced In 
several of tlio newspapers of British 
Columbia of late that conditions us ih'- 
tnally found — by no means theories — 
will ere long necessitate tlic establlsh- 
n:cnt and niaintcnm.'c in this province, 
either by the government or throuKh a 
compact of a eo-oporatlve character to 
be entered Into by the various city 
school boards, o£ an industrial school 
for Incorrigible children or little folks 
whose home surroundings are the J:e- 
v«ni» of faVorable. 

It'}8 suggested tl>at In such a school 

•od «rstts by sklllBfi llitpuotow. while 
tbreua:)! the su|H>rvM<cw of gpod.4i«cir 
pilnarlana mBiOiy erMftg iehfiar«tt 'mtsM- 
be conveirted into good cltizena. < 

fi[on. Dr. Yonng. "the provincial mlnlB-' 
t^i^ 0f education, cannot in the ligtit o^ 
ptkftlkt Information on. the aubject, re- 
gard the nraMMl Mf eepMtiiUy pr^cU««, 

tohool advocated by Vancouver ebortty 
after ttie Vlelt o< jiiidie Bgi Uaatey og 
Itenvef' to thie pYovlnee. Tiuit «el»«>61— 

950 FOQnd O-rlzs^y.^.^ 
This season's bear hunting In British 
Columbia has been exceptionally good 
from, the* hunters' standpoint, the game 
ti|dl^ ynuaually plitntifnl, and «ome of 
^^,|i|ih :' veritable.-; glan,t»%«rU!sJ*e8i 
«av«(i^;.< cinamons. btMlf^ iutd one 
or t3i^il'''»tvi0^r,''^«m9Awf''' nv -thei. 
B«ni|^'<^}» riritoi^WM^'' .' /-,0«o :hiK .. ctn,*' l: 
naroon. ^miAt0ii4''W('W(f»/:!k^ 
shot whtii:' 'tMl|iii#M«^;...«<)iii»^ ^^ 

digging potatoes, by a Chinese rancher, 
who faUfd to appreciate hla agricultura] 

, Twenty mfles south of Coletaui, «t 
frfnly, weighing 990 Iba., was ^t ^y 
a ranchey named Sutherland: and on 

ftnd imvlphMP t< 
l|>een' mitii»| '" 


T» AD R~~~— — "*^ A R K 

is best for men and boys. 

Carefully tailored garments — well 
finished in every detail and made from 
ROft elastic-ribbed unshrinkable fabric with bent 
qualilv trimmings. Tiger Brand farments are 
alway5i warm, ahapely and comfortable. 

• Thenn a Tiger Brand Dealtr in ytmr toon." 


3 Manufactured by 

Gait. Ont. 


npHElifetimeof daily 
•*" service a 'Waltham 
watch gives, combined 
with its grace and beauty, 
nSakes it the ideal holiday gift. 


Colonial Series 

A Woltham Colonial of the Riverside grade is especially 
rMommenuBed Ibr proliMsional, business and social pur- 
poses. .%% is as thin as it is sals to make a reliable watch. 
The iktwolute refiability of Rivoriide nxnrements has 
been proved in thousands of iiwtaaiCM by a ftiS genera- 
tion of tervioe. Rivarside Is madi in various sizes Ibr 
todies and gantlMnai. Write for Descriptive Booklet. 

*'/6 ThM You Ovm4 a IVmHham" 


|U|4 '.tho-: •a*' 

*■ (ftja^/deter*" 

,^^_ attempt to carry out 'the letter 

of tlie Taw would excite the most de- 
tormlntHi and emphatic objection, not 
without foundation. 

"What become necessary in this 
province before Ions," remarks Hon. Dr. 
Young, "Is an Institution In the nature 
of a segregation school, in which the 
backward pupil, the mentally deficient, 
may be given special and scientific at- 
tention, with a view to mind a.s well as 
body being built up and backward men- 
tHl grasp stimulated and developed. As 
conditions necessarily are, at present, 
the system operates adversely to the 
satisfactory development of the so-called 
stupid pupil, and the advancement of 
the remainder of the class." 






Kettle yaUey BaUroad 

Thf first locopotive of the Kettle 
Valley Railway last week arrived In 
Penticton, attached to a work train and 
destined to h.iul material for building 
up from the wharX as construction pro- 
ceeds east and west of the town. Mrs. 
J. J. Warren, wife of the president of 
the K. R. v., ijlew the first whistle 
and ranjr the hell when the locomotive 
was unloaded from the barRo, under Us 
own steam. On board the cnijlnp and 
caboo.<«; were also Miss Lorna Warren, 
Masters Fred and Jeffry Warren, Miss 
Bach, Mrs. Klrkpatrlck, Miss Klerstead, 
Meffsrs. C. Gordon, Graham, C. Morgan, 
Hood, D. Eastabrook and Carr. 

Anotlier notable event of last week 
In the prosreas of railway construction 
within thf province was the arrival at 
I'ort Steelie of the flrst passenger train 
to come In over tlve metals of the 
KoDtcnay Central. the bulldinp of 
which to open up the fertile and beauti- 
ful upper Columbia valley is now pro- 
pressing rapidly. 

On the Gram! Trunk Pacific a gap of 
I'ss than (00 miles now reciuirea to bo 
l-rldged to unit* the eastward and west- 
ward moving construction forces; while 
on the Canadian Nortbern Pacific extra 
satisfactory progress Is brtng aocom- 
pllslied on both Island and Mainland sec- 
tions. The line between Port Mnnn nnd 
Mop<> Is now fully completed and will 
this week be formally Inspected In be- 
half of both federal and provincial gov- 
ernments. The formal Inauguration of 
passenger traffic will probably await Sir 
Richard McBrldc's rptiirn from tlie mi- 
tional rapitnl. 

On the Pacific Gre<j t Kastern. too, 
active . construction is to bogin this 

An Zll-AdvlBed Venture 

All tlini today remains of the centre 
,'ind capital of the famous (or Infamous) 
.'Steamboat Moxmtaln mining romp of a 
year or tv/o ago, is one little white spot 
r.,000 feet up the mountainside, which 
marks the site of Greenwalt and Steev- 
en*' cabin, in the valley b-r-low are the 
two townsite.". one occupied by the large 
hotel of Still & McDonald, and five 
smaller buildings. Two miles furtlier to 
the soutb are Raymond * Mclntyre's 
hotel, and four smalk-r shacks, standlriK 
in a silent valley. The only district 
where there .seems to be any movement 
is at the Twenty-lluec Mile, where one 
may hear the acija.sion.'il boom of :i dis- 
tant shot In <mo of tlic mines near llic 
mounteUi top. It Is lioped that llie 
hard work of today will make a per- 
manent mining town for the future. 
Grrenwiilt, the author of the oelebrated 
.Steamboat Mountain rush and snlter of 
tlie cnrnp on a wholfsalp and siiontidc 
scale, committed suicide l;isl sumnHT In 

Trek to Interior 

More ncwcnmers arc .still going in- 
to the Fort George district by the, 
great Knaser water highway than by 
the Cariboo road, and tills will un- 
doubtedly continue to bo the cnse un- 
til the winter .«ph1b the gates of the 
river. Tliough there Is some differ- 
ence In the details of travel from the 
comfort of motors or reading parlor 
car chairs, the majority of ingoing 
trav«lK'r» seem to prefer the humble 
and slow-moving raft to the prairie 
schooner. These rafts, hurrying as 
much as rafts may be said to hurry. In 
order to complete their Journeys Into 
the mysterious land of promise before 
the rtv«r <»lo«es, are of all sizea, shapes, 
patterns snd colors of wood, novel In 
design and studies In the very alphabet 
of marine architecture — some bound 
with cords or bits of tape, others with 
cast-off hay fealc «rires, yet others 
raahloBsd of hna«h« and orc^ers unl- 

The length over all of these rafts Is 
usually determined by that of the trees 
mares I the water, and never fxceeds 
fiflceii feet. Some are pyi-amldical at 
the bows, built for less reslalunce w.htn 
alloat and to Impel locomution. Those 
are the flyers of the river raft fleet. 
Tliey are few and far between, how- 
ever, for tho axiom as to "time, t.he 
essence of the contract," does not 
apply on the upper I'raser. One raft 
In the form of a large dry-goods case, 
laden to tho brim and with the top nailed 
down and nailed In protect a kit of 

ciimp utensils and the blanket8_ of two 
ifilltoaii laborers, went down to Fort 
tJcorge ten days ago. Tlie two 
furr-lgners In possession brought their 
quaint craft to dock, stepped gravely 
ashore, removed their worldly posses- 
.sions and then, Latln-Uke, with decor- 
ous hows and a few wliispored words 
of gmtUude for the safe conclusion of 
their voyaging, shoved their late home 
Into midstream and stood and watched 
It pass down the river and toward iii<- 
broad Pacific. 

(>perator niouBtain, atoundboa 4lttrtclti 

fow grijwpl*** fere JKH3, fJ^O0\4kr., 

m §9 m \^W9 ' ati MJi t w i fc » '; the :nw u fl»%t *~ 

bears when they oathe -uphn theth. 

hnit of the horses was 
ielawed that it had to be 

In the Sin n. Government Sur- 

evybr Chlpni.i .si> badly mauled by 

a grlz/.ly which suddenly attacked him 
when he accidentally got between her 
and her ciibs that for several days his 
recovery was despaired of . ' 

In Sllverdale, Cre«ton, a grlzzlly cub 
was shot In a tree by 16-year-old Miss 
Israel, the mother bear politely and 
providentially not appearing on tli- 

Up in the Barkervllle district, too, 
Frank KIbbee, a veteran trapper, was 
all but killed by a monster grizzly 
which had broken clear of tho trap In 
which he had been taken, The oppor- 
tune arrival of Frank Connors, his 
trapping mate, saved Kibbee's life and 
.cost that of the bear. The man Is still 
in a precarious condition at the Barker- 
vllle general hospital, where Dr. M. 
Callanan, M. P. P.. Is attending him. 

Pool BOOXQ Act 

It la apparently not of general 
knowledge, but nevertheless rte Sttib- 
■born fact, and one well to Keep In 
mind, that under the 'Pool Room Act 
of British Columbia, passed last ses- 
sion and brought into force and opera- 
tion In June, no youth under eighteen 
years of age may remain In a public 
pool room or be employed therein, this 
prohibition applying to all parts of the 
'province outside the municipalities — 
that Is In all so-called unorganized 
districts. Gainhling games and devices 
are also prohibited in pool room under 
the new act, and pool rooms are com- 
pelled to close at 11 o'clock each night 
and remain closed until 6 o'clock tho 
following morning. They must also bo 
kept closed on Sundays. An uninter- 
rupted view of the Interior must be 
glve,n during the hours when the rooms 
are closed. Another mealsure which 
Is now being put Into force is the EJm- 
ployment Agencies .\ct, which compels 
employment agencies to take out 
licences from tlie superintendent of 
provincial police, through the chief 
constable of tho district In which such 
agencies are located, and that every 
licence-holder shall keep records of per- 
sons who have paid fees In connection 
with the hiring of employees and copies 
of all letters received In connection 
with the business. Employers or em- 
ployees may be permitted to Inspect 
these records at any time. .\gencies 
are also prohibited from keeping em- 
ployees as lodgers, and must not 
charge more than the scale of fees 
specified by the authorities. 

Fight With an Owl 

.Tosciih Ituxsell, of Point Grey, has 
n curious tale to tell of a fight he was 
Informally called upon to' unofflclally 
referee recentl.v, the combatants being 
a Siwaah and a big mother owl, and 
tho mill being staged on .loc's pre- 
emption at Nine-mile Point on Seton 
lyakc." He had taken the Indian up 
the lake to clear the place, and as they 
Were landlrig they spied an owl'n nest 
on top of a dry tree stub. The Indian 
Immediately shinned up to secure the 
eggs, hut found instead two owlets. H* 
raised one out of the nest to give Joe 
a view of it when the mother appeared 
on the scene and battle royal began. 
The mother bird perched on the In- 
dian's head, fastened her talons in his 
cheeks and proceeded to get busy with 
both beak and wings. After a moment 
of fierce milling felwasli, mother owl 
anJ little ones came tumbling down 
True to her sex the bird now attacked 
the man's hair and gave him a good 
"roughing" before Joe could get thcni 
to break away. Although not strictly 
according to Queensberry rules .loe 
had to fi-lve the decision to the wise 
old bird, for the Indian was certainly 
the worse for the encounter. 

'Want Xoad TaolUtlee 

Residents of Cumberland city and 
district have inaugurated an active 
canii)aiBii for road Improvements and 
extensions Iri that picturesque section 
of tho Island, the most Important in 
a setles of ruquests recently filed with 
Hon. Mr. Taylor being for a direil road 
connection from Cuniberlund with 
Ktrathcona Park. It Is urged that the 
present road from Union Bay to Cum- 
berland is triangular and that a direct 
connecting road would be a great public 
convenience, lessen, tho Intervening dis- 
tance 'oy five miloa, and also open up 
a considerable area of good agricul- 
tural land. If constructed this road 
would form part of a main trunk road 
to the Crown mountain region and 
would connect with the now Bevan (or 
No. 7) road, comiileted by the govern- 
ment during this season. The Punt- 
ledgo river would then bo bridged and 
the traveler pass on to Brown's rlvir 
and Dove creek, thence on to Section 
81, through the townslte of Headquar- 
ters, and connect with the Kelland 
road, already built eo Block 29, a tijn. 
bcr lindt owned by tho Canada AVest 
Lumber Co., thence crossing to the onil 
of Upper Qulnsam lake and by the loiost 
feasible route to the Pari<. 

'..Thvtt of Cifttin 
£a4er% «i#pires to the bonor as the 

di: 'tiM 'in«f|t rMiaxl(»h)« robbery 
4i^.'^iilil^ ; ^lijamblft tit 

Ir'^itMit WMIk thMMhfOff 
iiiachtne«,«v«n red-hot «i^<M, hut 
•H^out the last thtmr «&« W«uld thlnlc 
'(*-■«»■ likely ■ttf4«iiiijlt^:ipifttt^ "" 

coffin. Yet that was the lo«t ot th«' 
Bnderby burglar. It was one of the 


If*- jw '^ '',:''•>•*' .*" '.""'^^^l''-S..j::'^t''^i^^!!^-^'^'x^^i 

# Ml lyslL B tB IjB ■ the -') it«ch of Dlas a ha ffS 

|kv«ii»ih. the le^ undertaken. Ne 

:eo0m ir:--.*he. 'ittettt|flktlj#''' o«^:«i*5j 

'■mw'^m^&'^ 0m9oiaA9t mfmy^m^ 

.■^,..-.^it-..<.. ■ '.. 'r.^.l.„.'^.i;v'.V„..^^.,^A 

fjjlnf ,t»ielr de|i«>n0iihls heittw ef Jofi. 

A. Mother's KerolssB 

A striking lUnstrntlnn of the courage 
bre<l of matci-nal instinct and devotion 
Is reported from Prlnoe Rupert, lu 
conni^ctlon with a recent fire at that 
G. T. P. terminal. The heroine Is a 
cat that could not h6pe for even' 
honorable mention as a show animal. 
Hhc had six kittens In the basement 
of the -burned premises and she did 
her best to save them. One she carried 
out safely and deposited in the shelter 
of a pile of lumber. Then she tried 
valiantly to fight her way Into the 
sraolce and flames in quest of th« 
otbsrs of *fr family. Ths firsmsp 
prevented » brave euiei<le. .^ 

hjis also- been r^ii^PteA from Alice 
ling, near Creston. where, during tlio 
»9ence' of Mr. P. Q. Dexter (on a 
visit to the coast) hiS home was en- 
tered and antique china, a large dic- 
tionary, an encyclopedia in twenty vol- 
umes and several Scientific work.i of 
reference were, taken, the thieves pay- 
ing no attention to articles of Intrin- 
sic value, capable of easy qonvfrslon 
Into ready money. 

SUasing Men 

One thon.sand dollars reward Is of- 
fered for information leading to th»< 
location of Henry Montoux. He is not 
wanted for the commission of any 
crime, but is the part inheritor of a 
largo estate. He has been traced to 
Hazelton. He is a German, about fi2 
years of age, about 5 feet 8 Inches in 
height and very fair. Any information 
concerning him should be sent to the 
chief of police at Prince Rupert or to 
Provincial .Superintendent Colin 8 
("Inmpbell, here. The police are also 
looking for Milton Elliott, last seen 
on a C.P.R. train at I^aggan on July 
10 en route for Vancouver where he 
was to work in the fisheries depart- 
ment for the Dominion government. 
His luggage Is at Vancouver. The miss- 
ing man is 30 years of age, 5 feet 8 
Inches In height, 160 lbs. In weight, 
fair oomplexion, clean shaven, round 
face. Foul play Is suspected. 

Why is the Newspaper 

the Best Adver-4^ 

tising JMedium • 

BECAUSE it has its loyal constituency. It 
penetrates at every point and is essential to 
man's daily peace. No fear of its not being 
sold. The people want it, must have it and will 
have it. Magazines may die and will not be seriously 
missed. Destroy the newspaper and you have the 
nation restless and ill at ease. 

|isements Written for All 
Lines of Business 



^WESTERN ART CQ. ''"'TttML'::\lf^''"' Victoria, B. C. 


Zn Secember of Xilfs 

A great-graiidinoilier became » 
hlushini,' bride at North Vancouver r.-- 
cently "nd a happy bridegroom, six 
years past life's scriptural limit, re. 
celvod In a becoming manner the con- 
gratulations Of his gay young bachelor 
friends of from sixty upwards, Tli* 
newly weds spent their honeymoon In 
this city and have now settled down 
in a cottage wltli all its usual acces- 
sories. The chief actors in, the unlqu i 
marriage were Mr. Kdward AVilllam 
Argery, of Victoria, and Mrs. M. A. 
Bellanger, of North Vancouver. Both 
have passvd the aete of seventy-six. 
but are remarkably yoaithful in ap- 
pearance and In vigorous health, Mrs, 
Argtry i.s ;i ><rcat-.^:randmother, hut 
she blushed like a girl when the cere- 
mony which made her a bride again 
was performed Khe is the mother of 
Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Hartney, both 
of North Vancouver, and has a wide 
acquaintance among the older re.siilents 
Of till: province. 

Cow's Strange Death 
"Malsy." a Holsteln cow of azure 
blood and Icn.glhy pedigree, the prop- 
erty of A. .Mister, of 815 Fourth .\v- 
enue, New Westminster, has come to an 
untimely end by reason of her absorb- 
ing devotion to Fashion. At lea.-Jt such 
Is the conclusion reported by tha gov- 
ernment veterinary who, upon request 
of tho owner, performed a post mortem 
upon the late lamented hossy. His 
verdict as to the cause of death Is 
"the swallowing of four long ladles' 
hatpins — or rather four long ' hutpina 
designed for the security of ladles' 
crowning glories. It Is supposed that 
the cow availed herself of opportunity 
to sample a flower-garden hat and 
found it fatal. There Is no suggestion 
that the hat was occupied at the time. 

Beavers Oanae Flood 
.Mthough the heavsr Is the accepted 
type of Canadian industry, there are 
some good citizens who wish he would 
not display such siirterabundant energy 
In labor. Amonig these are the local 
nutliorlt'es of Lulu Island, where a 
colony of beavers at work by night on 
the North .\rm dyke, betwe.en roads 6 
and 7. were recently directly respon- 
sible for the flooding of a very con- 
siderable area of farm land. The beav- 
ers had so gnawed and weakened the 
timbers that when unusually heavy 
tides prevailed, the dyke proved unable 
to withstand the pressure and broke 
away. A liuge volume of water rushed 
In and flooded the fields. The break 
has now been repaired by Point OreV 

W. IS. IjSwson's geological survey 
party have completed for the season 
their work in the Brldfe river country, 
intending to resume early next summer. 
AI>out four hundred square miles has 
eiready been mapped, covering from U 
point thre^ miles east of tho Jone« 
ranch. Bridge river, to Oun lake, snd 
norfh snd south of the CedwaUsder, t« 
Taylor Iwetn. 



— a very beautiful display 
awaits your inspection in 
our new store. 

Space will not permit of our detailing these, ."suf- 
fice to say that they arc every one hand-worked in 
lovely design.';. 

Prices, $11, $12*509 $14 And up. 

Other new goods— BRASSWARE, MATTING 

Lee Dye & Co. 

We have a good lady dressmaker. 
715 View Street Just Above Douglas Phone 4153 

For Christmas Puddinfifs, 
Mince IMeat, Cookinfir and FryinsT. 


The Leading Professional Cooki now use and recommend the use ol 



Suarantwed Ah»»lul»ly Purt and no praaarvatlvti used. 

1-lb. equals in use 2-lb. raw suet, there is no 

waste, and keeps sweet for monttis. 

Sold by Oroo«ra * ProvUlon Daalar* In lib. a t-lb. Boxes.. 


MANCHESTER.'^^^flfiSn^^S^i^'^SeM kiTlMlir rxpert. 

Wholesale Distributors for Canada: 


Phone 3045 

Beautiful Ten-Roomed 

Six bedrooms, den. living 
room, dining room. l)ath* 
room Ixith up and down 
?tair,s. Every modern con- 
venience, veneer panel 
work, beamed ceilings. 
Ready about December i. 
Lot 30x1 18.6. Apply today 
to owners. 


608 Sayward Building. 

l>oDbl« Carnar, fit, I<iiUe and Cr»a- 
nior« KlreetSr Onk liay district, 
104x115: *.hl«Ja cheap at fS2M 

Irma •!■««(. ona lot on aaay . t<>rmii 
,.. |1*7B 

W« iMfe tiia mo*} beaatlf ul - jM>m«- 
■K* IB iarMn, 110 fMt #M«r- 
fr^at by 340 tc«t 4*«I>- 
Prtc* $U.«M 


M« Vm4 MmM. 





George M. Watt 

Real fiatate. 

Rnora ft. PromU BIk., lOM OoTt. St. 

V. O. Sox 810. Phone sai*. 


C'losp tn the sea, with a glorloua 
bearh right at haTid, pa%'ed «treei.« 
and bouicvarda, rlRlit at the en- 
trano* of the far-famed Boacan 
mil Park. There could acarcely 
bo a ninre Ideal alte for a. home 
or apartment hou««. 

Splendid I^t. SI ft. frontage on Dal- 
las, with l:!l ft. on Unden, 1-8. 

«, 12, 18. Price fS.M* 


Another fine Apartmaot Hovse Mte 
with a Klorloiia hcaoh near and 
overlooking sea, 100 ft. frontaga 
on Roaa, looking down Hollywood 
rrp.iicent, 112 ft, deep; 1-8, «, IJ, 
18. Price fS.M* 


Hy far and away the biggest anap 

golnjt and much below aurround- 

Ing values, that fine warehouea 


Toronto and St. tMwrtmet), MzlM, 

IS, 6. 12. 18, 24. Price 9*.M* 


Ells & Stewart 

noMm itt * IW, Itemlar 
rhaM M14. Ml Bc««Bhteli m. 

Btmk Ht,— «0«l|«. IKU Cowan Ava. 
..:....< CLJMB 


Bnwi M,.r^oxi2o 


Oatrml Are,^Double corner, ov«r> 
took tng golf llttka ......... 

Caatrki Aw.^-t inta, iOxltft. 

m. ratrtek M,.«M«w> 



^\'eifyV^ 2\ k-1-L* 


-t-..i« - .-■■.*v.**wi./"«»«(;^«. 

'TTfi'' :-i:.- '■■' 



Fridayi NovsmlMr I, 1912 

PHOENIX assurance: company, limited, of LONDON. ENQ. 


T ILLOOET PARK, Douglas Estate 
^-^ subdivision lots of this choice 
property are now on the market. 

Plans with prices can be seen on ap- 


and. and Investmenl^ J^gency, 

922 GOVERNliplIrt^ 



^ — I - II I" ' ' '* ' ' ' ■ ■> '" "« i " 'i' "u I fi ll I I . I l l I ' •■ ! I ' iBJ^ ^^i, " iiyr, 

Money to Loan 

In sums of -151,000 and upwards on approved first 
mortgage. How about a loan on that house you are 


r. K. 


Fire Insurance Wiltfieii Mqn ear to Xoan 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchanf|^ 

1112 Broad Street' '^:v^; 




Portage Inlet 

This property is all slashed 
;.ind burned, and with i6o ft. of 
waterfront. Half-dozen good 

5 ACRES FOR ?10,000fil 

One-Third, Balance to be 


Portage Inlet 

Beautiful homesite, consisting of* 
park-like land, covered with fine trees. 
None of the timber has been removed, 
and as it is free from underbrush and 
commands a view of the inlet, harbor 
and Straits, with the mountains in the 
distance. It is really one of the very 
finest places anywhere near Victoria. 

2 ACRES FOR $5000 , 

$1500 Cash, Bal. Arranged 

. Wilkinson Road 

5J4 acres. Two acres of this is cultivated, 
250 fruit trees are bearing, and t, large num- 
ber of small fruits are in fine condition. A 
good, roomy and well-built 5-roomed house is 
on the property, complete with waterworks, 
etc. Usual outbuildings in the way of stables, 

This is situated on the top of the hill, and 
commands a good view of the valley. Five 
nnnutes' walk from the carline. 

$2500 Cash, Bal. to be Arranged 


U ..t"''.f 


Ut Uik Show Ym 




The finest niedium-pri<;y5<|^| 
Residential SubdivisI 

overlooking Cadboro Bay. 
Fine, large lots, cleared, 
splendid soil, and right in 
I he trend of development. 
"Uplands" carline will be 
finished in December. This 
will greatly enhance all pro- 
perty in the Cadboro sec- 

Lots $850 and Up 
On Easy Terms 

Act Today 


Benson &Winslow 

Fhon* 3164 laoa Soag-las Street 


i | i / i i iii ti ii i i ii i i i i i n i i i M ii j 

Watch TOfs 


' ii'iDni iiViiitiuiijriyiiijffwdiiiitifiiiiii 

' "^v^ ' ^ ' ^ ' li^f^if ^ y ' i; '"ji".* ' ^ ' '"^,^!' ' ' ";" ^"'"'|"".tJS ' % f i 


" ■ " ■ "#' ' 



'4- i- * 

^f;fc*il LEONARD, REID & CO., 420, 42Zrf^liP'Pemb«rton 
Building, Phones 345, 221, have engaged this space and 
will keep it up-to-date with good, safe, money-making 

SPECXAz; BAmoAzira 
9337.50 CASH 

Beautiful Oak Bay lot, only 120 feet from new Dunlevy Street car. T^ie 

last chance to secure a lot n«ar Uplands for ^1350 

Quarter cash, balance 6, 12, 18, 24. 

^360 CASH 

About 2-3 acre on the 2-mlle circle, in bearing orchard. Price only, easy 
terms ^1800 

?700 CASH 

N'«w, tnod«rn 5-roomed burgalow, fine location. Foul Bay, close to car 
line. This [a a very neat home, and a dnap at ^4100 

Ton wlU profit tay cAlUng' at onr of flo*. 


Phones 345 and 221 

420, 421, 422 Pemberton Bldg. 

The Man Who Is Searching for 
A Nine-Roomed House 

Will search no further after he inspects this magnificent 
house of ours at Oak Bay, corner Orchard, Margate and St. 
Louis Streets. It will meet his requirements in every respect. 
It is beautifully finished, our usual high standard being strict- 
ly adhered to. The lot is nearly half an acre in size. Not only 
vvill the house delight you, but the fashionable district where 
it is situated will appeal to you. Price $12,500, on terms. 
Come in and ask about it today. 

Wm. Dunford & Son, Ltd. 

Pliona 3315. 


331, 333, 333 F«mt)artoii Blosk. 

Very Special — Oak Bay 

VICTORIA AND McNEIL— Double Corner. These are choice building 
lota, streets have all undRrground Improvements, ready to be paved. 


JIOOO cash, balance 6, 12, 18. For quick sale, only 

Members Victoria Real Eatata Exch«.ng*. 
mnyw^ra Block, aroond rioor. Plion* 3964. 

Stop ! Look ! 

COOK ST., cor. SutleJ and Cook. 97x 
11;: to lane, will take good agree- 
ment for sale as first payment, an 
excellent apartment house nli" 
Price . .. ..... ... ... ...W.W") 

COOK ST., — We are open to recelvo 
.offers for lots 4, E and 6, 150 ft. on 
Cook, running back on FlKguarfl 
120 ft. and 120 ft. on Mason wltli' 
street frontage on 3 sides. This Is 
ii very desirable piece of properly. 

UIH.>!S1»E — We have 9 lots be- 
tween Burnaldp and the Goriji- 
road south of TUllcum at each f.HOO 

N<IUTH MAMI'SHIRK — 9 roome.l 
houaf ncarlng completion, on Im 
68x208. nice trees ..$7,R00 


I'OS, nicely treed, oach $2,1,10 

Any ot the above would be a good 


VVc hare buyers for lots In 0»k 

Bay. We want listings from owners 

Wc want a full sized corner lot, 

50x120, In Kflirflcld. 
We want about 10 lots In the Kerr 

Addition; must be under market. 

Bacon & Mercer 

612Vi YATE.S ST. 




I have a number of sums 
ranging from $1000 to 
$10,000 to loan on mor^orage 
of approved security. 


Bridgman Building 
1007 Government St. 

Real Estate Loans 


To R&al Estate Agents 

for B—t Rttuka AdotrtiM in 
Thm CohniMt 




«0 seres, 20 acres cleared, fenced, 
good barn, never falling stream of 
pure water runs through full length 
of properly. T^ils property has over 
one-quarter of a mile frontage on 
Booths Cnnal, and Is only 1 Mi miles 
from Ganges. Trice •3,000; terms 
J2,000 cash, balanco arranged. 

Gavin C. Mouat 



AiisHn Ave. — 64x235. Price $l.ZM 

rarltdale — High and dry lot. Prloe 


inilHlde Ave. — House and lot. Cssh 

J<00, bal. rent. Price »S,000 

I'embroke Wl. — Two high and dry 

lotii, BOxHl. i'rlce »3,2O0 


W. Crow & Co. 

Rem Estate Itrnkers, Financial Agents 

In-^iirnnre and I.ounn 

Garesche Bio<k, 7.12 YnteN Hlreet 

Don't Delay, Buy 



One a,cre in clover, all practically cleared. All 
good land. 

$2,000, ON EASY TERMS 

For sale by 

A. von Girsewald 


Corner Fort and Quadra Streets 
P. O. Box goo Phone 2926 

9/4 Acres 


And well protected from eold wind 
by Saanlch l^lttla Mountain. There 
Is a hou."ie and n number of out- 
bulldlriKS; chickens, ducks, an in- 
cubator and house; IJO apple, pear 
and plum trees; on main road, 

A. Toller & Co. 



Through the 

Victoria Home Purchase Society 

Five' Per Cent Interest 

as Brown Block. 

Broad Straefi» 

iBisiJ^m^^u^m'^miM^^k...-.,.. ,. 



Hevwood Avenue 

7-Roomed House, Facing Beacon Hill Park 


118-119 Femberton Block 
Hemhers Victoria Keal Kalate Exchange. 

The Building of the Breakwater 

Will enhance values of all ad.laccnl property, nuy before this advaneo. We have 
a reol l-argaln on Ht. Lawrence street. 100 yards only from waterfront, right In 
the centre of developments, 30x120, with cottage rented at »2». 

Price $7,000. Kasy t.rms. 

C. F. dc Salis, Roberts & Co., Ltd. 

itaj-neH Block, Fort Street 

Phone 850 

Note the Exceptional Terms 

Maplewood Road, near Cook Street — Lot, 79 ft. frontage x 
145 ft. deep. No rock. Goo4 view. $150 cash, balance 
6, 12, 18, 24 months. Price ^800 

Woodland Avenue — 50x120. $300 cash, balance 6, 12, 18, 24 
months. Price 1|I950 

Inverness Road — 41x120. $150 cash, 6, 12, 18, 24 months. 
Price . . . . ?1000 

Wanted — Furnished house, fairly close in. 


Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
Phone 3308 Merchants' Bank Building 



A new and commodlou« residence, containing: dining room, wlOi btillt- 
In buffet, chiffonier, etc., drawing room, cosy den with cupboards, fire- 
place, etc., kitchen, pa.^8 pantry, scullery, lofty basement with furnace. 
stationary tubs. Upstairs, four bed and two dreaaing rooms, b*th room. 
Lot 50x120. 

razos fSOOO. TJsmi 


♦ 1 01 -2 Pemberton Block, Victoria, B.C. 

P.O. Box 575 Phone 1381 

A Beautilul Home at Foul Bay 

This delightful six-roomed house Is sttu(ited close to the car and beach. 
A fun slse ceinent basement, .itattonary waahtubs, piped for furnace, 
walls aU tinted, Electric Light fixtures, dinlnjr room panelled, buUt- 
m buffet, largo reception hall, panelled, spl«ndld bathroom, cement 
sidewalks, beautiful lawn, ejip*n«lvely fencsd. Lot B«xai«. Price, on 
excellent tsrms i ;.... ''.I^SSOO 


Photic 304 

itx3 iDouglM 8t. 



On Glen. Lake 
About 3 acres, 


One-third cash, balance 
6, 12 and 18. 


232 Pembertoi;) 6%. 



This OUeriSLg a 
Bargain ^ 

A five-roonMd cottaf*. iMarlr 
n«w, and large <bam with <wa 
large lots. Just off ttin cMltiM. 

^rideV $4000 

Ob JB»Mf T«mia 

Grubb'& Letts 


Friday; Novembe:' 8, I9ia 



Country Subdivisions 

Somass River. Alberni District, about three miles from Alberni, on good wagon road— Beautiful 
park-like land, in blocks of from three to twenty acres each. Excellent nver frontage, i n«s 
from, per acre • " 

Union Bay, Saanich Inlet— Large tract of land, subdivided into lots of about one acre each 
Beautiful waterfront lots. Roads being cut through and graded. About nineteen miles from 
Victoria. Prices u'pon application. 

Shawnigan District, between Cobble Hill and Shawnigan Lake, on E and N. Railway and main 
trunk road-Three to twenty acre blocks of excellent farming land. Only ten """"^^" ^'^'^ 
from Cobble Hill station. Prices from, per acre 'P 


Phone 30 

*>%ii*f' ^° 

'li iiijiiii'i'^'i 




Build to P y»;»:i#;. 
Furnish the Cash for 

Morris & Edwards, Building & 

Phone 3074 213 Sayward Block 

City Agents for Los Angeles Fire In.surance. 



Nice Lot, cowicaian Ave. — 

50x130. $1300 .on terms. 

For ..0Wli' '^'i': ,• •>«.<» 

Harbinger x\venue 

New, Modern g-Roomed House, close to Cook street car line. 
Large lot 50x149. ;Four bedrooms with large clothes 
closets. Den, dining and drawing-room, kitchen, large 
bathroom, separate toilet. Furnace, cement basement. 

Terms arranged. Price • $8,500 

This is worth your consideration. 


Phone 261a 


Oak Kou»t Xoad — Xear Cook Street, 50x130 >{{6."»0 

BurnB Street — Near Oak Bay Avenue, 46x128'.... ?1750 

lI«tcho»ln Street — 7Cxl25 JPISOO 

Cadboro HelghtB— On Cadboro Road, B0.X120 .................... ifloOO 

Terms on above, third cash, balance 6. 12, 18. 
Cadboro HeigrntB — Double corner, 44.6x140 each .$300U 

'Hasy terms. . ._, 

Oak Bay Avenue Corner— Near, Jundtjon, 135 feet on avenue. Per front 

foot ■ ...?100 


Phone 1094 302 Pemberton Building 


Business Gorrier 

Comer of Cormorant and Quadra— With dwelling house, one 
block from railway station, revenue producing. Price, on 
terms to suit $21,000 


1219 Langley Street Phone 3415 


We hav<> a nicely trped lot on South Turner Street, all street Improve- 
ments In. Size 50x112. On ensy term.-^. Thl.s la good buying 
at f 3,400 


Southeast corner of Howe and Oxford. 83x110. This Is a good bnllders' 
propoeltion, and should also appeal to the Investor as well, aa prices 
are steadily Kolng up In this district. 


1201 Broad Street, Corner of View 


Stable Site 

{ Ob tb* «Iir««-«n»rt«r olrola, Juat 
ott ifov^UM ■tr««t. 

Sll^i 11& X 132. 

Prictf* $$000 

T«rm«: One-quarter ca*h, bal. 6. 
IJ, 18 and J 4 mo»th«. 


QpHierfin In vestment 
St Securities Co.. Ltd. 

Ml. ttfe TlMWMw Am. 

A House Bargain 


XIrp fi-roomfd hous* on Burnslde 
rond on lot 63x155, corner .sell- 
Ins for |f)00 below market 
vftUie, 11,0110 r*«h, bal. over 3 
yeiirn. I'rlce 1^4.600 

One lot on Tlamp.shlre road 

south fi,eoo 

One orclmrd lot on Somernet 
' street, one-third cash, balan<rpi 

6, 12 and 18 months f}H>0 

Two on Yew street. Bach f 1,260 

Newman & 

Camer Paadois And Broad Struts. 
' Ttt. nti. 

■ » , i , wi , i im"ujn, i n i i 


city limits. ...... ?7350 

Cor. of Shakespeare and 
King's Road —- looxiio. 

Bring us your listings. 
We have buyers. 


Have You Ever Dreamed 

Of Being a Farmer and 

Being Independent? 

Perhaps you are one of those who have, 
but found it would require too heavy an in- 
vestment for the returns you would receive. 
In investigating the following piece of prop- 
erty, you will find this obstacle removed. 


Situated on main road, excelle^nt land, plenty 
of water. Price, $75 per acre, all cash, or 
$100 per acre on terms, one-third cash. This 
is worthy of your looking into. Better 



MemHra Victoria St*)«k#Jtcliangii; * 
^erotueit Victoria H«a Milt<» ^>^\ 

Douglas ^d View Slree^ V ^^ 


M l l llll j l 



Cash purchases a six-room house in the Fairfield 
Estate, close to Fairfield road. House has full size 
basement and all modern conveniences. Lot is 57x1 JO, 
This is a good buy at 


^^^Mi For further particulars, see 


Money to Ldaai. 633 Yates Street 

• ; .. • s Rre rmii«:irti^:W)ritten :^^^^^; - 


Forman & Co. 

Money to Loan 
12X2 Broad Street 

Hamley St., 2 lots. Each, on 
easy terms $1500 

Prior St.,^ lot .... .$1800 

Metchosin St., 50 x 125. 
Price $1350 

Pine wood St., i lot 50 x 124. 
Price ..$1750 


643 View Street 
Phone 2307 

Cheap Buys 

If you wlih to secure one ot these 
good buys you will require to call 


FlnlajHoo St. — Good building lot, bIzc 
50x120, between Somerset and 
Stevenson 8t«. Cash, third, balancn 
U, 12, 18. Price »1,100 

itlnrkn-oiirt St., running through to 
Stevenson St., making: two lots fiOx 
110 each. Cash, J870, balanco 
yearly. Price for two $2,520 

Abbott & Sutherland 

WllUani Locke, >Ur. 
ft lUid e Green Block, ISIB Broad St. 
Phono SZ4S. Oppontte Colonist Office. 

Cadboro Bay 

Well-built house on corner lot, 14Ik 
1H2; beauUfuI Karden and bearinK 
fruit trers; near hotel and sea; 
rblcken liousos, etc. Only 4S,50U; 
easy terms. 

C. M. Blandy 

rhone 2056. 

520 Sayward Black 

irtw 81x-Koom*d Hona*, B«ftota- 
wood Av«., liardwood floors, 
oi'mrnt walk.s, all complete, 

Coay Vew riva-Boomcd Ba&fa- 

low .on Hollywood Crescent, 
$1,000 cash, balance oa«y. 
Only MtBOO 

Godwin & McKay 

The House Men 

Tel 371S 

$20 Tatea Street 

I I I 1 II .^{}i\ I' " 




'I . '!' .. ■". 1111 , 1 ^ 1 





I ii» i t »ii 

i i ji»| ii Mi|Oi i Hw|^wni i iii]i|i^^|! l ^ 

'■ii ' H>"" 


terms. Price ..... 


• • • « • 

.' procTucTng;^ On verv^ easy 

.... $42,000 

• < • :■ 

Rents Collected 
Estates INIanaged 
1205 Broad Street 


Real Estate, Financial and Insurance A^ent 
Manager Branch Office Great West Lifa 

Mortgages and 

Loans Arranged 

Phone 65 


Lot 418, opposite Spencer's, on View Street. This property 
is exceptionally well situated and admirably adapted for a 
large up-to-date busines.-i block, or theatre site. 

Apply to: 


Members of the Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

1003 Broad Btrast. Tlctorl.. ». O. 

A Sacrifice Sale 


Almo-st new, owner having left the city, has 
instructed us to dispose of same, and in 
order to make a quick sale, is willing to make, 
a sacrifice. 


Will buy this home. 
Terms, $i,ooo cash, balance monthly. 
"Immediate possession." 

Apartment Site 

Southeaat Corner Cook and OoUiaaon Btreeta, 118x120. Price on tenna, 
f 17,000 

177 Peet on. Cook Streat by 120 T*it on Colllnaon Street, same comer ais 
above, on tcrni.s ^24,000 

This is the best apartment aite in the city ami ti.e price is below roarkeU 


Real Estate and Investments — Insurance 
Rooms 5-7-9-1 1 Mahon Building, Victoria, B.C. Phone I462 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

616 View Street Phone 1888 


6 lots, 150x120. on mlln and half circle 
ai »700 rach for this wwk only. 
Term* pa»y. 

Gordon Burdick 

620 Brought on 8t. 
Phone 2508 Pemberton Block 

For Sale 


The well known hunter and 
Jumper, gentle and broken to 
harness, can bo aeen at the Kx- 
hlbltlon buildings. Particulars 

see — 


Douglas St. 

Corner Donflfta and Herald, with 
.small cottagrr, 91,600 per front 
■ foot on long and easy terms. 


Soom 10, TCaliOB Block 
r. O. Box 7M> rboae Ills. 

Oak Bay 

$ioo Per Front Foot 

Paul Edmonds 

318 Ptmberton Block 


Vnle street — 8-roomed House. 
Sizo of lot 60x120. 

PRICE *4750 

Terms, $1250 caah, balance 

Herman Erb 

416 Central Bldg. Phone 2092 

New Home 

Olod* to BooklMUl Armm* 

7 RooniB, Modern In every 


rrlee, «n. ««rms, M.aoo 

1 1,600 Cash. 

Dalby & Lawson 

«ia romx stbkbt 

Avebury St., 50 x 129. One-third cash. Price ip950 

Haultain St., corner Avehury, 88 x 100. Price ^2600 

Haultain St., 2 lots, close to Fernwood. Each ^1500 

Burnside Rd., lot to new car barns, 44 x 115 . . .^1500 

Gity Land Co., Ltd. 

120 Pemberton Building Phone 1675 

\\'. T. Williams Sydney C. Thomson Albion Johns 

Oak Bay Avenue Corner 

Large Corner on Oak Bay Avenue, near the Junction. An admirable 
business site. Purchaser could bull<i two stores facing on Oak Bay 
Avenue, and a residence on the side street. This price Is away be- 
low surrounding values. Come in and inquire about thla, as It will 
not last at the price we have It listed. Cash |M0«. Price.. flO^OO 


Phone 1400. 

Ms Brotisliltni M« 


Two-Acre Lots, close, in. $60 cash, balance $10 per month. 
No interest, no taxes. Each ^300 


Cook and Sutlej Corner, 97x111 to a lane. $2000 cash will 
handle this exceptionally good buy. Sacrifice price ^500 

The Nechaco Valley Land Co.. Ltd. 

Phone 2321 620 Broughton St., Pemberton Block 

KXC'SmoifAL BUY — 4 roomed house on tot 40x1 «•, handy to ear; terflw flM 
caih ISSS.OO In * monthi, ttts.oo tn It month*, end |ta4.M In II atoatti*; 

includlnt tntereet. Total pr»o« 

Apply Fred Patton & Coe 

V M 




:^ :_^||^g|^^ 

iiiiiiHiiptiiiwii'ilii^^ ijiij j^;iii iji0)'i\:tiimi'tmim 

''r i ' ii V' ii ' iii ' ii ii:*' i W ii i i» ' ilii» - | |-'n iiii »r i i iriiM 



Friday, November 8, 191f 

:? CI 


Dredging Fleet Ready for Ar- 
duous Work — Machinery In- 
spected by Superintendent 
and Declared Fit 

As a result of tho porsiatent efforts 
of Mr. G. H. Baraiarci. M. P., the wholo 
fleet of dredges and government tugs 
employed In the cleari\ig of Victoria 
harbor will cominonce working douhle 
Shifts next week. Mr. H. A. Bayfield, 
superintendent of the British Colum- 
bia tleet, personalOy Inspected all the 
plant yesterday, and loiind that all the 
alterations necessary to the introduc- 
tion of tills big un-d«!rrtaklng had been 
completed, and that; the extra .sliift 
could be undertaJica as stated. 

In connectlop ^v1th this work, it 
may Ijo stated that the 1/obnltz drill, 
the machinery of which has been 
.severely overhauled and added to, Is 
due to arrive in the harbor Monday, 
and tho Mudlark Is now ready for 
proceeding with its work. Th^ sum 
of $15,000 i^afl^^ll^^illl^' f^^ 
and improvlnjf'>10i»i'-'^||P||p~:'*W*- ■>*»•' 
special- work. To 'bi-'';|»(iWS|Hl .tp 'Uiese 
there is the :AJax. 'Teiii|j*'.iik?fihj»rl<Nrt: 
word Jn scientific ''^i^l^&i' :<!<>aBtruc- 
tlon. axx&- l$il^-mm$''Sr^-^' "tije'iart- 
na^nif(1 htal^ iCtlYft ffffgr^tton 

for several itidtttTfS. bC)tW In the night 

and day time, doing splendid service. 

All the dredtging piaitt«! have lia4 

electric li'gi^,,|g|t^«>ai;'i»^ two, hdatK^ 
have -jj^ •-'••''•" •■■■ — 

modate the workers of the fleet. The 
tug Point Ellke will be replaced by 
the Point Hope next week. 

All the c-rewH for this extensive 
woric have been st'lected, agd are now 
ready to report for dut.v, .Air. S. .\. 
Rogers has been appolnte.d night en- 
gineer on the Ajax. and Mr. H. 1^ 
Hulcheson thf> night engineer on the 
Mudlark. Over and -ibove this w, rk 
there is the boring and iounding 
operations, and thopo will ba carried 
on Just the same under the superin- 
tendence of Mr. Davey, tho govern- 
ment engineer. 



Continued from Paifr I. 

tiaturday, when he will leave for the 
south on a brief holiday trip. Mr. 
Bo\"r will go to New Brunswick. On 
Wednesday next the party will leave 
again for the 

Waval Mattars 

That tlio Dominion's duty to the Em- 
pire in the matter of Imperial de- 
fence and the existing emergency calls 
for immediate and eubsi.iiitial action 
was strongly eraphasi.'.ed by yir Richard 
McBrlde tonight In an interview with 
The Colonist representative. After 
flatly repudiating an interview atfl^(, 
buted to him In Ottawa last June flll^ 
Richard said: 

"I can only repeat wxm what I Ml^ 
then. ^ 4|^ as British Galuqitite I* 
cettoerwia WMtitig that lt« prim* min- 
ister will •VflviB Id the way of in, tlMNC 
poUoy 4C''-'Ra«a} 4iMBMaan» «tUI;^JN» 

are w anaHomi to be claws?! mm alarti' 

-MWirtii ttt M# iirttniinr %k Vuk 1%iMtnlnfr 

to 'iiif»<Mf»^' wormous CtmiaMft as* 
setlMtilMMHMby of railways, terminals 

and ports that are being developed 

should have the protection that common 
decency demands. It is an optn secret 
today that tlic Pacific co«st Is practl- 
tiilly defencclesH, and if trouble arose 
It weuld be Impo-sKlblo to -offor even tlio 
8ll>;lit;>.-.t resistance. Even if it were 
lookid up; n merely tis an Insurance of 
the pr':ptrty wc fiavc there, wc slK.uld 
have ample JwKtlftcr tlon for prompt and 
effective measures by thf national eov- 

"Wo feel convinced, of c .urac, that 
our main stat)illty lies in tho continued 
stronKth and dominance of the Brltl.-ih 
navy and that should anything befall It 

why, of course, we are at the mercy 

of o\ir foes. We feel, too. that from the 
official statement of tho First I^ord of 
the .Admiralty there can be no tiuestlon 
of the eiiu-rgent position that naval af- 
fairs today RHK\iinp, and that we owe It 
to ourselves to act promptly so as to 
place the standard of the Imperial 
squadrons beyond all pretffl venture. 
There can be no (luestlon of the Htand 
taken by Mr. Churchill In the Houkc nf 
Commons slnci; even his most exacting 
critics have failed <o (lucslion his 
speeches in the House. 

Warning Is Ampl*. 

"This in itself should be sufficient 
weirning to the people of Canada, find 
make them realize precisely how grave 
||Wi-,^lto»»tlon is. >iSiMi» :•«» .^. 80'"'' 
mm W««ld cavil '#^;#ipip^t that 

^^puaau their ^«»¥^m9lf»gk^:^, 

tf^mi «M>mlng to find a f Mf^l^t |lta# «l 
6^ iAmtth'^uxA, perhaps ^ |iip i | i> i»M 
The pttm'm "^« ^'^"^^ «""*#IJ^8**'t 


a lovely lot 
for every 
purse in 




If you have not seen this fine 
subdivision, you have missed 
somethinf^ worth while. It is the 
very "cream" of the famous Mt. 
^'ohnie Park Estate and a perfect 
situation for a home. 

Buy in ''CEDAlWAt^E" any- 
way." If you don't want to build 
you can sell readily to someone 
who will, and you can make a neat 
profit on the turn-over. -^~*- 

Lots are 50 x 125, level and 
hi|>h; they commimd a nice 
view of Mt. Tolmie and Mt. 
Douglas and the valley. The 
soil is ideal for gardening and 
for lawns. 


Few minutes from terminus 
of Mt. Tolmie car line, in a dis- 
trict that is forging ahead. 
Much of the property is in 

•'From two rather extended toura 1 
have enjoyed through British Columbia 
this summer, from the contact I have 
had with many prominent men of Al- 
berta, Sa«l:«tchewan and Manitoba, and 
from what I have heard from my nu- 
ni-roiis frleudK in Easter;! Canada, th iro 
can be no (tuestlon but that tho Canadian 
people pro licginntnK to appreciate the 
i-lluatUin. In thi.i time of great nn- 
t'.nnnl dt-vclopmcnt we are hanlns nl- 
mo.'t entirely nn the motherland for the 
flovelopment of our resource.-*. Almost 
every municipality In the country, as 
well as the governments of the do- 
minion and of the provinces, are look- 
ing to I.,ondon for money hu\ still more 
monpy. \Vhen we arc Inviting capital 
to our shores, our people surely .shiiuld 
be prepared to give It the protectinn to 
which it Is entitled. 

Hot a, Party Question 
"Of course we are awaiting the prime 
minister's statement with a great deal 
of keenness, anii we feel certain that 
when i' Is ptAsented to tlie house we 
will not be disappointed, and that it will 
command tho j?iipport of every right- 
thinking Canadian from the Atlantic to 
the Pac'fic. It undoubtpdly Is a ques- 
tion that should be kept out of parly 
politics as much as possible. The de- 
fence of our Dominion is a bublness 
whicli should occupy the same plane 
that a similar '''>Mitiiil ' would In the 
motharlAiuL" ' '' > f^" 

' ' Z.'^ »' the terms of fir "Wrjl- 

^., ^ 'a£'IIWmiiMJ''trtr wMmeii'lM»- 

*! teel somewhat disappointed' that.. 6ir 
"Wttl'rlil lAurler baa not looked t|p4Mi't|i* 
whole subjeet la-» broad«r tight. ••k'ltSx 
jftortant a waa a« the leader ot Uie eppch 
•tttoa MMr-^fSMM alfwd te oaUtite Ma, 

Make Your Own Terms 

These lots are being taken up 
ra[)idly, and we would strongly 
advise intending purchasers to 
act without further delay. In or- 
der to facilitate matters, we are re* 
maining in the office from 7 until 
9 o'clock every evening. 


This district is attracting 
great deal of attention now, 
and is bound to be one of the 
foremost residential districts 
of Victoria. Even a few months 
will develop great improve- 
ments with enhanced values. 


Lots $50 Cash and $15 a Month 

— -or make your own terms 


The Home 
Builders Investment Co. 

VHW mm tiltfM to tte efafa^ryoer aad bis 
belief irhat the c^rvenmunt aiioald do 

great accession ot trade for his province, 
and In particular that rauch of tho prairie 
wheat would find Its way to Europe 
through tho ports of the Pacific coast and 
the canal. 

"How can tho wheat be stopped?" he 
asked. He- added that the reputable eleva- 
tor companies are now actively luvostlgat- 
liig the dlffeient ports of the Pacific coast 
>vUh a view to ereetlnjf elevators tor the 
purpose of taking care of the great quan- 
tities which would come to the coast; as 
soon as the Grand Trunk Pacific and the 
C. N. line were completed and the double 
tracklrg of the C. P. K. was finished. On 
all sides there were enquiries as to ship- 
ping facilities. The difficulties as to lolls 
on the Panama canal he was convinced 
would soon bo settled In a perfectly fair 
manner, lie had been urged to request the 
Dominion government to remonstrate, .but 
had declined. 

8tandardixed Cnnnda 

"I am satlsfii-d,' lie said, "thut Presidont- 
elect WllHoii will deal with the situation Rs 
he has a right to do so." 

In this connection Sir Hlchard add.^d thai 
in BrltLsh ('olumbia the relations hclwccMi 
Canadians and Americans are exceptionnlly 

"Tiny have be>?a better than over since 
the defeat of reciprocity." he said. ■The 
rejection of, reciprocity has standardized 
the Canadian people. The people of the 
I'nltod .States recognize our nationality as 
they did not before." Sir RIcliard was 
enthusiastic In his remarks on the recent 
vlfllt of their Royal Highnesses, the Duke 
and IJuchess of Connaught and Princess 
Patricia to the west. After remarking on 
the extent of the tour he said: 
The Royal Visit 

"The Duke of Connaught unquestionably 
made a lasting Impression on the Canadian 
people and has accomplished much in the 
way of cementing tlic provinces together 
In one undivided confederation. Hfs won- 
derful patience and affability and charm 
of his manner at once endeared him to the 
western Canadians, and the Interest dis- 
played by himself and the duchess In the 
tasks th.< people had undertaken has been 
or groat encouragement to them." 

Sir nichard Mcltrlde spoko briefly on 
Asiatic Immigration, which he described as 
n subject which. In the best Interests of the 
nation should he dealt with at once. He 
hoped to confer tomorrow with federal min- 
isters and make some progress towards a 
conclusion that would be satisfactory to the 
people of the Pacific seaboard. 

"Thn people ot eastern Canada. Avho are 
not obliged to meet the competition of the 
Asiatics, can scarcely realize how vital this 
Issue Is to our people," he said. "We are 
not aptiroaching it In a manner offeDSlve to 
China, Japan or India." 

Sir Rl( hard spoke in enthiiplastlc terms 
of the prosperity of British Columbia, re- 
marking that railway wurk a'tually in 
progress amounls to no li>ss than 

J ir. II, 000, 000. 

Phone 1769 


Motors for Viaitort at anj^ time 

734 Fort Street 


THE world's greatest 
musicians have 
placed the seal of 
unstinted approval upon 
the Steinway Piano. 

Every reno\\'ned singer, 
inckiding the f a In o u s 
GADSKl, recognizes in the 
"Steinway" the IDEAL, 
and uses it whenever and 
wherever it is ])ossil)le to 
do so. '^A^!S. 

MADAM i^Ai>$Kl <o»^#" heard, 

uo^'.«%'jMtep4|xif'tfee LADIES' 
UtjSi^^'a^^, at the VICTORIA 
1?lll^^^|jl^ on Friday, nth Novem- 
ber. ^p|p!pt reproductions of thi.^; 

ilntiugU Uiig medium uf ilie — '' 

■JJuW-'.-MJilVWl:. ' • SJiSBtli.lJ 

i .n iii f I !■ . j i . I iiii , i i ^p^M^"*^^^jy 



Mount UoilKlaw Club llenre— rTho Mount 
Iiouglas Club will give a social dance at 
SI. Luke's hall. Cedar Hill, on Friday, Nov, 
15. Heatoi's orrheslr.i will provide the 

WIr tieorife While l^odjre — This evening 
there will be a meeting In Foresters' hull 
of Sir George White Memorial I^oyal Orange 
Lodge. A large number of candidates will 
bo Initiated. 

Sair of Work — The Ladles' Aid .Society of 
St. Columbia's church. Hulton street. Intend 
holding a sale of work on Wednesday. Now 
20. Afternoon tea will be served and a 
niuslral programme given In the evening. 

Collrve Woman's Onlld .'WeeUnK — The 
Wvinion's Guild of St. Mark s Theological 
college, Vancouver, will meet this afternoon 
111 the vestry of (^hrlst Church Cathedral 
at three o'clock. 

Children's Day At C»thedr»l — Sunday will 
be observed at Christ Church Cathedral as 
children's day. The day appointed by I he 
general synod Is the third Sunday In Octo- 
ber, but owing to the fact that harvest 
festlvnl fell this year on that date, the 
observation was postponed until the coming 
Sunday. In the afternoon at 3.30 a cliU- 
dren's service Will be held, conducted by 
Hev. O. W. Andrews. 

British Israel Assorlnllon — The Victoria 
branch of the Imperial lirltlsti Israel As- 
sociation win meet In the A. O. U. W. 
Iiulldlng (iipstatral on Monday at 8 p.m. 
Th« pr«*ld«nt will eomm«nr« the series of 
lectures, making a special study of 
"Jehovah's Message to the Nations, Bur^pe 
In Particular," following up the topic dealt 
with by Iba R«v. G, B. Berry In hia recent 

Prevalence of diphtheria, in the dis- 
trict ha>» necessUcited the closing of 
ttie schools at Cedar Cottafe* 

LiMlces of tha Pioneers of the Tukon 
are to be organized In this city, Van- 
couver, and Seattle 

A new dyke atOBf Us -ivestem sirt* 
will heaceforwafd "protect Westbam 
,I«taaA ttfun ovarflew ktr tha n«t 


Sole Island .Xgency For 

The Celebrated Steinway Piano— Tlie Most 
Wonderful Piano in the World 

Harmony Hall Piano Warerooms 

735 Fort Street. Phone 514 

Geo. II. v^uckling, Proprietor Charles' Dodd, ^lanager 




The Poet, Wiilttler, said: 

*'Of all sad words of tongue or pen, 
The saddest are these, — it might have been," 

Paraphrasing him, we might say: 

*'Of all glad words of then or now, 
The gladdest are these, — we told gou so." 

Below we reproduce clippings from the news columns of the Vancouver "News-Adver- 
tiser" of October 27, and the Vancouver "Sun" of October 28. Read them. 

(Vancouver "»nM-.\dTertl«rr" of Oc- 
t.iber -n.) 



C. r. B. Train Orewn Have Order* to 

Make TTp rrelrht, Trains and Start 

Them Prom Coqaitlam — Kew 

Yard Office 

(Van<'<inver ".Sun," October 28.) 

All Trainmen to Have Residence 

In Coquitlam Latest Orders Given 

From December Fifteenth All Freig'ht 

Train* W^iU Be Made Up in 


COQUITLAM, Oct. 26.— The first unit 
of the C. P. R. terminal at Coquitlam ! 
will be coniploteil early in Decomber, j 
antl already preparations are under way | 
for tlielr Immediate use. Mr. F. M'. 
Peters, KPneral «uperlntenilent of the 
railway In thi.s division; Mr. A, E. 
Stevens, his assistant, and Mr. G. K. 
Gruhani, of the Vancouver division, in- 
spected the plant thl.^ weelt. 

Already notice has Rone forth to 
freight crews that from Deccrhber 15, 
the frelKht trains of the Ca.scade divi- 
sion will be made up at and «<tart from 
Cociuitlam, which will be the home 
terminal of .such trains. Thl.s will af- 
fect at the present time about twelve 
train crews, together with a number 
of niiu'hinists, switching crews, yard- 
men, clerks, etc., numbertnK In all 
ahout 25 men, with a monthly pay- 
roll of about $25,0nn. This order means 
that all the offii-lals concerned will 
have to make their home in Coquitlam. 

Tenders for the constrlictlon of a 
yard office, to be situated near the 
dump, have been invited. The build- 
ing will be 30 feet by 66 feet In size, 
with a concrete foundation and a frame 

COQUrTLAM, Oct. 27.— An order 
po.Mteil by ."Superintendent G. G. Gra- 
ham, Kuporivaor of the Cascade divi- 
sion of the C. P. R., which provides 
that on December 15, all freight en- 
Kines and train crews on the division 
and a number o£ switcli crpws shall 
Immediately take up their residence In 
(Coquitlam, Is the big news development 
of the week. 

Xiarre Humber Affected 

The order deals with about wcnty- 
flve train crewa and its effect will be 
that after the Coquitlam tenninal of 
the C. P. n. is opened on December 
15, all freight trains will be made up 
and distributed at Coquitlam and that 
nil the frelpht crews will live there. 

In consequence of this no regular 
freight trains will run either into Van- 
couver or out directly after the Indi- 
cated date. 

.A.bout two hundred and fifty men are 
affected by the order and with the 
families of the trainmen It Is esti- 
mated that the population of Coquit- 
lam will be augumcnted by 750 or more 
people as soon as the order la carried 
out on December 15. 

BuUding' Boom 

As all bullding-s put up durlnj the 
summer at Coquitlam ar« now oocu- 
pied, the announcement from tho C P. 
R. has precipitated a building boom. 
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have 
already over fifty new reRidences In 
process of erection Ip addition to those 
which tliey have completed duriiv# the 

The Moving of the Train Crews to Coquitlam 

l.'; (inlv a .small part of the C. P. R.'s contribution to Coqiift- 
lam'.s g:ro\vt]i. and the industrial upbuilding of the nev 
town promises to overshadow the C. P. R.'s work. 

EVERY PREDICTION we made concern Ins (^oqultlam a year ago will come true a« 
tli.^ one rcKardlriK Ihe trainmen has Ju»l been fuiniled. 

ARF/vOU going to keep on listening to the senseless, prejudiced, ill-informed ene- 
mies of Coquitlam, or are you going to come for your information to this great, big, r^- 
able, solid corporation, which knows what it is talking about. 

COQUITLAM is the ONE new town that everybody is commenting on as the new 
city that is making good, and more than good in every respect — promising MUCH atid 
fulfilling MOKE. 

Henii your name and a<1<lremr for literature and to be lUted for the beautiful book< 
let, roijultlam, th«) Industrial City," now In preparation— limited edition. 


549-553 Granville Street, Vancouver Lotal Of f ic©---Co<iuitl«n^ 




Fri<J«y, November 8, 19la 



TI ■ 

ru n n 

«N mwM, 

C.P.R. Steamer Loaded Deep 
With Freight When She Left 
the Outer Wharf Yesterday 
for the Orient 



Sixteen Atlantic Steamers Con- 
tributed Shipments to the 
Lonsdale, Now en Route 
From. Salina Cruz 

J)n^l)ad to th« Orient tb« at«MMr 
']" Cftpt OavlBon, of the C. P. St, 
~Chiter wbarf yesterday mornlntr. 
ff,6(Hi tons of genereJ freight, for 
MongMone the steamer had 8.600 tons 
of flour, the total shipment for thla 
port belns 4,700 tons. For Japanese, 
ports tliere was 720 tons, and 600 tons 
tor ShanghS;!. Condensed milk on board 
totalled 400 tons and there was 250 
" wHl ll . . il itiii%ttu» i , 1 . « Phe »e wwo 6 8 

i UOn>' :tK>«rdl^ lBi^udln« t wen ty 
;«aloon. fifty aecond class and 470 In 

■|.ithe steerage. . ' „ 

The Japanese' steamer Awa Maru, of 
Nipjion' "Tassa~1Cal»hff — line, com- 
S!T»-f;|peted discharglns 1.000 tons of general, 
freight and left for Seattle. The Kee- 
mun has also finiehed unloading and 
goes to Vancouver to discharge there. 
The Fltzclarence, of the Weir line, 
which took on board 1,500 tons of salt 
lish for Cliina and Japan, Is to leave 
this morning for the Orient. 

Wngioian En Sonte 

The steamer Maslt'iuii, Capt. Harris, 
of the Harrison-Direct line, left San 
l'"rancl8co yesterday, en route here with 
general cargo from Liverpool, Glasgow 
,and Antwerp by way of Santos, San 
Pedro and the Golden Gate, The Crown 
of Qallola left San Francisco shortly 
after the Magician cleared un route to 
Liverpool after completing her cargo 
loaded here and at Vancouver and 
Puget sound ports with canned goods 
and grain. 

Lonsdale Coming North 

Sixteen steamers contributed to the 
cargo- of the steamer Lonsdale, of the 
Canadian Mexican line, which left Sa'.- 
jna Cruz ou Wednesday and Is^ue here 
on Nov€mber 19. She has 3,000 tons of 
capffo on board. Including 600 tons, to be 
landed at Victoria. Of the sixteen 
steamers which sent shipments across 
the Tehuantapec railroad for the Lons- 
dale two were from eastern Canadian 
ports and considerable canned goods were 
amongist their freight. Another vessel 
was the AntlUian, which was wrecked 
at. Turk's Island, in th* Gulf of Mexico. 
in May last, when en route to Puerto 
Mexico with general freight. The de- 
layed shipments on that vessel will be 
Included In the Lonsdale's cargo. 

The steamers which connected with 
the Lonsdale were the Corcovedo, Cen- 
turian and Statesman of the Harrison 
line, Bornu rind Sokoto ■ from Montreal, 
Frankenwald and Slegerwald of the 
German line, Cuban, Saba, Texas, ."xn 
American-Hawaiian liner from New 
York; Montserrat, AntlUian, Ypjranga. 
Virginian, Sirocco and Nestorlan. 

As far as can be learned at present 
the Lonsdale Is on her last tripsin this 

LAii mrs 

mtm ^^^ fii?f^Qf^K.^^i^^J}'^m ^ Outer- Wharf 

■> L .A •■ W i * v^ I .. *. ■ - ' f_^ - ■-'^' - ■--- — ■ - ^^ 


the Venture give further pattleidars of 
a rich find of free-mllUng gold near 
KttseleaAon the Skeena. The Prince Ru- 
pert News ways; "A««»yB made recenUy 
have run M high as |70p to the ton, and 
quantitieae of It are to lie found wttbln a 
short distance of. tbe railroad. 

"The recent strike make at Kltauoi- 
kalum Lake in this district, and the 
nrifflftnt ftttractHiK ram^ .'"^.^'^ 

I !>■ ' i ' t< II I 'i't ii I i w ii I ' '» ! 

In mining , circles to the gold-bei^ring 
quarts of that section of the Interior 
where ^old Is known to «xist and 'which 
was worked some years ago. 
«»8o fw n o g i r ea t a m o un t^^ tf work h sjt 

been done, and i^prlUnot be probably, on 
acotint of the imbw ohd difficulty ot (get- 
ting suppllesi tnaterial. etc., on Uw 
ground, for the early stages of thode-' 

vclopment work. 

•Quite a rush has been going on to 
the vicinity and a number of claims 
staked and despite the obstacles to be 
contended with stated above, one com- 
pany thinks with railroad facilities at 
hand, they may be able to make a trial 
shipment. / 

"The coming spring will see a great 
development In iiuart?. mining In this 
promising district, aa for some years 
experienced prospectors have been going 
over the ground, and mineral in paying 
ciuantities has been known to exist.'' 

Messrs, Angwin and Williams 
Spent Thirteen Hours on 
Rock Waist Deep in Water 
After Loss of Vessel 



steamers Aberiour and Harpalyce and 

Bark Verciiigetorix Will Take 

18,500 Tons of Grain 



Heroic Work by Men of Westport Sta- 
tion When Smacks Drove on 
vraahington Coast 

ABERDEEN, Nov. 7.— Without hope 
of escaping death In the race of water 
through the entrance to Grays Harbor, 
four fishermen, whose smacks were 
driven ashore on a spit near the north 
jetty two days ago, were rescued yes- 
terday after heroic efforts by the West- 
port Uf-osavlng crew. 

Xewp of the rescue readied .'Vberdeen 
through the Cohasset Beach Telephone 
<'oini.iany. The men rescued ar-e two 
hrotherg by the name of Lunger, Ed 
Mnhon and Rasmussen, a well known 
Jlslierman of Aberdeen. The smacks, 
four In number, were driven ashor* dur- 
ing a severe storm night before last 
iiiul since that time the men had been 
Hcanning thi' Westport shore in hope of 

Wh-en picked up two of the men were 
uncon.-'clous. All were taken awny safe- 
ly. The trip acro.Hs the entrance to th" 
harbor by the life saving crew ^s said 
■by Westport people to have been one 
of the most heroic things ever attempt- 
ed along the coast. The waves were 
lilKh and owing to the peculiar condi- 
tion that exists in the entrance during 
u storm tlie undertaking was particu- 
larly dangerous. The crew found the 
men famishod and utterl.v rxliaiiatcd 
from their long exposure. 

The boats were owned by Lundriulst, 
a Westport man who operates a fish 
business in that place. 



TACOMA, Wash., Nov. 7.^About 18,- 
500 tons of wheat will be taken by the 
three grain vessels now here loading, the 
list including the British steamers 
Aberlour and llarpalyce and the French 

bark Vercin^etorlx. ' '■■B^MbiM'''' 

.At the 'Balfour docl^|jiifeBrltlsh 
steamer Aberlour will nnl^ler •tacoma 
loading 'today and tomorrow morning 
will shift down sound, where she will 
take 1.500 tons additional freight be- 
fore leaving for Europe. She is loading 
5,000 tons of wheat at Tacoma and her 
full cargo win be 6,600 tons. Her des- 
tination Is Naples. 

The xVberlour Is being given fairly 
smart dispatch »nd It Is expected that 
she will be ready to steam from Seat- 
tle Friday night after completing her 
cargo of 6,500 tons. The steamer la 
under chatter to Balfour, Guthrie & 

^''- ' ^■■i^mM^ , . ■ ;,. K 

The British st ei| j l j t ,^iiyarpalyce, whl-ih 
hds not been working cargo since the 
first of the week, wi'.l -.esume loadl.ig 
tomorrow morning, i'he has about 6,- 
600 tons to load. She w.ll probably not 
get away before the Iirst of the wsek. 

At the Balfour Jock tie French btrk 
Verclngetorix has flni:-hcd discharging 
her cargo of fire : rick .and is now -ilDng- 
side the steamer Kiipi.lyce. She Is 
ready to resume 'oaiWg v/hcat and will 
be one of the depart .i;-cs In the grain 
fleet next week. 

Among the regular liners which will 
carry wheat from Tac vm this month 
are the Japanese steamers Tacoma Maru 
and tITe Awa Maru. Consider tijle v. heat 
will also be shipped out on tli'j Blue 
Funnel liner Keemun. 

M0900-wVt* Meamar Brings Furttaar Ifawa 

Xagarding rinda of rraa-Mllllng 

Oold Hear Kltsalaas 

The steamer Venture. Capt. Parks, of 
the Ho«cowltr .'Uenmship Compan>', 
reached the Kvans, Coleman and Fvnn.s' 
wharf last night from Mclla Bella and 
way ports and will .sail ligitln for the 
north thla morning. The Venture landed 
a full cargo of canned saUnon, the bulk 
being discharged at Vantrouver. She had 
a fair complome>nt of passengers. After 
ccmplcting this voyagi- north the steam- 
er will be withdrawn to have 8om> al- 
terations made to the oil fuel tanks, and 
tliQ steamer Chclohsin will tako her 
p9tilt<m in the company's schedule. 

Prlnoe Rupert newspapers received by 



Encountered Wma Blowing at Rate of 

Ninety Miles an Hour Between 

Portland and Callao 

PORTLAND, Oro., Nov. 7. — When 300 
miles southwest of the Columbia river 
the British ship RavenhlU, Capt. Rob- 
erts arriving at Llnnton from Callao. 
ran into a gale which blew 90 miles an 
liour. Her decks were flooded and she 
came near going over on her beam ends. 
Her ballast shifted slightly, but she 
lost none of her sails. 

The Uavenhlll completed the passage 
from Callao to the Columbia river In 
57 days. Just previous to the big blow 
she spoke the American schooner Wins- 
low, which later i)ut into the river for 
orders. The square-rlsgor and schooner 
wore in company tlic best part of a day. 

Bearing the name of the Ancalos the 
RavenhlU wn?? at Portland three years 

In command of the British bark As- 
toria, Capt. Roberts was at Portland 
12 ye.nrs ago. Nine years prior to that 
he brought the British bark Archer to 
the Rose city. When he still was In 
her she was wrecked off Cape Flattery 
in 1893 and three livet^ were lost. Dam- 
aged more than 75 per cent the Archer 
was sold to an American firm, rebuilt 
and placed under United Stales regis- 
try. Slie i.s now operatlnR in the coast- 
wise lime and lumber trade as a power 
lirlgantine with her home port at Roche 
Harbor on San Juan Island. 

Selsnra of Opium 

8AN FRANCISCO, Cal., Nov. 7.— 
Three hundred and thirty tins of opium, 
valued at 110,000, was found by cus- 
toms ofn<>lals today on the steamship 
Chlyo Maru. No due was obtained as 
to the identity of perspns who conces}^ 
ad the drug and no arrests were oiade. 

Two Suits of Sails Blown Away 
in Typhoons and Other Daiijj- 
air^mfEr-PfwIj^p W«ie 

Almost Khau^6d; 

with her foremast sprung, several 

spars broken. ^'IfcJ'iy?^^ *^fej|"^^ 
left Intact. thei^|i|||||^li^{j|P||;.n^ 
of Victoria, Capt. Sanders, reached 
Esquimau early this inornlngr from 
Osaka, after a rough {<a8sage lasting 
.'>4 days. The provisions were almost 
exhausted. Several men were Injured 
during the passage- Two typhoons 
were encountered, and when the four- 
master came through them there wa.s 
little canvas left. Sail after sail was 
ribbons, two suits being blown avt-ay, 
and for the remainder of the voyage 
the vessel limped along with reefed 
main and foresails, a spanker and gaft 

It was eight days after the David 
Evans passed out of Kobe harbor that 
the flrst storm was encountered. When 
the barometer- began to tumble all 
hands were sent to shorten sail and 
before this work was done the typhoon 
Was on the vessel. Satis were torn 
from the gaskets and torn Into rib- 

The schooner was heavily laden, 
having a cargo of sulphur In her holds, 
and she labored very heavily, Te 
masts groaned and it was feared, tat 
they might snap. The decks were 
very wet, everything moveable being 
swept about by the seas which broke 
o^-er the vessel. Some of the seamen 
were Injured by being swept against 
the rail when lifted from their feet by 
the seas. 

Canvas in Shreds. 

Ten days after this storm the 
schooner encountered another one, 
when In about 160 east longitude. The 
typhoon again carne with suddenness 
and before the canvas could be short- 
ened the heavy wind tore It, sailing 
after sail blowing away. There was a 
heavy sea, and the wen at the rrheel 
and some working at the pumps had 
to be lashed to their posts to prevent 
them heing swept overboard. 

One heavy sea pounded on the main 
hatch and stove It In. The loss of the 
canvas resulted In slow progress be- 
ing made after the typhoon blew out. 
Two suits of canvas had been lost and 
dill/rent search was made in the sail 
lockers and old canvas was patched 
up as well as possible, the vessel being 
.sparsely rigged and progress wn«i very 

Tobacco ramlne. 

There was a tobacco famine on hoard 
.Time days before land was sighted, 
and the sack of flour was used up 
hy the tlm* Tatoosh was seen. As the 
schooner came Into the Str.alts vain ef- 
forts were made to .Tttract the atten- 
tion of the U. S. .S. Snohomish, but no 
answering signal came from- the life- 
saving vessel. Soon afterward tlie tuR 
Pioneer came and put a lino on the 

The David Kvans goes to Powell 
river to discharge 1.210 tons of sulphur 
and will proceed from there to Van- 
coiiver to load another cargo of hinilier 
for Osaka. 

S G. Angwin and S. C. Williams of 
this city had a narrow escape from death 
following the total wreck of a 28-foot 
power launch in which' they were re- 
luming frufu Sidney. The launch broke 
down when ninr Ten Mile Point during 
a strong southtust blow, and was blown 
on the rocks abv)Ut 200 feet from shore. 
For thirteen hours the two men clung 
to the rocks, often waist-deep in water, 
^hlle .seas broke over them. Angwin 
made two plucky attempts to swim 

'pb'^Wks and 

^W*k-'te"ja«l'^**iB|f.' A-tagJ. , ., . 
«i»0i(t •» h«^ tifitat the wreek «t VMt 
launeb. i^d, eJtbougb shuts wer,9, ,|im<I, 
with a ili-lKire eboteuh an4 every «tX&ie$, 
in«de to 4ttr«et attention br ibe two 
ittilpwreeked men, the tu^oat PAMmA 
bjr. The dlsappolntntent was IDtmae. 

The two men reached Victoria jrestei*-' 
day. They remained at the scene of tha 
Wreck to save the engine— eU that was 
recovered from their vesseL In telling: 
t ba ate >» e » tlnto ea g e s lM m si tiny sa Ui 


win Be Towed Back to Station by the 

Steamer Quadra — Diapbona on 


The Kandheads light-ship, on which a 
dla^hone fOK alarm has been plai'cd, has 
been completed and will be towed hack 
to her station at the mouth of the 
Frnser river In a few days by the light- 
house tender Quadra. The Quadra Is 
now engaged in restoring the beacon 
off Point Orey whicli was knocked out 
of position by an unknown tugboat. 


are iibsol\Ue and truthful. 
La Presse has the largest circulation 
of any daily newspaper In Canada, with- 
out exception. Sworn average for the 
vear 1911, over 100,000. The best Is 
none too good for you. Send for rates 
and further particulars. 
X. Z. ll«X>atohy, B.O. Xeprese&tattva, 
307-808 Crown Bldg., Vancouver, 

uk. vmBBBB, xoxTmaajb 

Cedar blocks for sale, 40c cart load, 
%\ double load. Xumber 2 shingles (1.50 
per M. Victoria Shingle Company, 
l^vld atraeu 

"IK^e left Sidney on Saturday atfter* 
noon and iirere infiklng good progresa 
before the atorni catne up. As dartmtM 
eahut <m, a strong sea set up aitd w!|iea 

wg " wm y^ftf T go ~ M H0 p o mt,- 

itAutg-ve^^mil runs, the englne~r«;,|ii^ 
horsepower heavy duty — ^broke down, 
and about 7 o'clock she sftruck hard on 
a rock about 200 feet from shore. Tho 
hull broke soon, the sea pounding hard, 
l.>reaklng over. We clung to the rock, 
drenched to the akin, cold and hungry, 
and about S o'clock a tugboat came by. 
Tug Passed By. 

"Although the tug was only about 40 
yards away from us when she passed, 
she did not come to our assistance. 
They must have seen us. Wo had a 
IZ-bore shotgun ■ and . we fired several 
shots — the last across the bow of the 
tug — but It never changed its course. 
There were men on deck, and they 
waved a lantern . toward , us several 
times, and then the tug passed on. Our 
disappointment was ke«n, for we did 
not think we vk'ould be able to get off 
the rock. 

A Gallant Effort. 

"When the tugboat passed us we de- 
cided that one would have to try to 
swim ashore to get assistance. The sea 
Was getting up all the dme, the wind 
Increasing, and there was a long roll 
surging at top speed over the rock. 
Angwin being a strong swimmer — an 
old service mKn. formerly on H. M. S. 
Algerlne — It was dectdexl that h^ should 
make the attempt, and he niade a gal- 
lant effort. The sea was too strong, 
he wevor, and he was unable, despite the 
fact that ho Is quite a strong swimmer, 
ti reach shore. He finally gave up the 
effort and worked back to the rock. 
' gl^;:, -An Awfal Night. 

■'thirteen hours, shivering with 
cold, hungry and most of the time 
waist-deep In water, we clung to that 
rock. It was an awful night. When 
morning came the sea began to go down 
and then a small boat put off from 
shore and rescued us." Williams had 
his knee badly hurt, being knocked 
about during the night on the rock, and 
Angwin sustained some injuries to his 
ribs by striking against the rocks when 
making two attempts to swim ashore. 




Via Port Angeles and Port 

Daylight Service 
Fast Steel Steamship 



Leaves Victoria at 11.00 a m.. 
Dally, Except Sunday, from Can- 
adian Pacific Dock. Returning, 
leaves Seattle, Dally, Except 
Sunday, at 12. SO a. m. 

Tal. 466. 1334 aovammant St. 

Book Now For 

Christmas Sailings 

To the Old Country 

S. S. "Prince Rupert"-Mon(la>s, 10.00 a. m. 
To Vancouver and Prince Rupert 

With bi-monthly connection for 

Service twice monthly to Queen Charlotte Lsland Points. 

TO SEATTX.E Sundays 10 A. TtL. 


On 1st, nth and 2Ist of Each Month. 
GRAND TRUNIC^ PACIKIC Trains connect with S. S. "Prlnoe Rupert" 

for points East. 

City Pass, and Ticket Agt. Tel. 1212. Dock and Freight Agt., Tel. IKW 

For San 


From Victoria, 8 a.m. every Wednesday, 
8.8. UMAlULXiA or CITY OF i'UKBLA, and 
10 a.m. every F^-lday from Seattle, S.S. 

For Southea»torn Alaaka, Nov, 1, 11, 17, 
lasves Seattle at 8 p.m. ^ 

Ocean jm4 mU- tlokeu to New ToMc ««« 
all other lMtlStf»a San rrancUco. 

■gyarght^^iBl Ticket Office.. 1117 ynastt 

KT & CO., General Agents. 


CvMildmn-^-^atttmaaiy nftemoon, 8 p. ift 
f^r tersui and particulars, vsnAt 

' :iilMi»>' flDDDPsoir ■ 



By Government Wireless 
8 a. m. 

Point Grey — Raining; calm; 2!i.6S; 11. 

Cape Lazo — Raining; calm; 29.70; 40. 
S. fe. Alkl abeam at 3.30 a. m. off Sis- 
ter's light, southbound. 

Tatoosh — Cloudy; 8. 26 nill^s; 29.85: 
49; rough. In, S. S. Watson at 10.15 
p. m. Out, 6.50 a m., S. S. Capt Lucas. 

Pachena — Cloudy; calm; 29.62; 45; 
light swell. 

Estevan — Clear; calm; 29.75; 45; sen 

Triangle— Halnlng: N.W,; 29.90; 40. 
.Spoke .S. S. .Spokane, Mllbank Sound, 
8.45 p. m., northbound; 5.55 a. m. Paci- 
fic Coast mall steamer China, position 
28.34 N., 148.47 west; S.S. Hllonian, 148 
miles west of Honolulu. 

Ikeda — Overcast; calm; 29.30; 38; sea 

Prince Rupert — Cloudy; S.E. light; 
29, '8; 33; sea smooth. 

Dead Tree Point — Overcast; calm; 
.•^ea smooth. S. S. Princess Enu at All- 
ford bay. 


Point Grey — Overcast; S.E. light; 
29. 66: .'■>0. Out, S. .S Celtic, 11.30 a. in. 

Cape Lazo — Overcast; S.E. : 29.60; 49: 
llKht swell. Spoke, Princess RcntrUc 
off Campbell river, northbound. 

Tatoosh — Cloudy; S. E., 16 miles; 
29.90; 60; sea moderate. In, S-masted 
barcjuentlne. 8.30 u. m.; S. S. Victoria, 
12 o'clock noon. 

Pachena — Cloudy; 
47; sea moderate. 

Estevan — Cloudy: 



Is the date on which a 
special party of travelers 
bound abroad for Christ- 
mas will leave Victoria. 

To England 

This party will be person- 
ally accompanied and di- 
rected by Claude A. Solly, 
ah experienced traveler. 
Every comfort of the mem- 
bers of this party will be 
cared for. They will be 
free to enjoy the features 
of a pl'casant trip over one 
of the most interesting 
routes on the continent. 



S.E.. li<?ht: 29.71; 




light swell. Spoke S. S. Lcebro at Hes- 
quiat 11 a. m. 

Trlan(?le — Cloudy; W.: 29.98; 46; 

light swell. 

Ikcda— Raining; S.E., light: 29.38; 45, 
In 2-masted steamer at .Tedway probably 
the Cetrlania, 9.30 a. m. 

Prince Rupert — Cloudy: N. : llfght; 
29.49: 42. Out, 6.30 a. m., Cheloshin, 
southbound. In, 8. S. Spokane, 9.10 a. m. 
Out, sRSin at 11.30 a m., northbound. 

Deiad Tree Point — Raining; calm; sea 
smooth. Spoke S. 8. Princess Bna at 
AUford bay. 

Vawlnftoa to Xapalr 

The steamer Newlngton, of the flshory 
protection service, la being laid up at 
Esqulmalt to undergo some repairs and 
overhauling. A new deck will b« placed 
la the veasal. 

One Flat Charge will 
cover ALL the ex- 
penses of the trip. 

This flat chaTKo will pay 
for: Collection of baggage 
from Victoria; bonding of 
bag^faR-e through to steam- 
ship plor on Atlantic side; 
dinner on C. P. R. boat be- 
tween Victoria and Seattle: 
one night's hotel accomm-o- 
datlon and breakfast In Se- 
attle; train berth across 
continent, and fare; three 
menls a day on train; 
night's hotel accommodation 
and breakfast in New York. 
This party will reach the 
ports of New York and 
Portland, Me., just in time 
to catch the final sailings. 
to reach overseas ports in 
time for Christmas. 

Write or call or phone for 
' rates at once. 

Claude A. Solly 

Commercial Agent 
Chicago. Milwaukee and Puget 

Sound Ra.llway 
1003 Government St., Victoria, B.C. 

Phones 2811-28*1. 



It !• propoicd to rorm a Uanclnir 
r'lub (of young ntudenta and their 
friend*, to bo cnlled tho "l''Btrlcl» 
I>ancing Club." It will be under the 
direct control and manacement of 
Mri. Slmpton, and each month two 
danoca are to be hold in the new 
Connauubt Hall, th» flrit belnK on 
Friday, November 22. Admlaaiou 
can be had only by praaentlng card 
at the door. 

Boy* «1.M; Olrta B«o 
per dance 
For any further partlctilara apply to 


•fl Tatea ««.. VhmmW.vnv 



Change in Schedule of Main Line Trains 

Ko. 4'— Toronto Express, leaves Vancouver 8:45 a.m. instead 

.No. 1 4 . 8t i» tl»jafc iNol. «3^e«| letvtt Vlpcouver 14k in- 

No. 3-~1tmperill Xii^llid Imni Ifmnowm at x|>;ir$ Biead 
of aok. 

makes connec- 

Tbe »Hf p. sfi. jteiuner fr^ Vlctosim 
tion witb 'iVoip f(oi 4* ^«cl the i»^f» p. |||, i^mer from Victoria 

1.1 i.l i iiii.i ni I liil ff ili j l 'l l '' ' ' iil lV' I 'l r .Hl^l'lil' I ' i 'll' ll j ilil W I. 'M il ' iu.,.J' l j i j'" ii ' l ji fl'i'il' ' ' ,. '!' ■ • ' ——— 

-^S ;PIR: dmces; ■- .:^::-i^^i^^-^:^|^. .; CHETTI AM. 

City Passenger Agent 

I102 Government Street. 

' ast Steamer From Montreal to Bristol, Eng. 

Tiw la.1t Of our fast turbine express steamers this fall taking 
shortest route to Ijondon ,iiid Continent. 

XOV. 13th. l.ATEK SAlLlX«i8 IRO.M UALU?AX. 

lloyal Kdward H p.m., Nov. 27th. 

Kuyul Oeorifci H p.m., Dec. Hth. 

Any railway or Blenni«hlp agent will 
book your passage vUa these steamers, 
ir write to 


To 1702 Quadra Street 

At the Corner of Fisguard 


1702 Quadra Street 

Phone 4152 

a bottle of the 

Special Selected 


of the Corby Distillery to 
the country with you — to 
the lakes or the woods. 

This pure straight 
whisky, free from 
artificial color or 
flavour, sold in 
bottles under 
Government Seal, 
— is invaluable for 
medicinal pur- 
poses — unequalled 
as a beverage. 
For sale at all 
leading hotels and 
liquor stores. •" 

'*Corliy't of CorbyvOltt 
for Oror Hdlf aCoiitiir3r.r 

WE have a Fit- Re- 
form Overcoat 
which will exactly 
suit your taste and your 

It may be a Fit- Reform 
"Military," "Form-Fitting," 
"Swagger," "Convertible," 
or some other style — ^but 
whichever style you choose, 
it will make you look as you 
want to look. 

Come in and let us help 
you select it, 

915.00 TO 935.00 



Comar T«tM MM 

AUen*$ Clothes m- 

>i^^»A^^J-.fcai;^:^;-a.^i?..:f :■;„:..;, 







H ■"'(-? 

^ • n.Y C OLOMST 

Friday, Novsmfoflr 8, 1912 


Agricultural Department Out- 
lining Programme of Demon- 
stration Work on Crops to 
Get Best From Acreage 

Mr. \V. E. Scott, deputy minister of 
agriculture, before leaving for Vernon 
ami Clucago last night announced that i 
llie depariment wus eiigaged In Itie pre- j 
para.tlon of a programme of demoonstra- ' 
lion work in tlie growing of field crops ■ 
on different ranclies In various parts j 
of the province, on lines similar to the i 
ilfinunstralion orcliards already doited j 
about all over the countrj-, from tlie ; 
results of which valuable information Is 

Acreage on farms will be selected 
■which the rancher will undertake to 
cultivate according to tht instructions 

of the department duunK an entire ro 

lation under terms to be arr«H{«i ^*- \ f^f'^rtdh t^mHStr ImovDrtlk itM'^W* 

ween the departm9nt and h jttftrtSy^ iB 
me cases the acreage wlU b« 4IvM«d 

fp into plots ^'^ ^««t«4 witb dtfter- 

ent manures: )P.«>bSi|aU<^ igaanner to 
those on the ROtKamsted exp«eln«at»l 
farm In England, where a croi» teiif**«rn 
under a niunber of different condition* 
regards the manures used. 
si-yteMB* tW» yny farxnen In each distriot 
| w> ¥ > bef e y e tl» t » e y eii th e practtre 
.«:K^Npdi^' best methoda of oultivatton and 
W at)ie to watch tn detail the reanlta 
gained on land similar to th«lr ^^n. 

The details *f- ibUf pnMTanune have 
yet to be wo rhoA <tot. Wt tft» WJI ptUmf 
taken by the Qepartment Is Wfr^ljlch 
promises to! do an immense amount to- 
wards the education of the farmer. 

It is just eleven months ago since 
similar practice of the department of 
nericulture in Holland was described 
in these columns. In that country a 
farmer volunteer.^ to allow liis farm 
to be u.sed for experlmeneal purposes. 
He must continue these through the 
wliole of a six years' rotation, and 
carry out the tillage according to In- 
structions. The government pays all 
expenses and supplies seed. 

Every plot Is labellecl clearly with par- 
ticulars of the experiment being tried 
and on Sundays and holidays attracts 

vi-sttOTs- from the" neighbors TrOm miles 

around who compare notes. After har- 
vest statistics are published as to the 
quantity and quality of the produce both 
for eating and for stock raising. 

Under this system in Holland the use 
of chemical fertilizers has spread rap- 
idly and with It the amount of crop 
an acre which the land can be made to 

the highest standard at all times. The 

beat of housing will be provided for 
the cows, and they will be looked after 
carefully to keep them on their feed 
properay and up to a high standard 
of efficiency. IMie beet of dairy stock 
will be utilized only. All cows will 
be tested properly with the tubercu- 
line test, records kept of their yield 
and each Individual cow required to 
bo worthy o( Ijer. place In the dairy 

Proper inllklng sheds wlU be provided, 
the cows groomed regularly and the 
dairy maids supplied with milking uni- 
forms to be worn when milking and 
when milking only. These uniforms 
will be kept spotlessly clean. The mod- 
erh machinery for pasteurizing and 
handling the milk wiU oe installed. It 
wlU be provided to keep the milk at 
the proper temperature and the utmost 
care and precaution will be taken at all 
times from the cow to the consumer. 
The dairy will be the model dairy of 
the we.stern provinces. 

Mr. Candy has botii In the dairy bus- 
iness before. He established a model 
dairy in Mlddlesix, England, some years 
ago. Ha Incorporated tfe&iflM' ^^°'''^"' 
In dairying at that ttli^|||pce then 

the Industry has madO remarkable 

strides and ho will go considerably far- 
ther tl«tii ta Up Uwt ufaorti 

X Ma aatkriNA tbad tber* la » ttanand 

declared Mr. Candy to a QafftUdl Mfril 
this momlnr Tb«r« are «lck paopl* #aA 

children w^'tmOif MMh • »l^if|MM»« 
we pro^ ta^^ilv* H ^ W0m< Wlt|i 
SU<^ pilMlt'^jlintf^fuch precaution at every 
»Wit»-'-1^ tlta enterprise, a considerable 
ontlay will be reaulreA t» aq^p the 
dairy and enterprise, vpmfll ■„ itf 
operation ■■^rt»|-'' '^iMi^.v^a^aii**!.'''- 'fF* 

our produc«v«ii^i. , ,,,.., 

ary milk 80|NiiR.'F;»tt* I' ' im. wnfldeht 
that ttte 4tmmi$- to 1MR4 HSa not a 
aUeatian..«C :tt» JtHOt' <BBa»-',Jil«»9 nton 
^peo^^.tf VkMV''^^^^ '^■'f^'**^-''''^^ 

tb<q^'4W|H|HMi*'^°-^ '^ requiredtK| 

WhnFW'Sngland, Mr. Candir ■■tnfefle 
an extensive "study of dairying metliods. 
He attended the dairy show and is con- 
versant with everything that is modern 
and up to the minute in modern and 
scientific dairying. 



Now Making Kapld Progress — Qallant 

Struggle Against Hotbscblld 


The rise of the Canadian copper and 
nickel industry In the late eighties, and 
the gallant struffgles of the company which 
fought the great Rothschilds combine, 
formed the aub-Ject of an Interesting: address 
at a meetlnjc of the Science Undergraduates 
l^oclety of McGUI university, says The 
Montreal Star. The speaker was Mr. D. H. 
lirowne, of Cobalt, whom 0ean Adams de- 
scribed as "*tho foremost authority of nickel 
nictallurKy In the world." 

Br. Browne went back to the seventies 
and told of how nickel was first found, and 
first used as a mining commodity — of how 
promoters accidentally stumbled upon It 
and of how ultimately the Iron and steel 
Industry of Great Britain became Interested 
sufficiently to send out a special repre- 
sentative In the person of James Ryloy, 
whose report has become world-famous. 
Byley stated that the nickei present In the 
Canadian copper ore was a wonderful 
material, and had great possibilities. 

Then the Canadian company sought a 
market. Keprcscntatlves were made to the 
Canadian and American governmcnt.i. with 
the result that special commissioners were 
appointed to look Into the matter — Sir 
Charles Tupper, for the former and Lieut. 
Buckingham for the latter. Despite the 
skeptical attitude of the great German 
speclail.Hts In the Kiupp firm and the hos- 
tllB attitude of the Hothschllds. Sir Charles 
and Sir John A. MacDonald advised the 
Canadian company to hold to their rights 
and gave them steady support. thereby 
guaranteeing a great Industrv for the fu- 
ture of Canada. The American government 
experimented with the result that the su- 
perior qualities of nickel armor . plating 
were discovered. In I8S1I the American 
government set aside an appropriation of a 
TnllUon dollars for nickel, thereby assuring 
the future of the Canadian Industry. 
Rothschild cut prices to a suicidal figure, 
but didn't phase the Canadian company. 
He wa« forced himself to come to terms or 


Tormer Oonuulseloner of Bdmonton to 

BstabUah Model Xnatltatlon for 

Dairy Prodnots 

A model dairy, equipped with every- 
thing that modern practical st:Ience 
has decreed as requisite to the sup- 
ply of entirely wholesome milk, is to 
be provided the city of Edmonton by 
Stephen W. Candy, formerly city 
commlesloner, who has Just returned 
from a six months' visit to England, 
says The Bdmonton Journal. Situat- 
ed on a half-section of land adjoining 
the proposed new city limits, on the 
south Bide, the dairy will have 100 
cows, housed and cared for In the 
most modern and up-to-date manner 
And milked night and morning by 

Dairymaids have outstripped all 
mere men milkers and milking 
machines by their efficiency, and Mr. 
Candy proposes to employ such help 
on his dairy. He intends to bring 
these dairymaids from Bngland. In 
the old country educated girls are at- 
tendlniT technical schools, studying 
dairying methods and the science of 
dairying, than flndtity ready -amploy- 
ment aa mllkera and as dairy help. 
Mr. Candy ;sot>oses to use saob help 
on bis dairy tarro. 

As for buildings, the Candy dairy 
farm will be equipped with tba last 
word In dairy facilities, aaanliaesi^ 
aad aanltatloii wlU tw maintained at 

The Smpreas Theatre — A well bal- 
anced bill with enough variety to suit 
the moat hypercritical of vaudevlllo- 
goers is offered at the Empress theatrn 
this week. It is headed by the Three 
.Spa Brothers, a trio of gymnasts, who 
offer some of th« best efforts In this 
line seen here for some time. Some of 
the more daring feats Include the 
mounting of ladders swaying on a bal- 
ancing board with one performer bal- 
ancing the other, h«ad to head. Mr. 
George Garden offers a treat to lov«rs 
of Instrumental music, especially the 
xylophone. He is a master of that In- 
strument, and Includes in his repertoire 
both operatic numbers and lighter airs. 
Many of the medleys he offers bring 
forth outbursts of applause. The Har- 
mony Belles and Beaux, four singers, 
two women and two men, contribute an 
artistic singing number which pleases 
greatly. They have a good r^epertoiro 
varying lighter numbers with classical 
and semi-classical efforts, and the 
mixed quartette wins much applause. A 
comedy number which occasions much 
laughter. Is that of Van and Carrie 
Avery, who present a laughable sketch 
cntitle<l "The Night Porter." Van 
Avery, a one-time minstrel man, appears 
in the blackface role of, Rastus, the por- 
ter, and his partner does some good 
Impcrsation work. Collier and , De 
Walde, a couple of expert roller skat-ers 
do some trick and fancy skating that 
brings forth much applause. 

Majestic Theatre: "The Poacher's 
Pardon." This i« the finest production 
ever made in England by an American 
company. Dora, the gamek<;eper's 
daughter, is In lo'v* with the poacher, 
whom ber father is hunting down. 
Picturesque locations in rural England 
compose the background for this in- 
tensely dramatic story. "The One She 
Loved," Blograph feature. A lovely 
picture and a most desirable production. 
"Rescue, Care and Education of Blind 
Babies." This is unquestionably a rare 
film. The film shows just what the 
titl-e indicates, and. in the cours<?. of the 
picture, there are moments of deep 
pathos — and sharper perhaps than would 
Vie drawn out by the best drama of /lie 
month. It makes ft strong appeal to 
the sympathies of intelligent men and 
women. "London Anlmate<l .lournal" Is 
a splendid number. "Four Days a 
Widow." Hubby takes a "buslneiss trip" 
Wlfey gets wise and takes a pleasure 
trip. He «ets the worst of It. She g>et8 
him just where sh« wants him. This 
is an up-to-date comedy for up-to-date 
people, and will be shown at the Ma- 
jestic today and tomorrow. 

Crystal Theatre — A complete change 
of pictures today with "The Combination 
of The Safe," as the feature, by the 
Kalem Company. This Is one of those 
strong dramas that appeals to every 
man, woman and child. "A Tennesse 
Love Story" Is e pretty Sellg drama laid 
among the mountains of that wild and 
picturesque country; "Honors Divided" 
Is a ClnwB drama full of the European 
atmosphere; "His Lords'hlp the Valet" 
Is a Vltagraph comedy which Is more 
than funny. It Is a liiugh from the 
start. The vaudeville changed y-ester- 
day. Miss Faucott is a distinguished 
English Monoloigiet and character Im- 
personator. Her renditions are very 
pleasing. Sather and Sweeney made a 
great hit yesterday with their comedy 
talking harmony, singing and yodeling 
act. Their Jokes are good n.nd up-to- 
date, whll« their singing la above the 
average. • 

A government trail is being out 
through the low pass between the head 
of Nine-Mile creeic and the south fork 
of Kelly ereeit, In the West Kootenay 
district. This will give a «hort route 
from this valley to Frultvale, and the 
trail will, a« conditions develop, be eon- 
verted into a wagon road. 

11 II I .; 

nitey aad RMartey 

"TIh On* Mm hmmt,- a 'rery picaaaat 
picture, flaer and aweeter than w«rde: "Tke 
roaelMr's Faraaa," an Intensely dramatic 
utory J "TiM Mmmm, Omn a»« MhM«l|M| ef 
BItajl mtMn." Bdison featare; 'HPms Asys 
a V^ew."ap-to.4aie eeme^; Mndea.Aa- 

Better Values, Better Tailoring, Better Fit, 
Better Styles and Better Fabrics Are All 
Responsible for the Big Business We Are 

Doing in Our Swell 

New Store 



We anticipated just such a business for November, and arranged for 
the balance of all Fall shipments to reach us the first of this month. 
TtofiAre now all here, unpacked .iSl^pn display — ready for you to try 
oS These shipments included JJ^TOJ Scotch and English Tweed 
Suits, also worsteds and sergea^^ltey are really better values than we 
have ever shown before. Come in and inspect this STRONG ^f^^i 
■^JltDAY SH^WIHQM $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 and $30.00. 

^'Another consignment of StppH^lodi 

\j^qi3has arrived. 

,,'-' ^ A^Vf 


'iat^mi^mt them. "Jfou'll J^e omr clothes." 


In Three-Quarter Chesterfield Styles, made from grey llama cloths and black 
cheviots at $15.00, $20.00 and $25.00. Also soft textures in new overcoat cloths 
in g-rey, brown and tan mixtures, made in ulster styles, with two-way collars and 
some with the new shawl collar, while others have silk velvet collars to match 
the shade of the fabric. Made 42 to 52 mches long. Prices $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 
and $30.00. 


Buy your Fall Hat from us and 
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style to suit the most criticaf customer 
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help you choose a hat that is most be- 

Tweed Hats, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50. 

English and American Fur Felts 
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tions for Saturday 

Now is the time to procure your Fall 
and Winter Underwear — the kind that 
we guarantee absolutely unshrinkable, 
made by Stanfields, Penman, Turnbull, 
Wolsey and Watson, at $1.00 a gar- 
ment and up. 

New Shirts and Neckwear in neat 
patterns will also meet with your ap- 

Boys, Wc Give a Handsome Nickel-Plated Pen Knife Free 

Saturday With Every Suit or Overcoat 

[Tlis souvenir of our Boys' Department is something that you will al- 
ways prize — an article that you will have when you are a man — if you don't 
lose it — to remind you of boyhood days. This knife has two sharp blades of 
extra good steel, handle is handsomely nickel-plated. 

On Saturday every boy who purchases a suit or overcoat, no matter what 
price it is, will receive one of these handy and serviceable little knives. Boys, 
don't fail to get a knife tomorrow. 

SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY— Boys' Separate School Knickers, made 

regular and bloomer style— 75c and higher. Are of nice-looking fabrics that 
wear well. Ask to See Them. 

Boys' Underwear, 50c, 75c and $1.00 per garment. Hats, $1.00, $1.25 and 
$1.50. Also Boys' Hosiery, Gloves, Shirts, Neckwear, etc.. at the lowest prices. 


Ladies, visit our Fur department on Saturday and inspect our swell new showing. Mink Scarfs, $25, $30, $37.50 and $45. Muffs, $60, 
$75, $90 and up. An extensive showing of medium priced furs, including Alaska Sable and Mink Marmot Scarfs and Muffs at $7.50 and 
more. Also Persian Lamb, Lynx, Isabella Fox, Russian Ermine and others at low prices. 


"You'll Like ^^ 
Our Clothes" 








In a Sferleu nf Athletic Accompllahmom.^ 


(IntroduclriK the Flawlosn Comedian and 

■'OrlKlnal RaiituK," Dan Avery) 

In "The Night Porter" 


World'* Premier Rollpr .Skater* 

The PrRmlfr Xylophonlm 


In Classic and Popular Splcctlons 

A DftllKhtrm Mixed Qunrtctlo 

Dora l^yon'i 


in a CharactrM- i^onR VlcMic 


Nov. 9 "GALA NIGIir* Nov. 9 


Under th« patrona.8:<! of Lleut.-Governor 
and Mrs. Pat«r»on. 

The Victoria Devonians 


A Grand Entertainment 



A naw 0«ne« 
In her celebrated character d&nc«a. 


The £nr)l«h Contralto. 


The emtn«nt London entert«.ln«r. 
"A whole cntMtainment In hlmMlf." 
Humoroua, witty, gr^vt and vay. A 
London «tar and other noted artlati. 

S«aU |l.«0. 11.60, 11.00, 76e. lOo. 

: ;■,■■■... ;...>■ ■,..vA-!.j;.-:^.i.;'.i^,'i.tL::A«a-i-il 



Mme. Johanna Gadski 

Qreateat Dramatlo Soprano in the 


Z>rioeai «3.00, 92.00. aaUery, fl.OO 

■XAT8 Oir BAZ.B 

Curtain: 8.30 p. m. 


Victoria Ladies* Musical Club 


VnDdr<rill«« and Picture Procrajnin« 
Friday and Hatnrday 

Mlss FaiicPtt — English MonolO|ruUt. 
Sather and Kwpnncy — Talking and Slnglnir. 
Tho Combination of tho Safe — Kalcm 
Drama.' A Tf>nnc«Bee IjOvp Story — Sellg 
l^rama. Honort DIvldad — CInM Dt-ama. 
His Lordship the Valot — VltBKraph Comedy. 


f'ormerly A. O. U. W. Hall, corn«r Blanch- 
ard and TatM, 


soom«H n.Air 


Prloaa: lOc, 30c and iOe. MaUriM Wed- 
nesday and Saturday, lOo and tOc. 
Curtain, a. II avaninffa! matiaaaa, t.ti, 
Raaarvad Mata on aala, 

« C«r»«r Bread aad Talea. 



A Complete Service 

In order to satisfy all demands for a complete advertising ser- 
vice, we have added still another department. This coi;isists of an. 
up-to-date Card-Writing, Decorating and General Art Service in 
addition to our regular Topographical work. Mr. Belmont C. 
Howell, sign and fresco scenic artist, a pupil of Mr. E. R. Mont- 
enore, University of Paris, is in charge. 

Let Us Prove to You the Efficiency of This Department 



-".-'■<.■.■ - »' fc ' * 

418-419-420 Central Building Phone 3233 

Referenoea — Canadian Praaa AMooiation, Merchants' Bank ot Canada. 

Friday, N*v«mber 8, 191> 






resentative of International 
Mercantile Marine Company 
at San Francisco Tells of 
Plans for New Services 

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7. — A repre- 
Bentatlve of the InternaUunal Mercan- 
tile Marine lonipiiny Is liori? from Ni'W 
Vork looking into the company's pas- 

sume command In Morocco, which was 
a Iriliutf to him iind a slsrn that )'"rance 
ri.'coffnlzed how acute the situation In 
that ctyony was. 

Tilt- campaiKn of Oeneral Uyautey in 
the cawt of Morocco I* more aun^ 
than any achievement by a F»-t-nch 
army in recent history. It waa there 
he won the I..egion of Honor. To him 
has been given the credit for organtz- 
ing and perfectly training for hl.«i 
rountry an army of native Moroccan-". 

Ueneral byautey was taom In 1864, 
tlic Mon of ln.'!pector-Oeneral Just Liy- 
Rutey, of the departn>*nt of bridges 
and highways. He was e'lucated In a 
military school, bt^came a llcutcn.inf 
at 24 years, a captain at 28 and n mn- 
.1or at 40. He became a Colonel in 1900, 
brigadier-general In 1903, and In 1912 
he was made governor of Morocco. 

Etjennc Kniile BoutrouT, the other 
newly ' roiitf^d immortal, wb.s born In 

l.ft i jffSi i I 

DacTrOiS|RrAfter Typhoon. 

«cnger business. VP^lHlJf^ }<>S compftfty 
will place two large pas.senger steam- 
irs on the route Xrom New York to 
.San Fninclsoo as soon as the canal Is 
in operation. These vessels v.-lll prob- 
ably be the steamers Kronland and 
l-'lnland, 12,00n-ton vessel.s of excep- 
tionally fine accommodations. 

Tt Is also likely that the 'company 
will establish a fast passenger service 
between this port and Puget Sotind 
similar to that now given by the Yak^. 
and Harvard between San Francisco 
and Los Angeles. 

The British bark Jordanhill, at 
Iqnlqvic loading nitrate for Honolulu 
for W'. fl. Grace & Co., has been char- 
tered hy Comyn, Mftckall & Co., for 
himbcr from PuiJct Sound to the 
Tnlted Kingdom at S5 .shillings. She j 
will proceed from Honolulu to the 
Sound in balliist. 

1848. He is an officer of the liegrlon 
of Honor and a director of the Thiers 
Foundation. He became a doctor of 
phtlo.sophy in 1888 and a doctor of 
letters In 1871. He has spent most of 

unseat a king (howe\er mlnilc mav Ve 
hiB monarchy) but It has been done In 
this Instanci'. and one Hapllste lA)gan 
becomee a common subcct. The heiirer 
of this appellation was the chief of the 
Okttiiagau Luke hand of Indians. Hl.s 
Majesty bccunif udiHcted to the In- 
temperate use of Hie while man's flri.- 
water. lender the Indian Act. an In- 
dian chief nuiy he deposed for Intem- 
.per»nce. Incompetence, or immorality. 
This power Is rarely exercised, but ' 
Thief Logan iinhibed .to freely that It 
has been necew.'far:/ to depose him foj 
three years, during which Interval he 
will be strongly urged to mount th*" 
water-wagon. Tlio trllio meanwhile has 
chospn a temporary clilHf. 

Work on th« Hop«-P«ntlcton Section 

Work on the Hope-Pentlclon section 
of the transprovlnclal highway Is h >- 
ing rushed from both ends. Front th- 
niouth of Silver creek, where the ivew 
highway leave.s the old Yale road, a 
30-foot thoroughfare- ha.s been gradr-l 
for a mile and a half, and the survey- 
or's work Is completed for three miles 
beyond. The work, on Silver creek l** 
In charge of l-"'rcd Barnaby, who haP 
sixty mea-^i^Mairk, the monthly pay- 
roll amoiuiifff'm abo $4,000. It Im 
tmi>rttlji.' - that . ac'tlve operations can bo 
nUI^^A^ t^^U the end of this month 

',» ■■Tin*' otWIb, ''werkB ^^^depaptn^ut: o? 
Brtttiji Columbia hai jUfol opnjpleted 
new trillB f^om "tbrev dlfrcf«|it dUfec- 
tlontf ■ ^#-"- th«".„ N«a« -wBlWri^-^*^ 
KitRumkalum. «n the HiNind 
Pacific north tnio th«j t!li>l*y< 
Tidewater, at the head 6f Alice arm; 
and from Stew^l't. on the . Portlimd 
canal. These new tnUb h»v» l>*exi 
nfrfimltatrtl Twr tlW im0..„lBflllH '^ 

homeeteiKMM fHUd aet^ev* duHiiA «Nk . 

PMt y««r> m <^|*t|t!Mi t« ptmVUne 

{he twaUMM of JWttto and rtmAt. the 

■ pi^ — rock — at Kaa e 

jEUM^^ - «Miii«0* Mfi^lch win greatly 
facllltntp water 'communication with 

this rich valley. 

Steel is being rapidly laid on tho 
Kootcnny Central between Carbonate 
and Spllllmachene. 


Two irew Immortals I7amed — General 

Iiyautey, Governor of Morocco, 

Becelved Signal Honor 

PARIS, Nov. ".—The French .Acad- 
emy cdected two new immortals. Gen- 
oral Hubert l<yautcy. governor of Mor- 
occo, wa<5 chosen to fill the place of 
<,'ompte Henri Houssaye,. writer on hls- 
trtrical subjects, and Kmlle Boutroux 
wtis elected to fill the place of General 
Hlppolyte T.nnclois. 

General Ij>\Tut(y connts iimong the 
I'rench general ofTicers as one of the 
youngest of the commanders of an army 
corps, and represents the generation 
which began Its service after the 
Franco-Pruy^lan w^r. 

He has served in itiany i'rench colon- 
It p, particularly in Msdagascar, but It 
wus work In Morocco that made his 
reputation. Iff- was chosen b\- tin- 
French government sprini,' to as- 


Steamer Dacre Castle Being Salvaged. 

his life teaching, and has held prof -s- 
sorshlps In many French colleges. Ht 
has written exton.sivcly <"i historical 


Eaa of Monarchy 

An order-ln-council has been j;)ascd 
by the government deposing an ac- 
knowledged monarch and ehdlng a 
dynasty. It does not often happen 
that a government Is called upon to 

The river at Coqul'tlam was for a 
day last week In full flood frenzy, the 
result of the B. C. K. R. Co. opening 
their flood gates for sluicmg pur- 
po.scs. Before they were closed, tho 
coffer dam, the new Cotiultlain bridge, 
had been carried away. 

Telegraphic communication between 
I-'ort George and fatuarl Lake, the old 
Hudson's Bay Co. poet of Fort St. 
.lames, has Just been established 



Steel Tapes Camp Stoves 
Granite Ware Machettes 



Carborundum Stones, Etc. 

Hickman-Tye Hardware Co., Limited 

M4-546 Yates Street Store Phone $%, OfHce Phone 204S 



ur Httnoy^ Demands 


n i| ' , > I II . 1 

-^fr' .'-'rh ./'■ 


Anything Whatever in Furni- 
ture and House Furnishings 

Just remember one place, the WEILER BROS., LIMITED store, and that at this store your home de- 
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That everything is here that your home needs demand — that the things are new and artistic and of 
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That prices are right (always the lowest) and that the arrangements are most reasonable — in fact, what- 
ever things you'll need— at whatever prices you desire to pay— the WEILER BROS., LIMITED store can 
and will meet your demands. 


Quality Is the Main Thing in Towels 

The Greatest Towel Showing on Our Second Floor 

\l..-.i wcll-infoiiiiccl linu.sckeepers .ire f.-iniiiiar wiUr the Towels we .sell — they have been the pride of well-to-do housekeepers 
who possess them. Our shnwui;^- at present represents the greatest lowel values ever. Tliis soiimls like bra.i;-, I)ut sec the Towels, 
the kind "\ Towels, such a lot of ihcni ! Their ability to dry thing.s is so apparent that the sight of them creates tliirst. This is 
no exaggeration. These Towels are umI the kind that leave a fringe hanging to one's feature- 
reasonable prices. 

Thc\- are (lualitv Towels at 

White Turkish Towels With Fringed 
r ^1 , . II .fa.oo 


Slae :iOxlii. per iluy-cn 

Size "1x40, per dozen 

Hiy.f Jlxl'). per dozen 

aUe 25s."'<.'. pi-r lor.fn 





Slae 28x54, tier dozen j((6.<>0 

Brown Linen Turkish Towels With 
Fringed Ends 

.size :;,'?Nl5. pach fl.OO 

Size 117x63, each ^1.50 

Bath Mats, Assorted Colors 

size 22x36.. each Jfl.SS 

White Turkish Hemstitched Towels 

Size ::7xl.'>, pci- dozen ...5^8.00 

Hlze 30x54. per dozen ^J>.00 

Size 30x60, per dozen ^10.50 

Si,- ;:x.i, 1-1 .lozen i|(12.0<> 

Sizi .■;fi.>vrtO, per dozen 4115.00 

Size loxT-'. vy 'iozcn |(18.00 

White Turkish Hemstitched Linen Elec- 
tric Towels 

.^Izc 29x12, each ^1.35 

.Size r,Sx70, eaeh 
.Size 50x80, each 
Size 72x72, caeh 

Bath Sheets 



Brown Turkish Towels With Fringed 

Size ISxtO, per dozen ?3.7."> 

Sl&c 20x40, per dozen flS.OO 

Size 22x45, per dozen $4.0O 

Six( 25x50, per dozen ^Q.OO 

Linen Huckaback Towels 

Size 1Gx24, per dozen ?3.2."» 

Size 18x34, white or red bordered, per dnz ||(2.50 
Size 24x12, hemstitched, per dozen ^4.50 

A Splendid Showing of Seamless Ax 

minster Squares 

The .Vxmin.stcr is a very ricli, luxuriou.s, deep pile Sqtiarc, tlie plush sur- 
faces giving- ihc shading of tlic colors a beautiful, soft effect. The new ar- 
rivals are exquisite in floral, cijuvcnlional and Oriental designs. P^very one 
of this large stock can be seen' without any waste of time, as they arc n\^ 
show on our rug racks of our second floor. You will b^ delighted with 
these. If an Axminster doesn't suit you, we have 2,500 more to, show \'ou. 
You will surely find a rug amongst these to suit your taste and pocket- 

Sizes 7.6x9, 9x9, 0x10.6, 10x12, io.f)xi2, 10.6x13.6, 12x15. 








Hardy Bay Chicken Farms 

Home and Chicken Houses— 50 Chickens on a 5-acre Farm, 
$10 cash, $10 per Ifjonth. 

The Western Fanning & Coldnization Co., Ltd. 

General Offices, 5 \Vinch Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. 
Victoria Branch, S«« S«yw«nl Bloclj Phone 2988 



Refresh your jfriends with that delicious 


It sustains and cheers. 




""■" '"^"'■'^ 



Friday, Novambvr 9, 191f 



I iiiii i i i iii>)> t i 1ii i i i 

Horses tm 

We bave horaet # iiil c|il||W» lor ittle and are 
ready at ali ^nwss to exhibit sucli to intending 
purchaseri. 1^ will pay you to see us before pur- 

I I ^ iiiyi 11 I I II immmm^mmmmitmmmmi n I ii M I' l l n ^ ■ m i i H it4 ' 

Hwpiiess for Side 

. — . — ^, -, — 

We have new and secrfnd-haiid sets— double atid 
single, for sale at reasonable rates — Farmers 
alilKikl see theac, as tlwy «r* ai^itaUe i^- |li^ 

\ > 

' « i. 

I :#, 


Famous Diva Arrives in Vic- 
toria to Sing This Evening— 
Growtli of Musical Culture in 


"1 am delighted to be buck again 
in .\oiir lieaiitlful city of Victoria, of 
whifii I retaiii such a plensanl remem- 
hrnnce fro:n njy visit of two years lugo. 
ami I hope that "When 1 come buck 
a«a!n, twj years from now, 1 will lAn:! 
as many friends lo welcome nio as I 
have found .since my arrival hero this 
morning. 1 must confess that singing 
In a theatre suoti ns Victoria now pos- 
sesses :■; -'•^mewhat of a task. It l.s 
fair ! to the artiste nor to the 

,'niiliriK',, out i live in hope that when 
I return I may toe able to «lng In the 
.beautiful auditorium which I under- 
"^•tand tlie leaders of your business men 
are buliaipg as a temple for music and 
the arwtJ^. t?)^^ ^^^\ S* "• Perform- 

i, « 

ttS BUCCO'- 

nuiH» «* «<mM m, ji l^<l|j |it flgi>iJ''^8MfB' iak 
morrow niffbt 4a t <!k4 t,^ yearfe Ago, 
In aplt« of all the sarroi^Mllniafc. 1^ .«^t)jl 
M aatlaSad." , AiM ^-M^d 

Madame <3M*>tt| 

who wnri0." jpSiM^ „ 

atre tWa eve|te».,%|l**«jfe¥ 
preaa yest«rd«jr cfl^lttlf 'l"^" 
Vtetoria. »nd mu Qit| 
pU a a ad a t Urtrif ^tw 

ti^flW % ,Mr Vaomb. 

tOlUlitti <1^4 remembered 

.sent proof of their remembrance 

various gifts of flowers. 

In support of her theory that the 
surroundings of e slnsrer make all the 
difference In the world, Madame Gad- 
ski told of her recent experience In 
Toronto. -On her previous visits to 
tiiiit city .she had sunff In Maspey hall, 
which was. until recently, about as 
Rood an auditorium : as there was in 
Canada, but this year she .sans In the 
new Arena, to an audience of 7,000 peo- 
plt^. and, good thouRh the Massey hall 
was, the Arena was twice as pood. 
Orowth of Musical Cnltars. 

Madame, who Is know;n in Germany, 
de.spltg her German birth, as the Amer- 
ican artiste. Is an enthusiast upon the 
growth of musical culture in America, 
in which she includes Canada. 

"It Is wonderful," she said, "as one 
visits the outposts of this continent to 
see how many really cultured people 

• there are, people who are ready and 
anxious to hear and appreciate Rood 
music. It Seems to nie that hand In 
liand with your industrial development 
there is an artistic development whicli 
is hot on -the surface, but which comes 
to the sUrfa.Ce when opportunity of- 

"Tt has been well said that music 
knows no limits of lanKuaRe. That i.s 
as true today as It was when the state- 
ment was first made. It does not mat- 
ter whether I am in New York city 
slntrlniT at the Metropolitan opera 
liouse (Where I will return at Christ- 
ma O, or whether I am thousands of 

mill's *way, there Is the same cosmo- 
politanism of music everywhere. Kvrii 
in the sections which might be sup- 
posed tp be given tip altoKether to 
commercialism, or even to cattle rala- 
inp, there Is always the savinp rem- 
ii.'\ii(. who form the basis of poi>uIar 
.sfiiiimcnt and create public opinion. 
It matters not whether I sing In Ger- 
man, In Italian, In French, or In Eng- 
lish, the result Is the same. The mu- 
."le captivates and eliminates all racial 
and language barriers. It is the great 
leveller of prejudice and the great uiii- 
flcr of the world." 

A rrlend of Aspirants. 

Maflame Gadski, wlio commenced to 
sing wlion eight years of age, is now 
llie acknowledged Icadn nf the profes- 
sion on this continent, has the unique 
distinction of having learned to sing 
in Italian and in French in Amertca. 
When she loft Germany first she knew 
only German, but, with her, as witli 
lier audiences, music solved all linguis- 
tic problems and now she ran -sing 
equally widl In four language."!. 

"One. thing I «m proud of," she aaid, 
"and that Is that I am able to do some- 
thing for the encouragement of the 
nuisical talent nf tlil.s continent. When- 
ever I can, I always give a helping 
hand to the native composer, and I feel 
that I linve shown this when I have 
taken into my repertoire the songs 
of )our beautiful composer, Miss 
Hrflnscombe, of Toronto. It helps a 
coniposer materially to have hia or her 'sung in public, and It Is my 
I)roud boaftt that 1 have never refused 
to examine and test the work of any 
man or woman, even If they have never 
before been heard of. 

"AVIiile It is tryijjg to spend so much 
time on the trains and in travel as 
T have to do, I find consolation In the 
knowledge I am getting of this great 
continent, and In the real progress 
which la being made In matters artis- 
tic, nut I still look \ipon Germany as 
my homo, and I look forward to my 
annual visit there each spring with as 
much plea.«ure as ever I did. America 
Is a great country; but It Is not home. 
Tliere Is no place like home, and T am 
now building a new home In Berlin 
In which 1 hope to have room to treas- 
ure all the souvenirs of my American 
travels, and I can assure you that chief 
among them will be my aouvenlrs of 

... i .. I M.i i .M i . i mi| ii ,.i"' f i Mi iiii mn i 

There Is One Place That You 

Should See Before You Invest 

Another Cent in Real Estate 



ii M iiii!'! m 

ii lf ll lUj ll K I 









II i m III M l M^yw^^^^t— ^ ^ 

Do you know that our Glass Front Carriages are 
at your disposal at $2.00 per hour? 


If you wish, we can furnish a Victoria at, per 
hour, $2.00 : single hour, $2.50. These vehicles 
accommodate three persons and are most suitable 
for ladies doing afternoon calling. 


. ^ Better Single or Double Traps cannot be found 
on the Pacific Coast. Single Horse and Trap — 
Morning, $'2.50; Afternoon, $3.00. 


We board your horse, look after your trap and 
harness — Per month, $25.00. Our object is to 
please our patrons. We are responsible to them 
as to safety, and damage done to furniture or 
goods. Our drivers, we believe, are civil and care- 
ful, and seldom knowingly overcharge. If by any 
chance a mistake occurs, come to the office or 
notify us at once. In other words, give us an op- 
portunity to put right anything that displeases 


We are prepared to supply teams for Half a Day 
at $5.00, excepting Saturdays, Sundays and 
Holidays, when the charge will be, half a day, 
$7.50. For long distance, the office will furnish 

Furniture Trucks 

Furniture moving is an important undertaking. 
We have men who do nothing else. Our charges 
are — By the hour, $1.50. With an extra man to 
help the charges will be increased to $2.00 per 

Baggage and Express 

In this department prompt delivery is the im- 
portant factor. If you are catching a steamer or 
train, you like to know that your luggage or 
packages will be at the wharf or station in good 
time to depart with you. What is more annoying 
than searching for your belongings a minute before 
your steamer sails or your train pulls out? This 
is offset by our claim checks. Our drivers check 
your baggage at your residence. You present the 
claim check to the baggage master — show your 
ticket — he then gives you the railway or steamer 
check, and that is all. You then go on your way 
rejoicing. If we cannot attend to your order we 
will tell you and thus avoid suspense. 

Express and General Drayage 

We have twenty-seven Express and Delivery 
Wagons. For the use of one of these we make a 
charge of — per hour, $1.00. 


Open Day and Night 

her and had 

Very rich placer ground has been 
found at I-orne creek, near tb« Skeena. 
Gold. In paying quantity, has for aoma 
time been known to e»i«t here, ap. 
proximately »1 00.000 having be«|k«l^ 
out a few yeara ago by a Vtotdria 

Mrs. K. K. ttenneth, city maiHMiar 
tor S^plrella Corset Co., ha« removed to 
B<!Uevue Hofef. Room 20J, At liome, 
t W % V, tn, * 


jrrade, L 


division Fronting on Carey Road, a 
Main Trunk City Artery and Facing 
One of the Principal Stations of the 
New Saanich Car Line, Which Is 
To Begin Operation on the 20th 

Of Next Month 


\'n]iic\s in "Collii\i;\\ ood" arc cerlciin lo ach'ancc as soon as this line is 
coinplclcd. I'his line means excellent transportation facilities for 
"(]()lliTigW()()(l." 1"he station will lie directly oj)i)osite the j)ropertY at 
iin easy distance. All the section surrounding" "(]ollin^i^\\'ood" is build- 
in<4 II j) very last. Adjacent sub{li^'isions have sold out in record time, 
and many re-sales have l)een made recently at marked ad\'ance in 

^UloJJinfjivoocV is bound to he one of the finest sulnwlKin residen- 
tial sections of Victorid. It has even) noturat adnontoge conducive to 
llud end. (ilunford ruu'nue lies to the rear of the subdivision, and the 
Victoria Si Sidneij JitdUviuj line /s ufithin a fern rods. 

"Collingwood" lots are selliui^" fast. Inquiries are coming in from 
the pniiric and from tlie mainland to sut)plement local demand. If you 
are oj)cn to the claims of an absolutely gilt-edged investment, requir- 
ing only a little capital, this is YOril i)pportunity. 

Our motors ad your service at any. hour of the day. Come out and 
let us {)rove lo you that there is nothing to compare with ''Colling- 
wood's" hig, level, treed lots at 

$350 and Upwards 

'^^=^^= ON EASY TERMS OF , 

$50 Cash: $50 Quarterly 

Motors Daily From Office of Sole Agents 


Pbone 471 

721 Yates Street 

II 1 . 1 , 1 

tr tors OAiriroT oaiiK, ouiy avs 
MAXX. Txx oovrov »01»AY.T^ 


Tfll Tatoo Straat, TlotorU, M. O* 

Please send me full details of your 
"Collingw-ood" property. Thla la not to 
obligate me in any way. 




> ■ ' I I 




•■"' '-.J^' -'"'•■■ .i..'^. 


- wpwftfjrnmwHtTWiaiw-**-.., 


\ L ;.. i ( > I « •> J > \ I h i' ec;i^uA lo x 


SM&^ i '^. 


MAIL Subscribers 
are requested to 
make all remittances 
direct to— 

The Daily Colonist 


Caution ! 

It has been brought to our at- 
tention that many persons who 
mail The Colonist to friends 'Hi 
abroad put only a one cent stamp 
on the wrapper, the general im- 
pression being that one cent will 
pay the postage on a newspaper 
irrespective of its weight. This 

is a mistake. The ordinary daily 
issue of The Colonist requires 
two cents postage, and the Sun- 
day edition three cents. News- 
papers mailed with the postage in- 
sufficiently paid are not sent out 
by the Postoffice. 


ordering change of 
address should be par- 
ticular to give both 
new and old address 

The Sunday Magazine Section Alone Is 

Well Worth Subscription Price 

By Carrier— Yearly, $6.00; Half Yearly, $3.00 
By Mail 

Yearly, $5.00 ; Hall Yearly, $2.50 ( SS ) 

Circulation — Phone 12 

* <i ■ II *■ 


^.tf n^^'rvx;*' ■> 




'-■"■••■ ■'■■' ' ' ..../■-. .' -..f» 

-..It -..-^.1,,.. . A.. 

.' * ' \: ;^ .'. '. .c L^^v^fc: i" .jMJi \ ^-^ ■'. , 




Friday, November 8, 1911 


One cant k word sactt iiuMcUon. It par 
lent discount tor six or mor« uoaseuutlv* 
Inierttons — ca»h with order. Nu ailvoi-tlia- 
m*ni aci eiituU for Ida than 26 cent*. 

Bu«lne»a Kud l^roresaioual liaraa — of four 
Ilni'B or under — 11.00 per waek. 

No adVBitiaenicni charBed on account for 
lens than $2.00. Fbune No. 11. 


Al'.T Gl»»» — A. r. Uoy. ov«r thirty year* 
experience lu art glaa* Icadad Ughti 
for cUurchea, acbouls and private dvvoUln«a. 
Workii and ature, klk Pandora street, next 
to MethodlBt church. Phone ta*. 

ATTENTION — Have your houne cleaned 
by the Sunliary Vacuum CleaiUnic t.'o.. 
i:60 Fort atreet: phone K1102. * 

ATTENTION — To ensure thoroughneaa 
and promptitude, phone Uxm, The Is- 
land Window Cleaning Co., Til >'riuces» 
avL-uue, for wlnduw cleauUi« and Janitor 


AGGAGH: Delivery ■ 

Co.. l,td. Tel. 129. 

Victoria Tranater 

BLUE Printing — Bleclrlc Blue Vrlnt and 
Map Co., i1* Central bulldlnc. View 
tlrcet. Blue prlntlUB, maps, draughtlna: 
dealers In surveyor'* inalrumenta and draw- 
ing office suppUoa. Phone lSS*j;_ 

BOOKHlNDailS- -The Colonut la the best 
bookbindory In the province; ttoo reauU 
It equal In proportion. 

BOTTl^KS^— All kinds of hottlea wnnted. 
Good prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency. 
MZQ Store street. Phone 1336. 


ARCHITECTS — Plana prepared tor apart- 
mert jouaea and t>uu«alows. P. O. 

Uox )0T»^ __^ 

kT^IITECT— 8. fl. EHrds, A. li. 1. B. A.. 

3ui Central Bundling. Victoria. B. C. : 

lihiane 3982. 


W AKTEO— M A1.B--/C— tl»tt «d) 


AJlv'lHTECT — Thomaa Hooper. In prac- 
tice In B. C. for Ifi yeara. Plans and 
ipr.tlflcatlona furnUhed am application. O.- 
tlcu New Royal B ank B >dg. Pi>o ne^9»i. 
XoCHITECT— H. 8. lirimtha, 1004 Oo»- 

• rnmeni street. Phone 14 it. ^ 

Blwiwd Watklns, rooms 
Bl'tck. corner Trounce 
Ph«D» 2l««; residence 

ARCHITECT — C. _ „ . 

1 and 2. Oreen Bl'»ck. corner Trounce 

a'.enui? and Broad. 

phone Li'lsS. 

C"^ IViL Engineer — OeorgB A. 
ColLCii'blJi land aurveir^Jr. 

berni. U. C. 

r— fl 

Bmlth. British 
Office at Al- 


CIVIL, Knslneor — . ~- - 

Mero. l:a»t. of Civil Engineers and_ Pro- 

vincial L^nd Surveyors, 
bernl. B. C. ^^^^__ 

T. Hodgaon, A»s. 


Offlce. I'ort Al- 

CIVTL. Engaiwers — Green, Bros.. Uurrton ft 
Co.. clvU englneera. pomlnlon »"<!«. 
C Uui survy^rs. 114 Pemberton Block. 

BRICKLAYING — Contractors get a ieiiae» 
on your brickwork from Kdmunda & 
Georgo. 1028 Bay at.; chimneys and mantels 
a spoLinlty; bent workmanship. 

ARPENTBR and builder — T. ThlrUell; 

oslimateB fne; repairs a ipeclalty, 

Keuiuence, lOl.l Vancouver St.; phone L.3430. 



vorU. — Fourteen yeara' experl- 

"walls and 

Ed Uim^r*, phorte «V«aln»«, 

/-^EMBNT . 

^ ■ vnce In au ciaB«e«i; fcluo rock waU» and 

B submitted 
, e of MapiK 
BOrth ^„.r, 

Phone F2J«% 

:4mN|. VMM MMt. 

Brttivch oftloea tn Nelson. 
UaKBlton. B. C. 

Fort GeorKe and 

r^lANAVAN and Mitchell, ClvU Englneera. 
\J OfflojE. 227-U-H Pe^mberton Block. T«l. 

18»8 P. O. Box aa. Examlnatlona and Re- 

itlon ami Dralnag';. Uydro-fc.lec- 

Waterworks. Sewerage 

ports. Irrlgat 

trie Devolopnt.'.nt 

and SewaiTu Plu posal. 

IVII., Ensln.^rrs— Gore & McGregor— Brit- 
ish Coiumtola land surveyors. land 
agenlsV Htn'oer «rul.or.: P. A. I.-'ndr.v, J. H. 
McGrecoa'. J. 1». Templeton. T. A. Kelly, 
umber" depaknuant. Chancery Cbamber. 
Lanelev atreot. Victoria. B. C: P. O- °°* 
IB'.^ 684; McGregor building. Third 
slro'et. South Fort George. B.^C. 

A.NTKD — Solicitor for laaurance 
«uod opening for right man 

•m>t. Colonlat. 


1 \:".\NTEU — .Saleamea 


who are busliii.-!"' 
getters; «e havt- no room In nui 
.irtire for any olMrr«: i»n "»'' '"'•'> •"."^'^ *.";''' 
men and real ral»lc suIohmU'II. 
.Sutherlanil. 5 and li Ureeti blk., 
at . opposite Colonlat offlce. 

I" DAY and upwards made by Inexper- 
ienced aaleanien or women on our 
.\ina« gcioUB; banipUa freu; send poalage, 
twenty ceiita. J. ^U Nichols Co.. Toronto, 

7)/\/v~MEN wanted to eat at the .A.rgyle 
f>UU Hi-Bimiiiini. lorner of Blanchard and 
Cornnirar.i, opens Hatuirloy, November 9. 
Good ific. meals. Prop. (.'ooke. 


.\bbolt Ac 
IJ 111 /Broad 

MEN wanted loe-jl at Good Eats ■Cmln. 
C4« Corn 
((oitd dinner for 

500 'cT« Coi^"rno~rant"st.;" 7 white cooks; 


AIT'A.N'TEL) — 6y young man, strictly tern- 
»V purate, position as chaii)Teur to private 
family, Iv CHS. Pox 2114 t.' olonlst. 

U'.VNTj.U litrth us llratilnea nui cslalB 
Kiikw.nian: lulury guaranteed; .xpml- 
emcd. «e!l aciiujinlpd with city nnd aiiua- 
toiiiid to drive aulotnubilc. Addroas Box 
2355. Colonist. 

PKOI'KRTY FOR SAI.K— -(t onllnued) 



ANTED chlmncya ana 
by uoiupetenl man. 

antar. brick Jobs 
Box l(li5 P. O., 


/ANTEli — One or two houaea to build, 
contract or labor. Box '^30ti Colonial. 

\^'.V.NTEU— By I'-figllsh 

\V army, posltlim of trust in B. 

"two bits-' 


r:ome amlaa — Younc 

ANOTh; of this wont 
lady wanla dresamaklng or houaework. 

dally. Ihoiie 4141. 

C^HAMBKR.MAID, good, wanted at once. 
> J40, sleep out. .\pply Ladles' -Vgency, 
425 Hayward b-idg. : phone 2488^ 


r^IVIl. Englneei^— Clarence Hoard, 


Uitaink W> I. MV «4m VMeivea puplli tot 

Mwaw^ it> gM Ttiwi •yiw* fi>*>* a«v 

pared. Phone Mj > 

CRUSHED K«J>i,"-«IW- - «Wlv*l-»jrraow.«^ JJP!?fSii YMM^ttJifc-.^ 
Rock and Grav«, _^.^mpany. ^^ Bu^nHjJJ, ^ ^J^h'imZ^i 



Box ii: 



-I i i i i il r -- — - 

1HAMBEHMAID to take charge In flrat- 
•lass private hotel, good hours, good 
\vag(-3. Apply at The Ladles' .Vgcnc-y, 4-,j 
.«;!> w ard blJg. : phone 2486. ^ 

DRESSMAKING — Wanted at once, asalst- 
ants and gppron tlcejt. 668 Michigan at. 

IT^iMPLOVMENT Bureau (Vancouver Isj 
J liind), 1.123 nnufilas at "" " 
nnd supplied. Phono 2919. 

gcntlemim, ex- 
i"., near 
\ L.torla luvleir il: will undenuki< ear'; of 
Uveatiu-k and supTVlalon of labor on lorni 
or other iiroiieiiv. .\^pl.v, giving puriK- 
u:ar» as to ioeatlioi and salary offered, to 
Ho.v 2011". Colonist. 

VT'A.NTEU— Gulden work of .itiy kind, 
' V trees pruind, aoraycd by Uiorough. ex- 
(iciinnced man, large or small orchards done 
by dav or contr.ict. B years experleno^j in 
B.C. W, Tliorpc, Ueneral Delivery. 

COR.NER to lane, Duiiloy st., 60x120, 
ash. Monk Montcllli * 

ACOR.NER to 1 
»1,760, l-» c 

-'X. rive 

EAGE — Cheap acreage at Koksllah 

lUO n'.-rea erown jjunKd land at J36 an aero; 
I'. N. RuU'vay inns close to; easy lei nis. 
Kdvrtn Frampion, room 1 and 2, McGreg-jr 
lilrtB., opposlti- Spetiier's; phone il2S. 

t CHEAOE snui) — A short dlsianee north 
-ti- of the KsQulmalt dlsirlel property now 
on the market as subillvlsions 1 have 14 
acres of rich land for sale at $280 per aero 
on |»"50 cash and good terms. Box' O.K. F. 




OUNG man stuiiOgra\iher and bookkeep- 
er offers ofervlces In evenings H-, 

clothing man, no others 
|>9e4 apply. 83S Johnson "t. 


%«r}c between the )iours of 4 

-. m tfa» »venm«« appJy *t room J, 
Poor, 90» OowairntnoBt gt, oi^pouM 

«Mk «t$»u««i»t: nCttsacoK. ]$ox sio». Col- 

a'»^nr"iy.''.!''gr,^yr«g tar- 

k^TRO.N'G, eneigctlc yoi 
^ work of any kind, 
preferred; no object to 
, Box 2300, Colonist. 


Htore street, fool-, ot Chatham . __. « 

803 Crushed rock, washed ^and and araytt- 
dellvercd by teams at bunkers or oa scowi| 
at quarry and gt.^vol P'^l_2i£,y?i_5?-^:-_.i 
/CANADIAN . .at De'tectlvo Service, 

\j. the r.i"d»r" "1 bad debt collector. 

B»>nt"s' collected." Our new methods mean 
riulck service. We furnish rating and pub- 
ish a delinquent list which every credit 
l.ouse should Investigate. A card will 
..ring one of our nu^ 272 5 Douglas at. 

RATMAN^^soph Heaney. oXtlco at «B 

Wharf street. Phon o ITI. 
RAY MEN — Victoria Truck «. Draj Co.. 

Ltd. Phone 18. ____——— 

D~~ •VET^Works — Paul's Steati. Dye \v orks. 
318 Fort street. We clean. P^e" an^ 

-J;- -M«PrI»onr 

repair ladles' 
<-qual to new. 

and geiitleir.ea • 
Phone «24. 


ELECTRICIANS — Carter & McKtnzle, 
practical electricians and ^':°'\\'0--^2r* 
I'hone 710; Res. Phonea L22.0. R2t.j7. Tele- 

phone and raoier work 
Broad street. 

a apeclalty. 131S 

EMPLOYMENT Bureau — Wing < 
Government street. Phone 28. 

On, 1708 

EMPLOYMENT bureau, Wah Ylng Tal 
Co., 806 Flsguard st P.O. Box 1220. 

T7V1RE WooSt^Purnaco Wood! Kindling 
Jj Wood! Prompt delivery. Single or 
double loads delivered. J3.00 double load 
inside limits. "»1.50 single load. Phone 864. 
I'ameron .Millwood Co.. Ltd. 

LASS and Glaaing — Bverr description ot 
glass, plate, sheet, prlamatlc, ornamen- 
tal, leaded, etc. The Melroae' Co.. Ltd.. 61S 

Fort street. - 

/^ RBQO shorthand taught by a graauaie 
VX of John R. Gregtr; trpewrltlng. book- 
keeping; day and evening classes. \ Ic- 
torl a Business Institute, 547 Michigan at.; 
phone 2255. , ' 

O.ME Beautlflerg— A phone call to 4141 
connects yott with "Home Beautl- 
n.-rs"- anv woodwork in the house, garden 
oi' on lots artistically executed with orlgl- 
..tllty; ask us about It. ^ 

.'31i..,v;ttvi^fliii' '''j|myslcla.n, graduate 

_».„ Coll^l«'«5«»ii|no-Therapy ; physl- 

?i[rdelorjnJtJea,and all diaeases treated with- 
out druffsu consultation tree, » to 13 a- m.. 8 
to S p.m. 221 S uperior a t.; Phone ^"^^^- :_,_ 

OBERISON and Moyerateln. BrltUJi Col- 
umbia, land kurveyora. Chancery Cham- 
bers. Vlcttrla. B. C. P. O. Box 798. Tele- 
phone R2a»2^ 

SWANNEL ft Noaltes, Dominion and B. C. 
land siirveyors, etc.. removed to Promls 
Block, lOWi Government street. P. O. Box 
842. Telepihono 877. 

1.0IHiES .\N1> 80CIKTIK.S 

ANCIENT Order of Foresters, Court 
Northorrn Light. No. 5»36. meeta at 
Forestcra' liftll,u..Jiroa,d street, ind and 4ih 
We<?iieaday». "W. F. '^"ullorton. See. 

premier Loyal 
meets 2nd 
and 4th Mondays, at the Foresters' Hall, 
Broad St. J. C. Scott, H43 Pandora street. 
Worshipful JCiister; W. C. Warren. UK Cam- 
hrU'«e .Street. Secretary. 

ONS ot B. S. Asexanara i..odgB 

LOYAL Orange A.«aoclatlor.. Pr 
Orange Lodge, No. 1610, 



HARDWARE — E. G, Prior & Co., Hard- 
ware and agricultural Implement*, cor- 
ner Johnson and Go\ernthent streeta 


B. C. 

.VRDWARE — The Hickman Tye Hard- 
■ Co., Ltd., iron, steel, hardware. 
SO and 34 Yatos street. Victoria. 

K of P. ilall. U. G. iCint, .Shclbournu at., 
pi^esldent: Jas. P. Temple. 1053 Burdette at., 

SONS oi ?;ngland, B. S. Pride of the Isl- 
and Lodge No. 1»1, meets 2nd and 
4th Tuesdays >n A. O. F. hall. Broad street; 
president, F. West, corner Hampton and 
Harrleth road; aocrotary, W. H. Trovves- 
dale. 620 William* st., clty^^ _^^ 



♦80, yur.a. aafeTiltB *||Sif,j?'°", " rg 

Hotise parlomiMf 
Nurse for thrati'Srtift; 
_.„. WWii; — tW. ' A pply at The IM UH f- 
A» «acy, 42S Snyward bidg. . 

„one child, »80. Nurse housemaid, 
iiNurse attendant, J.10. Cook. t3ft. 
C»iHP''-'Sf*eral, 880. Chambermaids, 830, 
»40. Lady helps, »20. 880. Girls, |15. 820. 
Apply The Ladles' Agency, 426 Saywufd 
bld«. ; phone 2488. 

OPE.'vII.VfO of Red t^ross Female Employ- 
ment Office, 1011 Government street, 
near postofflce. Telephone 4257. Free regis- 
try for girls. Mrs. Francis, formor^ly of 
B. C. Employment Bureau In Vancouve r. 

PERATORS for electric sewing mactilnea, 
8-hour day. Apply Turner Beaton Co.. 
"B« Horn" brand shirt and overall fac- 
tory, corner of Bastion and Wharf at.. 

ArOUNG MAN, 23, woiilil like slluatlon in 
X store or warehouse. Please apply J. 
Mellows, 2516 Turner st. 

■\7'Ot;NG man wishes work In drawing ofllce, 
1 3 years experience In pattern shop and 
1 year In erecting shop of shipbuilding firm. 
Box 2460, Colonist. ' 

YOUNG man, 80, pequlree position In 
"fflco as mimiu'f "r elerk, shipping 

excel 1 1 

no.\ 2121, 


iir nisii III r li i .w ii I 

jA. 9«^^^*^ womai WM44t <mr» tor oBlM 
-ajmr -Si SfiSThome. on* .Itoaflliaa »*•« »r<f 

ItmA Vox 8207, 11 , 

i «r«nc a 4By« a week in 



(AN wan(« 
or sronait tbia tMimm. 
wood rwMb 

i7«» r«M- 

r. n. .wfl9^ MHO to «ojB«i» , 


jBCiSmm*, IMUm' Hmmw. Mtao viotor. 

AT onop, lijIlwMMiUil »»W»m< l«r tnifrf JUn4 
■■ai,tbou» 4 a > t . JmS MUlilty for . IrM t — UttL 

A FINE double corner, Foul Bay rd. nnd 
. Haiill;iln ut., 101x120, »3,000. Box 

2273 Colonist, 

CuicAGli- -Two lO-acre lots fronting in 
Piuinpi rs PoHS, .Mnyiie Island, near 
iliurcli, aehool and post ollice; beiiuilful 
marine view; steamer conueiiliig wiin \'ic- 
loila tlve days a Week; low price; siunll pay- 
men t down, balance on terms. Box 1361), 

VERY good lot, HhoHl Bay. »0x20u. A 

splendid view, p-iee »2.n00, easy terms. 

Gillespie, Hurt & Todil. Ltd., 1116 Lungley 

St. Tel. 2040. ^ 

Ah.N'AP— Lot 7, block CC, 60x120, on 
Monterey av. near Saratoga; ^1050,' 

Box 1028, C olunlBt. 

OREEWENT of sale. 12,800. F. Clark, 
2833 Ftrnvvood roa d. 

AN opportunity never before •xoelled, 
close unto 300 acres of raeado* land, 
In tho heart of Comox Valley, near a grow- 
ing town and cloao to two surveyed railway 
lines. Get prlro and particulars before It 
Is too late. This wilt majtf^xoiu blA money. 
Apply Box 2267 CoIonl»t">-l,'?"iJ^lm',.-?Vi 


A-.»BAUTIFUL Quartrt^'* 
"^. where the next big 
•iWMtM property will bo; for u., ^ 
m iWMfc *!»-«»» tarwa. Phone »H9. 


rKBTY t'OR HALE — (Conltnuod) 

|.j\Al'l<FiELU diBlilct— We have 

lliu fol- 
lowing cholcl: lots In thla neighoorhood 
for sale, they are ail good bulluing aliea: 
.■Vni.iHl St., iUxlJU; Uuio, i>, 12, i», »ijuw; 
lloue »l , f)0xll5, tlihd, -J, 12 and l^, »22UU. 
Leonard at., 47x124. third, 6, 12 and 18. 
»2buu, l,liiden ave.. 50x11)3, Quarter, 6, 12 
and 18, $3000; Cttiubrldge St., 60x132, third 
«, 12 and lb, Sliu. Western Lands 
1201 llroad st., eor. \lew. 

PBOPEItTY rOB SALE— :(CoBtlBi»«d) 


AK Buy: a great snap;. . jueu -lavel lot, 
• losM 1.. I he >>ir line, and Munieio> 
ireseent, for this week oJily. »13p«; very easy 
icinis. .1. C. Linden At CO., * idacorcgur 
Block, opposite Speiiei.'r'a. ' 


all be 


ijAOUL Bay snap for buUdora or Investors. 
'IVo lots. Foul Bay road, 600 teel from 
ear, two minutes (rum beacii, very cheap. 
Apply owner, 1707 Boss St., Foul Bay^ 

OAK Bay barttalns — 'J'hese 
gone in a few days; iwti already sold; 
seven splendid lots on Musgrave at., between 
Ulyiiipla ave. and "Cplanils;" tar line one 
— i block away; JI2;jO caeh. nuarter cash, bal- 


i.M.M:. lot on Cook St., 60xli.O to a 
JL' jnuu. J. W. U. York, jihone J.'S3'.i^ 

1,"(oR sale— Level lot, 50x120, Mftehoaln at.. 
. two blocka from Oak Bay nye., »1,:<0U. 

tnvnfr. Box 2373 Colonist, ]^ 

sale^^lot on Buy at. faclnSr Prior 
St.. size 60x61 n., price 81,500, terms 
$500 eusb, balanee 0, 12, and IS months at 
7 per cent. Apply 1(21 Pembro ke st. 

1710H sale — Acre of ground, small house, 
- trees, and garden, nicely located, Ideal 
lor a chicken ranch, nei^r city car line, on 
terms. J&XlO <B8h. Box 2418 Colonist. 

-»- St. 


anie 6, 12, 1» and 21 nionihs. The cheap- 
est Iota leu '" l''"' district. Leonard, Reld 
& Co., 121 I'einlicrion bldg. 

,.\' rooio l.'planda one acre, »600i<. H. 
Booth, 7 Brldgmun bldg., 1007 Govern- 

IJliMBRCJKE al.— East halt lot H, 50x141: 
J1475. Phone. 1874. Waddlngton towner i. 

JTeaCHLA.MU, Okanugan— 000 feet street 

fronlago and 3ii6 lake frontage, only 

83,000; will take launch aa part payment. 

W. H. Sharp, .v'aywood. Victoria. 

1)E.MHH0ICE «I. — Snap, lot 
Kood se\*t.'ii-roonie(l htiusi 
pantry. I'rieo $4,000, 
2446 Colonial. 

60x120, with 

bath and 

terma eaay. Box 

TjlUH sale— 3- 


modern flat, sleum 


healed, hot and 








Flat 2, 

"26 ',i 

Fort St. 

{UK karbor. T«k1W8 d»>i«>ttfta spot, 
charaita* Miwto »pM«, «xawM(« vi»v, ««r- 
uf pt ?ir» Mani •»« Donmaaj WOOOj 
«n^ nt§ MtOiil^KStu^ this plum, pwiitr. 
ttji «Mr*»r4 «t.t Jthotto ano. 



rnHF/ Remington Typewriter Co.-— A public 
JL service corporation, servea toe employer 
by aupplvlng stenographers and oHlce help; 
serves iTio stenographer and b.iokUeeper by 
llndlns positions; no charge for the service; 
tell us your needs. 316 Pemberton blk., 

Victoria ; phone 2914. ■ 

-r r]j;si'" \ '''TRS wanted at once. Apply 

XT'Y.N ii.ii— Voung lady apprentices to mll- 
VV llncry and <lry goods. Soabrook Young, 
between Government nnd 

Cross Female 
^rnment at., 
formerly of ViXcO'i 

ent Office. JiOtl Gov 
mo*. Bfra. Franula, 

A YOUNG woman would take 


children oveninga. 

earo of 
Apply ar«t to Box 

BOOKKEEPER, lady, for Jbakery, accur- 
ate and competent, familiar with re- 
tail accounts, state ag''. experience, and 
salary. Box 2422 Colonist. 

C^APABLE girl, able to do general house- 
■' work and plain i^ooklnn, would liko 
jioaltlon in family of two or three, roler- 
enees given. $30 month. Address Box X. 
tj. Z. Colonist. 

tut*' **"'•" "~^ lU«-...1M<.«w. fwWMl Int 

JOi^iim*rA» uplands, 82S0O; l-it ca«l>. bal- 
^mf%ti'Ani 18 month*. Overseas Inveat^. 


CtAPABLE young 
'' seeks position as general help. Good 

cook, highest references. 

Just arrived 


Write Box 2:437 

^RS wanted at once. 
1314 Douglas at 

621! Johnson St., 
Broad Bts, 


TANTBD— Girl for 
Government St. 

candy store. 





proprJelor. ThJa well known and pop- 
ular hoiel, entirely rebuilt and returnishert. 
Is new open to iLs .oatrona. Steam heat, Una 
commodious rooms, flrst-ciaas dining room, 
best attention to comfort of guests. Amer- 
ican plan, $1.50 to $2.00 per day. liuro- 
pea.t plan, 71 casts upwarda 818 Uala 


JUNK — Wanted, scrap brass, copper, sine, 
lead, cast Iron, sacks, bottle*, rubber. 
Highest prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
loro Store street. Phono 13B6. 

J 611 

LIVERY— Victoria Transfer Co., Ltd. Tel. 
128. Bust service In t ha c ity. 

Gardener — James Simpson, 
Superior, phono L3964. expert oir 
hurdeii, Joieat and ilorist work of every 
klud; catalogue now ready, free, ot roses, 
ulirubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants;- qual- 
iiy best; prices low; orders soUcdted. 

LITHOGRAPHING — Llthograpiilag, en- 
graving and embossing. N(«hlng too 
large and nothing too small; yoar station- 
ery U your advance ageui; our work Is un- 
tquallud west of Toronto. Th« Colonist 
Pt'li),tliig and Publishing Co.. Ltd. 

L4.NDtiCAPE and Jobbing .Kat^dencr, tree 
pruning and spraying a. »)9*>claUy. C. 
I'ederson, ViOO Francis ave.'j . phoao L1862. 

I<JTS cleared, dug and graded by day or 
■J contract, also sewer connections, by 
The Jobbing Partners. I'hone Y 3065. 

MAM U FACT UKERS' Agent; hardwood 

flooring, aluminium wares, etc. David 
K. Maciarlane, HUO Langley st.. Room 2. 

j PLASTERING Contractors — Hunter Si 
X. Rlgg, 817 Fort St., P. O. Box 100S». 
Eslluiates frSo. 

POTTERY Ware — Sewer pipe. Held tile, 
ground fire clay, flower pots. etc. B. Q, 
j'otttry Co., Ltd.. corner Broad aiud Pandora. 


I < nian with capital, young on- 
d accountant. accustomed 
.1, .u. .. ,. of office, wishes working 

partnership in cstabllsKod business or sal- 
aried position with share profits. Box 2340 

CCIDK.NT and liablHty iiiauruncu man 
wanted. -A-PPly, staling experience. 
bo.-v 214 7, colonist. 




pply 1012 Government st. 

vestmaker wanted at once. 
Apply . Bbisell's. 1314 Douglas st. 

WANTED. Immediately, lady bookkeeper 
»> for general store at Ladysmlth, must 
have good oxpertence. Good wages. Apply 
Simon LeUer & Co., Ltd.. Wholesale gro- 
cers. City. ^ __^ 

^ANTBD — Maid Immediately, family of 


luMiio each night If necejsary. 
.Mclntyre. P.O. Box 729. 

Reply Mrs- 

i-aslilers and waitresses 

CAPABLE, courteous wonran of 27 desires 
position In office work: experienced an<l 
reliable; moderate salary. Address Box 
2134, Colonist. _____ 


"AOOK-HOUSEKEEPBR, thoroughly ex- 
perienced, able to take charge and 
first-rate cook; highest references; take all 
duties for small XaniUy; $35 to 840. Apply 
I^adlea' Agency. 425 Say ward bldg.; phono 
2486. ■_ , 

e COLORED lady, A-1 worker, wishes any 
'' kind of housework. 800 Caledo nia .av. 

C ■CERTIFIED nurse, disengaged, willing to 
J go as nurse companion. L, P., cara 
Oak Bay 1». O., pho ne M8667. 

RBSSMAKERS— Lady would give piano 
lessons to adult or child In exchange 
for dressmaking. Box 2440 Colonist. 

keeping or light cooking. 
Beoumont P. C, Victoria. 

a Uplands, 82S06; t-8 ca«l>, bfcl 

, _ ^_ *nd 18 month*. Overr — - ' * 

ment AK«?ftcy. 208 Pemberton Mk 

B' OWKBR av. — Fine lot, 60x160, with 3- 
rooraed shack; big snap at $2200 on 
easy terms. Wise *. Co., 109 Pemberton 
Mdg. ' 

BEACH Drive — Magnldeent lot, 76x120, 
nicely treed; splendidly situated with 
nne view of bay ;»8300, on eaay terms. Wise 
& Co.. Pember ton Mk. , 

E.MITIFUL homesitcs for charming 
homes, on specially easy terms — Rich- 
mond avo.. on car line, 51x188. 81550. Har- 
riet and Obed, corner, near car and water- 
front 48x140. $1600. Oliver St.. south of 
Brighton, line lots, 106x120, $3760. Esqui- 
mau' harbor, beautifully situated. 71x132, 
$1050; lose this and live to regret; terms on 
above lots from 1% to 4 years. .\ppiy 
Evans 21 IS Sayivard St., Spring Ridge.; 
Box 1124. P. O. 

BEAUTIFUL treed lot on St. Patrick St., 
50x133. Price $1,760 on terms. A. O. G. 
Crawford. 317 Centtal Building. P,hono 

FOR sale, acreage, waterfront, half nille. 
BO-ucre ranch, house, barn', chicken house 
and fruit, trees, 2U cleared in grass, baianeo 
limber. Island property, $8500; JlOOO cash 
balance easy. Much beiow market valuo. 
Phone V-3S;)S. . ■: ■" ":■ , ■ 

i'^HoR Bale— Dean~Helghtsr first lot from 
Tolmie ave., $1,100; $300 cash. Box 

2259 Colonist. _______ 

partlculars, etc., 

1/^OK sale — ICO acres. Long Beach, 
couver Island. For 
apply Box 216* Colonist. 

J BOB sale by owner, choice corner lot on 
* Hollywood Croscant at a barj»ln. P. 

, a-'Box 1464, ■■ -'' ■■ ■' ■ • 

<|!I U « I . ■ ■■■ ' ■ '. ■ ! ' ' ! '" ' • ■ 

^Q^R aala — AHiout three sores (waterfront) 
J? BaanlcH Arm, tfow flahiag-ahacl4=Jtoyje 

F. 8.. MOoni.^bar« .Of q*jC. .J(UH>*f 

tiuessf' L: '' ' ■ ■ ■ " ' "J ' ". ■"■ i ■ ' ■ ' ■ .. ' . 

-gnojtr.fiiio— 8,«o .Mr«MuN» "'HiiiMy 

I^E.S'liK K Island acreage~20 acres on 
innln road, partly cleared; price $1501), 
tin leriiiB. S. F, Corbitt, Pender Island. 

KB'v'E.'v'US bearing block on corner Pan- 
dora and Camosun, four suites and Ave 
stores. Revenue 16 per cent, will increase 
1(1 25 per cent 'next year. Good sound In- 
terest-bearing investment. Price $20,000 
Basics & Co., Imperial Bank Chambers 
Ph one 3273. 

RICHMOND Park, corner 61x126 on 
Quamichan, $1,560, easy terms. Wil- 
liamson \& Hounsell, 018 Sayward. 


» I' 

Co., Ltd. 

price $1800. 
648 Fort St.; 


ftoyr mm 
lift, (in 


* » ■ ipUn 

.ii<ii i ii n"*« i r t jiiii* i«i ,' - 

n,«oo on eaay torma, ' Wtte ft • Co.. X09 
piit^hcrton bldB. V . <- 


Prdo:n «t« 

'f||'< tn fruit trees 
-. M>4 4>ii6lf.»^ .;W«!igi P iiiMH> J l .-cottage and 
ot i tfct i iW H g*, W W; 4> S w l >WM > i ia fr i t . View t nd on 
— • . ■ ,. ---.. turns. 


matn road; pftce $6500, on easy 
British Columbia Xnvestm Mit.?, . 638 
View st, .'. • ' '' 

ORDON St., Dean Heights— 50x125, $1000; 

$350 cash, balance $50 every three 

months. Hunt & Co., 813 Fori. 

Lot 50x135; $3000; $300 
W. B. Revarcomb, 1907 Bel- 
Phone R4425. 

ROCK Bay — inne, seml-busIncss property, 
lot, 60x120. with fully modern S-roonud 
house; piice $7600, excellent terms. R. H. 
Duce, 1113 Douglas at.; phone 304. 

RIClfMOND ave. south, close to car and 
beach, nice building lot; $1600, $500 
cash; t>alaneo 0, 12 and 18. Heath <& 
■ Chane y, Sayward blk. , 

ROYAL Oak — 10 abroai' good residential 
property, partly cleared very good bu.v- 
InK at $5000; term? , te^^arrange. Brltlj<li 



Sl» Sayward 



If Fort St.; 


iHOAL Bay, large lot runnlnBT-down to 

net, also St, Patrick St., near the writer, 
$1,500, net. Box 2348 Colonist. 


mont ave. 

"OE.XUTIFUL homeslts for 

Mrs. Grant, 

T;\taNTKD — Cooks. 

> V who wish to own a IHtle business of 
their own but lack sufficient capital. Let 
us help you by supplying the balance of the 
-necessary capital. Apply Mercantile Under- 
writers, suite 6 and 0. Green block, 1218 
Broad at. . 


TANTED — Good general servant. 
In the forenoon at 715 Cook st. 


WTANTED— First-class bookkeeper and 
tV stenoifraphcr. High salary to compet- 
ent person. Write stating age and refer- 
ences. Box 2430 Colonlat. 

\,\/A.N'TED — Intelligent young ladles and 
VV 'gentlemen who have studied short- 
h.Tnd and failed to use It successfully. 
i .. iBo cnli at Room 82, Brown Block, lllS 

I ; road St. 

C^AHRIER wanted for a good route u 
J dlscrlot ot Fort strJ«'. and tho June 
tlon. Only one living In this district need 
apply. Colonist Circulation Oepartmtnt. 

/ trry Engineer wanted for the City of 
y^ Port Albernl, British Columbia. Ap- 
licatlons addressed to tlie City Council and 
marked "Enslneer," will be received up to 
November 2«th, 1912. Bach applicant to 
state age, experience, salary expected and 
when he could co mmence work. 

TVIRST-CLASS cake baker wanted. Apply 
Pure Food Bakery, Pandora ave. 


rjLU.MalNG — Colbert Plumbing and Heat- 
J- Ing Co., Ltd. For firs; class workman- 
tlilp In the above line, give us a call. Tem- 
porary ofllce, 755 Uroughtou street. Phuuo 

tir ^ 

i>LU.MBlNG and Hardware — n. Smith, 1942 
Uak Bay uve. , phone 33G0. MuClary's 
:ani;eB and I'.eaters. 

Box 2003, 



jiaper hanging; 
Best work only. 

OCK blastlng- 
k blasting. 


-.1. Paul, contractor for 
1^21 Quadra sC, Victoria, 


;.•.. c. 

OHORTHAND — A course In shorthand and 
^5 typewriting, under tho direction e.x- 
perlenced court stenographer, at the V. 1. 
.School, Room 61!t-20, Hlbben-Bone block. 
Government st. Also Monday, Wednesday 
an 1 Frida y evenin gs. ^ 

^JHUKTHANU — Three montha" course, Plt- 
>5 man's tltoyal) tilniplined Kysleni; new 
term < .Novemoer; Intending pupils 
Bliould apply f"'' fti" particulars to the 
iloyal Stenographic Schoc?.!. 42ti Sayward 
Vi'.dg. ; nlglu nnd day eUisses. Itione 2fi01. 

^HOB-HAND — Shorthand School, 1U» 
O Broad street, Victoria. Shorthand, Type- 
writing bookkeeping thoroughly taugh*. 
Graduates fill- •<'"d positions. E. A. Mao- 
Mlllan. principal. 

TKNCIL anO Heal Engraving — General 

engraver and standi cutler. Geo. Crow- 

•.her, 816 Wharf street^ behind^P^O. 

^MITH, Russell, shlngiers and slate root- 
io era. 2203 Spring road. 

I HAVE a good proposition for a ri-al live 
hustler. Apply 2005 Governnient at. 

PARTNER wanted — Toung man with $500 
to take a working half Interest In an 
established business. Box 24C2, Colonlat. 


Apply 1231 

Government st. 

'ANTED, strong. energetic and trust- 
worthy boy. Apply '.I to 10 a. m. or 
5 to 6 p. m.. Modern Office .Supply Co., 921 

iJOUglBB St'. 

NTHD — Good ennvasaer for reaalng 

English life aaaurnnce lompany. Write 

fully. P. O. Box 14 14. 

, M. Llnkiaiur. 


f) to 


■\roi;NG girl wanted ^o take child out In 
J the afternoons, 6 Alma place, 329 
Michiga n at. Phone L 3925. 


ENGLISH lady, thorougMy experienced In 
secretarial work, stenography, account- 
ing, etc., desires position. 
2000, Colonlat. 

Secretary, Box 

A GOOD rough carpenter wants work, day 
or hour. .Nothing loo small: will help 
you build your home. Box 2123, Colonist. 

■fj^XPERIENCED lady clerk desires posl- 
J^ tlon. Box 1988. Colonlat. 

I,j^Xl'EP.lENCED woman wants washing 
-^ and cleaning every week. -Vpply Mrs. 
B.. 730 Caledonia av. 

f'-MHU wants light housework and look 
vX after children from 8 (Jclock till 6. 
Box 2035. Colonist. 

KOI'PK parlormaid with references, dls- 
ens-aged; wages $30. Box 1980, Col- 
onist. ■ 

L.\DY wants houaework, or by. month. 857 
Niagara st ., city. 

RESrECT.\BLB Englishwoman wants 
dally work; honest and trustworthy. 
Box 1957, Colonist. 

a 'DRAINED nurse who has had experience 
. In bookkeeping desires office position. 

good teatnster, 
express com- 

AUTO driver seeks employment. 6 ',5 years' 
experience private and workshop. Box 
2069, Colo nist. , 

A~ STRONG young man, 
would like place With 
pany. 738 Humboldt st. 

A' COMPETENT, reliable, upright, experi- 
enced man and wife desire position 
managing rooming house or hotel; refer- 
ences given. Box 1291. Colonlat. 

AYOL'.NG man (Norwegian), talks some 
English, wishes position In machine 
.Some experience. 738 Humboldt. 


\\'.\NT1CIJ — Vestmaker 
VV tailor. 

^T.VNTED — Young ladles and gentlemen 
out of cmplo.vmcnt should call Im- 
mediately at Room 22, Brown HUnk, 1112 
Broad St., for good paying positions. 

W 'ANTED — Two good reliable salesmen 
for outside work. Godwin & McKay, 
tna House Aieri, ti20 Vates St.; phone <17ia. 

~ TANTED — Carrier for The Dally Colonist 


Apply Circulation 

Dept., Dally Colonist 

ARCHITECT — Associate of Royal Inst. 
British Arehlteeta. 12 yeara Engliali 
and Canatllan experience. Is open to good 
offer. B ox 2329 (.;olonlst. 


Doctor's ofllce preferred, 

Box 513, Colo- 

P.AINED maternity nurse open 

to en- 

T „ 

1724 Edmonton road. Phone F-36a7 

— .. — , — ^ 

TWO Englishwomen require position to- 
gether, thoroughly doniostleoted, coun- 
try preferred. Box .2294 I'olonlst. 

\"«"'ANTKD— All kinds of stenographic 
VV work, shorthand, typewriting, etc. 223 
Pemberton hllc. ; ph one 3090. 

TANTED. dresamaklng. at 845 Courtney 

homes, on specially easy terms — Rleli- 
mond av., on car line, 61x188. $1,650. 
Harriet and Obed, corner, near car and 
waterfront. 48x140. $1,500. Oliver st.. 
south of Brighton, fine lots. 100x120. $3,760. 
Usqulmalt harbor, beautifully situated. 74x 
132, $1,060; lose this and Uve to regret; 
terms on above lots from 1 V4 to 4 years. 
Apply Evans, 2118 Sayward St., Spring 
Ridge; Box 1134. P. O. 

BOWKEH ave. — Two magnificent lots, 
$4,200 for the two on easy terms. 
Wise & Co.. 100 Pemberton blk. 

USHBY St. — Good high lot; $1476, $800 
cash . Phone 3565. 

BARTLETT 8t. — Lot. 50x110 feet; $1870, 
on tcrma Herbert Cutbbert & Co.. C°j: 
Fort St. . 

BEACH Drive,' near Cranmore rd.. with 
beautiful panoramic view of the strait; 
75x120 ft; $3500; easy terms; this Is one of 
the choicest homesltea left In this district. 
Heaih & t.rh aney. Sayward blk. 

l^ILDERS! — Cornel-, 160x115, Just south 

of. Ottk Bav car line, cleared and ready 

for building; "price $6250; terms over .T 

vears. .Anderson & Jubb, room 7, Green 

blk.. Hrnnd st. 

UBNSIDE — Inside 2-mlle circle and only 

GORGE waterfront; large lot 70 x 1S3. 
Price $2,000. Dallas road, corner lot. 
50x122.6. Price $6,000. W'llmer St., lot 50 x 
120. Price $1,700. Wllmcr at., 2 lots, 50, x 
120. Price $1,500. Ap>li|y Owner 1420 
Douglas St. Phone 718. 

ONZALES av. — Extra good lot, 70x120. 
magnificent view of the water; flno 
house Site, only $1400; $400 cash, balance 
eaay. Wise & Co.. 109 Pemberton bldg. 

HAMPSHIRE road, next to corner of 

Brighton place. 48x180. $2100, 1-,T cash. 

Schrelbcr & Lubbock. 406 Central bldg., 
phone 846. 

HAMIOTA St.— Three full-sized lots, $1350 
each. Grlmason & Bunnett. 329 Pom- 
he rlon bldg. 

HAULTAIN St.. corner lot. full sized. In the 
locality of new development, for $1400; 
$300 cash, balance very easy'; this Is $100 
cheaper than any other corner on thla street. 
J. C. Linden & Co., 4 MacGregor Block, op- 
posite Spencer's. Phone 2870. 

BRE'S a Snap — 186 acres, lew thm one- 

C4I.NAP — Ryan to Hamilton, 60x260. $2100; 
>0 third cash. Havers & Norman, phone 

SHOAL Bay waterfront— -Fine lot. 

igniflcent view of the watef; very few 
of these lots left; $2000. on easy icrnis. 
Wise & Co., 10!) Pemberton bldg^ 

S.VRATOGA ave. — One of tho best buys 
In Oak Bay, a lot for Jl'ioO, tennis. 
Held & Greenwood. 723 View af. ■* 

SEAVIEW nnd Beach Drive 
Grlmason & Bunnett, 

—75x145. $3600. 
329 Pemberton 


^FECIAL — Rockland 
k5 $4200. terms. 
View St. 

ttve.. (iOxllO. for 
Reld & Greenwood. 723 

CJOUTH Hampslvlre rd.. Oak Bay. 110x113. 
io $3000; 1-3 cash. See A. D. Malot & 
Co., 403 Central bldg., phone 3236. 


OUTH Hampshire rd.. $1575; $600 cash; 

Central bldg.. phone 3235. 


Sooke Harbor; ?25 per acre; one-quarter 
cash, balance 1. 2 and 3 years, or will bar- 
gain for my equity out of same. J. Smith. 
110 Ladysmlth st. 

ILLSIDE ave. — The biggest snap going. 



50x135. $950. $250 cash 

Box 2330 Colonist. 

CADBOHO and Pacific — Corner. 50x107; 
to lane, $1050. Grlmason & fiunnett, 
329 Pemberton hldg^ 

^ADRORO and Thompson — Corner, 61x130. 


berton bldg 

CHARLTON at, — anslde city limits, lot 60x 
184. xater on property: price $975; third 
cash. Foul Bay' rd.. close to Fort St., lot 
50x140; price $1300; fhlrd cash. P. F. 
Campbell. 1007 Government; phone 3474. 


street. Phone 1978. 

■tX^.VNTED — Capable girl for general house 
VV work. Suite 703, Menxtes. Apply ev- 

BOY, 16, wants to learn the 
business; good character. 
Foster, K137 Hultoii »<. 

position, thoroughly rnpable, good ref- 
erences. Phone 2744. 



■4HAUFFEUR, experienced, wants situa- 
tion; do nil running, repairs; .)u»l out 
from old country; also able to tearh golf. 
Box 2034, (;olonlst. 

DO you need an experienced manager or 
asslaiani for your poulrty farm? Many 

years' exparienee In California, 
(Colonist. ^ 

Box 2153 

VX TANTED — Message 
VV Job Department. 

Ooy In the Colonlat 


VV CHfo 

UNDEBTAKI.NG — Hanna & Thompaon un- 
takera. Parlora 827 Pandora av. Grad- 
uate U B. College of Embalniing. Contrac- 
tora to H. M. Navy. Ofllce phone 498; 
lea. phone 611. 

UNUKKTAKING — B. C. Funeral Furnish- 
ing Co. (Haywards), 784 Broughton 
alrect. Pi-ompt attention; obaraes reaaon- 
able. Phones 2235, 2236, 22*7, 2288. Chaa. 
Hayward. president; R. Hayward. secretary; 
F. Caatleton, manager. 

WHCLB8ALB WlOeS an« Uauora— Tur- 
ner, BaetoD Co., Ltd., Wharf street, 
Victoria— wholesale only. All tho lea«ln« 
brands of llquora Direct tmportera Write 
for lists and prloea, 

HOLB8ALB Dry Gooda— Turner, Bootoa 
& Co., Ltd.. wholesale dry goods Im- 

fiorters and manufacturers, men's furnlsh- 
ngs. tenu, "Big Horn" brood oklriA owo»- 

«.ll«. Mall orders attendo d to. 

fNDOW cTeanert— Jamea Bay window 
cleaners and Janltora H. Kolway, »44 
Cobnrg St.; phone Lt882. 

steward for grill - 
who can Invest In share of rom- 
pany. Mercantile Underwriters, suite 8 and 
r. tireen block. 1218 Broad sL 

\\T.\NTEU — Employment on chleken ranch 
VV by man with a little experience. not 
iifrald of work. Box 2348 Colonial, 

\Y7A.N"1'ED — Strong, respectable youth, tor 
»V delivery wagon. Apply Dcavlllo Sons 
* Co.. (irocers, Hillside avf. 

IVTANTED — Experienced male atenograph- 
»' er. Island Inveatment Co., Limited, 
■JOil Sayward building. Victoria. 

\X*A.N'TED — Stt.iesman or tlrm to handle 
VV smiill subdivision nt Nanalmo, 26 lots. 
Just outside the mile circle fnjm the centre 
of business dislrlet. Box 284, Nanalmo 

'ED- -Any one wanting advice on 
ley matters, Investments, etc.. can 
get free Infoimatlon by sending name and 
address and particular* to Box 2386. Col- 

ENGINEER, third class, wants Job In 
mill, mine or laundry; good references. 
Box 2036, Colonist, 

IT^XPrORlENCKD man needs position on 
-i farm, good milker anil have had large 
experience with poultry ranch and also 
horse, !Box 23S7, Colonist. 

ITAXPBRUENCEU ihaufteur d'<!alres position 
lifcwlth prIvBie family; good reference. 
.^ddress 1603 Cook at, 

I^j^XPBRllsNCED barber wants situation. 
■J Box 14 62, tolonlst. 

W/ANTED— Dally wor 
V V Phone R 4145. 

k by young person. 



as housekeeper or 
by rompelenl, well- 
ood plain cook; no 

I — Position 
•ompanlop help 
educated woman, very good pl« 
objection to cou ntry. Bo x 2357 ^^^ 

TANTED — By English woman, day work 
In private liouseM, ( ookliiK, baking, 
sewing, ete. A)iply Box 2254 Colonist, 

ll'ANI'BD — By a rellnble Englishwoman, 
VV employment, any kind, from 2 till 6. 
M., 1029 Yates at. 

\"\?'inOW With child three years, desires 
I -olonlst 

C1HEAP. easy lota — Hault'nin, corner, $1200, 
J onlv $250 cash; Hnultaln. corner, $14 00, 
$300 cash: James St., Onk Bay, $1750, 1-4 
cash: Fairfield Terrace, extra large, $27.'iO, 
only »'''''<• cash; Linden av., $2*50. only $600 
cash; all good buys. "^ ^ 

Box 2071, Colonist. 

CECIL St.— fGood lot, SIOSO; good terms. 
Phone 187 4. W addlngton. 

COBBLE Hill — 8S3 acres adjoining railway 
station. Price $50 per acre for Im- 
mediate sale. If you know values, you'll 
snap this. Central Really '"o.. '317 Broad 
St. ^ 

CIOi.<WOC)D — Four acres, no rock, slashed, 
' adjoining I'hiirch nnd railway, $1700: 
quarter cash, balam-e 1, 2 and 3 yeara. 
Havers & Noriiiun, 220 Hibben blk,: phone 

4 2r.^. 

( •GOBBLE Hill — Chicken ranch, 5 acres; 
> 2"M, In fruit nnd fenced; splendid loca- 
tion; $1500; third cosh, bal. fl, 12. 18 and 
24 months. Ollphant & Sliaw, 208 t^^nlral 

bld g. , 

CtEClL St.. near Edmonton rd.. good lot, 
-' full sized. TVIce $1,050, terms 1-3 
cosh, balance B, 12, and 18 nionlhs. Apply 
Ifox 2336 Colonial. 

from car. Price $3,000. a quarter cosh, bal- 
ance over 2 years. Hurry It you want this. 
Close In to Douglas st. Dawson & McQal- 
llard, 704 Fort. st. 

IF vvu had money we would buy In Port 
.\ngelea. and It you knew what we know 
you would also buy; come In and we will 
tell you obout It. Mettler-Reehllng Co., 
22 Green blk.. opposite Colonlat. 

IF you want a country home only 3<ii 
miles from Victoria, we have a 6'i acre 
property with nice 6-rooni bungalow, a good 
stoble, and half the land under cultivation. 
There Is a fine spring with water gravitat- 
ing to house and garden; tho new B. C. 
Electric Railway to Saanlsh runs within 
halt a mile. The price Is $8600. and only 
$2500 cash. Let us show you this. Ilea, 
Brown & Copeman, 213 Pemberton blk. 

lAME.S Bay snap: seven roomed modern 
house, furnace heated, facing south, on 
large lot 54 x 151. The price Is .'uUy a 
thousand dollars below market value, tor 
quick sale, $7,500; $1,500 down, balrtnae 
eaav. Apply to owner, 568 Rlthet St., phone 
It 1660. 

LOT on Davlda sf., Gorge View Park with 
cement basement complete, 22x28; 
with shack, tools, etc.. size of lot 51 x 120, 
$1,200, Apply on property. 

LOOK — Two good lots cheap: Graham St.. 
close to Bay. 50x110, Jl'riS; Fairfield, 
near school, high corner, 50.\120, for $1750 ; 
terms. P. O. Box 551 or telepho ne LI 14 7. 

OT 50x332 facing on Charlton and King's 

TEN ot tho best building lots In Oak 
Bav. Including two double corners; 
price $1750 each. .-^darns & Dili. Phono 
R-3470. ^ 

THOSE who should know think land In 
theS-mile circle will sell next fall at 
$1,000 per acre. I will sell you 70 acres, 7 
miles out for $200 per acre. Phone Ovvner 
K. S531. 

TOPP and Pacific, a double corner, lOOx 
120, cleared level land, close to where 
the street car will run, and oiily $2 800, on 
terms of $900 cash and balance over nearly 
three years. Beckett. Major & Co., Ltd.. 
613 Fort St. Telephones :i515 and 2967. 



726 Discovery st 

MILL Bay waterfront at $200 per ocre. 
one quarter cash. Room 323 Sayward 
phone 1602. 



YDI'NG Engilahwomon wants carelaking 
of offices or any place of trust. Good 
references. A. 

F. Colonist. 

•XTOUNC. lady stenographer with IH years' 
X experience wishes position In office. 
Address Miss Gnrein, May wood P. O. 

Y'Ol'NO woman wants housework few 
hours dally. Box 1953, Colonist. 

Ol'NG .Scotch -girl. Just arrived, wanta a 
s help. Al 
Write Box 

situation as mother's help. Able to 

work, good references 


NLIBHMAN, Just orrlved, well educated. 




^ ENTS' furnishings and clothing salesman 
T 12 years' experience, capable of man- 

aging. Bonds and references. 

Box 2268 

VV mone 


4«ICHITBCT— Jeaae M. Warron. ••! coiii- 
. inU Bids., VIotorlo, B. a Phone «»»tt 
...... VI . o 

once — Toung 
MacKinnon Co., »10 View st 

man with 

WaN'iBD at 
some office experience. Apply Lake 


ANTED — Boys on The Colonlat varnish 


^ANTBD. snoa and women to loom tha 
harbor trade: wMcas pold 'whllo Aorn- 
Ing; 118 to tli por weak when qualiCad. 
Wo kaouo tbo only rooocaUod diploma* to 
tha worlA; learn a trado and be Indepoai- 
ent; t1>s moat complsto oolloco In tha west. 
Cat! or writ* tor Creo eotolociio. Molar 
Barber CoUoso. »*• Mala St.. Vdaoo«ror. 
B. C 

WANTED — Boy (educated) to help on 
poultry farm. Bmall salary and com^- 
fortable home, aull Bngllsh boy newly out. 
Apply Box 1418 Colonlat. 


ARRtED couple, French gentlepeople 
from Europe, desire position of trust 
or on a mixed farm; thoroughly capable. 
Apply for particulars to The Ladles- 
Agency, 425 Sayward b'.dg. ; phone 2488. 

Box 2013 

driver In 

prlyate fam'lly. 

ODD Jobs wanted, old buildings razed, 
lots and garden lands cleared and Im- 
proved, basement taken out, etc., charges 
modorate. Robt. Bruce. Box 72, Thoburn 


OfNG lady bookkeeper and general ofllee 
ilatant desires position ; thorough ne- 
countant with best of references, capable 
of taking charge of ofTlce; familiar ■«'lth 
typewriter. Address V. O. Box 854, . Ity. 


A GREAT big lot. 248x50, on Cadboro 
-A. Bay rd., next corner of Bowker ave.; 
this will be on the new car line; price 
$2660; 'lerma quarter cash, bal. 6, 12, 18. 21 
months. Wise * Co., 109 Pemberton bldg. 

•Next to corner of Bank st.. 
1838 onk Buy ave.. phone 3200, 

("low AN nve 
.-' one lol 40x120, $1310; $450 cash 
I 'tlpps 

"CORNER ot Burdlck and Musgrave, price 
$1600. 1-3 cash, balance over three 
years. A, O. G. Crawford, 317 Central bldg., 
phone 3229. 


50x1 5C 

one block off Burnslde ei!,r line. 
0, $1000. easy terms. Anderson 
Jubb, room 7, Green blk.. Broad St. 

CORNER. 42x115. new High school 
and one mile from clly hall, $1200, usual 
tf'i'ms, Andeison * Jubb, room 7. Oreen 
blk., Broad sl^ 

r^tOWAN are. — Beautifully treed lot 48 x 
y 127, Snap at $1,575 on easy terms. 
Wise & 1^0.. 109 Pemberton blk 

UNDAS St., a flne lot, $2,030. Gillespie, 
Hart * Todd, Ltd., 1115 Langley St. 
Phone 2040. .■ _ 

at. — Thrp« fine lots on this 

r sole, much below value: price 

on terms. Lewla Carey. Ltd.. Hamley 

USURAVE at. — 44.7x143, $1450. Gnm- 
ason iSr Bunnett. 329 Pemberton bldg. 

OltE profits — Multlgraph circular letters 
(cannot be detected from typewriting) 
will Increase your biialnes.<; prices low. We 
have C'.mplete nialllng lists. Orders 
exeeulpd on short notice. Apply Newton 
Advertising Agency, suite 403, Times bldg. 

M~~ARS St.— Splendid lot, 50x120, fine home- 
site; snap at $950. on easy terras. Wise 
& Co., 109 Pemberton bldg. 

MVIlTLli; ave. — t>ne of the be^M on 'street, 
(11x120, for a few days at $ri.'.0, easy 
leniis. .See us at ome ab(nil this. .-Vpiily 
1212 Douglas. 

UVO beautiful sea view lots adjoining 
Bowkers estate, best jiart ot Oak Bay, 
50x148 each, price $1,950 each. A. O. G. . 
Crawforif, 317 Central bldg. IMione 3229. 

WO sixty foot lots on Fifth St.. 120 feet 
front bv 135 deep. betwe(;n Kings and 
Hillside; price for the two, 44200; one- 
fourth cash, balance C. 12 and IS months; 
thla Is without doubt the best In Inside 
property today; see them at once. W. S. D. 
SiTilth, 221 Sayw ard block. 

TWO good lot's on., Flnlayson, midway be- 
tween Quadra and Cook. $1050. Two 
others on Mount .Stephen at 52625 the pair. 
201 Cfentral bldg.. phone 3272. 

rnWO excellent lots on Oliver at., each 60x 
X 140. treed; price for the two. $3150 

British Columbia 
View St. 




VININ(5 ond Pondora, three good lots. 
$1,600. $2,000. and $2,800. Box 1994 

TTJ7EST Bay — Waterfront lot, $12,000: terms 
VV arranged. Overseas Investment Agency, 

20s Pemberton blk. 

ITCTE have some mor»ey available for the 
VV purchase of good\ Inside agreements 
Heisterma'n, FO«an & Co., 1213 

of sale. 

Broad st 

\'\''EST Bay. Victoria and Bsqulmalt — 
VV Fraser and Lyall, two acres, revenue 
producing; price $16,000, on terras over 
three years. Beckett. Major A Co.. Ltd., 
643 y^vl St.; telephones 3516 and 2987. 

rATERFUONTAGE — Shoal Bay. plctur- 


location, gilt-edge security either aa 
lation or Investment $2,600. 1-8 
Phone owner, 4141. 


"VTASCAN.^ si. — ypiendld 
IM Burnslde earlln-. big terms. Wise & Co. 

lot. 57x120. near 
snap at $900 on 
. 109 I'emberlon 

■VfEWPORT ave— 50x110. 
-i^ golf llnk.s. $1575; $575 
2 and 3 years. Anderson 
Green block. Broad st. 

facing sea and 
cash, balance 1. 
& Jubb, room 7, 

\\7.\TERFRONT— 50 

VV J200 per acre; eaay terms. Schrelber 



EWPORT nvc— 50x110, facing sea and 

1, 2 and 3 years. Anderson & Jubb. room 
7! Green blk.. Broad st. 



ave. — C 







$2100: $■ 

50 cash 

. H 





on? 4 2 59. 

atrifl fo 


BIO snap on Linden ave. and Oacarst. 
2272 Colonist. 

A. 215x158. $14,250. good terms. Box 

SMART groceryman seeks position, age 30. 
quick and (sompetent. good solicitor. 
W. N. Chowen. 1 169 Johnaon st.. city. 

rrXWO Japaneae boys want Job; one haa ex- 
X porlenca In cooking, other In houso- 
work or outatda labor. Apply 11*1 Tatea at. 
Phone 8448. 

ANTED, by Bntliahman, 40 years of 

age: position aa maoager of ofllce, 

secretary to club or InatltuHon or would 

take complete charge of warohoiioo. ^t^PplT 

Box lOlt, Coloniat. .f 

A GREAT big beautiful l"', ov»rlo.>klng 
ehoal Bay. $400 cash. price $1,800. 
Gillespie. Hart A Todd, Ltd., 1116 Langley 
St.. tel. 2040. 

OREEMENT of sale to dispose of bring- 
ing $950 at 820 per month and Inter- 
est at 7 per cent, will sell very cheap, 
write Agreeme nt. 1789 First St. 

A GOOD lot on Foul Bay rd.. only one 
block from car line; price $1880; V» 
caah. JMft.»11tft. on lati* >omer a few 
foot only from Oak Bay car. MHO on terms. 
Fully modern new aeven-roomed house on 
lot 60x120; bath and two toilets, etc., $4200. 
M cash, balance Itt per month. Three lota 
at Bow Island, Alta., at less than original 
cost. The owner must aell these, and with 
a municipal gao well now assured, theos are 
an aacootlonally vood Inveatment. Clartng- 
boald. ;•! C«atr»l kld«, PhoBt IITS. 

DUNLEVY Bl. — 1-2 block from Uplands. 
50x115 to lane, $17riO. terms. Colin 
Powell, 230 Pemberton blk. * 

DrN;--MLlR rd.— Lots at $2100. 82200, 
$2500 and $2760. Beckett. Major * Co., 
Ltd., 643 Fort St.; telephones 3S1B and 2867. 

DOUBLE corner. Hampshire and McNeil, 
to a lane. $3750 on terms. Box 2022, 

FAIRFIELD — Wellington ave.. 50 foot lot 
near Faithful street. $2,160. $750 cash, 
balance arranged. Mtist sell. Owner Box 
2401 Colonist. 

Ir^ARM house. 7 rooma. and 20 acres, close 
. to rail, stffre and post oHlce; nice stream 
running throttth Mnrt; fihawntfran taho In- 
side a mile; flrst-clasa for chicken ranch; 
all necessary outhouses, stahles. etc.; 11000 
cash very low price, r-lvvln Fr«mpton. room 
1 and 2. McGregor hi'. ... opposite Spencer's; 
phone 928 . ._ 

F URN WOOD road — 2 ln»» close to Bay 
St. $2,200 each, usual terms. Thompr 
son Raalty Co., Ii ft It aroan blk. PfcAna 

OAK Bay — 60x162 and Transit road, 3 lots 
from McNeil av4-., a splendid building 
site. Good fence round tho lot with wire 
fence in front. Only two blocka from car. 
Price $2,100, $1,000 cnsh, balance can be 
made In three equal payments. Apply B. 
C. Land & Investment Agency, 922 Govern- 
ment st 

LIVE St., 50x120. $1(100, easy terms, 
edon & Cooper, 104 Soyward bldg. 

acres near Mlllbay; 
asy terms. Schrelb 
& Lubbock. 405 Centra! bldg,. phone 848. 

'TTTF. have the cheapest buy on Cralgflowar 
VV road, where Improvement's are madfc 
$1760. Brain & Sim Co.. 737 Fort st. 

ixlOB — Lillian rd. near oar line, level 
lots, $1600. ."Wooro A Johnston. Yatoa 
and Broa d; phono 627. 

YATB8 St., close Cook at., 80 feet, with 
house rented al $30 per month; $9600, 
I 3 cash, balance 6. 12 and 18 months. Over- 
seas Investment .\gency. 208 Pemberton blk. 

kxl60 — Cedar Hill rd., high and dry, 
facing west. $1800. M^ore A Johnston, 
Yates and Broiid; phone 627^ ' 

frr\xllO — Prior -Jt , between Bay and King's 
tjyj rd., $1800; compare prtcaa. Moore A 
Johnston. Vatea and Broad; phone 627. 

pr/\xl20 — Richmond ave. south, level lot, 
tJ\j near car line, $1500. Moore A Johnston, 
Vates and Broad; phone 927. 

{T AxllO- -VU'tor st.. corner lot, $1400; note 
^yy) price. $400 cash. Moore & Johnston, 
Yates and Broa d; phone ti27. 

prAxl20 eoch— 2 lots on Ueavlew ave., run- 
0\J nlng through to Montrose; $3000 for 
tho two; compare pricea. Moore A John- 
ston. Vatea and Broad; phone 827. 

right on the c4r line, 
>2B00, Moore 
slon, 'v'atRs and Broad; phonq 687 

'prQxl43 — Fort sr.. right on 

O^ splendid lot, |2B00, Moore A John 


■Oufi block from Moss, lot 
1x120. $1600; quarter cash. Jas. Crlpps, 
1888 Oak Bay nve.: phone 3200, 


OAK Bny--Three 50 feet lots on Larch at., 
close .to Golf Links: $1300 each; 1-8 
cash, balance 6. 12 ard 18 months. Over- 
sens Investment .\gr ncy. 208 Pemb erton blk. 

OAK Bay — Deal St.. good lot; price $1800; 
1-3 cash: balance 6. M and 18 mi^nths. 
Overseas Investment Agency, S08 Pemberton 

OAK Bay — Dunlevy St. (tTplands carllnei. 
two lots, 11700 each; one-fhlrd cash, 
halano«> 6. 12 and 18 months Ov»'rsoas 
Investment AKency. 208 Pe mberton blk. 

AK Bay — Haael a*«.. IsHind rd., dear. 
lAol tot. no rook, price 81,100 If aold 
today. 820 Fort at. ' 

Moore & Johnston 

Topaz ave.. two lots 58x112 each, 
Yates and Broad; 'phone 


*}\J $3150 for the two; conj^pare prices. 

— inside the three-quarter mtle eir* 
■le. on paved street. $3200. Hooro A 
Johnston. Vates and Broad; phone .627. 


ixl20 — Woodlands rd.. Falrlleld, aplenoio 
evel lot, $1900. Moore ft Johnaton, 
Yates and Broad; phMie 627. 



\J\J Stl 

Corner lot on Flnlayson at., this 
reet Is paved. $1800. Mooro ft< 
Johnston. Tat es and Broad: phone 627. 

/»Qx»7 Corner lot on Hillside ava., hl<H and 
OO dry; one of the best buslnaia eoi-uxis 
on the strec, i65Ui(. Mooro A Joltns'.ou, 
Ynten and Broail : phone 817. 

OAK Bay — Qood, levM lot. cleareu. woti r 
laid on: aniiP. 819I8&; t>9* cash, balance, 
6, 12, 18 months.. Box- 2481. Co lo nist. 

OAK/ Bay— it] Patrlfck at., harf acre, 
tijoo on torma, or llOtO cAili. U. 
^^MT 7 aHd««M M«f., IIIT aovtnmmt. 



Bank st.. tww Iota. ISIOUT compare 
prices. Moore ft Johnaton. Tatiia and 

Broad; phone 627. t— . 

,xnt— Tw<T double isornera In Holly- 
wood, aplendid view of "oa, |40W(» 
oaola. Mooro * Johnaton, Tatea uni Broad; 
phoTie 827. ■ . :. ^ 

-jArvxllO— Doub!e corner In Hollywood, 
Xf/U commanding splendid vlow of th«( 
sea. $4000. Moore ft Johnston. TMaa and 
Broad;, phone «J7., ; 

1 ftfixHO- Two lota, 60x180 each, with • <- 
±UU roomad attack, noar Mr Hm, «roU 

ruljy, :vovemDer a, ^^n^M 



I'KOrKKTV rOK MAI.K— (ConUiiln-d* 

TiWixi-Ci Uoinpiililri: rJ.. duublo corner, 

J-yjyj >aoiHi. Moon- & Johniitnn, Vate» and 

"1 (kAxJ^O— Anqulth m., (Suable corner, |2l)uv, 
_LUU this la u »i)lindia buihUng glle. Moore 
•^ £"hntil"ii, Yatt-ii imrt Uroaii; phone 827. 

1 AA ACKEH al Nanulrno al $250 per acre. 
-*-"" fl'"^ plaltlUK proposition. Plionit 
•-'050. Tf-rins \-i cinh balatioii ca«y. M. 
F rancis Kun e, UL'O JohnHon ar. 

1A*)»"'J — Double corner, lii»ide the three- 
-^ ^** nuuriei- niUi- circle; uplcjidld »lli> 
Kii- apartniuni house; |!I5«0; on a paveil 
street. Moore & Juluuton, YutL» and liroad; 
phone 627. 

"1 tyrr ACREa, belnjf nectlona 7 8, 74, and 
■i-^ t l-!t of section 72. Saunlch Ulstrlcl. 
Vancouver Island. Price $42,000. Ttrins 
J7.000 cash, balance 1, 2, 8, 4. and B years 
a I 7 per cent . KUm Singh, 2523 Uoae ai. 

~l(il\ ACRES Sooke, within 1-4 mile o£ 
-*-^'-' new railway line. }2K per acre, 
«"a«y termji. J, W. Archer, 214 Sayward 


4jj*Q')K — One lot oft Cloverdalo on Bethum- 
*«'«-'-'<•' ave., »175 cash, »7a quarterly. 

Another, 60x120. price ISiOO; $250 caah. Ed- 
win Franipton, room 1 and 2 McGregor Uldg., 
otipoKltr Spencer's; phone i)2S, 

<Sj»-| AAA BUYS a nne lot. olOBe to car 
flpJ-Uv/V/ barns, on UurnBldp and Hampton 
rd., only %'iBO cash. Edwin Wampton, room 
1 and 2 McGregor bldg., opposite Spencer's; 
phono 328. , • i 

«aj-1 -J AA— Denman at.. h<Kh lot. on _»lla 
tP-L-iWV/ circle; third cftsh, t, IS :-4m'--%9,' 
Kdwln Frampton. room 1 and 3. MOO^MW 
blilg.. opposite Spencer's; plione 9S8. 

■' II ' ' . ' 11 1 1 II IWW^M*^ 

<R1 '>fiPi EACH— Xwo ^Ice. level loU on 
«|pX-iUt> Scott Km|u;j|IH» off Dunlovy, 60x 

HOl'SJES FOR 8A1.E — (Conrtaucd) 

120, on very nasy toiilHb' phone today about 
tills. J. C. Linden A Co., * JtooOregor. Block. 

~ ■ ] * 

—Right on c«.' Jlne. 44x150/ Burn- 

atde; third cash and balance 2 

ir»iH|t^^^iS*e>i4 Jnt, obiarve deptn. Bdwtn 
FrtttMvtObi room l And H. McOregor bld«., 
opposite Bpcncer'y. phoaf 928. 

a^jAft|W.Klco corner tot on Paoine at., 
■KiJSWv near Olympl* and the ne'W car 
TO»t f4«0 caih. balance very eaay. J. C. 
T4nd«n & Co., 4 MaoOresor Block. oppoaiM. 
Su««nper'^». Pbone 2879. 
• ii 

Inhmnnd ■ ava I rrhnlfe Int, — ULl. 


FOi;U and Ave room», modern house, I"' 
sale, close to car; on very easy ternia 
Apply owner, 2i»0 Cedur HIU road. 

IjlOlt sale on easy terms, new and moduru 
. bungalow Just completed, close to Hill- 
side and Norili Ward park. Owner, Hox 
'20;i0, Colonist. 

I.^'^OR sale — New modern 'bungalow, choice 
-L location, on terms, }600 cash. Owner. 
I'.O. box 14i4. 

T.TOK sale — 2 nice 5-roomed cottages In 
J? % Iciorla West, ruH-sl»ed lot; only »2'JlO, 
{350 cash; balance ua rent. J. C. I..lndcn 
& Co., 4 .MacGreBor hlk. ; phone 2870. 

(^ l..\D.STO.NK av. — An S-roonied. modern 
y hiiusr; $74(11). Jlii'O ea«li. SV. B. llcvi-r- 
icinil), l;itiT lielruont tiv. ; iihone U 4425. 

/ ^ KEATICR Victoria Realty Co.. K. D. 
vX aooti, B. C. Blcknall. Room 3, 2nd 
lloor, .Simmons hlk., 007 Govornment St.; 
phone .M3:)7S — IJeliiloni uve., spluiuiiil iiiVisi- 
ment and beautiful home, close to Fort »l. 
car, KoliiK at ?H300. easy terms. ^^ 

Hl-JROX St.,' a house a"nd four lots for 
$«80i>. Beckett, .Major & Co., Ltd., 643 
Fori St. Telephones 351B and 2! )«7. 

HoT.L Y WOOD, beautKuliy situated and 

exceptionally well designed California 

bungalow within one minute of car and 

b'lach, 5 rooms, built-in buffet, bookcaaea 

and desk, Dut. ' ;:; '.n and every mod- 

nn couvenleni'. i fully provided to 

make IKe awer; i . ivett. Major & Co., 

■J«w*^^#ii)>iw>rt»*wl>w#fa*»*'«p^i I iii L ii III ^ — I Ill 

■f'Bme k ■'Wtt. u p a In houaeg anft 

^, Sa«4MtJnM*t 09,~«*4M«« *»«t on coo 
iflKt «r, on tiM iRstaUBABt pl«a. 21 « 8a^- 
wltrd bldg., ph6ne 807*. ^ 

mtmnmm t i i sai — m n ^ii m i is »■■ i m iss n iiiwi i m iwaai^^s—*— ^aa— — — i^— ^»^ 

IJ^VESTIGATIB thl* if jrott want a snap: 
Foul Bay. well bUlU 7 -roomed houae. 
every ' oonveuienoe, ISSSO; ona-'third oaab,' 
balance eaay. Honeatly wortta }6buu. t". \j. 
6o« 1414. ^_________«____ 

JAMEJ3 Bay, near corner Niagara and 
Menzlea, modem 6-roomed houae, base- 
ment, full lot. 87650. H. Booth, 7 Brldg- 
man Butl dlnc. t007 government. 

AmPson St.— 4— roomed cottage, new, 

water, light; this Is a Redded bargain 

at 12404); 8400 will handle this, balance 830 

monttt. Apply 1212 Douglas at. 

J' BWIS St. (James Bay), 6 roomed modern 
S,&00, lor iurlber parttoulara see' Jonn A. 
Turner & Co., 201 Times blk 


TX"'A.NTEn — About two acres tor gardnn, 
»» close In, Victoria high lanrl. Deed 
VaiKouviM- lot JIBOO, or $1600 equity, I>iuig- 
Iry, as Urat pu>iiienl. 1..2240 Second av. 
west, Vancouver, II. C. 

VX^K have been Inarrucled by an English 
V\ sjndlcnte. whnse representative will 
nrrivi- In Vhiorla at the iiid of .November, 
In obtain iiurtlculors iif a tract of land of 
from 1000 to 2000 acrns, the land must be 
on or n.ur a railway, It must be capabln 
of bt-lng easily and clmaply cleared anil 
suitable for appK', small fruit and vege- 
talilH growing, the land Is to be cut Into 
t-ucre tracts and Is Intended for rolonUa- 
lloii purposes; owners or agents \*lll kindly 
give the fullest posslblu liiforniallon and 
supply blue prints or maps, and whoni'ver 
inistlble, i,liotogrniihii of the projieriy. 
H.ekelt, .Major & Co., Md., \'lctorla. 


• :—-■«'— 

HOUSE wanted, close In, not to exceed 
cash $600. Location and terms. Box 
lu07. Colonist. 

WANTED tor rent — Cottage, 4 or B rooms, 
modern, or to buy on easy t»rms. T. 
Jones, Pandora at., fading Chesinut ave. 

WANTED — Prom owner, 7 or 8-room mod- 
ern home In Oak Bay or Fairfield. 
Apply giving lowest prlco and terms to Box 
1271, Colonist, J_ 

WANTED — One'"or two small houses, any 
part of rhe city. In the neighborhood 
df 82600 or 8SO00, with eaay terms on same: 
we have .clients waiting. Full particulars 

to »i>tioiM»1. Ba»Uy Co.. 1232 Government >ti 

WAl(ti&4.INiMI furnished or unf\ir- 
nlsb«ft MWM or aulte: muat be modern 
and not tar out; Junes Bay district pre- 
ferred. Addrata Q. Wn room i;i. Jameji 
3 »y hotel. . 

W' ANTBD, amati modem 'bnnintiow, vUlk 
bath room, hot and cold water, not 
too far from town: 8400 cash and terms. 
Write Box 394, posttalflce. __^______ 

WANTED — From owners only, 8 to 10- 
roomed house, modern, with turaaee. 
convenient for olty gentleman which 8800 
cash and monthly payments will handle, or 
cottage In suburbs suitable for garden and 
chickens. Box 2808 Colonist. 


■ H ill' !■ I sM^s^— ^-MWSsipi^^i^^s— ^— a^p^^^^T^ 

— c.oiiPi.ii! at aaaa rnnmgj otiin firs. 


I.'MlU.N'T rooms, comfortably furnished, 
reasonable. 31 S Kingston si.,' James 

I^j'lljRNlSHEL) room with grate, for gentle- 
man. Apply 1123 Oscar st. 

IjlL'H.M.SUlCU rooms to rem with all con- 
veniences. Apply 844 View st. 

1,^"AL'R.N'1SHEU bedroom, 1262 Uenman at., 
near Fernwood car. 

1.j^URNiaHBD rooma to rent for gentle- 
men. Apply 1242 Government st. 

IjAURNlSHBD bedroom to let. 323 Men- 

1;^'^OUl, Bay, one minute irom car, front 
bedroom for gentluman. 248 WUdwood 

1^->URNISHED room. loldlng bed. also 
single room; furnace, phone. 423 Parry 
St.. James Bay, 

LARrjE nicely furnished front room, steam 
heated, new house, 415 I'arry st., 
James Bay Rooms, top end' a? Toronto st. 

L.\RGE, well-furnished bedroom, with pri- 
vate family, one minute off car; suita- 
ble for two youne gentlemen. Breakfast 
and evening dinner optional. Phono 1650. 

"J^ICELY furnished for two Indies, with or 
-ti without board, private family. Apply 
1123 Oacar at. 

MISCEI.l^NEOttH — Cont'd. 

RESPONSIBLE married couple wants to 
laha care of house In exchangu for 
rent (two rooms 1 or manage some prop- 
erty. Box 1663, Colonist. 

i^KATEH -Hollow ground by I-ewla St. 
O Machln*! Works. Leave them at the 
City uftlce, 616 Baallon s<4uure. W. G. 

rnHF. Victoria Manx Society will meet n^-xt 
-I Tuesday, .Nov 12, al 8,30 p.m., al Carl- 
tun C?.fB, 1218 Uroud St. All Manx pouplc 

ri'^YI'EWltlTl.N'C don»> 10 order — .Manu- 
-I- scripts, BpcelfUtttlons, etc., neatly copied, 
7&C per thousand words; no orders taken 
for less than $1.00; carbon copy It de- 
sired. Apply Box 2.164. Colonist. 

\''ICTOHIA Showcase Co. — Bllent salesmen. 
flO per fool up; special designs pre- 
pared, bars, banks, utHces, stores. Phone 

ANTEp — Stabling for two horaea. Box 
2208 Colonist. 




iClilUV^ (urnlshed bedroom;, flUt-pDO or 


RboMB, comfortable, htmOfttlKt liUaO^ 
den ave.. near cara. ■„ "■^'. 

rrK) let — Furnished bedroom, eyery con- 
X vonlence: breAkfaat U desired. ' lOtt 
Sutlej at 


let— Famished front room in new 
^ house; terms moderato. 1102 King's rd. 

rpaa Columbia. firat-claas tumiahad 
J- rooms. A new, modern buUdlac. wltli 
steam heat and hot running water In ovarr 
room. Permanent and transient guests will 
find this a comfortable winter houMi 
Special weekly rates. Ckirnar o( Broad «nd 

TRT Sylvester rooma: oleanUneas and 
comfort combined; 88 par week upi 
central. 71E Yates at. 


■^o iBf^ F arniBHtia r6omB. — Pftttaa uui t . 

WILL sell 1000 Grand Trunk Land Co. 
shares at 60 cents per share, offer good 
for 3 days only. Box 2443 Colonist. 

YOUNO man wishes evening tuition In 
shorthand. Write 1739 First st. 

!»-< rtr\rv buys 9-roomed. fully-furnished 

<|pX.,^\JU house, all conveniences; garage, 

basement, furnoce; one lot off Cook St., on 

McClure, Phones 3090 or 1679. 

I I , 11 ■ . I ,, ' 


' 1 i i ii m l . i . i ■ . ! — ".'II. II".,; 

.TS wanted—If you have 
1»oat, launch, or yacht to* 
tti«D9^ wltb .im; ye can ^sell^hMi .» 

^^^iis*^^ * ■ ■ 

brass, copper., sine, lead, cast Iron. 
J MXl nU kinds of battles and ruhr 
n Algaaat eaab price* paid. Victoria Junk 
Jmmavf, ttt9 Stor» at.: phone 188 

nTAKTBD — ^A good twin cylinder motor^ 
VV cycle for cash; must be nearly new and 
a anap. Apply Bok 1769. Colonist. 

WAMTSO to purchase — 30-28 ft. gasoline 
launch, atnta prioa. A.B.C.. 660 Dallas 
road, 'Victoria. ' 

WANTBD— Party going Bast will trade 
forty-flve bonepower. Ova passenger 
automobile, electrle lights, cushion covers, 
Uk flrat.olsss nnndltlort for rssl atita 4pi 


t)IANO CASES for aale $1.00 each, applv 
728 View al. Phone 1667 

«»/:»/»i\ O.N terms of $300 cash, $10 
<iplJUU monthly, for now $»0U Pianola 
pluno and $100 worth of music. Latest 
model, perfect condition, sweet lone, plays 
bolh CB and 88-note music, InspeLtlun In- 
\lted; owner leaving city. inquire 146 
.Moss at. 




Ij^Olt sale — Irish seller pups, 6 weeks old; 
■ prlio winning strain. Stuart F. Clark, 
Maple Bay P.O., Duncans. 

i.">OU sale, good driving horse, harqess and 
• buggy, nearly new, cheap for cash. 
Apply 2U6 Gorge road. 

i"^OR sale — .Milk cows. Jerseys and grades, 
also Jersey bull calves. Apply .James 
G. French, The Menagerie, Saanlch Road, 
Victoria, B. C. 

1T\OH sale — First-class pony, H hands, go 
- either double, single: or saddle, alao 
double buggy and single buggy harntss; 
can bo seen af City Market, between 12 and 

1.. James Thompson. 

' — _««-«.^^— ^— ^— — ^— — ^— — 

ITIOR sale — 'Nice black curly apanlel dog, 12 
. montha old, making a good hunler atid 
carrier. Apply 1004 Fulrfleld rd. corner 
Vanoouvir at. " 

FOR sale — Thorftughbred Khode island 
Red cock, prize winner open show 
cuuver; price five dollars. Coaley Vawn 
ducks, good layers; three dOlLaraicash with 
urder. Hi ftua S. Gi»r(low, Saturna' Island. 

An4«}n9li§n*r Reds, 6. U 

< I I iii li iii . — ill ' I 1. 1 . II 'i ' I 

TMjgliaale — English setter doKtgood htinter, 
A? 9U. Box 246B, Colonlat. ^~~\ 

FOR sfile — Twelve purebred White L«g- 
hom cocks (Wilson's Btr«tn), 82.69 and 
88 each. Box 2287 Colonist. 

FOR sale — Extra good drtVing horse 
and chunky three-year-o(d, Just broke, 
weight 1100, price 8200. I. O. Pogttu-, Hi(ppy 
Valley rd.. Metch oaln P. O: 

H DRUBS Cor ssie — flavo on hand 10 t»aad 
of heavy horses, also one saddle hojrsa. 
Can be seen at our sale barn, corner 
Cook and Pembroke streets. Stepbanswi * 


K267« and Y200. 

g. ft aw lu 

I rhnMi 


LL newly furnished rooms with board. 
2U1J Cook at. 

\ large from room, separate buds, for 2 
.iV. genilemoii, modern conveuloncos, home 
luiiiforls, board, private family. Phone 
L 3«7b^ ' 

A T tsl. Helens, Courtney st,, alngla and 
-iX double bedrooms, with board; vory 
iiberal table; Engilah cooking; steam heat- 
ed, electric light, oaths. Telephone 4212. 

AVLUV comtortatilo home. Room and 
board $7 per week. 813 Cook at. 
phono 1063. 

l>OAUU and room for two gentleman In 
i' large double room Willi Ilreplace In 
select locality only ten minutes waDc iroin 
town. 20211 Work st. and Bay st. 


BOAUU and rooms. beautifully situated 
on Gorge, close to car line. 1237 Sunny- 
side ave.; phone U3125. 

LJED silting room with board. Private 
-D Boarding House, 1176 Fort at. 

UAUD and room, terms moderate, 1011 
McClure 8t„ off Vancouver. 

BO.-VXtO and room. Just opened. Strictly 
new and modern; reasunabi* ratea. 
2630 Quadra, near Hlllalde, 

I>OARU and room In good house for two 
y genllemea; right on carllne. Phone 

BOARD and room — A married couple 
seeking select board-residence. InQUlre 
phone 763. 

G AH ALAN — Flrat-class hoard-residence ; 
facing Beacon Hill park. Phone 3183. 

I. A. Boarding House, 2516 Turner St., 
• oppoalte Victoria Machinery Depot. 

CABijBERR.>r Houae^ — 1003 Carberry Gar- 
, 4en«, an ideal spot, with homellko 
comforts, bright rooma, heated, flrat-alass 
menis, public alttlng-room with piano, 
phWOii hntbB. etc. ; vacancies for a number 
of Bilatnes< yiMftlemen. Phone L-3088. 

i^OHfFatXt^USi home with board at 231 
\ J MMttreal at. 

OtJBlJB ro<»m i|rt(b .t^aariS. two nUi 
frotn Cstrk niwi^ iPandor» oar unov. ti 
Budi^p at. " ' 

T A.BO|t plMsant room and hoard ior tW>ii~ 
XJ gaiktlaincn, few minutes from centra mtkf'M 
vUy, f^ftaite* h««kt 

ws J afii H insa 


_ rXlLW/ llOj cash 857B, 6. , 12 and 18 
months for balance; lovely, classy site. Bd- 
'Wln Frampton. room 1 and 2. McGregor bldg,. 
Oppo<tt»^peneer's; phone 928. 



VrsiAa bnllt saw bunfalow. 4 targe 

rootna, bath and pantry, all modern 
conveniences; prlco $3140; cheapest' T!uy In 
city; only minutes from car; terms to siui. 
Owner, Box TH.N. Col onlat. ' 

Two-roomed hojjse, new for C«unptnSi 
$76. Now bo quick if you want tbla 
snap. Phone R 1 621. 

AMAGNFIfENT home on Linden ave.. 
7 rooms, reception hall, den with fire- 
pKicf and bulli-ln bu i, ■. ilrawlngroom. 

panelled dlnlngroom, kitchen, and 

wash luhs, 3 bedroom.. ■■-::-, ircsslng room, 
built-in drawers, built-in buffet; concrete 
walks; balconv upetairs. Price $7,500, GU- 
lcsp4*,—«WTir Jt Todd, Ltd., 1115 Langlcy st. 
Phone 2040. . 

A GOOD 7-roomed houae with one acre 
-C\. of ground, fruit trees, etc.. corner of 
Cadboro Bay road and . Thistle St. on the 
way to the Uplands. -A. good buy at 810.&00; 
terms. The Overseas Investment Agency, 
20s Pemberion block. ' ■ ' 

ANEW 4-roomed bungalow with bath- 
room and large basement, fireplace and 
built-in cupboards, $2860, with only $300 
e.inh. Room 2. COS Yates at. ■ ' 

AN Ideal home, 7-roomed house on Well- 
Xi. Ington avenue, near Dallas road;' this 
House IS modern with reception hall, oak 
Hours, panelled walls, drawlngroom with 
oak lloois, walls panelled and papered with 
good taste; dlnlngroom panelled and beamed 
celllnKS, built-in sideboard; electric bells 
throughout. Uirge kitchen, with pantry; 2 
large rooms imstiiiri; den with fireplace and 
bookcases bu^ iit room with dreselng 
room, and built In: Uneh cup- 
board; concrete n:i.«.ment and walks, fur- 
nace. Ready to move Into. See Gillespie, 
Hart & Todd, Ltd., 1115 Langley at. Tel. 
2040. ; , 

AN Ideal home, Qak Bay, a aplehdid cor- 
ner lot, one block from cars, 7 rooms, 
reception hall, sitting room, dlnlngroom; 

with panelled walls, built-in buffet, flre- 
plaie. p.ineUi.d rooms,' concrete basement 
and walks, 3 bedrooms and balcony. Look 
this snap up. GUloaple. llnrt & Todd, Ltd., 
111.1 Langley »t. Tel. 204 0. . 

SPLENDID sea view and overlooking 
'>..»- golf links; fine residence, containing 
10 rooms, thoroughly modern and up-to- 
date In every way; dlnlngroom and hall 
panelled; hot water heating; large lot; 
terms arranged. Apply owner, P. O. Box 
1472, city. 

VKuUSE bargain. Exceptionally well 
built, nearly new 5-roomed modern 
bungalow, corner Clover and Muss at. , This 
home is very ta.8tefully arranged, only one 
block from Dallas rd. and handy to car. 
Owner leaving city. Prlco Is cut for quick 
sale to 54750. For terms see National 
i:ealty Co., 1232 Government at. (Exclusive 

AVERY cheap ouy irom owner — Ne-w 7- 
roomcd bungalow, partly furnished, 
beautifully filled with china cupboards. 
bookcases. beamed celling; between Fort 
and Oak Bay car lines; 60ft. frontage; price 
$4 760, on very easy terms. Apply first to 
Mrs. Darling, corner Oak Bay and Fell at.; 
or phone 336r , 

N arilstic bungalow on ^ corner lot 
F'alrfleid. 6 rooms, artistically papered 
throughout, buffet kitchen, large cupboard 
accomodation, beamed ceilings, panelled 
walls, fireplace, good. basement, with 
BtatlonHry wash tubs and (urnace; a good 
buy and a pretty home; price $6,300. 
Apply 162 Moss at. 

\ I...\IOt<'r every one comes to ua for 
-^A- houses, both agents and owners; fre 
have 300 houses for sale from $2600 to 
546,000; consult us for house property. 
Beckelt. Major & Co., Ltd., 643 Fort St.; 
Iihon<s 351u and 2.'>57. 

BARGAIN — Brand new B-roomed bunga- 
low, on new paved street. Foul Bay. 
2 minutes sea and car, dining room paneled 
und beamed, built-in buffett. bookcase and 
desk, parlor be.imeii with window seat. 
Uutrh kitchen, full basement, Prlco |4,100; 
$800 cash, or $100 cush, $400 3 and « mos., 
bHlanci; $30 month, including Interest. Own- 
er, Bo.v 22Gii Colonist. 

BFL.'VIONT Ave. One of the most niod- 
— rmt-'W'.roomea housoa In the city, 
nicely situated, near car, on lot fiOxl^B. fur- 
nace heat. $12,600, $3,S00 cash, balance ar- 
ranged. Thomjison Realty Co., 14 & IB 
Green blk.. Phone 3763. 

BWAUTIFCL new, lioiiie in Foul Bay, 
close to water, situated on Ross and 
Ileeciiwood, 6 rooms, hall and dining room 
pimelli-d, beamed ceilings, built-in buftol, 
everything of the best, only wants seeing. 
Apply 1212 Uoug-lns st, ; phone 2S(i4. 

BEAUTIFUL bungalow home. Beat loca- 
tion in Hollywood district. Every mod- 
ern ronvcplence. Including- furnace, larRC 
airy liasemenl, open nrcplnce, telephone, 
etc., 6 rooms, bathroom and separate toilet, 
pantry, etc., street asphalted, sidewalks ce- 
mented, Price $1,750. SI, 250 cash, balance 
'monthly. J. H. Howes & Co., Lid., 643 
Fort di. Phone 2724 and 40S7. 

BIR.N'S nve.— ,lual off Douglas si., »«.> 
nlci> 4-roomed house, full bnsemrnt, 
b.ith and lollet; »ltuati''d on lol 52x124; 
pi Ice $3350; $500 cash. Thomjisnn Reulty 
Co:, 14 and 15 Green blk.; phone 3782. 
Kx'luslve agents. 

BETWEKX Oak Buy and Cowan ave., a 
well-built n-rnomed house, modern, 
f4.tO0; $750 cash. J It. Bowes & Co.. Ltd., 
643 Fort St.; phone 2724. 

BEACON HIU, Btone'a throw from ptirk 
nnd sea; hantl,some, substantial new 
S-rnomed house. Owner on premises. 36 
Olympli avo.. .inmes Bay. 

BirV cheap from owner leaving Victoria, 
mndern liungHlnw, 5 rooms, hall bath- 
room, pantry, full basement, piped for fur- 
nace, oppn fireplace, pnn<>lled burlap wnlls, 
built-in bookcases, one block Cook st. car. 
$3,860, terms $26 month. Including Interest, 
1318 George St., Fttlrflold. Furniture for 
aAlc ch»ap. 

DEXM.VN at. — Six-roomed house, coment 
hnspmi*nl. bath, toilet, open nreplace, 
and panelled walls; this houso is quite new, 
wall bulll, and beautifully finished with nil 
modern conveniences, nnd is situsted closo 
to Iho ear line; » bargain at $6600, on easy 
terms. Wise A Co.. 109 I'emberlon blk. 

FAIRnKT-D — Httml«y St., 4-roomed houae, 
Juaf completing, modern throuRhout, 
tSKOO: $800 cash. .Vpply Allen 4 Ron, phone 
1 S60. 

liVB «-roome* house, new. on lot 81x120. 

tak floors, shower beth. ptc. Foul Bay 
....... 81,200 cash. balance easy. Phone 

8060, M, rranola Kane. 630 Johnaon It, 


OSS St. home — Prettleat bungalow on 

street; cemented basement, furnace. 6 

rooms, good lot, cement walks, furnished; 

JigggOyflr will aV{|. unfurnlahed., Phonesl874 

or ClSOT, Waddlnitton. 316 Central MIAT- 

NEW 6-roomed houae for sale with all 
modern improvements in city. Just off 
Burnolde road, price 83,300. Apply 646 
Beta street. No a gents. ;,- 

NEW, (1-roomed, Cailfom** bangnloiT. Joot 
completed and ready to step Into, wialls 
all tinted, ahacles ott window*, beamed 
celling, bullt-m book^MW, p*naUad-iW«j*a 
■and plate rail.. '^^^f^mlM^m.-Ml^^S':- 
electric light 71xtur6»f 0*lwW««» wiSW'^ 
and furnace, full basement and large loti 
grand view; one block to oar. close In; the 
price win be a surprise and the terms will 
meet your purse., Talk'>.wlth Cole, the build- 
er, an^ time. Telephone 362. , 

AK Say prices beaten by ^600. buyer 
makes a positive 8600. Coalest 6- 
roomed bungalow, with all labor-saving de- 
vices and arrangemcrita, light, cheery liv- 
ing and dining room with open tii.v'lace, 
built-in buffet, bookcase*, kitch t, 

bathroom a pleasure, ntted medl ■<t, 

beat plumbing, full bas8ment, electric iuhub-''. 
nice garden possible, mrge lot. two blocks 
Oak Bay car. a pleaauro for houaekeeping. 
almost ready for occupancy; 83.450; $900 
down, rest arriange. Box 2297 Colonist. 

OAK Bay, Victoria ave.. between Cowan 
and Saratoga, new .8 roomed house. 
$6,300, terms, arranged. Owner on, prem 


OAK Bay— Oliver at.. , next to Saratoga 
ave., new houae, 7 rooms, furnace and 
all modern conveniences on lot 50x120; price 
$5500. Apply Allen ft Son, phone 1850. 

OXFORD at., cioae to two car lines, IS 
mlivutes walk to town, a most desir- 
able and up to date residence, fully modern, 
o rooms, gO(/d garden, concrete ha"»'rn«^'»t 
with furnace. Fully fenced la. Price. 85, 100, 
cash $1,1S»0, and balance $45 per month. In-, 
eluding Interest. Morris & Edwards Build- 
ing and Invest ment Co. 

KUSSBLL St., Victoria West; Good six- 
roomed house close to oar line. Very 
cheap at $4,600 oii easy terms. Wise & 
Co., 109 Pemberton Bl ock., 

"*jBVEN-ROOMED bungalow In Oak Bay. 
^ two blocks from car, new, modern, fur- 
nace and fixtures Installed, built-in buffet, 
beamed ceilings, panelled walls; fireplace, 
full basement, large, level lot; will sacrifice 
»1000 for immediate sale. M. A. Little, 103 
Pemberton block, phone 262. Open eyen- 

VjEVBN-ROOMBD hoiiae, absolutely mod- 
1^ ern, with every convenience, and about 
half acre- of ground, to a lane; near Oak 
Bay Junction; $9000; terms arranged. Phono 
R3996. .' '• • 

SIX-ROOMED modern hOuse, Oak Bay av., 
on double lot, $10,000; Vi caah; very 
easy terms. 216 Central bldg., phone 2901. 

a'^WO good 4-roomed cottages, close Burn- 
side and Douglas, at $2400 and $2700; 
easv payments. These are worth seeing at 

once. ne'e 23S 1. Colonist. , . , . 

V'T'TILL take rood lot as first payment on 
VV 5-room modern bungalow; closo to 
sea and car line. P . O. Box 1115. 

VERY comfortable ahack for sale: easily 
moved. 'Box 14 87, Colonist. __^ 

YALE street. Oak Bay — Modern 6-roomed 
house, now, piped for furnace, electric 
h.xtures, etc. $4,000, cash $1,300, balance 
arrnngod. Thompson Realty Co., 14 & Ifi 
Green blk. Phone 3763^ ■ 

4 FERN St., second house from Fort, hand- 
some 7-room house; choice locality, 
fully modern. Apply Charles Watson, 1710 
Fort St. _^_ 

HOUSE going for^ »2»8if0.. 8400 
cash. Owner, Box 2371 Col- 

place; use of kitchen U <l«str«d. 1119 
iNurtu Fark at. ^ 

Al' 421 Parry street, otosa to Parliament 
buildings, one or two larca comfortabla 
rooms with use of kltchan if dealre<U Uoder- 
•a»e--rat«i- - - '= ' ' 

ply P. O. Box 906. 

CHaMFOttTABl48 bcdroem wttb v»,ot kit- 
J Chan, modnntta, M MoaUi Ttintir at.. 
Jamag B^y.. . • ^ 

I^OI^i?^^^^^ r.«ijl»|«| aparthtanU 

lurntshed rooms. 

. JBa««na»lt roa4; »i4io 

lAOR rent-^Housekeeplng room*. 822 Fojrt 


FOR rant, cheap; — Furnished housekeeping 
rooms at Willows terminus; two suites, 
tour r ooms each. Apply lllO Johnson at. 

FOR rent — 3 modern, unfurnished house- 
keeping rooms In Fairfield district; 
close In and on the oar line. Apply to P. 
Burns & Co.. Ltd.. 1618 Store at., or Fair- 
field Meat Market; phone 2400. 

Ii"^UHNI8HBD housekeeping roonie, 840 Co- 
■ bourg, between Slmcue and Niagara 
off Kendal l. , . ,' 

URNISHED housekeeping rooms. goo4 
locality, 1478 Gladstone ave., cor. Bel- 
mont ave. ^ '^ 

IrsURNISHED housekeeolnjf toonii for rent, 
: close In. 1709 Douglas. 

ij^OUR-roomed, furnished flat 804* Doug- 
- laa. X'hone 79-\ 

. oIj'jEKEEPING. aingle and double bed- 
-LL rooms. 444 King ston. 

OUSEKEEPING rooms — At 134 Slmcoe, 
near Menslea, fiirnlahed: sea view, pi- 
ano. Pho ne L 1716. 

a'<WO large front houaekeephlg rooms to 
. let, furnished; JWje^jMUh. hot and 
!;r-ineTTnnute 1 

cold water, range 
1144 Pandora 

from car. 


OUSEKEEPING rooms, hot and cold 
water, $15 a month. 471 Gorge rd. • 


OUSEKEEPING rooma, cosy and <:^*>'i^ 
In. The Boyd. 829 Pandora ave. 

OUSEKEEPING rooma to let. Apply 663 
Slmcoe at. , , 

LIGHT housekeeping rooms. 812 Dallita 
rd. Phone L 2114. . . 

LIGHT housekeeping rooms; bath and 
phone: o" ''i'" 'Ine. 4J8 Superior. St. 

."ekeeplng rooni. 1803 


NE furnl-' 
Chambers bl. 


b ' ro, 



NB furnished housekeeping room. $12 
monfhly. 638 Princess a ve. 

I3LEAfiANT furnished houaokaeping rooma 
for rent, best part Jamea Bay, near 
car, terma moderate., 4 Mensles at. 

SINGLE or double or housekeeping rooms 
• ' ' u 901 Burdette ave. . 

Kas' stoves »nd housekeisplnfi 
■ ms. 817 Pandora st. 

TWO unfurnished housekeeping rooma to 
let. Apply 1020 Hulton St. 

TO let — Suite of housekeeping rooms, fur- 
nished complete; all modern. 1132 

Johnaon at. <■ ■■ ' ■■ 

rno let — Furnished houaekeeplng rooma, all 
A. conveniences. 1036 Hillside av \ 

1 1\0 Lei — Furnished suite of housekeeping 
JL rooms. No children. 1176 Yates at. 

riyo rent — Furnished flat of three rooma In 
JL now houas; Uo children. Ill Cam- 
bridge St. • ^ 

rnUR EE unfurnlahed rooma for rent^ 88 
jL Ijpwjn Mt,„-«'ame8 Bay. 

iltT(\f\f\ — House on two lots; very high 
«]p J lA/U situntlon, one block from Fort 
St. car line; 6 rooms, excellent condition; 
owner leaving city. Box 1!195. Colonist. 



GREEJlEN'.rS for sale discounted. Hall 
Ai Fluyer, View and Douglas sis. Phone 

A LOT or house and lota cloae In, on car 
line, reaaonable for cash. No agents, 
uox 24 28 Colonial . 

1710H Investment — Modern 6 or 7-roomed 
. house, close to business section; must 
Ue good buy.; terma no object. Appiy Box 
2092. Colonial. 

IVVA.vr a snap. Oak Bay loU; bo quick 
please. Box 2366, Colonist. . 

IF you have any vacant property to offer 
at a roasonanie price und on easy terms 
coiisuit the National Realty Co. and save 
finie; we have buyers on hand. National 
Kealty Co., 1232 Uoyernmont ai. 

I. WISH to purchase a lot on Dunlcvy, 
Htiion, Beach Drive, or any streets ad- 
janeiit, It the jfrlce Is suitable. Give purllc- 
ul.'irs to Box 23'J8. Col onist. 

rp(J real estate .igrnts and owners — Can 
,i you deliver a lot in Oak Bay. iivar Sara- 
toga nve., for $.^00 cash, balance In 1 and 
2 years. Reply immediately to Box 2369, 

TO land locators—Wanted, 300 to 600 
acres on Vancouver laland tor ranch 
purposes. Box H.M.B.,' Col onist. 

\\7A.srKli — .\ cheap lol or your equity In 
VV same as (ir-sl payment on noat B-room 
liungal.jw, coniB and see us aboul this. Room 
;. i.OH Vaics St. 

AA'A-NTEU — .vgroemonts for sale on Oak 
V V . Bay r<"d Victoria property. Crompton 

,<: Uariun. 130 lVint>»-rton blk. 

\"1''E have cash with which to buy cheap 
VV lots. Whal have you to offerT Monk. 
Montelth & Co., Ltd. 

ti;'ANTED— Good building lol as an In- 
V» vestment, must be good value. Post 

Offtre Box 1467 

■yi I'.A.M'EI), from owners, Inls In St. Pttt- 
VV rick and OMvor streets. Genuine 
buyer. Box 2382, l.'olonlat. 

WANTED — From owners, two lota at 
Foul Bay,' answer quick. 2E90 Cedar 
HIM rond. ^__ 

l^t^ANTRIJ — Dry lot, 0,ik Bay or Cadbnro 
VV Hay rd. reasonable, for homeslte. 
owners only, ataie terma. Box 24 84 Col- 
onist. ' 
, , ■ * 

WANTED — Small acreage with Improve- 
ments, within 20 mlt"s of VliHorl** 
owners only. Hall A Floyer. corner Vle4* 
and Douflas st. 

rpwo unfurnished housekeepin'g rooms. 82 
-L San Juan ave.. Jamea Bay. 

rnwo furnished housekeeping rooms, cen- 
JL tral, $20 a month; no children. 6311 
Princess av. 

ri"1WO unfurnished housekeeping rooms, 
-L electric light and coal, rem free to respoc- 
alvle married I'ouple for wife's services part 
of day, no children, English preferred. Box 
2298 Colonist. 

rpwo large unfurnlahed rooma to rent; car 
JL stops at door. 1620 Fort street, corner 

lit Belmont. 

riTWO nicely furnished housekeeping rooms 
J- for rent. Apply at 827 Hillside, or 
phone L.17a3. 

WO furnished housekeeping rooms; mod- 
ern, at 1783 Cook st. 

Two furnished or unfurnlahed housekeep- 
ing rooms, close In. 848 Fort st. 

ri'^WO furnished Housekeeping rooms for 
-L rent; mrtdern; no children. Apply ll3il 
Caledonia, ave. 

O rent — Furnished housekeeping rooms. 
Mulr. 1212 Quadra st. 




ABRKiHT, large room, suitable for one 
or two, modern, phone, near car. 410 

AL.VIIGB double front bedroom, open 
ginte. breakfast If desired. Also iwo 
single rooms vacant Nov. 12, Phone and 
every convenience, I486 Fort St. 

i NlCEi,.V furnished room with board for 
.^A. two men, 34 1 Dunedin st. 

Kti H.Nl."- II KlJ room. 3*2 .Michigan st, ; 
phone Kin 4, 



T 434 Slmcoe, near Monzles, furnished; 
sea view; piano, I'hone L1716, 

lOMFORTABLE front room, open tlro- 
J place suitable one or two gentlemen, 

reasonable rent. 134 Menzlea at. Phone 

1, 4047, 

DU."JSMi;iR Rooms, 780 Mi Fort st., com- 
fortable, well heated rooms for winter; 
running water; clothes closets; well ven- 
tlitttcd; woekly and tranaient rules. 

URNISHED bed-altting room. 1809 Fern- 


wood road. I'hnne R-42ii9. 

FRONT room, two beds; single room. 1803 
Quadra st. 

L'^OR rent — Furnished front room, ground 
i~ floor, suitable for two gentlemen: open 
grate. Alao front and back room upataira 
for housekeeping. 818 Catherine at., opp. 
fire hall. 

Ij^URNIRHED housekeeping room, gna 
range. 1029 Burdette av*. 

FITRNT8H1GD front bedroom for two men. 
oloaa In, terms mo4«rata. Phona R 4012 

WAVBRLT Rooms, 1409 Douflas St.. mod- 
ern and well furniahad. all outald^e 
rooms: bath adjoining evory room; steam 
hoat Phone 8280. ^ 

^ANTBD — Two s«nUemen to shara room, 
with or without board. Phone 1771. 


WARM, comfortable furnished rooms, r«»- 
_ , , •02.*'***^ *** Qovernment •»., next to 
J«liw,1|ur -''hotel. 

— ^-^— r-**".-; V',1^;. I ■■ ■■■ , i -y- i -T , \) I '.. ■ L , ',i'' ■-• | '' ii ' i", ! n ' 

2PURNisHBD rooms In country, garden, 
use of kitchen, near car. Box 2162 Col- 


A BIO bargain— Double corner in Rich- 
mond Park, 181 ft. frontage to ikne; 
Mie».-}2000, on term*. H, A. Boll. 781 Vi 
yort «.: phone 1741. J 

A.NYONE tried the Old Country Tea 
Rooms, Hibben block? They are ex- 
cellent^— Fromone_W^ been there. 

BAOaAGE promptly handled at current 
rates uy the Victoria Transfer Co., 
phone 129, Oftlce open night and day, 

BUILDING Mover — Pacific Coast Building 
Mover. BstlRltUes free. All Arork 
guaranteed. Phone H1713: ras. 1086 Yates 


BOOKKEEPING thoroughly tatight by ac- 
countant; terms very reasonable. P. O 
Box 1370. 

BUILDING? We are the people you 
should see. Yeoman & Pllklngton. Mo- 
Callum block, phone 2828. 

C^tARPETS cleaned by special, process. Old, 
•J faded, and colorless. rUgs and carpets 
made to look like new without Injtiry to 
the moat costly fabric. Charge* most reas- 
onable. House alterations or repaira a spe- 
cialty. A postal addressed to Box 2194 Col- 
otilat brings me, 

DINING suite, brass bed, dressers for sale, 
2737 RosebOry St. 

DRESSMAKINCI — ^American. satisfaction 
guaranteed. Phone 1,8928, 4 Alma 

EXPERIENCED poultry farmer Wishes to 
meet lady or gentleman with capital 
to Invest in poultry culture. Box 2i64 Col- 
onlst. , 

FLYING boats. Curtias aerOyachta; aee 
ua for information on this moat fas- 
cinating aporr. Causeway Boathouse, below 
I'.O.; tel. 2370. . 

IjlOR sale — One second-hand flreiwoof 
safe, nearly new; bargain. Apply 
phone 2020. 

FOR sale — Cheap for cash, boathouae, suit- 
able for launch up to 21 feet. Apply 
Box 1635, Colonist. 

iriURNISHED. houses wanted. Hall & 
Floyer. View and Douglas ats. Phone 
766. . , 

HAVE your lond cleared by day or. con- 
tract and double It* value. J. Thorlm- 
bert. Maywood P. O. • 

GOD home for small Infants; terms rea- 
sonable. 8116 Caledonia av. 

WANTED — Ught wagon and strap har- 
ness: must b« ehanp. Apply 29 Victor 
St., between S^monton nnd Haultain at*.. 

Fernwood.^ , , 

b.p. Apply 1^ totMr to F. B. Moon, 
4BiM« of /C. C. Moor* * 0&, K«ttla«h B.C. 

HORSES. 20 head to be disposed ot nt 
once, mares and geldings from 10,04 
to 1600 lbs. Prices from 850 to «M«. 1(ru<t 
Items ft Brown, 126 Johnson St < < j 

Mtelitcaii at. 

JM '.« P4(r week. Aaan^llg» I 

a Inclui 
Wears atjK 




I HAVE $1000 to invest In a sound agrco- 
ment for sale. H. A, Bell, 731 H Fort s t, 

I WANT several steady young men Imme- 
dliituly to learn nutomobile business, 
driving nnd repairing thoroughly taught; 
classes morning and evening. \'lctorIa Auto- 
mobile School, Ounsmulr garage, corne-- 
Superior and .Vlenzies, 

IF you are going to build we can do better 
tor you than anyone else. Remombor 
our name. Yeoman & Pllklngton, McCallum 
block, phone 3829. 

LESSONS in dresamaKinB given In the 
drawing-room at Blshopacloae. Claasea 
held morning and afternoon. 

TBT us keep your books, collect your ac- 
-^ counts and do your correspondence; 
monthly rate. Apply for partlculoi-a, P. O. 
Box 1129. 

IHRAUV — It you wlah to uao all th7 

newest booka. call at the London 

Library. 426 Suyward bldg., Douglas st. A 

new aupply of booka every month; the up- 

to-dste, modern library. 

LACE curlaina carefully washed and 
atretohed. Phono R3264. 

MEDICAL Massage — Scientific m.'isaeuse. 
Special trentmont for rheumatism and 
spinal complalnta. mis Sayward avenue. 
Phone 3130. 

NEW' surgical Instrumcnls, dressings iind 
medicines cheap, all or separately. 
1126 Empress, phone 4193. 

"V^OTIi'E to owners— We would like a list- 
-»-' inii; of your property on Dunlevy, also 
on Olympla ave., na we have iininedlute 
buyers for sunie If price Is rl'glit. Victoria 
Building & Investment Co., Ltd., J. T. Wag- 
ner, manager, 

■VrOTll'E to owners— We would tike a llst- 
-^1 Ing of your property on Dunlcvy, also 
on Olympla, ns we hsvri Iminerliate buyers 
for srune If prior Is rlHlit. Vli-lorla Birlld- 
Ing & Investment t'o., Ltd., J. T. Wagner, 
mnnagur real es'atc; phone 2864. 

^r(JTiICE to contractors — Scaled tenders 
i will be received by the undersigned up 
(111 7.30 p.m. on November 12. 1912, for the 
erection of n pniBonnge on .VlePherson avo.; 
plans nnd sperilU iitbjns al 560 .MrPherson 
ave.; lowest or any lender not necessarily 
accepted. .\. J. McKcnxle. secy., 660 Mc- 
I'herson ave, 

"XJ'0TII.;E to real estate agents — House and 
X' lot Orchard Vale subdivision is sold. 
A. W. Smith. 

1>1TMAN'H simplified (the royal system of 
shorthand I, ensy to write, easy to read; 
no unintelligible syllables; expert English 
teachers; three months' course. The Royal 
Hhorlhand .School, 426 Sayward block. 

1>lANO lessons to beginners. Terma $8 
per month. Spring Ridge and Cook 
.li.":rli 1 .\fl.|reks H.,.\ ■-•liJ. ' oionlat. 

JJO.^TACiK Stamps — .Magnificeut general 
collection, 11.600 varieties, many very 
rare. Price ond parilculars. Box 2249 

PL'BLIC slonogrnphrr— Work called for 
and delivered; apcclsl rates for large 
orders. 223 Pemberton blk.; pho ne 3090 . 

aiNGlNO fnd elo-utlon (bukM by t-xperi- 
eneed I..nndon teacher; terms ^0 centa 
an hour. Box '.697, Cplonlat. 

OPIRELLA roraets. Ordcra promptly 
O filled by MlsB Fleming, 707 H Tates St., 
room 18, phone LflOO. 


now 7 roomed modern house with larm 
tot, (Will pay 8 per cent Interest. Box 

Stil Colonist ^_ 


Ai'1'L.E packing — Kegulatlon pack guar- 
anteed; 9 cents per box. Address 
Curtis. Victoria P. O. 
. ' • ' » I 

AMERICAN organ, beautiful tone, perfect 
condition. Bargain. 184 Menzlea st. 

SNAP-^^aTage for sale, 14x18. Price 
$75. Phone R 1621 

BULBS of the Hollaind' Bulb Farm, Royal 
Oak, B. C BigjWJst aasortment, whole- 
sale and retail, .^sk/prlces. 

C1HBAP at $650-?Wust the car for hord. 
J continuous work, Mr. Real Estate 
Man; In best running order, Hupmoblle, 20 
horsepower, runabout; fully equipped; extra 
*lres; for damonatratlon. phone 2304. 

FOR aale— One 7-paasenger automobile, 
40 h.p., good condition; coat $6400; only 
82000; will give reasons for selling. Apply 
F. O. Bos 898. 


OR sale— iHeatlng atovca, big and email. 
1038 Fort at. 

FOR sale — Gent's English Premier wheel 
(ridden about 100 milosK coat $65 with 
accessories (receipt «hown), will accept 
for quick sale, $80; bargain. Box 2317, 
Colonist. ; ■ ■ '■ . ■ _ 

FOR sale or win exchange for real estate, 
agreement of sale tot $2,500 at 7 per 
cent, payable $36 monthly. Room 22, Ver- 
non Hotel. Victoria, 

IT^OR aale — Nearly new cabinet grand 
- piano, oost $600, will sell for $276. Box 
2089, colonlat. 

FOR . sale — 20-ft. anop counter, gramo- 
phone and recorda; very cheap. 1604 

2JIOR sale — One rubbcr-tlrcd Glodstone In 
- good condition. 900 King's rd. 

FOR sale — Loam and manure. Apply 1775 
Fourth at. or phone 188. 


OR aale — .22 WIncheater rifle in good 

condition. Apply Box 4069. 

OR aale- 

Cameron Lumber Co. mill 
wood and alab, $3 for double load and 
$1.50 for single load. Orders promptly 
filled." Phone 864. 

FOR sale, the furnlfure of a 3-roomed 
modern flat, furniture practically now. 
Flat 2, 726 H Fort st. .,;^ ... 

FOR sale— Dainty evening dress, new, 
from Regent at., London, Kn^Iund; 
bargain. Addreaa D. M. C,,,, 810 Douglas 
at., phone L2636. 

IpOR sale — 2nd hand Overland car. Price 
$1,400, or will exchange for real estate. 
Major Collard, Box 111, Duncan. 

Tj^OR sale — Scow, length 47 ft., beam 19 
A? ft., depth 4 ft., with amoU deck houae. 
P. O. Box 360. 

H_O0D atump puller tor sale (Ducre'st) 
"^ cost $150, sell $75. Box 2410 Colonist. 


HAY — 33 tons of first-class timothy clover 
hay all baled In North Saanlch, for 
sale In barn. Apply Rea, Brown & Cope- 
man, 213 Pemberton blk., Victoria. 

INDIAN motor-cycle for sale, 1912 Vi model, 
with carrier and headlight; two months 
old; terms, 1103 Dougla's st. 

INCREASE your business — Send out Multi- 
graphed letters tcannot be detected from 
typewriting); prices low; we have complete 
innDIng lists; orders executed on short 
notice. Apply Newton Advertising Agency, 
suite 403 Times bldg. 

LC. SMITH Typwrltor No. 1, latest de- 
• sign, almost new, $76. 2600 Oovem- 
ment street. 


BW $125 typewriter for $76. Box 1955, 


NB cook atove, 606 Government atrcet. 

OVERBOARD motora for aale, fit any row- 
boat; let ua demonatrata for you. 
Catiaeway Boathouse, below P.O. 

KAXCinCH MUSI sell BOO aharea, flach one 
dollar fully paid in 11. C. Motor Bus 
and 'i'ransporlalion e^o,, Ltd. (running to 
Sooke, etc.), will exchange for live stock 
of any kind. Make offer. Box 2267 Colon- 

REAL estate agents lake notice — My pro- 
perty on Davida «v., Gorge View Park. 
Kerr addition, has been taken off iho mar- 
ket. David Dunlop. 

^ULID oak bedroom suite, pictures. Iron 
>0 bedstead, hair and spring manresse.'i. 
feather bed, pillows, toilet ware, carpet. 
Slng.M- sewing machine, kitchen rang.', 
chairs, table crockery, utensils. Now Cen- 
tury washar, sealers, oil heater, gun. elec- 
irleinn's tools, books, gent's now Rudge- 
Whllworth bicycle, accessories; no reason 
able offer refused. 1318 George st., oiT 
.Moss St. 

VALUABLE, genuine, old Honlton lace, 
two pieces, perfect condition, nearly one 
yard each, will sell for $6 for both. Box 
2409, (.'olonlst. 

WATER Carnival, August 1918. If you 
w;inl 10 b'j In the swim during this big 
event you must have a boat. It ll isn't any 
more than a rowboai with an Overboard 
.Motor. Now Is the time 10 purchase when 
lioals are cheap, Tlie Causeway Boathouse 
has all kinds of Canoes, Ro<vboats, Launches 
nnd Ynehta, and If you want to be strictly 
up to date we will sell you an aeroyachl— 
a nylng boat, and you can enjoy the latest 
and most fascinating sport. Causeway 
Boathouse. below P.O. Telephone 2370. Al- 
so agents for Overboard Motora. 

on H. r. McLaughlin ffulck. In fine order, 
^i\j good anap for four daya. only $880. 
Dandrldgn'a garage. Oak Bay ar. 

ffi-| -| rk win purchaae dainty, high-class 
W-L- Lvl furniture, 3 large room and bath 
apartment, central. Immediate poaacasion, 
or rent unfurnlahed. Room :l, 1011 Qovern- 
ment at. 

8FIARE8 In Britlah Homo Butldera, 
Ltd., for aale at 81 Per share, and 
Idend of 10 per cent Bald to be com- 
ing. Box I89S, Colonist. 


n dl4(1 


HACK and'toam tor sate. Apply 141.. St'' 
., l.,awrenoe. , 

TANTED — Toung horse, must bo . . good 
driver; also light spring cart, must be 
cheap and In good condition. No dealers. 
Blanchard, Maywood P.O. 

r^rANTBD — Gordon setter male pup, about 
2 montha old. Box 2446 Colonist. 

WA.VTED— A young bull, any breed. A. 
McLean,' Royal Oak. 

\;\7'ANTED— Good price given for fat hens, 
TT chlckena and ducka. Address Box 
2178, Co lonlat. ;" . -' ...-..■.. ' . . . 

VA/AN'TBD— Saddle horse Up to weight, 
*^ good looker and quiet, for lady. Brad- 
ley Dyne, Duncan, B.C. 

ANTED — Mllch goat; state price and 
particulars. P. O. Box 1086, Victoria. 

'OUNT Pleasant. first-claas pr.l\ _ 

JioBvdlng house, beautiful grounii'i' * •^"■'■''^ 



TjtOUND — Drown retriever dog, 5th Nov. 
-L Write Box 2380 Colonial. 

ipOUND — Some time ago, a handbag con- 
taining money and concert tickets. 
Owner van have same by proving properly. 
Apply Colonist office. 

LOST — Near Oak Bay Junction, wire 
haired terrier bitch, nine months old, 
tan head, diu-k patch on left shoulder. 
Miss Denny, exhibition grounda, phono L363K. 

LOST— Two bunches of . keys opposite 
Brown Jug.- ROwkrd. Box 2262 Col- 

I oaT— Lady's enamel brooch, R.V,r.C. 
■*-* Please return to Shortt. Hill , ft Dun- 
can, cor. Broad and View sts. 

LOST^— Airedale terrier dog, return to Em- 
press boathouse. Phono 997. Reward. 

LOST — Pointer dog, one year old, evenly 
marked head; very thin; aultable re- 
word. F.O. White. 1121 Summit av., phone 

LOST — On Monday, a pair or apectaclea in 
case between Quadra and Richardson 
Bis. i'lease return to 112b Richardson st. 

LOST — A lady's gold signet ring at the 
Capital Athlet'ic ball. Alexandra Club, 
Monday night. Finder please phone R. 
Bray, phone L8101. 

LOST or mistaken — A lady's gold mounted 
handle umbrella, lost at the Capital 
Athletic ball, Alexandra Club, Monday 
night. Finder of mistake please phone H. 
B ray, phone ^L3101. ' 

LOST — Flat key, white string attached. 
Please return to 209 Pemberion blk. 

LOST — $10 bin on Market. Reward. 2663 

IOST — A smiaill black purse between 
-^ Chambera and Cook or North Park st. 
Finder please leave at 1146 North Park st. 

LOST — In Oak Bay or Willows, ^leather 
pocketbook containing money which 
owner can 111 afford to lose. Name and ad 
dress Inside book. Reward If returned to 
this offlcf. Box 2423 Colonlat. 

OST— -Lady's Minstrel bicycle, almost 

new. Brooks saddle. 59 Moss st., phone 


REWARD given — Lost laat evening be- 
tween city and Parson's bridge, lady's 
blue leather handbag. Return to 623 Say- 
ward _blk^__^hoinG_2862;^ 

VS'/ATCH and fob lost On Government at. 
' ' near the 15c store. Reward given. 
54 7 Hlllaido av. 

X^niyL the pcraon aeen with J. Hnwklna' 
' V lumber wagon please return same at 
once and save trouble. 

VXJILL thu person harboring English Gor- 
'^ don setter, taken from 71S Johnson .it. 
Frldiiy p\enliiK. release at once. 


I7MVE-ROO.MED bungalow for rent on Os- 
car St., at $;iO a month to buyer ot 
lurnilure valued nl $550. J. R. Bowca & 
Co., Ltd., 643 Fort at.; phones 2724 and 
4 087^ 

HOUSE to rent and furniture for aalo; 
absolutely a anap. 723 Broughtun at., off 

ti^URNlSHED S-roomed houae, l£29 Fort 
-T street to rent tor two months, $76 per 
month. Apply Rea, Brown & Copeman, 21a 
Pemberton block. 

/ ■< UOD ti-roomcd house for Tent, between 
vT King's rd. and Haulialn, easy distunee 
to car; price $26 a month to good tenant. 
J. R. BowpB & CO., btil.. 8*» Fort 8r,; phones 
2724 and 4087. 

jltrn,' pleasant rooms, sitting room bath' 

'on.^ch floor, excellent European ; close In, 

near car line. Mrs. A. B. Green, proprle- 

tre**; phone R685. 

ORMIDAIjE — Just opened, board and 
room, $7.50; English cooking. 1308 

Stanley avo., corner Fort. 


OOM and board, 1031 Pandora st. 


OOM and board, 44 San Juan ave., off 
Dallas rd. 

ROOM and board for two young men, 
James Bay. Box 20S5, Colonist. 

ROOMS, with .or without board, terms 
moderate. Mrs. McLeod, 1116 North 
Park St. 


OOM and board. 622 Rupert st. Phone 
L 8943. 

"I3OOM and board for single gentleman, 
-LV English home. 1110 McKenzIe at., 

ROOM and board for four young men; 
comfortable home, reaaonable charges, 
near carllne. 336 Niagara st. 


i^ELKIilK avenue 

KO waterfront lot, $18 a month. 

4 -roomed 

$18 a m 
IDti l'einiie;ton Building. 

house on 
Wise * 

rpO Kent— 5-roomed bungalow on Regina 
J- ttvo., 7 minutfs' walk from oar, $20 
per month. No children. Apply Francis, 
cor. Oxford and Rowland ave.. Just oft 
Carey rd. 

rpO rent — A 7-roomed house, t^loso in and 
-L ful of loom-rs, lent for $39 per month; 
furniture tor snle for SoOO. Apply U. .Vloln- 
losh. Mahon blk. 

rent — 7-roomcd, modern house on car 
lino. Phone Ml 282 or V. O. Box SSO. 


TO rent — Nicely furnished flve-roomcd cot- 
tage, elosp In, Willi all eonveniences, 
for three or four months from Deo 1 Ap- 
ply Box 24)6 Colonist, 

(po let, from December 1, large bungalow. 
J. cornPr Cook ond Kings, full basement; 
stables for three horses; $40 a month. 

6 -ROOMED buiicalow on '"olUiison st, for 
rent; $45 per month; six months' lease 
with option of renewal given responsible 
and careful tenant; house nnd grounds In 
good condition. J. R. Bowes St. Co., Ltd., 
(t41 Fori St.; phono, 2724. 

rr-ROOMED house to let; modem, close In, 
I on carllne; alao lurnltuie for aale. 
Apply 104 Ontario st. 


VTWLL give five lota In good Alberta town, 
VV value $1400, as firat payment on house 
and lol In Victoria, not over 8450C. with 
balance monthly. Must be w^ll built and 
modern. Box 15S8, Colonlat, 

OOM and board, 1914 Maple St., near 

rn.\BLE board and lodging; $6.00 per week. 
-L 1012 Richardson si. 

rpHE I'oplarsl Brown Sc Bell, proprle- 
-L tors. 603 Belleville si',, cor. Government 
St. Board and room, $7.U0 per week. 

rpo rent — Nicely furnished single and dou- 
-L bio rooms and board, woman cook: 10 
minutes from post ofBce. 1024 Packlngton 
St.; phone R3938. 

\X"'AVBRLT— -Rooms, 1409 Douglas street, 
' ' modern and well furnished, all out- 
side rooms; bath adjoining every room; 
steam heat. Phono 3290. 


A YOUNG couple can have two unfur- 
nished rooms Willi large open fire- 
place, use of bath and kitchen; short dis- 
tance from car, close to sea. Shoal Bay; 
English couple preferred; house too large 
for owners. Apply Patrick Realty Co., 646 
Fort St., phone 2656. 

C~ ORNER to leaac — The northwest corner 
of Fort and Blanchard sis.; a fine alia 
for atores or theatre. Apply P. R. Brown, 
1112 Broad at. 

iriOR rent— 2-roomed ahack. Box 2483, 

Ij^OR rent — A ground floor office on Fort 
- St., close to Douglas st. Beckett, Ma- 
jor ft Co., Ltd., 643 Fort St. 

HALF Of sloi-e to rent on Pandora; good 
opening for real estate; rent $10. 1029 
Yules St. 

MODERN 6 roomed house to rent. Apply 
2127 Chambers St. 

OFFICES for rent — Ground floor offlcea 
on Fort st. Apply Herman Houae Co., 
room 5, Sayward blk.; phone 2264. 

1JR1VATE stable to let at 550 Dallas rd., 
large garden where horae can roam at 
will, $6.00 per month. 

^JINGLE room. In town: 88 P«r month. 

>0 729 Courtney. 

rpo let — Four- roomed houseboat In two 
J- apartments, partly furnished. Apply 
to 134c Harrison St., Victoria. 

TO rent — Unfurnished room with use o£ 
kitchen. S. .Street, off Cloverdale. 

rpo rent — Two unfurnished rooma and 
-1- large kitchen. Spring Kldge Car, li31 
Pembroke St. 

Three unfurnlahed rooma. 2658 

rpo let — Th 
-L Prior at 

rpwo stores and 4 and 5 room suites for 
X rent, close in. Hunt & Co., SIS Fort. 

(^ .NICE front rooms and hall, bath. 1717 
J-^ Deninan st. 


17^L"P..\ISHED cottage wanted for a month 

. near Oak Bay or Beacon Hill. Write 

pnrticulara to Mra. E. O. Cornlah, Harwood 
»t., Vancouver. 

i,,"^UR.N'ISHKD house wanted to rent In 
good location, not less than five rooms, 
rcijulri'd nt onco. Apply N. S. Clarke, Do- 
minion holol, slntlng terms. „ 

rpo rent— six-roomed house, Harrison St., 
-L close In, all modern. $36 per n\onth. 
nn,;shuwc & Co., '224-6 Pemberton bldg. 

'ANTED — 4 or 5 roomed cottage, fur- 
nished. Box 2176 Colonlat. 


ANTED — Small furnished houae by cou- 
ple, no children. Box 2270 Colonist. 

\ YT.A.NTGD— To rent a houae with 6, t or 

I V 7 rooms, near oar line; muat be fully 

r.iodiTn. AddroBB. Fred Eklsa, Dominion 


'1"%7aNTED— Furnlsheil opartment or amall 
' ' houae for winter montha. 601 Central 



J'ANTED to rent, 6 or 6-roomed houae 
by Dec. 1. Box 2 4 25 Colonlat. 

■tXTANTED — On lease for six (8) months, 
' ' small modern house furnished (If reas- 
onnble rent) part furnlnhed. or unfurnlahed. 
Give price and locality. F. J. Troughton, 
James Hay Hotel, Victoria. 

\YrA.\'TEn — Houses to rent, furnlahed or 
' V unfurnlfihed. Hn.ll a Floyer, corner 
\lew ond Douglas sta. „ 

'ANTED to rent — Unfurnished 2 or 4- 
rqorped cottage, close In. P. O. Box 


WANTED — To rent S-roomed house with 
barn and chicken house by th« 16th 
of November. Box 2395, Colonist. 


FROM $3000 to $12,000 required on security 
of property In Saanlch worth threo 
limes the amount borrowed; good Interest, 
Box 2081, Colonist. 

\XTR have a houa^- worth 86IS0 and ^HknX 
.VV 10 raise a mortgage for IS806. AAy- 

no wanting' a first inortgaga nt t pw mit 

ihone 8286. 










" ii ' i iJiyjyi iHi ,vjti^ i ,iW i i,f i ,T W<«p»««ww»*iwr « » ;piip 



Friday, November 8, 1912 

at'umicbii cuAKOsa 

*A. uuur tiiciuiy, (juji,^ cou»;oiu, iwv n/io, 

-..-<ii|i« una ui»cu»m>i>, cuu «.uuw 

"•oiuo i<-tuiu» lur a aiuiui »iive»iiji«iii, Lili- 

ic apic, quit at ^ uuu jLilu., 1116 i^uii^ioy UL. 

1 ol'jjjb.-NKlU uvij"»'luuuy lo Kul u ...oa- 
■^^^ ci II Ui(-iu-aaic .o-riKiiu ruuiuiny mjuj.v 
..»i.n oiuy »iuuu uuwa. J^^.lLlur-i^.^;calUl^i 
--U., room ;;i, uiecu om., ovi^oaim Tuu l,oi- 

Ati^Af — All 18-room louinins hou»u, 
•tntiiy mouern, wiiu a good 4ea»B, 
.o«i» oiuy «i p«r room. aeo ui», iieiiioi- 
jwtcni'imt uo., :i:i ureun biK.., opyoauo uoi- 

# V i-iM.Mi,s;s man with cupiiai, younjc ea- 
cigutic, guoa accoiiiuaui. aCLU»totin,-a 
10 mu.iiaj{i;inuui oi ortii;c, Wi»hoa wumm^ 
purtiieiBiuy III esiaulmiiool tiuBiuesj or sal- 
ui'iea poBUioii wiui auaru pioiu*. Box J310 
I uionisi. 


^uu sal 


well ealabliahttd. statlonury 
Apply lu A. Ji:,awaraa, 6^i 

i.\uK sale — Uroctry buaiJicas In (food locai- 
■i. ity; pajlUK concern. Box J3i», Col- 
i .usl. 

L(>OK sale by owner, a modern hotel, best 
-L location In victoria, nulling Jiuou por 
i.iOiiUi. t'. O. JBox 1464. 

•^■^Olt sale — Gems' clothing and furnisliliig 
-L ouBinBaa in live location; slock, etc. 
u.oout »30U0. Apply P. O. drawer. &li. 

j^>UU quick sale, cheap, confectionery 

J- store, best locality. Owner wants to 

i»..j..e on the oih. 

■; St. 

i^jiOii. sale — A rubiauraut. with cheapest 

Apply H2B Uovernment 

price; have li 
plete; best loca' 
cash, balance e: 
Johnson st. 


^^ Joansuu 


,|{li,ATiiK Victoria R« 
i^f^fip.' you the beat roomlnff 
'J-JHNW. Apply »t room a. 

vaiVernment Bt., opposite po« t OfBOfc 

LARGER Proflta— Adopt a moatbUr mr»' 
svBtsm of circular lettttfi). Aottt Ob tifeo 
:MuitigrapU (cannot b« doteotOA trtita typo* 
writings. Price* low. We ha,vs eompi«t* 

laaiUnK Uata. .jmrdmi executed on the abort- 
tst notice. ^APlnr' Newton . AdverUsing 

Agency, «Kito 

n»«* bid*. 

ETCWW m tww fliHUB, eiBw IB vietefiK. 
130 ftoinM Ot land, X» (urnlabed rooms: 
good ii8tuai|> fm,««»$'i«rn» vmum^A. pvM« 
teas Invejaiont AJuAty. M» Pembarto J blk. 

.VrEDlCAL— Doctor of wldA experJenco 
i-TJ. -would like to hear of aultable openiox. 
Address Box 2203 Colonist. { """■'■" ; 


PAKTNBRSHIP In a sound business eon* 
cern (not real oatate) wanted by young 
laan with *1,800. Write 23S9 Colonist Of- 

KESTAURANT and rooms in thriving sub- 
urb for sale, doing good business. Ap- 
ply Owner, Box 234 2, Colonist. 

YY^AXTKD — Shoeing and general smith as 
' V partner. Apply F. Webster, Royal 

8 -ROOM furnished boarding house for sale 
cheap; all full; good location. Call 

llrst-claBs cigar 
buslncBs. This Is a 
snap as stand Is situated In one of Vic- 
toria's newest and most popular hotels. 
Rem moderate with lease. Box 2286 Col- 

UtQAA WILL, handle 
elPOUV/ and tobacco 


Sooke Real Estate OOcs. 

SOOKE harbor— Well-built furnished bun- 
galow on lot with 120 ft. walerfrontage, 
luclttded; good sbootlng 

Heterboro canoe 
and tlshlng; oloae to 

Lin road and hotel; 

^EAFRONTAGB lou from one acre up. 
lO beautiful view and good beaoh, frjni 
$750 up. 

BUILDING lots from a quarter to a half 
acre, overlooking the harbor and with 
access to the water; close to store and post 
office, 1260 to »600. 

•123 acres with three- 
quarter mile of seafronlage. conveni- 
ently situated, 1*0 per acre. 

-1 no ACRES — Quarter of a mile of sea 
.i-v/O fron',. good creek, five aerea In 
small fruits, houses and chicken runs; 
beautifully situated; |&0 per acra 

SEAKKONT acreage- 


cox & saunder: 

Real Estate and Insurance 
Chancery Chambers 121S Langley St. 



ind Graham; corner, JISBO. 


TT'ICTORIA av. aad UudsotV 

I s tiifidt ii ii i l^ . 

TRENT St., one lot ttom TOVt »t 
60x140, ;i80«. 

fi f^ff^i 



« larK« lota, atM 
•1100 oaeJi. 

road, trom liW taolk 

Mf- ITCO por rront foot. 

T}|7Zl b«ve » nlco houae to nint on Duaa- 
vT mulr at ftt |<t por noatit. It yoa 
trUH to aoeuro it, Mt ««iOk>)r. 

mvro «fllo«fl to l9t In Chiuic«rr CliAinbers. 


II I i-ii., ■..I.— ■ ■» ■■ ■ * i.j%M»'* 'i wi WiKn BK. 



(;^KAn/y win handle a first-class mo 
fir«-'V/V/\/ era rooming house. 02 roori 

flP'-'V/V/V era rooming house. 02 rooms, 
long lease; rents less than J9 per room; 
must Ijo sold at once on account of sickness. 
.MettIer-Heehling^-Go7T^3-Grecn block. 


A FURNISHED flat--5-New, modern, Field 
-^a. Apartments, Douglas, near Queen's, 
plidno 13S5. 

A FURNISHED 6-room cottage to let on 
Dallas road. Apply to Mrs M R 

C<H.\ H.MING S-room cottage to rent, fur- 
'' niBhed, in Oak Bay; old country fur- 
nlture. P. O. Box l o3;. 

Ij'^OH rent — New 4-roomed bungalow, very 
close In; furniture J250 for immediate 
siUe; cheap rent. Apply Box 19S1, Colonist. 

jn''(Ul£Nl.SHED house, $30 per month. Ap- 
-•- ply E. A. Harris, 1018 Douglas st. 

2-roomed aback for rent. Box 

-L 2302, Colon 

TAMES Bay — 5 room.s, modern. 

close to 
sea and car; possession now. 416 Lux- 
ton ave., oft Boyd St. ; view 11 to 12, 2 to S. 

TAMES Bay, 5 rooms, modern, close to sea 
and car, possession now. 416 Luxton 
uv., 6fl Boyd St., view 11 to 12. 3 lo 8. 

LARGE cabin, nicely furnished for 2, near 
car and Cralgflower road. Apply 705 
Connaught rd., oft Alderman rd, Victoria 

SMALL furnl-shed house for rent or will 
sell furniture. Box 1437, Colonist. 

rpo let — Furnished 6-roomed bungalow 
-•- near sea and car. Box 2235 Colonist. 

rent — Six roomed furnished house, 
mnrtern, will lease for six months to 
good tenant. .Situated on Lillian road. Foul 
Bay. Cameron Investment and securities 
Co., Ltd. Phone 3760. 618 Trounce ave. 


mo be let furnished, 11 roomed houae from 
-l 1st Dec. for 3 or 4 months, electric 
light, telephone, view by arrangement. Ap- 
ply WInfrlth, Esquimau rd., tel. 2031. 

TWO-ROO.\r cabin, neatly furnished. 
HIIlKldo ave. 



AGREEMENTS for sale discounted. Hal) 
& Floyor, View and Douglas sts. Phone 

AGREEMENTS of sale wanted; none but 
good propositions entertained. Money 
to loan. Jenklnson, Hartley & Colby, 603 
Sayward bldg. 

i-'X Apply 

to loan and agreements bought, 
to E. A. Harris & Co., 1018 

MORTGAGES— We have ihreo amounts of 
11,000 each for Investment In first 
mortgage. Apply Corporation, 734 Fort st. 

MORTGAGES — Wo are open to discount 
agreements for sale of Victoria prop- 
erty and have several small sums of money 
fo place on a 40 per cent valuation of 
property, Victoria or district. Call on us 
.with particulars Ren Brown * Copeman. 

TO loan on first-class Im- 
proved property at current 

rates. Helsterman, Forman Co., 1212 Broad 




FURNISHED houaea wanted. Hall A 
Floyer, View and Douglas sis. Phone 

WANTED — By working man, unfurnished 
room In private home. Communicate 
with F. Kay, Maywood P. O. 

WANTED — Two furnlahed housekeeping 
rooma, suitable for man and wife, in 
Oak Bay. Phone 3288. 

ANTED — A furnished housekeeping 
room, heated preferred, gas stove or 


use of rw.ige, price lowest, 
tral. Wanted by Saturday, 

must be cen- 
Box 2378 Col- 

WANTED by gentleman, steam heated sin- 
gle room In private family, close In; 
state price In reply. Box 2888, Colonist. 


LODOINOS — Wanted, board and lodgings 
with quiet family for two Scotch gen- 
tlamon. Box 22tl8 Colonist. 

WANTED — Young man wlahfta board and 
room In private refined family. 

2890, .Colonlat. 


YOUNG man wanta comfortable room and 
board In private English family. Oak 
Bay preferred. Box tiit. Colonial. 

YOUNO man want* comfortable room and 
full board with privata family: Falr- 
flAld 01 cloae In; phonr required; permanent 
If agitable. Box H7S, Coloplat. 

ONfi roUoM* aoa la avoir t*ira «• toko 
ordora for boot auatoaa-oaoAo olothao lo 
Cooo4a. Hlfkaot eooaaaiaatoa. Rom ToUor;uu 
Co.. L.linltMf. Toroot*. Ool. 

I I II I I I I Ml II I, I I i i 


A COMPBTBNT lAtln taoohor Who will 
-a\ *iTa throo or mora laoaona wooklr. Ap- 
triV Box list, ColoBlat. 

A(iver|i96 in THE COLONiS? 


OinD''ooro'«n«'now, tSi^^m'^tttvm.'toam 
on the 2\i mile circle; property high 
with fine view, overlooking Swan Lake; barn, 
chicken house, cow, chickens and furniture 
all for (6250; terms,. (1250 cash, balance 1, 
2 and 3 yeart. 

CALUMET ave. — Off -Saanlch rd. and 
Cloverdale ave., good high building lot, 
size 50x120; city water laid on; A bargain 
at J950; 1200 cash and J75 per quarter. 

a THOROUGHLY modern, wcU-bullt bunga- 
low. 4 large rooms, bath, pantry, built- 
in cupboards, electric lights, open fireplace, 
coal 'and wood sheds, front and back porches, 
walls all tinted; a mighty convfortable little 
licnie, close to Douglas st. car; prlc..- ^3200; 
small cash payment and balanc* like rent. 

GOOD 2-room house on hlgh-JSt corner In 
Parkdale; cheapest buy In this district 
at $1200; can arrange very easy ttrms on 
this. ;?«*.• r% 
il 'lilii ii » ii #'i ii 


1242 Government st. Teilephone 3259. 

IP you want a house or ranch or cheap 
lots apply to the Town & Country Keally, 
we have them. 

PACHBNa Valley — 80 acres good land, 
no rock, 40 acres on lake; 125 per acre, 
J946 first payment, balance ?15 per month 
at S per cent. 

COMOX — Stock rancn, 300 acres, no rock, 

no stumps, 15 acres lake on property, 

60 acres la hay, wire fenced; JliO per acre, 
third cash, balance 6 veurs. 

PENDER Island — 366 acres. IH miles 
waterfront, 14000 worth saw logs. In- 
cluding coal right; $70 per acre. 

IJARSONS Bridge waterfront. 8 acres, 
a-lso 28 acres nearly adjoining; for 
price and particulars, apply Town & 
Country Realty. 

IT^HQUIMALT. two blocks from car, 106 
■^ waterfront, Including a good busi- 
ness; price only 130,000 for quick sale. 

COLQUITZ river, 3 oeautltul waterfront 
lots, $1000 each; $100 cash, balance $15 
per month. 


Phone 1318. 


207 Central Building. 

WARRISTON, 60x133, $500; $60 cash can 

T BE ave. I 

60x120, $1676. 


us Pemberton Block. Phone 3756. 

BEAUTIFUL reskleatlal site, 6-8 of an 
re, nicely treed, with good view of 
the bay; price $5260; third laali, balante 6, 
12 and IS months. 

XX. acre 


4 LOTS on tb« corner ot HauUaIn and Mt. 
Stephen, next to site recuatly acquired 
by B. C. Electiie Railway; $2000 each; 
third cash, balance arrange. 

n LOTS In Shoal Bay, 42x210 each, 
^ rock; $2760, third cash 
12 and 18 months. 

balance In 6, 


Q LOTS next to corner ot King and .Ave- 

^ bury, alccly treed; $1100 each; $500 
cash, balance arrange. 

LOTS on corner of Lyall uad Paradise, 
with 220 feet frontage. 


Real Estate, Financial & Insurance Agenta 
A. R Langluy, Manager. 
j|M|yni Building. Phono 
%WSff^^K^ O. Box 310. 

GRAIGDARROCH — 1 lota In thJa chbloo 
a M W tv Mt<>» ; UarJ»oo- 

«ooielMu**9«t iMioiorluoo. 

moAofn. Mw, 
bouaoa oa lota fB«t«^; #190 



/*kAK Bay— 4 lota, isftxlM. aaar Waob. 

WDNCB. at— liOt fCxllSi.flHf, 

inoiTZ. Boy— laoxlSO. oa 


wocar front; 

SCPBRIOR ot-:-4<rooinod Houae. ftOxliO: 
I tM ll. > .1 . 


PWHavMlo (Wtoaiwo Pt;trl<it> 

Wi«t« writing Btato obwot^^ff' omotntt ot 
acraage you require and for what puriioa<). 


Duncan, B. C. 

rpWENTY-FlVB acres ' aj Cowlchan Bay; 
-•- very light clearing; excellent auppiy Of 

spring water, $120 an acre. 


Phone 3788.- 

709 Foil Street. 

Tj^ULLY furnished cottage with living room, 
-t 24x10. bedroom, bath, kitchen, pantry 
and full basement; large lot:, 50x180; this 
is well buUt and a snap at $2500; $500 caah 
cash handles It; dvu minutes from Douglas 
car: see this before too lat< 

OAK Mount rd. — A sound, level lot buai^v 
for $490 cash; just think of It, but don't 
think loo long. 

CORNER Fifth and Summit. 90x102; prl. 
$3000; $SoO handles It and terms la 
be had over 24 months. 

IRVING rd. — $1000 cash takea a charmingly 
fitted modem bungalow o/ 6 rooms, bath 
and banenient; lot 4:ixl03; this ia an Ideal 
Utile home; price $4400. balance n» rent. 


Phone 1521. 

213 Pemberton Bldg. 

COMOX Valley — Farm lands at farm prices, 
100 acres of land under cultivation with 
good buildingji and water; all first-class soil; 
$226 per acre, easy terms. 

/"tOWICHAN Bay- 

v^ quite close to the water, about 25 acres; 

■Choice piece oi land, 
er. a 
price $150 per acre, only. 

I^~10UL Bey — One acre ot land, ideal home- 
site, overlooking water; price $500u. 

\V^ANTED a loan, first mortgage, : on .ov 
VV enue producing property on Langley 8*.., 

worth $24,000, of $10,000. 

\ Y'ANTED — Agreements tor sale on Victoria 
' ' property at 10 per cent discount. 


Real FfState and Insurance, Cowlchan and 
Cobble Hill 

ATOSS St.. $1900. 
ItrERRITT St., 50x120. $1050. 

■OURN8IDE rd., near car, $1500. 

Cil\ ACRES, about 60 acres Improved, large 
yjXJ house In good situation, running wa- 
ter, barns, aad other bulidliiga, siocit-aad 
Implements, price $16,600, on terma. 

TTOWE St., 60x117, $2600. 
TTAMPSHIRB rd., near Central, $1760. 
OOUTHGATB St., near Cook, $2600. 
A VEBURY ave., $1176. 

TV.TT. STEPHEN ave., $1276. 

"VTAKS St.. 60x120, $1000. 

Y\;"ARRIRTON, 60x138, $( 
' ' handle. 

00; $60 cash to 

W. CROW & 00. 

Real Estate Brokers, Financial \gent», In- 
surance and Loans. 
Garesche Blk., 732 Yates at., Opposite 
Dominion HotsL 
P. O. Box 1109. Phono 976. 

SJ*AP No. 1 — Five beautiful lota at Gorge 
for $3500, good terms. 

SNAP No 2 — I^arge warehouse site on 
E. & N. Railway, close In, $10,000. 

S.VAP No. 8 — Chemalnus, 640 acres, nrau- 
tlful level land; price with stock, etc., 

y,.VAP No. 4 — Cadbnro Heights, oloa« t> 
O Uplands, 80x167, $1600; cash $«.^0, bal- 

ance over 4 yesrs. 



McGregor Blk., Cor. View and Broad 

House Phone XX2128. Phone f3S. 


tt1 1 F\n — Irma at^ Oorga rd.i 
sP-LXtll/ aaah and terma 

fl^-l -I erf\ — Walnut at., Fernwood; 
^-I-J-'-'V $»t O and terma 

Of-t '7K(\ — Fine lot Roaa at. (aea 
#± I U\J Foul Bar ear eloae to; 
cash and terma. 




(Cambrtdgo at.)j thlr4 caah 

§tOO(\(\ — Comer in Voirflold, elooo oar 

and terma 

SIBOQ^*^ 4talT«, AraoM at: tblrd 

MUh; nraol tormo. 

tt£;e/V~l«ta eteoo to mow BuraaMo owr 



Hne; caah |10« and torma, 



ACRBS, eloaa to b<nh 
ftaanlehtoni t4tO per aero. 

ACRBi^, with ho«a% OOhMo B3US IM 
por Mrik 

0£*0 ACRES. 60 to 60 acres cleared, run- 
^'jtJ nlng springs, 7-roomed house, barn 
for 28 head of cows, long river front, price 

1 Q^ ACRES, halt cleared, good 7-roomad 
S.iJ house, on two good roads, good water, 
price $7,600, terms. 

•1 OV4 ACRBS, light bush, near station, all 
JL^ good land. Price $126 per acre. 


Sooke and utter Point Real Estate Office 
Sooke, B. C 

V\7ATER-TROUOH Estate— A few 5-aore 
VV lots left* which nobody can afford to 

rjlEN acres, good land, Sooke river; barns. 
-L stables, etc. Price $6,000. 


Sooks Harbor frontage. 

Sooke Harbor frontage 
000; house, barns, or- 

FORTY acres Si 
(cleared;, $10, 
chard, etc. 

1 HQ ACRES, seafront, $20,000. 

FIVE aores, seafront, house and shack; 
furniture, chickens, etc., $2,300. 


307 Pemberton Block 

OAK Bay, Oakland roe.d — 50x110 
1-3 cash. £, 12, 18. 

Phono 3T66 


(ALARK and Denman — Corner, 
-^ $1,600, 1-2 caah, B, 12, 18. 

(■'lADILDAC and Harriet road — Corner, 6 
■J xll2. $860. 1-3 cash, 6, 12, 18. 

RICHMOND Park— Cowlchan and Runny- 
mcade, 96x130x126. $1,850, 1-8 iu»li. 6. 
12, IS. 

1.^"^RONT at., Foul Hay— 2 lots, 140x120 
|»,200, 1-S cash, 6. 12, 18. 

McQUlNA and Gonialcs ave. — Corner, 811 
xl«B. $2,800, 1-3 cash, S. 12, 18 

OCEAN View and .Maplnwood — Corner, 80 
X120. $800, 1-a cash, 6, 12. 18. Good 
lot for working man to oulid shack. 


Real E8tat« Agenta 

/"tROrrON town lota — ThcM will make o 
v.' aplendtd inveatment; buy before the 
trolna commonoe to run; price |I00 and up* 
war da 

■■■ ■ ■ ' -.t 

ACOUWTRT reoidenca, conalatiag of 10 
ooraa more or lea^ nearly all oleaHtd or 

Bloahed. With <>ji chalna of aea frolsiafe; 
welt bolli house, with wat«»r laid Ofit umo 
tC,lO«} l.a caaK. >«2i|RS» oaar. . 


Real Eatate. Timber. Mines and Coal Lands. 

Phono 2999. Box 660. 

126 I'Bmberiou Bldg., Victoria, B. C. 

Vancouver Ultlco, Winch Bldg. 

Members Victoria Real Estatu Exchange. 

PORT HARDY —Destined to 
era lernilau* u( \ uacouv 

.0 bo the norlh- 
iver Island rail- 
svuys. I'uri Hardy, the original towuslLo oa 
liaiUy Hay. Lola. fruni $116 up. Terms, 
i'ib cash and $15 per month. 

NEAR Port Hardy — 6 acre blocks, $40 por 
acre; $1 per acre cash and $1 per acre 
pir month. 

WATEHFHONT—ChumalnuB, 14 
trunk road, $3500, caeh $1000, 

acres on 

00 acres, 

WATERFRONT— Chemalnus, 1 
$12,000; $ 3000 cash, ba lance 

/^OilOX — 10 acres, good soil, easily 
V-> cleared, near railway, $1600; $800 cash, 
balance 1 aad 2 years at 7 per cent. A 
splendid buy. 

ClOOlvB — 160 acres, near aea and Sooke 
^ Harbor; $26 per acre. 

T.SLAND — 68 acres, 10 acrea cleared, chlotly 
-L good land. I n she ltered waters; $4760. 

fSl^ANDS — A number from- $1000 
r $20,000, altuatcd near VlctorlA 


It Spring Island; 1000 



ender latand, :£8 scrss. 
land. sultab^O for aub- 

virii.«BiurRoMv<->portsf a tmt, Mttamm 

»» »M tt tr oataigo. uioo. ^ 

SAAMICH— too acres near gaantAtaB 
croaa road, ta n per acrp ooly. 

HOI<t.AKI> ave.-^5 aorea and bouao. ote^ 
4 a«rea bottom laud, balaneo orehord, 
etc., sow. eUekoBib Oto.* ITSaOi SUM oaab. 
balaaeo oa torma. . ' 

J» OMin road. tnuat|no mUI nUmmy, M 
acres cultivated, batoaco chlofly aioahod, 
auttoble tor aubd tvidlim; ■ 

PA»KBV IM ii.B*->.a»o acroa »ood land, cloao 
to iThUt oalr 9M por aoro; an exceliaot 

iBKiatmant. — __: , 

W did ftshina: arood land: IftO aoroa. aaax' 


WATERFRONT— Near Duncan Bay, ISI 
acres at $210 per acre. 


AWMILLS — Two mills on aea front. 

TTOTELS — Four on Vancouver Island. 

tX^LD lands— We have, a nnmboi'^i^^^Swe 


tTmcST of Port Hardy— 7500 aorea at »8 

per acre. 

rpiMBBR lands— Over 1,000,000,000 feet 

PULP mill proposition with 10,000 h.p. 
water power. | 


Oak, Bay Office, 1966 Oak Bay Aveoua 

(Corner Foul Bay Road.) 

Phone 4850. 

MACNiraCENT building "lie lor good 
huiue, comntandlng view ot aea and 
mountains. Hampshire rd. south; 3 lota, 
IdOxi&a; price fSOOO^, 1-3 caah, balance to 

PRETTY home on Hampsbtro rd. south; 
6 rooms, piped for furnace, good base- 
ment, cement walks; price $4850, $1000 cash. 


Successors to the Brain Realty Co. 
KOS Qovemment St. Phone 194. 

PANDORA av., between Vancouver and 
Cook. 40x115; price $18,000, 1-3 cash, 
balance 1, 2, 3 and 4 years. There Is a 
two-story 6-room house on this property; 
rents $36 per month. 

I y cash, b 

lot 60x120; price $1286, 1-3 
balance C, 12 and 18 months. Kl., Fairfield, 6-room modern house, 
-i-'-l- full basement, lot 40x113; price $4600. 
Cash and terms to arrange. 


Real Estate Brokers. 
843 Pandora Ave. Phone 4440. 

fl^^AA/)— Oak Bay, Hampshire rd., 6- 
effrrVVfV roomed bungalow, $700 cash, 
balance $30 monthly. 

*OQAA — Uplands, Thompson av».. 
qp,«iOUU lot, size 215x156x131; tern 


rms ar- 

200, be- 

figQ'TFrA— Beach Drive, lot 75x 
'^dutOyj tween Transit and St. 
a Us., Ihlrd caah. 

*ift1 A.P\(\~^'^^ ^"J"' '-Inkleas ave., lot 50x 
«iP-L'±t^'-' 110, slashed, very cheap, third 

C»f>,"r AA — ^Shonl Bay waterfront lot, 75x200 
tJP— <.i\/U tiuarter cash; very cheap. 



.Notice Is hereby given that the reserve 
covering the parcel of land formerly iu-M 
under Timber Licence No. 4002i), situated on 
the Columbia river In the vicinity ot Arrow 
Park, by reason ot the notice published In 
The British Columbia Gazette, on the 27lh 
December, 1907, Is cahcclled; and that the 
'vacant lands formerly covered by the' be- 
foromentloned licence will be open to pre- 
S^otl^ jt nix_ w afld fXtar the astb day of 

't*^*^'"**' J'-?|t A..R18NWICK, 

Ueputy Mtnlator Ot tmaJb 
Department, Victoria, B. Or ■ •■ > 
. MtbtAMMeoqi^ar, 1»4«. ... 

111 .1. 1 . 1, 1 1 111 J in i >, i>n<^»»l».*»| 



nm. at. 




Real Estate and Flnanrla'. Agent. 

Mahon Bldg., Government St., Victoria, B.C. 

Toiephoiio 174J. 

a TWO choice lots, close to carllne, Hamil- 
ton road and Ryan street, 60x120 each, 
oMiy $2100 for both. 

A GOOD new six-roomed house, close to 
Burnslde carllne, only $4750. 
Terms on above properties. 


W. .Miller Hlggs. 

■1 OI ACRES In Sooke 10 to 16 totally 
-LO-L cleared, balance good t'Imher, good 
Boll, all clearings fenced; 40 fruit trees bear- 
ing and small fruits; 8-roomed, new house; 
excellent; water supply; good barn; mile 
frontage on the main road; close to store, 
school, post otflrr. church, stages: slock, 
etc., and Implements go with property, 
horses, cows. pigs and poultry; crown 
granted; all rlghlK go with land. 

(\NE acre practically nil cleared, all fenced, 
' good soil, new 3-room furnished house 
with pnnlry; good water; on mala road; 
price $750; ca.^h $400. 


Over Northern Crown Bank. Phone 1660. 


-Stanley at., 
third cash. 

West Bay, 50x127; 

Hhl '"^nn""^""' "^*' '"'■''■''on' rd., 51x110, 
<1P-L«'VM7 in grass and two roa 

llUiU cash. 

:>ad frontages; 

(ffiOJ^AA — James Bay, Berwick st., 47x107, 
*tP--"t''" terms on application. 

ffl»~n| Uy-Humlioldt St., next to Blancharu, 


below market valuo. for Im- 
sale only. 

tlljl ( J,'~rA — Shelbournc st.. Just off Bay st., 
f^XXfOyf a few baautlful lots, high and 

with oak trees; third cash. 

(eTO-TA— -Burnslde rd., ohe 
^ltJ^t\J one and a half mil 
easy lerms. 

acre on the 
circle; very 

©HAA— Saanlch rd., two large Inta, 47x184 
'4P'/Uv/ each; rjuarter caah. 

•K'^QAfi — Waterfront lot, Hollywi 
fffl.iu<^ynf ent. 50x140; the only 

left ; third cash. 

wood Crea- 



d ave., 60x130, next to 
level and graasy; terma 


1223 Broad Bt. 

Life InaurUnce. Fire Inanranca 

Money to Loan. 


E have the following houses for sola: 

(iRANT St., *-room house with larve lot. 
M (3xt46, near Stanley av., priee IHOO. 
Wo are oiTeiiiis this aplendid property tor 
a few daya at f4tOO. 

VININO St.. T-room house, now anA med- 
orn, with furnace. |7tOO. 


BNRY sti, »-room house. »e5?S. 

HOWB st, l-room bouao. all modont. 
with furaaee, tail baOement, waah tobo 
In baaoment, Terma. tlB«« dooh, boUkOOO 

to arraaiNb. rrioo>li|(p.....^'V,/ 


Dlatota ntod m& m» BMiir^^ottoo oi tfco 

date of attttata will bo gtvoa later... ! 

Coptoa ot oppllcatlona or eomjiialiita 
•hoau h« aonriatt upon tbo poroper official* 
«H paNMur MiM«i»«a. or other parties <«. 

„ that Georg* B. X.arsoii. ot 

'^IjO., occupation merchant, in- 

, ._Bl^'*or permission to purchase 

lowing described lands: i JAit- 

^_^ ^ — . . _ , ^- , „i , i , a enclng at a post planted O0i^«ii«j#!: 

U >a at <aif,.t Mat .oaato tteo..^ , aa thpy mn ' '-t iortlt shore of Arbutu island, a Hmm 

^UwMmOt W wo BOatrci, ' . . - ' " ' "TBand near the southeast corner of Lewis 

»*«ii.Jk ...» AA.. — ^ ....- m.t^^ .-^- .^_ —.^.^ •■flland. Applying to purchase the whole 

Island, containing twenty acres more or 


Agent: S. H. Ford. 
Dated this 16th day of August, 1912. 

A. I>. CARTWfiflV^^ 

Board of Railway 

Commlsatoners for 

Coast Range III. — Bolla Coola District 

Take notice that T. Peter J. Kenyon, of 
Bella Coola, occupation prospector. Intend 
to apply for permission to purchase the 
following described lands; 

Commencing at a post pdanted at the 
southeast corner of I-ol 126, following south 
along the Indian Reserve line to northeast 
corner of L. 17, proceeding westerly and 
forming a point adjacent to the waterfront; 
containing about 20 acres more or less. 

Dated this 6th day of August, 1912. 


Notice is hereby given that the ordei-ln- 
councll approved August 17, 1S96, reserving 
and setting apart for the sole use of Her 
Majesty's Government for military and 
naval purposes that portion of the Sand 
Spit al the I.,aKOon, Esquimau, which Is the 
property of the Province, Is rescinded and 
that the lands described In the aforesaid 
'.•rdcr- !n-roun<;ll are reserved tor Oovern- 
ment purposes. 

Deputy Minister of Landa. 

Lands Deppartment, 
Victoria, B. C, 

29th October, 1912. 


Cobble Illli, Vancouver Itland. 

Take notice thai an action haji been com- 
menced against you In the Supreme Court 
of British Columbia (Victoria Registry) by 
Ernest A. Scott and John I'eden, carrying 
.on business under tho firm name of Scott A 
Pedcn, dealers la hay, grain, feed, etc.. 
Store street, Victoria. B. C. for the sum ot 
$1202.20, being the amount due by you to 
the said Ernest A. Scott and John Pedan, 
and thai unless an appearaaco Is entered by 
you or oa your behalf within twenty-five 
days from dale hereof. Judgment may be 
given in your absence. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 24th day ot 
October, A. D. 1912. 

Solicitors for Ernest A. Scott 

and John Peden. 


Tenders addressed to the undersigned at 
Ottawa, and endorsed on the envelope 
"Tender tor Gasoline Launches" will be re- 
ceived up 10 noon ot the 

for the construction of two Gasoline 
Launches for the Fishery Patrol Service, In 
Ihe Province of British Columbia, of the 
lollowlng leading dimensions, namely; 
Length overall ....46 feet. 

Beam 10 " 

Draft 4 " 

Each boat to be equipped with a four 
cylinder four cycle 6xS In. iftandard engine. 

Plans and specifications can be procured 
upon application, from the Chief Inspector 
or Fisheries al New Westminster, Inspector 
of Fisheries al Nanalmo, E. B. .'?chook, 
Vancouver, and from Iho Agent of this De- 
partment at Victoria, B. C. 

Each tender must be accompanied by an 
accepted cheque on a chartered Canadian 
Hank equal to ten per cent (10 p.c. ) ot the 
whole amount of the lender, which cheque 
will be forfeited If the successful tenderer 
declines lo enter Into a coalracl or falla to 
complete tho boats In accordance with the 

Cheques accompanying unsuccessful ten- 
ders will be returned. 

Tho Department does not bind Itself to 
accept the lowest or any tender and re- 
serves the right to accept a tender for 
either one or two boats. 

.Newspapers copying this advertisement 
without authority from tho Department will 
noi be paid for same. 


Deputy Minister of Marine and Fisheries. 
Department of Marina and Fisheries, 
— 30219. Ottawa, 21st October, 1912. 


Public notice la hereby given that the 
Canadian Northern Paclflo Railway 
have deposited In the L>and Registry 
Office, of the City of Victoria, the plan, 
pronio and book of referencs of that 
part of their railway b«lng construct- 
ed on Vancouver Island in Cowlchan 
Lake District, from atation 41 X 00 
to atatlon 321 X (0.7. 

Dated VletorUi. B. C. July «8, Itll. 

The Canadian Northern Paclflo Ry. 
By X. H. WHITK. 

Chief Enrlnoor. 


In the matter of the Kstate of Ramnel 

•lonns, decroaed, late af the City of 

Naoaimo, I'rovlnce of British Columbia. 
And In the matter of the Crescent Hotel 

and Bar, situate on the comer of Victoria 

Cresomit and Win field Cresoont, City of 

Nanalmo. aforesaid. 

Take notice that Tenders will be received 
by the undersigned as Solicitor for the 
above estate up to and including Saturday 
the Klh day of November, ltl2, for '.he 
purchase Of the Crescent Hotel and Bar, 
Nanalmo, B. -C., as a goinv concern, includ- 
ing all stock-in-trade, wines, Mouors, cigars, 
etc., bar fixtures and furniture, and hotel 
rooma, furnl;tire and flxtul-ea. Also licence 
lo sell Bpirltuous llquoro on said premlsea 

.Further particulars supplUA at my ottlc*. 

Tenders to be addreoaed to J. H. Btmpaon, 
Barrister. ^t«.. Or*en Block, Nanalmo, B. C. 

Highest or any tender not necessarily ac- 

bated at Nanalmo this Itb day of 
Novamber, A.I>. Itlt. 

J. H. Btumov. 

fl*lloltor<. Cat SaiMo of ■awi»a1 Jmumv O*" 


Kavlcable Waters rroteetton Ael 

Nouca U hereuy glvsa laai .soiwaa 
Uardle and Marlua VVhilwvrl,u ll..iai« ui 
'tictoria, lirllisti (..u.uuiUim, ^ja ap,j.>kug lu 
Bis Excellency the Uuv«ruui -tici.cial uf 
Cauadit la council, tor avp'ovj.. ot ib» 
area plaus, site ^ad aa«orii<tiuii uf wuia.. 
prupusuii 10 be constructuU In Weal Uuy. 
t'lclorla Haibor. Vluiurla, U. C, auU beliik 
ihu lauds situate, lying and bviug la tUa 
city of Victoria aforesaid and known, uuiu 
bcred and described as purl oi uaa acre 
block ot avulloa ihlriy-iwo lli:i^, K^tjui- 
malt dls^lot as shown upon a plan au- 
u«x«d to Csrttllcate of Till* No. JiltilC, una 
have deposited the area and alto plaus ami 
Ihtt prupuaed Vorks and deacrlpilun tUcrs- 
ot with the Minister of PubUu Works al 
Ottawa, and the duplicate thereof wiiii tho 
Heglalrar Qeueral of Titles lu the Li>nd 
Registry offlou at the City of VIctrola. 
Urltlsh Columbia, and tnai the mailer of 
the aald application will be proceodtrd wiin 
al the expiration ot one month's noiioa 
from thu lime, of the T.i'st publlcatiuu uf 
lUls noilcb In 111* Canada Gazette. 

Dated this Gth di.y ^'f July, A. U. 1911. 




$^50 reward will be paid to anyone who 
can give evidence that will lead to the 
Identification of the person or persona who 
broke Into Mr, BuUen's house at Plko Lake, 
section 9. and part ot si«;l!on 7, Highland 
District, within the flrat 20 days of October, 
1912, and stole one iz-bore shot(;un and one 
.as-bore. rifle and a nui 

ffiOO reward will be 
<?*»,. jftve evidence that *« 'jSiS'^^'^i 
•nWR^and conviction of tnq persons who 
ilpn into tho above-described house. 
-:^ mttable reward will be paid to anyone 
vao at any tim« can lay information 
MMWt any ftsrson found troapasslng on 
«b4>vo-4Merttio<l property. 

i.<>.i«A)pi> i l f ii j ii i i j i i iiii iii n 

-tta n go (Xa# 

■.gaquimalt. -gy!^» 



All purchasere, froiti Francis H. 
Stirling, of lots, Bubdlvlsions of Lot 
Eleven (11), Albernl District, under 
Maps number 618, 618A and 618B., are 
hereby notified that application has 
been mode to the Supreme court for 
an order to amend Map 618 by closing 
the road shown "thereon running be- 
tween Lots 25, 26, 29 and 30; and that 
said application has been adjourneij 
until ten-thirty (10.30) a. m. on Tues- 
day, tlio 22nd October, 1912, to enable 
all parlies interested to appear and 
state their objections, if any. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C. this 8lh 
October. 1912. 

Solicitor for Francis li Stirling. 


Any shareholder of the OtJcl. Fellows 
Hall Association, Spring- Ridge, having 
any claim (not already sent in) 
against th« above association, la re- 
queeted to forward such claim to the 
undersigned on or before the 11th. 

1342 Pembroke St. 



Take notice that application will be mad* 
to the Board of Licensing Commissioners 
of the City of Victoria at their next 
sittings, to be held after the expiration of 
thirty days from the dale hereof, tor the 
transfer to Bmll Mlchaux, ot Victoria, B. 
C, of the licence now held by mo to sell 
spirituous liquors by retail upon the prem- 
ises known as the Kmplre Hotel, situate 
at (46 and SU Johnson street. In the City 
ot Victoria, B. C. 

Dated at Victoria. B. C. the day of 

September, 1913 


UQl/OR ACT, 1910. 

Notice Is hereby given that, on the first 
day ot December next, application will be 
made to the Bupertntendent ot Provincial 
Police tor the transfer of the licence for 
the sale of liquor by retail In and upon the 
premises known as the Sidney Hotel, situate 
at Sidney, British Columbia, from Tester & 
Taylor lo Peter N. Tester of British Co- 

Dated this 26th day of October, 1913. 

Holders ot Licence. 

Applicant tor Tranter. 

Victoria Land OlstHrt— IMstrlct of Const 
Range Ono 

Take notice that Leone Ford, ot Pitt 
Meadows, U, C, occupation lady. Intends 
to apply for permission lo purchase the 
following described lands; 

Commencing al a post planted on the 
north shore ot Goat Island, a small island 
at the mouth ol a large bay at the south- 
east corner of Lewis Island. Applying to 
purchase the whole island, contsln;,.* ten 
acres more or less. 

Agent: S. H. Ford. 

Dated this 16th day of August. 1912. 

Victoria Land District — Dlatrict ot CoB«t 
Range Ono 

Take notice Ihat Wabel Larsen, of Loa 
Angeles. Cal., occupation married woman. 
Intends to apply (or permission to purchase 
the following described lands: 

Commencing at a post planted on the 
soulhwesl shore of Ralph Island, a smaJI 
Island lying at the northeast corner of 
Alder Island, near the weal end ot Tur- 
ner Island, applying to purohaae the whole 
Island, containing twenty more or less acrea 
Agent: 8. H, Ford. 

Dated ihia l»th day ot <\ugust, 1912. 


Notice la hereby given that the partner- 
ahlp extating between Herbert Vf. Ball and 
John P. Young, the buslneaa ot which has 
been carried on at it» Cook street, Vic- 
toria, B. C, has been dissolved by the re- 
tirement ot Mr. Ball, and the entry of Mr. 
Robert Brock in his stead. The business 
win now be carried on at the said prsmls-ss 
by Mr. Young and Mr. Brock, to whom all 
debts In connection with the aald buainess 
are to be paid. <■' 

Dated al Victoria. B. C. this 4th day of 
October. 1912. 

Notice of Application for Transfer of 
I.lqa«r Ucence. 

Take notice that I, the undersigned John 
■Wallace 8mHh of the city of Victoria, prov- 
ince of British Columbii^ will apply to the 
Board ot Licencing Comndsaloners of the 
City of Victoria, at Its next sitting for the 
transfer of the licence now held by me to 
sell wines ahd spirituous . llouor* at the 
premises known aa the Bismarck Saloon, 
situate at lOOS OoverBment street, Victoria. 
B. C, to Frederick Henry Bens* of the otty 
of Victoria a/orasald. 

Dated this list day ot Oetobir. ItlS. 

J. yt. BinTH. 

^^— — — «■■! SI ■! IIIM» m »lsil l|lll>— n il HI IH H lipwa^ll ■■ n Alllill— i>i^w 

umcoK ACT. in*. 

Notioe la hereby given that on the first 
day of December next, application will bo 
made to the RuporaOtondont ot Provincial 
Police for renewal ot the hotel tieenao to 
sell liquor by retail la tba hotel known aa 
Iho Oak Doll Hotoi; Bftuate at Colwood. In 
4X0 rrftvHwo o< Britlah Cottttnbla. 
C^^BjlMI UUa urn* ify of Oetobw. ittl. 


Notice Is hereby given that application 
will be made at the next sitting of the 
Hoard ut Licencing Coiuiiiti>sioiii:!is after tha 
expiration of 20 days from the data hereof, 
fur a ii'aiisitjr oi ili>^ llcui.ce to sou spirit- 
uoua ana fermented liquors from the prem- 
ises known as the Lion Saloon, ZIOI 
Cnanibcrs slieet, Victoria, B. C, to the 
piemlses known as the RItx Uotnl, situate 
on Fort street, Victoria, B. C-. and further 
tor a transfer of tho said Ueanoe from ma, 
the uiuii:rbi.,.u vi, i .* ■....■;> i...iv t, i<j v...- 
stanca Uiiker, of Victoria. 8. f 

Dated at Victoria. B. C, tbU aiat da/ 
ot Oclobei, in2. 



Notice Is hereby given that, on the 6lh 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the gram of a licence for tho 
sale of lli|vUM by wholesale In and upon tho 
premises known as Messrs. Turner, Beeton 
i Co.. Ltd.. situate at Victoria. B.C., upon 
the lands described as 1232 Wharf St. 
Dated this 6th dav of November, 1912. 


Assistant secretary. 

LIQUOR ACT. 1910. 

Notice Is hereby given that, on the first 
day of December next, application will bo 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel licence to 
sell liquor by retail !n the hotel Known as 
the Sidney Hotel, sltuato at Sidney, In thu 
Province of British Columbia. 

Dated this 26tb day ot October, 1912. 


LIQUOR ACT, 1010. 

Notice la hereby given that, on the first 
day" of December next, apjiUcailon will be 
made to the Superiniendeat ot Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel licence to 
sell liquor by retail In the hotel known as 
the Parson's Bridge llotei, situate at Par- 
son's Bridge, Esquimau district. In the 
Province of British Columbia. 

Dated this aflth day ot October, 1912. 


ICHARD PRICE. Applicant. 

■-4:^^t-%^]JKUii:oti. ACT, 1910 

""''wTi'ltoreby given iliai, on the firot, 
Kber iT'x'. - ■ • ■ will be'.' 

,- ^- „, ,_,, - JStrlilli :. ;. :.: : T :r.«iicl(n-- 

?61«»' f ttr rtnewal of tne hoiei ii.ence to 
SOU llcjuor by retail In the hotel known as 
the Mayne Island Hotel, situate at Mayne, 
;tn the Provinoe of British Columbia. 
Pated this 1st day ot November, 1912. 

■ :--■: Y"-: c. J. Mcdonald. 



For a License to T«ke MSiu Use Water. 

Notice is hereby given that Geoffry 
Thomas Butler, ot Keating* P. O., will 
apply for a license to take and use flva 
hundred gallons of water par day out of a 
spring which rises on the land herein 
deccrlbed. The water will be diverted at 
the spring and will be used tor domestic 
purposes on the land described as the east 
half ot the west twenty acres of Section 
14, Range 2 East, South Saanlch District. 
This notice was posted on the ground on 
the Blh day of September, 1312. The ap- 
plication will be (lied in the office of the 
Water Recorder al Victoria. 

Objections may be filed with the said 
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller ot 
Water Rights. Parliament Buildings, Vic- 
toria, B. C. 



Notice Is hereby given that application 
will be made to the Board ot Licensing 
Commissioners for the City ot Victoria, 
B. C, at Its next silling for a transfer ot 
the license of the Hudson's Bay Company 
to sell by retail fermented, spirituous or 
other liquors In quantities of not less than 
a reputed pint bottle, from the premises 
known aa 1130 Wharf street, Victoria, B. C. 
lo the premises known as 1312 Douglas 
street, in the said City of Victoria. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 10th day 
of October, 1912. . 


By Its duly authorised agent. 

_______^ Harold V. Pratt 

LIQUO R ACT , lOlfr. 

Notice Is hereby given that on the first 
day of December next, application will be 
made to tho superintendent of Provincial 
Police for renewal of tho hotel licence to 
sell liquor by retail In tho hotel known as 
the Four-Mile House Hotel, situate at Col- 
wood road, near Victoria, In the province of 
British Columbia. 

Dated this 24lh day of October, 1912 
MARY GOUGE, Applicant. 

LIQUOR "AciTmoi 

Notice Is hereby given that, on the first 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the Superintendent ot Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel licence to' 
sell liquor by rctaJl In the hotel known as 
tho Colwood Hotel, situate at Colwood in 
the Province of British Columbia ' 

Dated this 23rd day of October, 1912 


Coal mining rights ot the Dominion, in 
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the 
lukon Territory, the Northwest Territories 
and In a portion ot the Province of British 
Columbia, may be lease for a term ol 
twenty-one years at an annual rental of |1 
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will 
be leased to one applicant. 

Applications tor a lease must be made by 
»he applicant in person- to the Agent or Sub 
Ageiit of the district In which the rights 
applied for are altuated. 

In surveyed territory tho land muat be 
described by aeotlona, or legal aubdlvlslona 
ot sectlona, and In unaurveyed territory the 
tract applied for ahall be ataked out by the 
applicant himself. 

Each application must be accompanied 
by a fee of (6 which will be refunded It 
the rights applied for are not available, but 
not otherwise. A royalty ahall be paid on 
the merchantable output of the mine at the 
rate of five cents per ton. 

The person operating the mine ihall fur- 
nish the Agent wth aworn returna account- 
ing for the full quantity of merchantable 
coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. It 
the coal mining righta are not betnfc oper- 
ated, such returna ahould bo fumiahod at 
least once a year. 

The lease will include the coal mining 
rights bnly. but the lessee may be permitted 
to purchase whatever available ourtace 
rights may be considered necessary for the 
working of the mine at the rate ot.ltO.OO 
an acre. 

For full information application should be 
made to the Secretary of the Department 
of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Afont or 
Sub-Agent of Dominion Landa 

W. W. CORT, 
Deputy Miolster of the Interior. 

N. B. — Unauthorised publication of this 
advertisement will not be paid for. 


Notice is hereby given that, en tho first 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the Huperlntendent of Frovtndlal 
Police for renewal ot the hotel lloesce to 
sell liquor by retail In tbs hotel known as 
the Ooldatream Hotel, attuate at Oold- 
ttream, in the Province of British Columbia. 

Dated tbia 3Ird day of October, lilt. 

, APPlloant 

. — - — t I 


Notice is hereby glyen 'that, on tko flrot 
day of December next, applloatlon Wttl be 
made to the Buperintondent of Provlttelal 
Police for renewal of tA% .-hotel llooaoo to 
sell liquor by retail lo tbo hotel knOwa as 
the Sooke Harbor HotOI;. altuato at liUiw'a 
L«ndln<, Booke, In thb Prorlneo of Srttiah 

Dated this }fr« day of Ootobar. IMl. 

Chas. H. Barbour. Manajon. ■ 

iJN TRB svpKBidB <7ot;wr or aatliiH 


In the matter of tho ootato of «A«ilo 
Brldvot Ekersley, doeoaooA. an« In tt»««t- 
i»r of the "OTticial A««aMlainktoror Aot,",- 

Notlee la hereby given th«t «B««» mt MtOr 
cranud by tha Hon. Mr. JteUoft Qnimn. 
dated the 11th dar of Oetobor, A.n,: tm« 
I, the undoraicnod, waa appolaistf atfaitaM' 
trator of tho above oatato. 

All partlaa havint ei»ilBa MtntoM.Ok anta 
estate afe requoatod to totwoHl pvOaateii 
of same to me on of boforo tbo tiM day ot 
Decembor, itlS. and all ponoao lad«bt«€ to 
the aald oatato ara roqnlroa to' IMV AlMli ta- 
dobtodnaas to mo frn^hwKk. 

Datojl at VIotoHn, £. O.. IMm pNl J«)e ot 

jff i> 1 

, 5^V^'^f »^ ''"■■ 

Movootiat, .»ti, 


Friday, November S, 197» 



)t®ck Mffiipkets aumd 

Fimiffiiniciffll Mews 

NO BroyAiy 


Earlier Gains Recorded "yes- 
terday Were Offset Later — 
Foreign Bourses Not Hopeful 
Owing to War News 

NEW YORK. Nov. 7. — None of the buoy- 
ancy whkh characterised yesterday's opera- 
tions In BlooUa was nianirestej today, 
■j raiilng, while imnh under the heavy total 
o! thai aessliin, was nioaerately large but 
Its i>rufeasional character was doubtless a. 
iuurce of disappointment to those who Itart 
expected that thu uloee of tUa political 
tampalKM nilRht stimulate some Investment 

Initial prices show«d a aumbtr «t 
laiurlal gains, especially In 81. Vaul, the 
isvppcrs and .soars Ki'tihuok. St.- Paul later 
Vecainc iiiu Icadir In reapeet to •trcngth, 
Wltli marked Impruvuueui tn tbe Uvrliuaas 
U4 a low minor nXiii Includliii* Mt#tu>uri 

I'ressurc upon Heading and Steel ranUltd 
In a Ki^neral shading of the price* vtllt*l|<, 
with furthir inarKttd.- wwUbmwi: l» *•»• M*J*;. 
bugarand a Aharit iMMfe'lilLlllll* *m»«l««ll' 
tJoiion uit becauU wfs^^lm MltiiM op tui 

.... .,, m^«S^ "^ar g 

iteitrafnt shown Uy tW» market ww 

kble to foreign condition*. ? 

_ tone of the I'arla and Berlin bottr«#» 
(;{not entirely hopeful, the Balkan ritiif^ 
again obtruding Itself. . j; . 

The money market was dull _^^ 

lline ''rales falling as the denian* HWlr -^_ 

iiuuioy increased. Most call loitni . tOqSjr 
" eie made at five per cent. 

llonds were acaln firm, with activity In 
St. T'aul and .\tchl8on Issues. Total sales, 
par value, »•.', SI 3,000. 

United .States government bonds were un- 
changed on call. 

(Furnished bv F. W. .Stevenson &. CO. i 

Stock — High. I^ow-. Hid. 

Amal. Copper •' 87 v» SB'.i SSVi 

Amn. Agr. Chemical. . 68 &8 58 

Amn. lltiel Sugar ... tl2 58 , 68 H 

Ainn. C:an i'i'si *- ^-'* 

Amn. Car. and Fdy. . . «1 BU'.i Ii0»i 

.Vmn. Cotton Oil .... C" 51 Vi 54 Vi 

.Vnin. Locomotive .... 4B •IDl'i <0'a 

.\inn. Smelting 84?i .S;iH N3''4 

Anin. Sugar 1-3 !'."-% '-"-^ 

Amn. TCI. and Tel. .. H3\s 113^ USTi 

Aran. '1 ooaci u -'"" -"' -" 

Amn. Woolen -'» -4 -^ 

Anacomla <•'' **\ 44 H 

Atchison 1ii!i% 10S%- 108^i 

do pffl. ]0: 101 "ii 101 '» 

B. and O UfS 107',- 107 >i 

B. T. R. '. !'l \ '-'l 90-i, 

c. ,y. n. '.'liT'* L'sr. 26i't 

Central I.cathci- .3:Vi 3:' 3': 

ChC!>. and Ohio 83% 81!% 8:"<i 

C. and U. W ^0 19H l»?i 

do pfd. ... 37 »4 37 Vi 37 St 

C. M. and St. 1'. ... 117H 115 116«; 

do pfd. • . 14 2 

I'olo. Fuel and Iron , .' llS'c 38 38 

I'olo. and Southern .. •• 3D 

Con. Gas. ...:.- I46>i 145% US 

D. and R. G. pfd. 41% 40>4 <0U 

Ulstlllora Sec 28H 2^ .28 . 

Brie 35 Vi 

do Isi ptd ■ • B^ 

do :;nd Pfd. . . 43H 

Coldfleld Cons .. -"ii 

111. Nr.r. ptd. 141>i 140% HO'i 

Ct. .Nor. Ore. ctfs, ., 48% 48«/» 4S 

Illinois Cent. 130 I'-'SVi 128'» 

Inter-Metro. 21 20 'i 20% 

do pfd. S7 861* 66 'A 

Inter. Harvester ..... 122% l22',i 122 

Kas. Cltv Southern .. 29% 20 29 

I,, and N. 152 15Mi l.^O'i 

Uchigh Valley X76% 175H 175% 

Mackav Co.'s •■ ..m 84% 

iJiigitenhc Im .- ■• 58 

I'ullfrirnla Petrol 68 «7 '* 67 U 

.M. .S P. and S. S. M. 144 'j 143H l43«/i 

M. K. and T -r^'), 2»% 291-i 

dr. pfd. ... H4 63Vi «3 

M'l I'aclfl. 46«« 45 4;>H 

Nat. nis.ult . . 133H 

Nat. Lead 61 H 84 y 64 Vi, 

Nev. Cons 22% 22% 22 ',a 

N. Y. Central ....... 117Vi 116Vii 116% 

N. y. O. and W . . .- 85 

Norfolk and West. ... 116U 116 115% 

Nor. Pac P-'S 127«A 127'* 

Vennsvlvanlft 1-'I>h 123% 123% 

IVnple's (las 1 1 S ", IISH 118',4 

Pressed Steel Car ... SS H 

liallwav Steel Spg. ... 37 

Heading 1 : t ■» l-Cj 173% 

Rep. Iron and Steel. ... . . 32 

Rock Island ■ 27% -27 ■ 2T 

do pfd B3 52 H r.2 

Sou. Pacific lI3>/4 112% 112% 

Sou. Rallwav 30% 30 Vi 30 'i 

do pfd 82% 82 V 82'; 

Tenn. Copper 42'4 42% 42% 

Texas Pacific 26 '.i 26% 25% 

Twin City .. •• W)4',, 

T-nloTi Pacirin 175% 174% .174% 

do pfd 82 01 i; 91% 

V S. Rubber 52 ',4 51 % 51 % 

do Isl pfd. .. 108 Vi 108 lO.S 

U. 8. Steel ' .. 78% 77% 77 \ 

do pfd 11.H4 113 113 

T'lah Copper f.'.'i Kt'i 0|', 

■^'a. Car Chemical ... tT 

Wabash I ^ 

do pfd. . . !.•.% I.^'i I.". '- 

^\■e»tern I'nlon 7S TO'i T<;>i 

Westlnghnuse SI", »» Xt 

\^'l»<•onsln Central '>2'i 

Crsnby TO 69 i'!! 

Total sales. 774,100 -iharrs. 
Money on call 4'^ pnr cent 


Tlfaxt* for Week Bndlnar IToTembar 7 
Bhow a Oala of One-Elrbth 

TOltOXTO. Ont.. Nov. ".—The followlns 
are the bank dealings for the week ending 

today, with comparisons for the Correspond- 
ing week last .vear. 

City. ini2. 1(111. 

Montreal J«5,. II 1.652 J62.602.050 

Toronto 4i<.!110,198 4fi,730,6::« 

Winnipeg 47. .ST). 525 37.824.522 

Vancouver 16,3na,30S 13.2I)f..33( 

Ottawa 4..M6.754 5.lin,n»S 

Calgary 7.2:2.7 18 n,i!7.1.J Hi 

(Jueliec 3.«!iS.6t3 3.5!'J.016 

\lctorla 4,703.155 3,3Rii,369 

Hamilton 4,;.'0.1,RR7 3.027.116 

Halifax 2.< 'J. 190. 112 

St. .John I'.oi's.snn i.S43.27r. 

Kdmoni.jn .■;.9r>5.:)t,l a,33r,.1:'; 

l.,..ndon 2iOSli,fi47 1,550.64.'. 

Rcglna 3.fi20;«ni; U.aSO.'iS'! 

Hiandon 1,19'!. 531 1,004. 906 

Saskatoon 3.169.741 I'.l97.n3« 

-Moose .Taw I.>S4.0.<1 1.3:.'!.i;«6 

Ilrantford 666.353 617.750 

Fort William l.flio.ftg* 760.930 

Totals 1237, 669, l»S2 1198,473,067 


WINNIPEG, .Man., Nov. 7. — Indications 
this morning pointed tn higher prices as 
following the opernlng. which was '*c to ".c 
up there nnt a i"aHy of fraction of Decem- 
ber and May, btu without bull newn to 
support It the mnrlcpi fell flat and pricea 
declined, fhe bulk of the trading being 
around the Inwar quotations. Winnipeg 
closed %r to He low«r. American markets 
op«ne<a unehanired to >4c lower and weak- 
ened considerably during the later hours. 
Minneap<t1lt closed He to %c lower, r-hlcago 
rioaed Vic to %r tower. The rash demand 
ivaa fair and offering* were more liberal 
during (he laat few hour* of business, ex- 
port traders bu.vlng moderately. Oats were 
in fair 4t«mand at firmvr prle»s. Plax »^as 
■tffr«r and thn spread In the price* wide, 
(he cloae atiewlnv a irain of X%c for 
November and te for t>eeembei*. Receipt* 
were heavy. i,2C7 ear* being Inspecteil 
Wedneaday and today 1,IR0. 


MONTHS A U J»ov. 7, — There waa another 
dull ittarkct for a^ocka today, and outalde 
of aema activity and alrength in Montreal 
rvtrmr gtfMing wma practically featureleea. 
In tli«r*«f tar noon tb4i bvalneaa dwindled to 

less than ono thousand shares and llm 
aggicgaie transaction* for thu day, ex- 
...usUc of mining stocks were less than 
.our tiii.usand shares. The C P. It. movc- 
Mient in .New York during the noon Inter- 
mission on Wednesday, wnlch Inlused som* 
life Into the list and brougiii about a strong 
ciuse, was reverseu today. C. P. 'R. de- 
clined rather abruptly In New York, while 
iiadlng was suspended on the local ex- 
change and the result was to produce some 
uiisettlemcnt In the general list. Montreal 
Power, which had soul as higii as 232 Si m 
the morning, at that price snowing a gain 
of H Vii iiolnis o\ cr the close Wed|nesd*y. 
weakened to 230% and closed at ine low. 
Kven at Ihat the gain, on.- point, was the 
lui geat showing of any of the active slocks. 
C, P. R, waa one point lower on the day. 
selling at 265% In the last transaction and 
closing somewhat weaker at 265'^ asked 
and 265 ',« bid. Movements elsewhere were 
of no great Importance and largely confined 
.to small fractions. The cement slocks ad- 
vanced one-Quarter of a pt.lni for the 
common and one point for the preferred. 
Dominion Steel, Detroit and Richelieu also 
showed small fractional advances, and .Soo 
was strong, rising to 144%^ 


LONDON, Nov. 7. -.Money was plentiful 
today despite large repayments to the Rank 
of'Kngland. Discount rates were easy. 
There was a further advance. In stocks on 
tbe exchange, owUuc t.Cfr^hc' belief that the 
powera will arrl»JS«i;fj(»Atl»f»ctory agree-- 
. ment regarding. ISflflfr east .ituaMon, 
«»«ttMlWt»t lmjriili»tttiir. held up hop* ,^. 
m9i:mWKmili&mm American securjflj* 
«EM,,,f4iMni«tMli «Mur«i» *r«a prominent. T»« 
p^l£^uitar<nMliM » i*tba«k Jn the late 
traaUUkTItMt Bfl^ •*•#*« below the .beat. 
AnwrSliA aWUrtUM 4VM«« lil«:1ier, but real- 
Irtwr «»SW >«wir*l *W lUt to fall h«low. 

f iSP^H^ ^^ntalne4 .J»2««,#5'»" 

' :-Jli6ckrr-' ■ 


Can. Pac. Oil of ». C. 
Alberts C. and C. .-.. 
Crow's Nest Coal i... 
International C and C 

McGllllvray Coal ,' •• 

Nicola Valley C. and C. ... ' 

Royal Collieries 

B. C. Packers Com. 152.00 


Balfour Patents 


C. N. P. Fisheries ... 


Can. Puget Sound 

Co. . . 


Capita! Furniture Co. 

■ . . . . 


Col, W. P, and 

i*. Co, 



North Shore Ironworks 



S. S. Island trreamery . 


Victoria- Phoenix 

Brewery .,115.00 

H. f. Peini. I..)an . . , . 


. . 




G. W. Perm, ta) 

.. ...1. 

. , 

Stewart 1.,an(l 



Island Investment t'O. 

. . 


B. »(.'. Co|)per . 



t'^an. Consd. S. 

and R. 

.... 63.00 





Coronation Gold 

• • • -MlilMU^'-'l. 


l.uckv Jim Zinc 



Nucsroi CJold . . 


Rainbier Cariboo 



.03 '4 


Olactcr Croek . 

.04 >i 

.02 M, 


Red Cliff 


Slewaii M. and 

V. .. 

■ ■. . 






Ainerioan Afarooni 

T no 

31 . . . . 

r. "6 



(Furnished by 

F. W. 

Stevenson & 








<9 S 








94 1^ 



31 \i 




Dec, '......... 





May , 





July .... . 






Dec. ...,.i.. . 




31 \ 

May ......... 



.1 - •■■« 

x: % 

July .. ... 






Jan. .......... 








' JS.20 



Jan. . 


10. «5 



May ., 


10 to 



Short Ribs — 








9. So 


9, SO 




Ta B4y or Build Hoaaea 
«r Par Off lfori«a«e« 

kiw-tn CKUiml Ultlg. 

1 *4l.U« *MW.A. 

In (he Supreme Court cf British (,'oluinbla 
In Probate 


Id fhe matter of the entale of .>I»r> Alice 
Watson, late nf Victoria, British Colum- 
bia, deceaeed. 

Notice Is hereby given that all credliors 
of the estate nf Mary Alice Walsnn, de- 
ceased, are requlreil on or the lOlh 
day of December, one ihouHand nine hun- 
dred and twelve, to send particulars of 
their claim, dulj- verified, to the under 
signed .Solicitors for the Kxecviirix of ilie 
«ald estaio, and all persons Intlebted to Ihe 
said estate are required to pay 8\ich in- 
debtedness lo Ihe undersigned forthwith, 

Ddtert ai Victoria, U. (•,. this 6th day of 
.November, 19 12, 

1 114 I.angley St., Victoria, ft. C. 

.Solicitors for the Kxecutrl.K. 

To Investors 

OFFERED rOK 3AImW':''- r'^'Z 

Xor the purc^M t>t',t|rft cliuuii 
property Ji» ^ , tsintia :i6t tjw 
busInfiiil.«i|^t|&f«,Nanalmo. n6w ; 
Tgvilih'-^^i^iimumi' IQ vViklun wad 
ti imm^^^m^f^ 'm«W», ■ ta tor: •• 

• .»t1Ni'''W^^>Mi 'taii "Ceet'-on ' 
OBHn«l*elil' -.Mrp^'-' ■*»'-«.■ -wWdh ■ 
thfrfi Hi UTtifltiM! ,?t fwnriiiftmv 

brick btttlnlinir #Hh 'INM0»i|ii|i^ !>«■ 
Ukg 3S\jf In width by tor>«et li> 
depth, noir occupied Ma l>rtis 
^M^u fttaMfiWirar store, aad . aIsp 
tw*-«t '' 


Eggs contlntle to rise In price In the local 
market, those from the Cowlchan creamery 
fetching S,ic and other local eggs Vac a 
dozen. The high price of the former Is 
acqounted for by the facilities for shipping 
to N'ancouver, where any price almost Is 
paid readily for a really good article, 
okanagan peaches are slill to be had at 
$1,00 a crate but will not last much longer, 
(^Bllfoinla Is sending up :!0 lb, boxes or the 
Elizabeth grape which are arriving In ex- 
cellent con-lltlon and will, by means of 
cold storage, be made a special feature of 
the Christina,.! market.', as they will be 
found chea[>er than the Spanish grapes .'rem 
the .Malaga district. Italian chestnuts are 
selling at L'uc a lb. 1 


Alfalfa HsT, per ton ti.OI 

Timothy Hay, per ton 21.00©22.90 

Barley, per 100 lbs 1.70 

Bran, per lOti .os i.<« 

Khorls. per 100 lb* 1.7* 

Chop Feed, per 100 lb* l.|0 

Corn, per 100 lbs 1.20 

'racked Corn, per 100 lbs... 3,10' 

Crushed Oats, per 100 lbs... 1.9| 

Crush.-d Ua'ley. per 100 lbs.. 1.60 

Peed 1:01 nniuai. per lUO Itis. . :<.iu 
Feed VVhoat, per 100 lbs... 1.66 2.00U2.26 

Oats, per luo lbs i,tq 

biiaw, p«r uala .Ji 

Beer, per lb 

Broilers. lb 


Mutton, per lb 

Uutlon. Australian, per 'b. . 

Veal, dressed, per lb 


Cantaloupes, each 

t"i anberries, Cape Cod, per qt. 
Califutnla lirapes — 

Malaga, per basket 

'tokay, per basket 

l.'OT nIchON, per basket .... 
Concord Crapes, per basket 

I..eniuns, per doz 

Oranges, per doz 

Table Psaches, per basket . . 

I :rab Apples 

^VInt'>r .Velllo Pears, (.'al., per 

bask CI 

Pears, per box 

Walern.olons, per lb. ...... 

Apples, per box 

Wciiaichle Apples, box 

Bananas, per doxen 

Cassava Melons, each 

Okanagan Peaches, per crate 

Oalrg a-roauca aatf Ecaa 


Albarta, per lb 

B. C. Butter \ 

Best Dairy, p«r lb 

Cowlchan Creamery, per lb.. 
i-On\ox Creamery, per lb, ... 
New Zealand Butter ........ 

Salt Hprlng Is, Creamery, lb. 
Northwestern Creamery, lb.. 
Chee*e, Canadian, par lb, ,. 

Cowlchan Creamery Eggs, 

per d«» 

Ijical Fresh Bggs, per doi! 
Eastern Eggs, per do«. ... 


Seal of Alberta, per beg .... 1 jo 

Ij«ke of the Woods i]»o 

Robin Hood, per b»g j jo 

Hoyai Household, bag I'tt 

Royal Standard, bag i[h 

Moffat'* Beat, per bag 

rurlfy, p«r baf I'jo 

Prairie Pride, per bag 171 

PDowflak*. per bag i.TI 

Wild Roe*, par aaek l.M 

Drifted Know, per *ack l.ltj 

.•I .11. 




119. It 


.16 .46 .66 


1.36 2.26 
2.36 3.76 









Iteeta. per lb v 

Cabbanta^ new. per li. 



of 50 feet^'^lMi^^^^bieWNif^•?liF^| 
Tailoring Establi.^hment. The 
property Is desirable in every 
way, and will repay investigation, 
and Is offered subject to existing 
leases. . ■, 

The hlsrhest or any tender not 
necessarily accepted. 

For further partlcular.s apply to 

Trust Company, Ltd. 

Victoria, B. C. 

Sea Front 


Shoal Bay 

A narrow -trip n\ water- 
front. Lot 17, ']-].. -itc 
Island Park. This is suit- 
able for boathouses or fir 
a bathing proposition. It 
is the only bit of real water- 
front for sale on that side of 
Shoal r.ay, ' 

Price, $2500 

( hiartcr Cash 


2056 Oak Bay Avenue 
Phone 3543 




.%o acres, of wliirli to per 
cent is cleared. Good early- 
fruit and vegetable grottnti. 
Ideal for sheep raising. No 
wild animals. On route 
Vancouver tn Victoria, 
(iootl boat service. Coal 
prospects good repute. 

Price for Entire Holding 

Including Coal Rights 

Particul3ir.s and terms 

Pacific Province 
Investment Agency 

Rooms 2 and 3 
606 Yates Street 

Maynard & Sons 


InslructeU liy the owner we will sell 
,1' salesroom, 72t) View street, 

Today, 2 p.m. 


English Mahogany 

Furniture and Japanese 

Carved Furniture 

InnludlnB; \'ory handsome EngUsh 
mahoKany WHrdrub* In !l Heotlons, Tull- 
l)oy cht'St of (Irawi^rs, 3 Bowpart chests 
of drawers, srrandfalher's clock, 2 arm 
I'hairs, swiiiK mirror, dressing table, 
aniii.iuo oak t:hest, set of chu.irB, kitchen 
(IresscT and tea tray, pewterware, IQns;- 
llsh iron and bruss bedstead and a very 
pretty blue ca.rpet. Engli.s.l^ piuno; also 
oak roller-lop tleak, bookcase, very rich 
linn.i • ,,...i Japanese tables, chairs 
ivn.l i; .. very select, S-piL-ce ma- 

)im:;;i:i\ |p.iiior suite; 2 almost new ull- 
i.t;iss bc(i,sicafls, Bprlrjg- and felt ,.ijmt; 
'■ r. Mses, handsome Bmhogan>; ^^el§0i^': 
. -^ /B,tandii^\,.|nft^iipn}r,::j>hiffotii^. "'trail* 
>|iB|j»i>y 4rei)fi«|« |«P% Mahogany music 

:j»^4:- B • «}nsii#: ii«ti'»&iAAtM|^'r«Ni»fii 

■.1^, tbatti^*»f."'1»ed-' ''t«iiu|ii^ -ftMil^' 
enantlo bed,v screen, tot|«|ir«m, ah4lpt 
of drawers, carpets, UROletttn. 4 urash* 

^Jnir u!Mvbines< kltctten, tet>li«f' ctitsr*. 
Qook stove, :|i^ewt<i«',flMw)aai(<./8aVMEe. 
irs >«peaUncr rifle, S5.»0 rifle, it .fvtoU 
ver, cash felrliMeA (wffee urn, hslnittnar 
lainm^j cook sinvss. etc. apm oii view. 

:;^nui In and ttM'iliiw lot of furnttwre. 

' iilili^ M, .iiS|^ Mlwrtit -' 
Abouty l76>'-t9«ii<M»«id': ellii01|(eaii.5 ' t, ,va^ifih 

:(:Ows. .Ifi)S«p^l^^|fi$^;titj^ 






Pure Bred Breeding StocK 


L'nder Inistructlons from Dr. C. E. 
i'oiiorty, I will sell, by Public Auction, 
on the premises, the Coloiiy Farm, 

Coqultlam, on 

Tuesday, Nov, 12th 


At 1.30 o'clock p. ni., the unilprmen- 
tloned Pure Bred Holstein Krcfian 
Cattle and t^'ydesdale and Hackney 

"■ Pure Bred HoJsteln Frcsian < '(jws, 
t fresh at date of sale, i! due In Janu- 
ary, 1 in J-'ebruary. 

3 Pure Bred Holstein Kreslan Heif- 
ers, all from prize-winning sires and 

9 Pure Bred Holstein .Frcsian Bulls, ^ 
all one year old and under. 

8 Pure Bred Clyde Mares and Fil- 
lies, two of these are imported, and the 
miles arc from prlxe-wlnnlng sires and 

3 Pure Bred Clyde SUliion Colls. 

- Pure Bred Hackneys. 

1 Span well matcht d Black Geldingrs, 
suitable for hack nr delivery, about 
:i,uOO lbs. 

This is a rare opjiortunity K^iven by 
the BO.'ernment to tlie farmers of B. 
C. to secure at their own price and at 
their own doors, youngr breedingr stock 
of the very best strains procurable. 
No trouble or expense 'has been spared 
in the selection of the sires and dams 
of the young stock, and they have been 
Kathercd in from all over the Ameri- 
can continent, and the fact that these 
cattle and horses, bavins captured 
practically all of the best prizes at th»> 
late T'nmlnlon exhibition, should lie 
liroof enough that tliere la nothing 
better to be secured. 

Terms: For sums of JSO and under, 
spot cash, over that amount, cash, or 
Hen notes at 3 months will be accepted 
with 7 per cent Interest. ^ 

Please note; these fltilmBls will only 
bo sold to farmers nml stock-raisers 
of B. (.'., and that every animal 
be sold ■(vlthout reserve. 

T. J. Trapp & Co., 

Port Angeles Awake 

Ri-preifnlatlve of Milwaukee F.jillway 
buying Ihotiiands of doiluia' worth 
of proverty 

Don't wait until train* arc running. 
Buy NOW, Properly la (lOINn I'P 
In price. We have nnine enapa al 
old prlres Here la one 80 arrea 
fine land at tlUrty dnllara an acre; 
lei» acrea at foriy-flve per arre; lota 
rloae In at 150 and up. aororillnj to 
location. Let u» ahow you, 


Room II, Prnmla Block 



With lt« anowrind nvtinialna In the 
background, »ea and green fields In 
the foreprouml. H makca u pl'^ture 
worth palming. We are offering 
Binall ui'reagea and lots SO to MO ft,, 
frontage with good deptha, nearly all 
cleared, and a gradual nlope to the 
aea, 1300 to $B00 a lot, on easy ternia. 
In thia choice aubdlvlalon, beautifully 
situated In Comox Harbor, Marine 
Hrlve and landy beach one mile long, 
li'a. on the m«,lii Island highway, 3 
miles »outh of Courtenay, the pro- 
posed C. P. R. atatton be|ngr on thla 

Flahing. abooMnib yaohtlnC «U| 
cUniete' Al.--- -C. -^''"'- " ■< « •■ - 

Have Jun;-«(»l(i'' f(»reww^ ,ML:ti5» 
DvBcsne reat4ent4 «li9 iBtead oeS|^ 
Inf here to rettde.-''' ■.';,■ 

Come and ••• ^Is sportsiaMi's 
paradlae, and tb« ftneat iiiiiflcvltflMt 
district on the lalaild. 


"P^wWiW^iWWBHFl|t ™*. 1^% iPIW ^W ' 




Messrs. Bennett & Ross 

0\ir Fir.'^t Popular 


Unreserved Auction 


Saturday, Nov. 9th 

at B p. m. aharp 

Instructed bv wholesaler and oiliera, 
■sve will sell by puhlU' auction various 
articles, Includlnt: fancy soods. jira- 
cerlcs, cutlery, furs, men's furnishlns:.H, 
Iadf<"s' wear, canned goo<l», crockery 
and other j?oods. 



Sale Rooms, 1113 Blanchard !='t., Iwtwcen 
Fort and View Sts. Phone 3115. 
N. B. — C*ood» Intended for this tinle 
received up to r> p. m. We arc willlnK 
to i»ell anythinK or everythlnji at any 
time. What have you to dispose of? 
Batlsfactlon guaranteed. 


To whom It ttiajr concern: W«, the un- 
deralcned, do hnreby declare that we have 
mutually diaaolved the partnership made 
between us en the 3rd day of Au(uat, IIII2. 
The unaersliined A. W. Brain aasames and 
agrees to meet all outttandlnc liabilities 
ur the aald partnerahlp. 

JAMB8 P. aiu. 

B'snetf' In the |ir«Nmc« •*. 
JvMph fVlnter. ' 


',.S- ■}i^r-^'S''&^ 

In the' Supreme Court of British Colum- 
bia. In the Goods of Charles Kvorard Fles- 
chl Heneage. deceased. 

Take notice that letters of administration 
of the personal estate and effects of Charles 
Kverard Fleschi Heneage, who died In San- 
sum Narrows on the 26th day of September, 
liiU. were on the 31»t day of July, 191:.'. 
Issued out of the Supreme Court of British 
t'olumbla to Major Alfred Rene Heneage, 
as attorney-in-fact for Windsor Illchard 
>leneage, father of the said deceased. 

And further take notice that all persons 
havhiK claims against the said estate are 
r,^qulre(! to send full particulars of the 
same (whether previously rendered or not), 
duly verified, to the undersigned, on or 
before the L'Oth day of November, 1912, on 
wlilih day the said administrator wlil pro- 
cet'd to the distribution of the estate, hav- 
ing regard only to such claims of which he 
shall have received notice. 

Dated this :3rd day of October, A. D. 

rREA.sii: & rriEASK, 

4 10 Central Hldg., Victoria. It. ' ',, 
Solicitors for the said Administrator. 

CA>'CKLI.AX1UX Ui: KiitifiUVB. 

Notice Is hereby given that fne reserve 
existing on crown lands In 'he I-eace River 
L«nd District, notlco of m lilah bearing date 
April 3rd. 1911, was published In the Brit- 
ish Columbia Uazette uf the 6lh of April. 
ISll, la cancelled Iti so far as the same re- 
lates to Townships 111, 113 anil lit, P«aca 
Klv.r L,a.nd District. 

Deputy Minister o( Dands. 
l^ands Deparlmeni. Victoria. B. C, iijnil 
July. IS12 


Municipal Elections 

The attention of persona desiring to 
qualliy ns "householders" and have their 
names entered upon the Voters' Ijist for the 
lorihiomlng elections Is drawn to the fol- 
Un\lng exirai,ts from th>- ".Municipal Elec- 
lloiis Act," "Housnholder shall extend to 
and Include any iicrnon of Ihe full age of 
Iwent.v-one who oJiuples a dwelling, leno- 
iiieat, holpl. or boarding-house, or any por- 
tion of a dweillng-housp, i(>n'*niein. luurl or 
lioHrdlng-housi', who haa been a resident In 
Itie niuiilclpnilt.v from the tlp,«t day of 
rlununr.v of the current year, and who shall, 
unloss cxeniptod by \h^ provisions of the 
proviso at the end of suosectlon (lo8) of 
»i-ctlon fi3 of the .Munirlpal Act," have paid 
directly to the Municipality all rates, taxes 
or assessments which are not chargeable on 
land, whUh rales, taxes or assessincnls so 
paid shall amount to not less than two 
<lollars, due to the Munlrlpallty for the 
mrreni year, other than water rates or 
taxes, or Ih'ence fees for dogs, 

"I'rovlded, that no person shall be en- 
titled to vote under a householdor's qual- 
ification, nor shall lila or her name be In- 
vluded In the annual voters' list of the 
.\Iunli Ipallty, unless he or she shall, on or 
before the UrBl day of I)ei-emb«r In each 
ynar, enter nllh the AssesRor or Clerk of 
Ihe .Munl<'l|ialll.\ hln or her name ao a 
voter and shall make and cause to hn de- 
livered lo Ihe Hald .\sh*NSor or Clerk at the 
same tune » •"'iBtutory Declaration made 
and subscribed befoi <■ a Supreme or (.'ounly 
Courl .lodge. .Stipendiary or Police .Magis- 
trate, .lustlcp of the I'enro or Notary Pub- 
llr, or Clerk of the Municipality, and such 
Clerk Is herf-by aiiihorl/.ed to take such 
declarations In form and to Ihe eifert of 
Korm < In .Schedule of Ihe 'Municipal Klec- 
llons Act.' ■■ 

No person who Is not a British sub.tert 
shall ha\e hi' name placed upon any 
inunlcipa; list of >oters. 

The official ir.x receipt must bo produced 
by every person making or filing any such 

Forms of Declaration may be obtained 
and the necessary declaration made at the 
office of the Clerk, Municipal Hall. 

Oak Bay, B. C., November 1st, J!>12. 


Coaat District, Ranee S. 

Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for Lot 
461, Coast l>lstrlct. Range 3," will be re- 
ceived by the undersigned up to 12 o'clock 
noon of Frldoy, the 1st day of December, 
lui:. for the sale of that small fraction of 
land lying between the Indian Reserve at 
Bella Coola and the Necleetsconnay River, 
which parcel of land has been surveyed and 
Is now known as Ij<U 451, Coast District. 
Range 3. and comprises 13.48 acrea 

The upset price to be at the rate of 
110,00 pnr acre, and the payments may be 
made In four Instalntents of 26 per cent 
each. The first Instalment of 'iS per cent 
to accompany the tender and the balance 
In annual Instalments, with Interest at S 
per cent per annum. 

Each tender must be accompanied by an 
accepted bank cheque or certificate of de- 
posit on a chartered bank of Canada, made 
payable to thu undersigned. 

The hlghe<it or any teuUcr not necessarily 

Commissioner c( Lrfinda. 
101 Pender Street West. Vancouver, B. C. 


In the Supreme c«iirt of British Colum- 
bia In the matter of Gustav Sutro, deceased, 
and In the matter of the "Official Admln- 
Islrator'a Art." 

Notice Is hereby (iven that under an 
order granted by the Hon. the Chlaf Jus- 
tice, dated tOth day of May. 1>12, I. the 
underalcncd was kppotnted administrator 
of the above estate. All parllea having 
claims against the said estate are requested 
to furnish particulars of aame to me on or 
before th« Uth day of November, 1»12, and 
an parties Indebted to tha above estate are 
required to pay auch indebted nesa to in* 

Dated At VIctorir.. B. C, thta Jl^h day of 
Octobar. 1911. 

H- 1irtU.fAM JfOWTBtTH. 

Orrirtal Admlniatrator. 


Storc-s and Warehouse Buildings on Cormorant St., 
BeHveen Douglas and Broad 


With which Is Incorporated Bevan, Gore & Ellot, Ltd. 

Cor. Fort and r?road Streets 

Phone 2470-2471 




y »- > 

%fi|IMl l^inm«A Ctt^;- Canada We^t.^r^st 


Private Wires to Cli!cag[9* New Vorft^'^J^ifii^ md Montreal 



The oldest Insurance Office In the world 


Home OFFICE: London, England , 

C«madlait Branch, Sua Balldla^. Torooto* H. U« Blackburai, Manarfaiw 


Fernwood Rd. New 6-room 

Sea View St., off Quadra. 

New 8- roomed house. 

Basement, furnace. Priced 

at ^6800 

cottag-e. Large cement 
ba.'icment. Cash $1500. 
I'ricc ..^SOOO 

Money to l^oan 

LA. Harris & Co 


Phone 2631 

5 Acres 




Tenders for Street I.iKhllnK 

Sealed Tenders, , marked im envelope. 
"Tenders for .Street I..lghtlngr,' and ad- 
dressed '.0 the underslgneil. will be re- 
ceived until noon on Monday,' .November 
nth, ISl'J, for the installallon of a com- 
plele System of Street LlKhtlng In the 
Township of Esquimau. 

Plans may be seen and full particulars 
obtained at the Orrice of the Municipal 
I'lerk, situated at the rear ■oi: the bampson 
Street School. 

Tenc>er» must be accompanied by a. 
marked cheque for five per cent (5%) of 
the amount of the Tender, payable to the 
order of the Corporation of Esquimau, 
which amount will be forfeited It the party 
tendering declines to enter Into or falls to 
complete Ihe contract In accordance with 
his Tender. 

The lowest or any other Tender not neces- 
•larlly accepted. 


CM.C, Esquimau. 
Box D, Thoburn P. O. 

If you are looking 
for rich .<oil for vege- 
table.-^ at moderate 
price, see us. 



t^^mo t Phone 


The Shuswap & Okanagan Railway Com- 
pany will apply to the Parliament of Can- 
ada at Us Mf.M session f^ir an *fi author- 
ising it to enter Into an agreement wilh th.» 
Canadian Pacific Railway Cnmpany for a:iy 
of the purposes specified In si-itlon 361 of 
"The Railway .-Vet," and to lease its rail- 
way to the said company, and authorlzlntr 
an Increase of Us bonding power and fur 
other purposes. 

Dated at Montreal, this 23rd October 
1 9 U'. 

A. R. CREB^l.MAKi 
Solicitor for Applicant. 
rringlP, Thomjlson & Uurgess, 
Ottawa ABenlfl. 



Settled lenders will be received by 
the iiiuierslKiu-d up to 4 p. tn. on Mon- 
day, N'ovpinber IS, lit 12, for 4 4 pair.s of 
Winter Trousers for Police. 

Samples may be seen nt the Pnr- 
chaslni? .Vsent's Office, to wlinni all 
tenders must he addressed and marked 
"Tenders for Trou.-^erw." 

The or any tender not neces- 
sarily aocepteil. 

W. OALT, Purchasing Agent. 

t,'lty Purchasing A^ent'-s Office, City 
Hall, November fi, 1012. 


The Municipal Council of the Corpora- 
tion or tt.e City of Victoria having de- 
termined that it is desirable 

1. To construct a permanent sidewalk 
on the east side of Vancouver street 
from Pembroke Street to Queens 

2. To construct conduits with all lat- 
eral connections for tho purpose of 
pliicing telephone wires umlerRround on 
Camosun Street from Yates Street to 
Pandora Avenue: 

t\. To grade, dmln and pave with an 
aophaltlc pavement Clara Street from 
Oak Bay Avenue to Cowan Avenue and 
construct permanent sldewolka of con- 
crete with curbs and gutters on both 
sides of said street, also lateral connec- 
tions to sewers, Burfece drains and 
water mains, and remove poles. If ne- 

4, To construct permanent sidewalks 
of' concrete on the north side of Fair- 
field Road from Linden Avenue to Mosci 
(itreet, and on the south side of Fair- 
field Uoad from Cook Street to Moss 

And that all of aald works shall bs 
carried out in accordance with the pro- 
visions of the Local Improvement Oen- 
eral By-law, and amendments thereto, 
and the City Eitfflneer and City Aasea- 
iK>r liavlnr reporlad to the Council, in 
accordance with ttre provialons of Sec- 
tion 4 of this by-law. upon «ach and 
every of aald works of local Improve- 
ment, (Ivtnc statements showing the 
amounts estimated to be chargeable tn 
«ach case against the Tarlous portions 
of real property to be benefitted by the 
said work, and tha rtpafts of the City 

Engineer and City Assessor as aforesaid 
havinp- been adopted by the Council. 

the said reports arc open for inspection 
nt the office of the City Assessor, City 
Hall, Douglas street, and that unless a 
petition asainst any proposed work of 
local improvement above mentioned, 
Klg:-ed by a majority ot the owners of 
the land or real property to be assessed 
for such improvement, and representlnfr 
at least one-half of the valuta of the said 
land or real property. Is presented to 
the Council within fifteen days from 
the date of the first publication of thta 
notice, the Council will proceed with 
thu proposed improvement upon such 
terms and conditlous as to the pay- 
ment of the cost of such improvement 
as tlie Council may by by-law In that 
behalf regulate and determine. 


C. M. C, 
City Clerk's Office, October 16, 1912. 


Sealed lenders will be received by the un« 
derilgned up to i p.m. on Mondny, Nov. 3$. 
I!)!'.', for IJ.fiOOft. or more, lo-palv No. Hi 
cable; L'OOOft. or more No. 1 fi duplex cable, 
tipeclllcatlons can be seen at the Purchas- 
ing Agent's office, lo whom all tenders 
must be addressed and marked "Tenders 
for Eleeirlc Cable." 

The lowest or any lender not neoeMsrIly 

Purchasing Agent 
City P'irch<(slnir Agent's OfflS'-:. 
City Hall. 



Snbsaotlon B, of •ectloa 8, maA Snb- 

Bsotlon A, of SaotloB 4, Xiulotpftl 

Elsottons Act Amsadmsat Act, 191M. 

Rogtstered vendees of property, un- 
der an agreemfint for sale, who are de- 
sirous of rjuallfylng to v-ote at the next 
Municipal Klection, are requested to flle 
their waivers with th« undersigned not 
later than the 301h day ot November 
Inst., that belnK the day on which the 
Voters' List Will close, under the prov- 
isions of the Statute. 

WELLINGTON- J. r^p-WIjlJH, "^ 

City Clerk's Offlos, 

*^ Victoria. B.fc.. Nov. %, }tit. 

c. iCa\ 




iftMei*V"^iWa«'-^ ■'.»«*«»*-'*«' ^ ■ 

wr;e?yv.-'' -'^n 



Thurtday, N«v»mb«r 7, Itit 


Dozens of Different Styles, and a Variety of Materials and Colors to Ghbose From 

The Style of Shoes That You'll 

Like, Especially When the 

Weather Is Bad 



T.) be really worih lia\'iug;, a shoe must be made on lines 
that are conducive to the wearer's comfort, must be 
neat or stylish, be strong enough to resist the wor^t 
of weather for a rea«?onable time, and prove durable. 

Unless a :^hoc posses'.es these C|ualifioationj>. it i> expensive. 
no matter how low the price may be^ More foot troubles than 
enough are the direct result of v#|l|Mf ill-fitting &hoes.\,^J^^ 
uncomfortable shoe J^^JKJi?!*,©^**,^^ *'f^** *^*^ will'iltit 
keep the water out 

t^MM '^ ^M M bi ii l m tt will buy? 

mend — 

A\'hy not get thftl 

are son^e v^^Sr, 

!five^ou eatfir< 

I will buy? 

MEN WILL m l^lt^ftESTED m TOKbiE LmM 

Smart BattM ABA JMS* lh»ta are to be had in bkrafc «r tan LUieaH^ttftfa^ 

come ln#®El»ty of lasts, an^ all siM*. They are, without doub^;^| ^; 

the vtM V bfst \.il IPS we have ever had at $2.95 ^f' 

Patent Leather lace Boots ' another line that wlU please an exuiLii^ 

man. Smart in apiiearauce, snug fitting, and of sound consti uctioii. 

are qualities that should iiial<e them sell at a great pace. Per pair.- 

hi ;iii\- si/.l:' ........ ...........'. ^2.J).» 

Serviceable tace Boot«, snitabl* for mechanlca or men who have lo be 
muth on the street during the wet weather. They art, made of a good 
l>lack calfaltLn. are lined with leather, and are .sviCflvlenily wiyllsh to 
mak« them popular with buslnetia men. All slxeB are here, iiri<l t!u 
price is only . . .' J^2.9."i 


All wonuMi arc inlOresied in f;ood and slyli.-^h footwear, 
and as most women have a limited ' income on which tlu-y 
can draw, it is reasonable to suppose that many will be spe- 
cially interested in lines that are to be had at a smaller. price 
than usual. 

There is such a variety of styles and leathers that we have 
not space to give lull details, and as we have all sizes, you 
should i^^et a perfect-littini^ and pleasing- shoe without any diffi- 

Patent Leather Boots are lo bo had in both the button and the laco 
t;t\lr.«, JSomc iir..- nicWU- with higli. and others with the low Keels, and 
have a finish that would do credit to a regular »4.50 .shoe. That 
they u!' IS eomfortai)!.' hh a medium priced shoe can be made is a 
fact > 1.1 1 \^ I' DfUarant. . i '• r pair Jf 2.0.» 

Ounmetal Calfskin Bittton and Lace Boots are lines that tihouid com- 
iiutfld .special iittcntion now II. .il tlie wet weather la with u.s.. 
They are, strong^, resist water e.\ceptionally well, and have a very 
neat and becoming appearance. The tops are as soft as a slove, huj 
art^ Imilt to stand hard wear. Per pair » f 2.J)."; 

Only $18'.75 for Costumes Easily Worth 

$25.00 and $30.00, Is an Offer That 

Should Interest Many 

You never saw better styles, materials and tailoring embodied in costumes that were to, be 
had so early in the season at this price, and we are confident .that every one of the gar- 
ments will please even the exacting woman who usually has her costume made to order. 
Samples of these lines, are now to be seen in our View street windows, ami ilie showing will 
.^^''•'j^ ^ . more ii^jl0lfl$^^lil0ii^k'''M ^c^^' '^^'nutes than would l^e possible by much descriptive matter 

You see tilt styles, the ttiatfmte and the cal^s^^jm tin^ f^^^y ^^^' ^"'■^ ^^^^^ '^ '"*^^^ 
c«n pcffi^ljf kfm tm convey;'_^^'y^^^wugli pnirt^ttf^^kv^^^'^^* - < '-^^i^ss- - 

TWeeifs Wiii^Kiiet arc .tl^- i^^i^f^Jllndi j.hif^!^imm^mM'i^^^ fawns, 'browns, 

etc., some plain i^^^i 



eautituUy fmished. 

TP;-have-;a^ifull < 

rang^'of si«es. ^^^ 

^our opportuii!t\ to get a good cos!iitt¥e '^t a substsu 

Three Excellent Lines of Women's Stylish 
Coats— Prices $12.50, $1675 and $19.75 

PK.\CTiCALLY all that is |)oi)ular in point, of style and coloi" is included in tiicsc three lines, 
and as all sizes are to be had. you should benefit by this special pricing. 
See the showing in ihe View street windows for more definite and more interesting infor- 
mation. •• 

AT $12.50 there arc .-onic \ery smart effects in both Iwccds and plain cloths, ami the colors in- 
clude blues, cardinal, hr.'wn. checks and greens. • Some arc in plain effects ^nd others are in at- 
tractive mixtures, l.aige collars in a variety of shapes and large lapels made to fasten close 
up to the throat, or to be worn open, are to be had. and the cuffs arc finished in both the j)lain 
and the turnback styles. 

AT $16.75 the materials arc tweeds, .merges and chinchilla chilli-, auil siicrc i.-^ a very choice range of 
colors and styles, including all sizes to choose from. ^ 

AT $19.75 there arc some very superior lines in smo' -ih-faced cloths, tweeds and chinchilla cloths to 
lie had. This is a line that would be hard to beat, even at a much higlier price, and the ifnodels 
,s|io\\ great skill in both design and tailoring, ^'our size is here and wc have sucii an assortment 
of colors and styles tp choose from that choosing should be an easy matter. 

Quality Clothing for Men 


THE showing of the goods m the View street windows 
will prove stronger evidence as to the values that wc 
are offering than anything that we can say in this 
ad\ crtiscment. 

The more a man knows about good clothes the more 
readily will he .-ec the advantages of making his purchases 
toda\-, and will recognize the fad that these suits anil 
overcoats are a long way better than the prices at which they 
are marked. • 

$35.00 TO $37.50 TOGO OVERCOATS FOR $25.00. 

Tliese are made' up in tliree-quarter length styles, are loose fitting and 
are three-(i'i ned with silk. The materials are good Harrison tweeds 

and llama a - .md they come In four tllfferent sliadea of browns, 
greens and grey mixtures. This Is a style of coat that many men usually 
consider to be too expensive, but a reduction like this brings them within 
easy reach. They are well tailored and trimmed with good horn buttons. 
^I<^^i^tji^t8 to be sold and the sizes range from 36 to 44. 

"^'"ENtoiiH CRAVEN ETTE ovEmroM'sr^TsrwpKr" 

$20.00 VALUES REDUCE TO $12.50 FOR 

It Is the old story of having too much of a good thing. The coat.s are 
ns (food as you can wish tlicm to be, but a.s we have a liuge stoclt and very 
little room to store it in, we have decided to sell them at a very close 
margin of profit. Only 45 coats are to be had at this price, and they 
.''liould find ready customern and be cleaned out by noon. All are madt in 
tin; newest styles, some have two-way, and others plain coTlars, and the 
Hizes range from 34 to 44. Fawns, greens, browns and greys are the col- 
ors, and men who demand big values for their money will be well satis- 
fied with the line. 


If yira (1(1, j(iu win find iliat tlie lines tliat arc now' being shown at 
tlii.s store aie tlie best tliat your money can buy. There are various 
styles to ciioose from and they come 1% vatlouK !ength.g, while tlie sizes 
range from 48 to 34. Fawns and a pieaNlns greenish sliade are the 
I'olors. find jf>u can have them » with either the Raglan or tlie plain 
wtiouldcr nnd military collars. Prices from |S.,=iO up lo 1^18. OO. 



ONLY $12.50. 

When it ouglU to be a good deal moie. That the price Is too small to 
' rlo justice to tiie tiuality of the goods, and tailoring is a fact tliat is ap- 
parent as soon as you see the suit.s. They are made of good tweeds and 
Bannockburn mixtures and are to be had in a variety of mixtures, also 
filain effects in colors browns, greens and greys. Some are made of an 
excellent iiuality of blue serge. The coats arc loose fitting and have 
tliree buttons, while tho pants are ctrt in the seini-pegtop style. All 

Children's Cloth Coats 
With Much to Recom- 
mend Them 

Sh'.RGES and snu'olh cloths are the ma- 
terials, and the colors are reds, blues 
of various shades, browns and fawns. 
.\s io the styles, they are just the class that 
please nio-l parents, being made with the 
idea of gi\-ing the child comfort and warmth, 
and arc cut in <nch smart little styles that 
they command much favorable attention. 

Thev are fini>hed with wide collars ami 
lurn-hack cu\i>. and are daintily trimmed 
with Rn-sia liraids. I'oth double and singlc- 
hrcasteil style> are to be had 

A Very Special Xaiue comes in !<i/.('s 'JO. L'l i\i.' 2 1, 
ami arr I'Ik \'aliies at ^2,'ti) 

Another Excellent Bine is lo be had in a tlili-U 
Teddy Bear cloth with a thick, fleecy finl.-^li. 
Tiny come in a variety of fine styles, some with 
girdle and otherij without. Quite a nice assort- 
ment of li'-arj'Uin rVt'i foMl<< are included in tills 
line. I'rlr,. f2.75 

Superior liines "-in:;!:!!- in Hie nl)0ve are to be liad 
at $il..".". $l.".i'. $1.::. and 95.T5 

Another Shipment pf Children's White Coat* Are 

Wow On Sale — rir»t rioor on the 

View Street Side 

Today's Specials in the 
Hosiery Department 

WE have a full range of hosiery for 
wonu'ii. misses, boys, girls, and 
children, and if yoi\ fail to see 
the lines yon want mentioned in this adver- 
ti<emcnt. ask for them in the deiiartment. 

'!1ie chances are ten to one that we can 
supply you, and wc arc confident that the 
(|ualily of the goods and the pricl^s at which 
tlie\- are marked will i)lcase yon. \ 

Boya' Heavy Bibbed Worated Xoae, guaranteed good 
w>.;u-. Sl7,fs .'.'i lo 10',4. Ter pair. 35^ 

Boya 'Heavy Slbbed Xoae, better quality. Sixi-^ c 
to ii'i Per pair 35<* 

Miaaea' rialn Oftatiinara Koae, full fashioned, all 
wool. Sizes 0)4. to «\4. Per pair 25f 

Mlaaaa' Blbbad 0»>IUB«ra, 2-1 ribbed and 1-1 ribbed. 
Sizes 5 to hhi. Per pair, dOc, 4Kc, 40c 304> 

Womaa's S11>1m4 Oa«baMr« Xoa*. 2-1 rib. siaos 8V&. 
9 and »H. Per pair aU^ 

Wonan'a X>1c/B Vmtmnm So««, fuH faahloned. Per 
p»lr. 76c, 50c _, 35^ 

I WoatMit yiaa aUk Set*, Male topa (n colore tan and 
White. -Vl! sttca. Per pair ....^ SO^ 

How Would a Smart 

Velvet Coat Suit 

Your Child? 

Tl I E rich colors, -charming styles, ^nd. 
artistic trimmings make an excel- 
lent showing, and should be of 
great interest to all mothers of little folks. 
The chief colors are white, green, .Mice 
I)Ine, brown', moss, cardinal, mole, navy and 
black. Some are lined with a fleecy flan- 
nelette, and others with a good sateen. 

Sizes 20, 22, and 24 inches, are to be had 
in all lines. 

At ^3.7."» thf'v Mre nearly all double-breasteii 
.styles, liavo large turndown coUars and turn- 
back cuffs, some with belts and others plain 
tailored. Many of them are tastefully finislied 
with brnid trimmings. 

At 93.50 there are Corduroy Velveteen Coats 
with one-sided effect, trlirimed with cords and 
nUU. embroidery, also a fine assortment of plain 
Velveteen Coats in a variety of styles. One of 
these Is finished with embroidered collar and 
cuffs, and lia.s u row of 2- .satin buttons down 
ttie front. 

At jp4.50 tliere are some rli-ll style-M made of a 
superior <iunlity of velveteen, and there are 
nian>' attractive styles to choose from. Here are 
just two of the styles, but It Isn't possible to do 
Justice to them in a brief description. One has a 
wide roll collar trimmed with one row of wide 
silk braid with' a row of twisted Tlus.'»ian luaid. 
The fastening it; down the side and tlie buttons are 
invisible. The front is finished with a hand of 
braid to match the collar on eltlier side. Tlie 
other style ha.i no collar nnd is finislied at the 
neck with a band of lirald. The front ha.s a one- 
sided effect, and iB_ finished with a piping of silk 
braid and a neat pattern worked In Krencli icnots. 

Bargains in Stationery 


Special Line of Boxed Line Stationery, witl; 

gold and colored initials. Kegular .40c. 

vSelling Saturday 15f^ 

Boxed Stationery Oddments, good quality 

linen stationery. Regular 25c per box. 

Saturda3' lOf^ 

Lorraine Fabric, containing loo sheets 
heavy Linen i'aper. Court Imperial, a 
dainty Cross Bar Linen Foreign Crash, 
very thin linen, good for foreign corre- 

These Tablets come in three sizes — 

Smill 10< 

Medium 16^ 

Large SOf 


Flannelette and Delaine 
Waists for Women 


\A^ the-^e garment,-, are carcfnliy. 
made, well designed, and the ma- 
terials are the best that can p(vs- 
sihly be purchased at the price. For 
warmth, comfort and durability, we know 
of no better' lines that can be sold at jiopu- 
lar" prices. 

FlAzmalettea are to lie IkkI in liKlil ■'ind daik .stripes, 
some on light groiimls and others on dark blues, 
black, etc. Neat and small patterns on dark-col- 
ored grounds are favored, and are to be had in 
(iulte a variety of styles, All have liigh necks and 
long sleeves, some being made in the .strUiiy 
plain tailored styles, and others finlsheil wltii 

^- tucked fronts. Ail sizes are here, and the prices 
are SOc, TTic, $1.00, $1.:;G, »!.,')|| and iHl.75 

riannal and Sclaiaa Waieta are to be had in Kimtlar 
styles and colorlnics as tlip above, l^lt thoy are 
far superior garments In iioth llii> materials used 
and the class of finish. Tliey arc just as neat and 
comfortable as you could wish a winter yarnicnt 
to bo. I'rices start at I'.'.^.'i ami range up In Jf.'t.T.I 

To Beautify Your Home 
at a Small Cost 

Boys' and Girls' 
Sweaters 75c 

FOR REGULAR ?1.00 TO $1.75 


TllEF^l'* are 120 sweaters in the 
lot, and. at a reduction like 
this, it should be an easy mat- 
ter to sell the entire lot before noon. 


They are all wool ribbed swealers, 
imported, and made in the button on 
the shoulder style. They have ^fancy 
collars and cuffs, and the front fin- 
ished with a fancy lapel effect down 
the frtint. Sizes for boys or girls 
ranging from 2 to c; or 10 years are to 
be had, and the colors are navy blue, 
red, light and dark green, dark rose, 
grey, brown, white an<l various fancy 

Your choice from values from $1.00 
up to $r.75 for 75c. 

Shop in the morning if you wish to 
secure the size and color you like the 
best. * 

David Spencer, Limited 


■WIT TlTIl f.nir such excellent \alues as 

%/V' an inducement for those who 

wi'-li to make their homes as 

l)right as possible this winter, the clerks in 

ill is department shouM experience a very 

u,i!sy time today. 

There arc many other excellent values in 
I'ugs, mats, drapery materials, lace curtains, 
and inlaid linoleums, to be had, but our 
sjiace is too limited to mention them all in 
this announcement. 

.\ visit to this department will prove 
liotli pleasing and profitable to \'on. 


100 JWottlngrham Iiaca Cartalaa, 4S Inches wide and 
n yards loriK. .Ml ara finished with lockstitch 
'•dffes, white only, beautiful jiatterns, suitable for 
any style of windows. A very special line, on 
sale Today at. per pair T f 1.00 


370 Tarda Bung-alow Sorlm, 3fi Inches wide. .Some 
liavn plain centres and fancy borders, otliers have 
all-over patterns. A large range of good color- 
ings to select from. On sale Today, per yd. 15^ 


300 Square Yards Heavy En^Uah ZilnoUum, Z yards 

wliif, well seasoned and heavily ^irlnted. Suitable 
for an.\- st\!e of room or hall. A good range of 
, patteins In choose from, and a splendid selec- 
tion of icilnrlngs. Special sal« Today, per ariiiarn 
yard ;i5<i 


100 Only, Cocoa Mata, made from good, bright fibre, 

strong aiirl durable, just the kind you want Just 

now. Tile wet days are coming. On sale Today, 

I'^m-h ' 7o<(* 


A (iood Traveling Rug 


It is perfec'tly natural that a man should bo anxious 
to make himstdf as i-omforlable nn bis comlltions will 
allow, am! It is Just as natural tliat he sliouhl de- 
mand the best possible values for his money. 

For tliese r/<n sons. It Is to your Interest to visit 
the Staple Department on the first floor, and ex- 
amine the splendid values in nigs that are on sale 

They are made from a good heavy riUalify of 
fancy plushette, end are lined with a manufactured 
fur, are well made, and well finished at the edg««. 
There are colors red, greon, grey and black to 
choose from, aro 48x72 inche« over all, and arc the 
warmest and most d»«rable ruf» that we have ever 
seen at the price. 

If we hadn't managed tf> ncciire a special dis- 
count on thla loi:. the price would have been much 
higher, and the nigs wouW have been worth «11 
that you would have paid for them. 
ThjH la where you aav«. Our apccial price, 

only «,..yi..r..;...f8.rB 

Big Reductions on Plain 
and Fancy China 




Cupa and Sauoera, values up to |3.00 per dozen. 


Jnga, values up to 25c each. Today 10^ 

Olaaa rrult Bowla, values up to 35c each. Today's 
price 10^ 

Olaaa Berry Slahea. Regular ~hc and 11.00 a dozen. 

Today, per dozen 50# 

Big Oddmant Iiot, values up to 25c. Each 5^ 

Claan-up of Oddmanta. In this lot are some very 

dainty Cream .fugs in china and porcelain, also 

Shaving Mugs, Fin Trays, etc., about 500 articles 

In the lot. Valui'B .up to 25c. Today Q^ 

Odd ymit Sanoara, ate. This Is a dandy line and 
the values are up to 65c doz. Today, dor ..2S^ 

BOO Doian Oupa and Baucara. This Is without 4 
doubt the biggest values we have ever offered. 
There are about 20 different kinds in thj« lot. In- 
cluding some fine English and Auatrlan China, 
white with gold, while with blue and gold, white 
with pink, and some very dainty floral decora- 
tions In many neat shapes. Also Fancy China 
Moustache Cups and small Coffee Cups. The 
variety Is so great that every taste can be aatla- 
fled. Values up to 13.25 dozen. Today ..Sl.SO 

150 irsefnl Jtiga for Kltohaa Vaa. Theae ara moatly 

in green and brown and come in S sixes. The shapes 

are good and the regular values are up to 25c. 

To^iay 1,0^ 

BSO Olasa Bowla, useful for fruit, etc. They ar« a 
good 'J-in. size and there are two different d«- 
aijrns. Values up to 35c each. Today I,0# 

150 Dosan Small Olaaa Trait and Batioa Stalia* ta 

match above. Regular values for these 7Bc AHA 
11.00 dozen. Today, per dojsen », ••SfM 


Ready-Made Sheets 




Not a h\g reduction to he sure, but theve 
sheet.s are .sterling; values at $1.50. Only 50V 
pairs are to he .sold, and women who know 
values in slieetini:^ will not hesitate in pickj|' 
xng up tliis special line. They are 2 x 2j^ 
yards, are h\\\y bleached and neatly 

TO f 1.66 

Here is a sheet that vvill give you entire 
satisfaction. It is spun from a good soft 
cotton, and is finished in such f manntt 
that the keenest critic will have a hard j6b 
to find fault with '^hem. Wil! wear wfU, 
wash well, and give perfect satisUctioft. 
They are fully bleached and ttittly